Aaron Carter - Sooner Or Later Lyrics

These past days and past nights
Walks under streetlights
Something don't feel right
Sooner or later she'll be
Trips to Chicago
Don't call me crazy, this time tomorrow
Could lead me, I'll follow
I've got the tables, I've bought the bottles

Sooner or later she'll
Be walking away, I've got something to say to her
Sooner or later she'll
See what's inside, I've put something away for her
Man, I'd do anything for her
Sooner or later she'll be

She'll be
She'll be
She'll be
Sooner or later she'll be
She'll be
She'll be
She'll be
Sooner or later she'll be

I ain't calling you back
When you feeling like that
I ain't tripping, getting mad
Cause sooner or later she'll be
Coming right back
When you feeling like that
I ain't tripping, getting mad

Sooner or later, yeah
Sooner or later, yeah

Don't tell me I'm not sure
Don't tell me I'm not yours
Is time moving backwards?
And sooner or later we'll be
Just over oceans
I need your body on me like lotion
Girl's a commotion
Worship your body, call that devotion

Sooner or later she'll
Call me and tell me she's feeling alone tonight
Sooner or later she'll
Text me and tell me that she's leaving on the light
Cause I'm not going home tonight
Sooner or later she'll be

She'll be
She'll be
She'll be
Sooner or later she'll be
She'll be
She'll be
She'll be
Sooner or later she'll be

I ain't calling you back
When you feeling like that
I ain't tripping, getting mad
Cause sooner or later she'll be
Coming right back
When you feeling like that
I ain't tripping, getting mad

Sooner or later, yeah
Sooner or later, yeah

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Aaron Carter Sooner Or Later Comments
  1. Monday Morning

    Fuck..this is really good!! So is Fools Gold. But this right here, great video & song!

  2. Bexxybex

    Aaron looks wasted af,,, and the girls lost her pants.... I'm so confused??! 🤔😂

  3. Kimberly Rogers

    True Justin Bieber sounds like Aaron carter he came first

  4. Gary Martin

    Sooner or later Aaron will die

  5. Anna Kmieciak

    Song so good, yet only 500 000 plus views. Illuminati working hard to silence true souls

  6. yunggin216

    Daaammmn this shit hard!

  7. Rich Aftanas

    He's got talent, even today being kooky.

  8. Phoenix J NYC

    Love Aaron music.

  9. Nikki Motta

    It’s actually good, but he has lost his mind and he will never be again.

  10. DecemberRose27

    ill always prefer his music over bribers

  11. DecemberRose27

    I thought everything about this ws amazing. every single thing.

  12. Ograc Arraec

    3:12 i thought my ears blew out tf

  13. li_ lu_2812

    My favorite 🇩🇪🤗

  14. Claucia Fontinele

    Wonderful voice, AC the best

  15. Bridgette

    Such a cool video! #LMG 💙

  16. Starlight shines

    I love how he speaks pure fucking facts of So much things stuff I couldn’t even understand but hearing him out man it can be motivating because it’s so true!
    Ps I didn’t know you did the music video too(my gawd where have I’ve been ).Love you lots Aaron 😎meantime ima keep on jamming 😘

  17. Kittie B

    I think he did a great job and does sound better than bieber!! I wish he would get the credit he deserves!!

  18. Moni G

    Aaron awesome music and music videos i love your music keep up the grate work when are you going to put new music on hear


    Aaron Carter is a genius At his music and beats
    Truly inspiring
    I wish I could be this intelligent in music
    And beats his so creative !!


  20. Irwin Mcnair

    love it Aaron and you too .

  21. Lloyd Sermon

    This song is fuckinnnnn doooppppppeee!!!!!!

  22. Jo’s Channel

    This song is a bop but the video was a flop. & the girl is wearing no pants. They both look like they tweakin Fr in this video

  23. Disconcerting Eccentricity

    What is this ,2 meth heads having a lovers quarrel in the meth den .

  24. jabroni

    i'd put 1000 on it that if the radio put this on right now and claimed it was beiber it would be a top song

  25. noekd87

    Much better than bsb!! Aaron can Alone, nick cant without bsb!! LOVE u aaron

  26. jeep girl

    Very creepy.

  27. Melissa Hendrix

    He might be a shit show, but there's really no arguing he has the talent.

  28. Nick Montana

    The reason you don't hear Aaron Carter's songs on the radio or being promoted is that he's burned every bridge in the business and he's considered "high-risk" which is a bad, bad label to shake off. It means labels and concert promoters don't want to give money to someone that's not insurable as far as if they OD, last-minute canceling shows, or saying/doing something that draws negative controversy. Sadly Aaron is exactly that so he'll have to stay small-time.

  29. Eva Eva

    Love... this song ❤

  30. Shelly Leighann Kittle

    Loved this song!

  31. Deleah Williams

    I love u Aaron call me 918 640 4139

  32. Harmon Proficient

    I love this track so much

  33. David A Velasquez

    Guarantee if aaron really put his faith in something greater than himself, things would really start to pop for him.

    Renee Mcardle

    David A Velasquez true...he needs to get his shit together

  34. DELTA DJ

    0:44 she shit herself

  35. chelsea bell

    Aaron if you read this: You're beautiful no matter what, and you won't get better if you're focused on all the assholes there are in our society now. Your life is your own, and people who really care wouldn't judge you for things that so many turn to, especially when they don't know your life. They have no place for input or comments but they will give them anyway. It's your life, n I hope you learn how to care for yourself more and less about them. They don't matter. & Don't ever apologize for being yourself.

  36. T4rantula

    Aaron, try make some brighter and sunshine music TV, some motivation song, I like your music, you're good and be confidence, please do not give up.

  37. Rania Queen

    One of my favourite song 🔥🔥🔥 he’s amazing very talented love his taste in music 🎶 I wish him good health happiness love and success! He deserves it. He deserves more credit 🙏🏼

  38. browneyedbeauty86

    I love the song!

  39. Monkey Famous

    Arron wow Fucking amazing bro! Super proud of your new work and your achievements, keep it up.

  40. Brandon Browere

    This is a fucking great song, I can’t lie. I’m fuckin wit this heavy

  41. Lucas Murphy

    This is how the blonde meth head mates in his natural habitat

  42. Paige Marya'

    I love u aaron. Keep ur head up babe❤

  43. MittyThaKiiD

    Fuck Yea Go Aaron.. You were cool when I was 8 lets show em how it use to be done

  44. Amanda Weaver

    This song is soo 🔥

  45. Lil Ry

    Love this song!!

  46. A R

    New found respect... this goes in

  47. sarsgård hammarstedt

    Amanda; do not think thats your name...
    Close me..do not care...
    Ya want attention...that is All..

    sarsgård hammarstedt


  48. C. Cacharel

    Leave her personal life alone !!!!!!! . Just focus on the song..🎶🎵🎶🎵🎧🎹💗

  49. Mistress G

    Love this so much

  50. Melissa Anderson

    Let get this song up in the charts

  51. Freeme Kawaii

    What w the keys?

  52. Jenny Laltlingzo

    Underatted.so talented,so pure and independent.you deserve much better.really really love your voice ,song and performance

  53. MofromIWM

    Im actually quite impressed with his newer music, dude is good. Songs should be bigger.

  54. Elias Isaksson

    He is like a homeless junkie version of justin bieber lmao

  55. David Patterson

    If he could just stop acting so crazy in public he could be huge. He has the talent, he just needs the right publicity and to chill tf out.

  56. Lynn Jenny

    love u always Aaron don't listen to haters they have nothing better to do hang in there stay strong love u and ur music ur an amazing person inside and out

  57. Alexander Anstand

    Video cheap af

  58. Me Maybe you

    Hmmmm... Not into it and not into him... His issues and outbursts are too much... It's all trash to me.

  59. sarsgård hammarstedt

    Is he a good singer
    Havent heard

  60. Ariana Singleton

    This song is great wth

  61. Michelle Hurtado

    I actually really like this video.

  62. Snowden

    Great song and amazing video. Can't wait for more.

  63. Dalton Sullivan

    This is so good why is he so intent on fucking up his public image. If he'd stop acting like a 10 year old he could be stopping charts.

  64. Pablo Gee

    Aaron Carter is dope AF

  65. Jason Fingers

    I don't know how to this song! too much noice, i guess not a bad song when the annoying rave noises come in with transformer noise as well. I feel song would be better in a slow acoustic guitar setting

    Lozz 18

    Jason Fingers your mad!!! The beat and the time is the best bit!!! Sounds Awsome.

  66. JMC The Director

    Lol I feel like Aaron is just chasing this girl cause she's holding the drugs haha like look at the sets they chose come on....

  67. Lozz 18

    Aaron’s songs are so UNDERRATED. This is AMAZING !!!!! Xxx

  68. Rachel Marie

    The ending was SICK with him playing the keyboard. Loved it!...

  69. Jacquelyn Hurtado

    This song puts me in my feels man, I totally understand that whole tug and pull with someone you love or loved.. sooner or later I'm out ✌when all you do is run after someone who is constantly pushing you away, and then you give them space and then crawl back when you're trying to pick up the pieces you gotta realize that person is toxic asf and you gotta run as fast as you can as far as you can.

  70. Jacquelyn Hurtado

    Aaron keep it up! Don't give up on yourself, I'm totally digging this new sound, you've come a long way from that teeny bopper

  71. Laura Pena

    Come on man! He is so talented.

  72. Harmon Proficient

    I totally LOVE this track

  73. Tutu Imti

    U really cant deny the fact that Aron is absolutely talented and good at his music no matter how messed he is in his life with addiction and his family drama .
    I just wish he gets clean and does well . He deserves another chance !!! Really do

  74. JBird

    Sounds like The Feeling ft halsey by bieber

  75. Savannah Michel

    Ugh hes so talented😥 if only he could reign in the crazy maybe his music would get better exposure

  76. Sherry Butler

    This is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 love you aaron keep doing well!!!!!

  77. MelloMiddleFinger

    Aaron sucks a mean d**k....a mean d**k. 🍆💦🍆💦🍆💦🍆💦👨‍👦🕴🏻🤝🏼💦🤝🏼💦🤝🏼💦🤝🏼🍆💦record deal.

  78. Mike Hunte

    This sounds just like fools gold

    Timothy Mavelock

    its from the same album lol

    Retro Game Bookcase Reviews

    Mike Hunte no it doesn’t

  79. Up In Vape

    These songs could be hits today

  80. Up In Vape

    These songs
    could be hits today

  81. Jeremy Johnson

    Listen, he’s on drugs. Music industry isn’t sleeping on him, he’s sleeping on himself. He said he’s making millions and he went platinum so if you believe that why are you commenting? The labels don’t control the industry anymore, we do. So please shut the fuck up

  82. starfishye

    Damn this could be a real hit... If only he could put himself together in his personal life... He would definitely be taken more seriously.

  83. christdolphin69


  84. C. Mazz

    Yo, again I didn't expect much. Dude legit has a vibe. Not my thing exactly but I can easily see how he could be a household name.

  85. iLoveEbola


  86. John Clayton

    Dude stay off the drugs you’re a walking zombie if you don’t !!

  87. samantha ferrell

    Would i have listened if he didn’t act like jack ass ?No. So idk what to think right now

  88. lifematch

    This is actually good. Im wondering why it didnt blow up.

  89. 3 hours ago 2 hours ago

    Listen to this on dust off its so lit

  90. Afrikah The Chief

    This shit is pure heat Aaron I grew up watching Aaron live in concert in my living room now I'm 24 years old up and down bad on drugs on heron specifically I'm not saying that's similar to you but you just got the juice dog through the highs and lows im just trying to stay above water in this sea of vicious Souls I'm a young blonde haired blue-eyed good-looking white male come 24 right now so you're a little wiser than me but real shit love your story I love everything about you bro I'm a huge fan I live in Orlando was born and raised here been here my whole life 10 minutes from downtown you inspire the s*** out of me bro you're really a golden artist one of a kind rare gem of our time I'll be mad at anybody who looks even says you're not intelligent you're a walk through the valley of the shadow of death with the swag and on unparalleled optimism thank you Aaron Carter my name is Blake from Orlando I'm going to send you the same message on IG and hopes you see your brother I just want to give you these kind words and tell you my soul really connects with yours bro I love this song I love the whole love album I'm mad as late 2019 and I'm that late on hearing it you powered up with age bro not like another goofy child star that was a gimmick you're a real artist to the soul built-in star born for it and just started early like you were meant to do I'm just trying my hardest to let you understand bro that I'm a huge fan of your music hey you good money to go see you perform and I'm an artist myself and I'm not ashamed to say that that enjoys supporting and I'm a bigger fan of who you are and seeing you in those interviews and thinking about what you faced in Hollywood Darkness still Shining Light of Great Sound onto the planet still knowing that you're super worth being alive and have a lot to offer and don't let mistakes make you well not selling yourself short that's what you represent to me brother thank you again

    Kiley Sevens

    Ugh heroin was my doc too. Keyword... was lol

  91. Kat

    Awesome. I really feel that song... ❤️ This man is totally underrated...

  92. Nadja SA

    This is really good! I hope he gets help with mental illness, he is bipolar in a maniac episode. He is so talented, hope he achieves all the success he deserves!

  93. Jom Pop

    Looks like the Salton sea. Meth central.

  94. Stephanie Heinrich

    Great! Song 🤗

  95. empty in my heart

    i just caught up with the hard truth of what it looks like that family struggled through. well done Aaron and strength and power for the future to come 😊 i was born in 85 and life is not fucking easy. im fucking proud of you

  96. izzy G

    Don’t know much about him. He could be huge in the industry. He is so talented.. its too bad his antics and outbursts get the best of his image.. he deserves the ultimate comeback and success and happiness after the shit he’s been through.

  97. jennifer rice

    Video could of been better but love the song. Ok Aaron Carter 😏