Aaron Carter - Stomp Lyrics

Steppin' out the weekends open wide
Fill it up let's blast the jams and ride
While we're cruisin' around in the street
Listen up for the party in feet

Slap me five that's the place we've arrived it's alive
Ev'rybody take it to the top we're gonna
Stomp all night in the neighbourhood
Don't it feel all right gonna
Stomp all night wanna party
Till the morning light

Runnin' runnin' runnin'
The set is hot there's people wall to wall
Old ones young things short ones standing tall
So Grab the one with the smile on her face

And hit the floor and stay right on the case
The heat is on and the funk just won't leave us alone
Ev'rybody take it to the top we're gonna

Stomp all night in the neighbourhood
Don't it feel all right gonna
Stomp all night wanna party
Till the morning light gonna

Stomp all night in the neighbourhood
Don't it feel all right gonna
Stomp all night wanna party
Till the morning light


[x 3]
Stomp step down in it put your foot
Where you feel the fit
Stomp you don't want to quit
Put your heels where you're feeling it

[repeat - fades]
Stomp all night in the neighbourhood
Don't it feel all right gonna
Stomp all night wanna party
Till the morning light

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Aaron Carter Stomp Comments
  1. Jordon Grant Haysom

    Aaron Carter the Sociopath?

  2. daniel Adams

    He needs help. It could end up like a cobain or wine house incident

  3. daniel Adams

    Aron has his own belief system. Hes right and everyone else is wrong. It comes from being a spoiled brat

  4. MeeZy StudioZ

    I think you overanalyzed quite a few things, but he is definitely struggling with a ton of mental issues and is a pathological lier...

  5. cocaineinmyvein

    Aaron "restraining order" Carter

  6. grant mac

    People should start worrying about their own stuff

  7. Latabrine


  8. coolcat3815

    That moment when Logans like shit this guy is crazy xD

  9. jay bee

    He can’t pronounce omeprazole

  10. jay bee

    Logan is the type of guy to give a manic depressive a loaded gun then wait for his show to become relevant with suicide

  11. 29 yr old Stephen Short - KING SMITH fr. DURHAM CA




  12. Chad Warden

    Aaron Carter is what happened to that one kid in middle school who made up stories

  13. Lee Richards

    Two key things a " Punk "
    should never, ever have access to
    1 Money
    2 Firearms
    What a screwed up PUNK !!!!!!!!
    I was going to add drugs,
    But that's where the money comes in,

  14. Vyrrohs X

    Wow Aaron looks sooo much older than Nick 😳

  15. roach

    I'd have a lot more sympathy for him if he didn't try to make up 'abuse' allegations about everyone around him. He makes his own self-worth directly relative to how much others like him, which is a problem, he can't just be himself. But he needs everyone's validation so badly that when he doesn't get it... he makes himself out to be 'victimized' by the world. I mean, I do feel bad him, and wish he could just feel comfortable in his own skin, and not have to make up all these lies, and just present himself as a normal guy. But he doesn't want that, he wants to be better than everyone else, special, and the biggest dick in the room. How can you be the biggest man in the room AND be the biggest victim?

    He needs to learn how to accept himself as he is, be honest about his character flaws, everyone has them, it's ok, but be forgiving enough and accepting enough of his own humanity to face them honestly.

  16. Richard Page

    Hello there,much love from the UK. I spy a Suzuki in the intro,what do you ride? Thanks for the absolutely brilliant videos, the comedy is spot on.

  17. Mr20marko

    Seriously dude, "are you mentally stable right now?".... If you honestly think anyone in the world would enjoy or be "chill" about being asked that question in this scenario/ setting.....I would have to then question your own mental stability. You say you are not trying to dig or jab at Aaron with this video but I think your whole approach / motive with this makes you a complete and utter disrespectful and insensitive douchebag. Like, the guy is going through some shit, as most of us have or currently are in our lives, he's trying to find his way, let him do it in peace. Don't add to the criticism and negativity.....try to build people up and be supportive, instead of trying to sensationalize and capitalize on tearing people in need, down. It only makes you look bad. Like seriously. Get. A. Life. Ugh.

  18. Jessie Ray Keaton

    Quit all the b.s. needless commentary and rip on Carter.

    Carter sukked me off in a porta-john for my scrape baggies.

  19. John Clayton

    Here’s a guy that said he was dead for three days and came back from the dead 💀

  20. Daniel DeMayo

    Dude is a nut. He’s addicted to attention more than anything....


    Why does his mum and sister look like Britney Spears?

  22. David Kanes


  23. Violet Weil

    I think he probably was sexually abused, just not by the people he's accusing. I feel like abuse + drugs triggered his psychosis or whatever the hell is going on with him. Poor little dude. :(

  24. Z Z

    Kids need mentors. It doesn’t have to be a father. Why didn’t his older brother take him under his wing? Probably jealousy. Highly dysfunctional family. His parents should be getting interviewed (by police)

  25. Patsy E

    I would like to know the truth of what Lou Pearlman did to Aaron. Pearlman was a sick man.

  26. mike cooke

    don't take much to see Aaron Carter is fd up.

  27. XeonProductions

    This guy is toxic.

  28. Sean G

    Who give a shit bout this

  29. Lewis Jones

    too common with his generation. I have no idea why, but it sure seems that way. My daughter is 17 and neither her or her friends are anything like this guy. But they all grew up in small towns so maybe this world is better at raising kids then trying to manage your kids for a paycheck. If they can't be kids when young, they might just be acting like this when they get out on their own. Parents are never totally innocent when this shit happened. Be a parent, NOT a manager.

  30. Alli M.

    I feel normal.

  31. sowcow0

    Thanks for saying saint Theresa !

  32. Trustin Chun

    11:51 Elizabeth Warren’s Grandson

  33. lol lol

    You do realize mother Trarisa was was a known child sex trafficking broker. Don’t think all the sudden one amazing person was so perfect. Lol so foolish. She was only portrayed to be perfect, so the deep state could use her to push their agenda. Think I’m crazy? Do your home work!!!!

  34. Pho King #1

    This guy is extremely addicted to meth or heroin, maybe both. I can't confirm that but by his speech, physical appearance and jittery nature he has all the physical signs. Prove me wrong.

  35. Tam

    I don't like the mocking nature of this video. This guy (Aaron) has a mental and physical illness. I don't like it when people mock/ridicule people with mental illness. It is quite obvious that this guy is mentally ill .

  36. Saint Elmo

    Ok but I just have to point out that mother Teresa was found to be a total jerk and she had haters for good reason. Google or search her on YouTube, seriously lol.
    The Carter's mother was a total scamming narcissist and literally screwed up in some way all 5 kids. Every single kid has suffered from substance abuse and I believe all of them are estranged from the mother now. She seriously fucked those kids up. If you watch the show "the carters" which you can watch on YouTube the siblings all go on detail on some of it and you can see what a toxic family life they had. It's a shit show for sure.

  37. Saint Elmo

    ....holy shit

  38. Courtney Warner

    Rewatching this again. He has gone downhill so quickly. His physical demeanor is dramatically different from this just two months ago.

  39. MissSassyPants

    NEVER heard of him......'till now!

  40. Mr. Black

    "look at the way hes sitting. You see how he's positioned slightly to the left? Well that is a clear indicator that he's lying. If he was positioned straight, then he'd be telling the truth"....stfu

  41. PJF Dourley

    When you don't know when your tattoos begin and your clothes end.......In my experience with sociopaths and narcissists , they always claim to be a master in some martial art. They want to make you feel like you can't question their bullshit, which lets face it, is constant

  42. Michał Górecki

    Crazy little party girl

  43. KM Six

    Why does anyone pay attention to the sibling of a famous person. I'm more concerned about the sanity of the people who care enough to follow these people

  44. Kevi Knet

    What am i seeing ...this Aaron guy makes Logan Paul sane as fxck

  45. cole48543

    Google this dude's net worth

  46. LilithBerlin V

    Personally i dislike mother Theresa very much. Aaron Carter breaks my heart because all I see is a broken soul who’s terrified and tries to be strong and stay sane WITHOUT A PROPER SUPPORT SYSTEM! His family is horrible especially his evil mother and his piece of shit brother Nick.

  47. Roger Hamilton

    why did i just spend 20 min watching a video about someone i havnt heard of?

  48. bill ding

    He's still 10 years old.

  49. Bianca F

    He got fillers in his face before his second Doctors appearance. Trying to fool people, but still looked awful.

  50. Phayes

    What a laaaaame!!!

  51. Last name first, First name last

    Aaron is smoking the meth....you see his bone structure deteriorating.

  52. My Lovely Dead Friends

    Textbook narcissist. They always try to get you on their side by playing the victim.

  53. Lunchbiz

    Aaron Carter is a crack head

  54. SRSone

    “My truth.” Thank you Oprah. 🤦‍♂️

  55. Cameron Harvey

    Ive been in the Aaron Carter hole for a couple days now watching his interviews and such. I really want to see a psychologist work with him and break him down to understand why he is lying so much and the actual trauma and addiction he has dealt with to get him to this point. Doing all of it in the public eye like he is is just going to make more people hate him. The kid is an idiot but he really needs help and i hope he finds peace. I Dont trust a single word he says.

  56. Susan G

    That guy reminds me of some high school kid who didn't get enough attention at home and decides to tell people at school how cool he is, but everyone knows its a lie.

  57. Dęę Måçk

    That damn METH 😳

  58. Ariel Hunter Fan Page

    Wtf let people decide for themselves if he's lying or not you freaking troll

  59. Ariel Hunter Fan Page

    dude shut up!!!!!! no one wants to hear you

  60. Danny pjr

    Indian giver isnt racist it's a term for white ppl that took back stuff back that was given to Indians

  61. Danny pjr

    he is just a victim very one is out to get him in his mind and nothing is his fault

  62. Violater 702

    Lmao he’s done everything does everything
    Seen everything knows everything ......
    this dude wtf ?

  63. Kid Curry8201

    What’s funny in most other countries people hide their wealth pretend to be broke. In USA it’s opposite people like to brag about their wealth and also believe it brings prosperity to make people think you are rich lol

  64. Jr Hr

    Seth green!!!!!

  65. Whitney Ann

    My ultra breakdown and disassociated

  66. Kermit

    HIs parents allowing him to get into show-business was probably the worst thing to happen to him.

  67. Jon Campos

    Dude, the content seemed interesting but you are obnoxious, 7 ways to Sunday.

  68. Apollos 02

    Hes a better Democrat candidate that what they have now.

  69. Selenay Y.

    12:52 - 13:03 Me self diagnosing myself after searching for my symptoms online 😂

  70. Tasha Hocking

    What a nut job!

  71. Brian Veneski

    Who is this loser?

  72. Abstract Productionz

    He said his Native American name is “black-foot” 😂 this guy is entertaining

    Cameron Harvey

    Nah i think he was saying he is a black-foot native. Something he probably heard and then applied to himself on the spot. As if its not racist if he is native. Its incredible.

    Abstract Productionz

    @Cameron Harvey oh right well thats how i took it at the time and it made me laugh , thanks for correcting me anyway

    Cameron Harvey

    @Abstract Productionz either one is just as ridiculous as the other if we are being honest

  73. Tdub Vibez

    This dude a tweaker

  74. David Wayne

    "My fingers are too skinny" 🤣

  75. John Clayton

    The only reason he did the doctor show is he probably got paid for it !!

  76. Vasage X

    You know you your outta control when god damn Corey Feldman says your crazy.

  77. joe d

    Post wanna be

  78. Santino -

    He's got that druggy weight loss look.

  79. S2daUZ

    Giving off HUGE Charlie sheen drug induced psychosis vibe. We all know how that turned out.

  80. wendy kay

    Dysfunctional comes to mind but I think I would need years of training to fully diagnose him (if possible)He wants people to think he's relevant when in fact he knows he isn't..he knows he had his big chance and blew it so he's taken his nearest and dearest down with him..or at least he's trying.. spiteful mean little shit.hes definitely not on my Christmas list

  81. by Beaux Barron

    Excellent VIDEO, YOU SHOULD SEE. the Sloan Bella video on AC....extremely eye opening....he needs our prayers...much he says is true about his familys abuse of him

  82. LJ Hansmyer

    People still bashing on Brittney for shaving her head... It has been said, She cut her hair after her ex threatened to have her kids taken away because of her drug use. She got off the phone, went and got some urine cleaner and then went and shaved her head. Not the first time this has happened. Not a reasonable response whatsoever, but a much more sane reason then "The was batshit crazy and went and shaved her head!"

  83. ad hoc

    Abusive meth maggot man. This crap doesn't go away on it's own.

  84. Robert Holbrook

    Typical addict behavior: Self-deception, people-pleasing, transference of responsibility, taking everything personally, magnifying every injury, self-discouragement, and then self-medicating the result. His hope is honesty, boundaries, self-encouragement, and accepting the lessons that are being sent to him to refine and change him. I know that this was my experience with addiction. I wish him well, but I expect no change until he changes. What he says doesn't reflect any change--how he looks will eventually reflect this change without him saying a word!

  85. Ava Kate

    Xanax addiction

  86. DownLow0099

    This is a broken human being...

  87. Jactor

    "I'm literally the biggest thing there is right now. You can't deny it."

    -some dude I've never heard of

    xStankbiscuit69x 69

    Lmfao same never heard of him before lmfao

  88. Isabella Villanueva

    This video is on point
    Please do unison -!!

  89. Carlo Grotti Trevisan

    In the beginning after what he said about his sister that passed, and about Nick and his wife and son, I was disguster by Aaron.
    Here in Italy we don't have a lot of news about him, cause his not so popular (he was before..) and people only talk about Nick here. Now after I've seen the video I can understand that he's only a guy with problems, that need help. He's a victim of the drugs.

  90. Kashy Kashy

    I didn’t know who he was 😂💀

  91. Paul Peters

    Smack head

  92. Andi

    Drugs do this

  93. Kristen Cyr

    Aaron, totally deadpan" "I was dead for three days."

    Stop the video! I don't need any more body language or any kind language to tell me this guy has some serious issues!

    "Seems a little long to be dead." Yeah. Three minutes is a long time to be dead!

  94. Chad Mulligan

    That's was very entertaining! I wish to God you could dissect courtney loves involvement in Kurt's murder. You would catch so much...

  95. Stephen Quesada

    he is an out of control spoiled brat that needs to clean up, relax and remain quite

  96. Nameofthegame

    Being dead for three days! That’s about the best thing I’ve ever heard! Imagine a brain that’s been starved of oxygen for three days! That shit would have started to rot

  97. Nameofthegame

    He looks like a 50 year old bum

  98. Eric McManus

    He makes me feel embarrassed just watching him.

  99. Derek Van Schaik

    What do you think is going on with Aaron Carter?


    On the hatig part. I hate your face and your voice. You had a lot of info untill you talked bout mother Theresa. It has been proven she was a Criminal like you never seen before. Go read a book on her. Now im done with your channel. Horse teeth bad hair look like 1990 MTV star shit

    Violet Weil

    I think he probably was molested and that trauma + his substance abuse issues probably pushed him over the edge.

    jay bee

    He called me shortly before his facial tattoo. Aaron is so mentally fragile that he focuses on negative thoughts, negative people etc. He can’t recognise anyone good trying to help him and will push them away or completely misunderstand. By picking on his body language as he is breaking down is disgusting. He doesn’t know what he’s saying anymore because he is so depressed and I think has bipolar. He won’t get better with re showing his shit like this

    Cutie Pie & Chloe Chanel

    I think there’s narcissism in his family. Once you are Gaslit you can go crazy.