Aaron Carter - Sensational Love x Kid Carter Lyrics

Feeling this sensational love
Feeling this sensational love

I, once knew
Someone who would sing where you are

Now your melody's calling my name
And it's a similar sensation
Similar sensation
Now your melody's calling my name
And it's a typical sensation

Feeling this sensational love
Feeling this sensational love

Now your melody's calling my name
And it's a similar sensation
Similar sensation
Now your melody's calling my name
And it's a typical sensation

Feeling this sensational love
Typical sensation
Feeling this sensational love

I, once knew
Someone who would sing where you are

Now your melody's calling my name
And it's a similar sensation
Similar sensation
Now your melody's calling my name
And it's a typical sensation

Feeling this sensational love
Feeling this sensational love

Now your melody's calling my name
And it's a similar sensation
Similar sensation
Now your melody's calling my name
And it's a typical sensation

Feeling this sensational love
Feeling this sensational love
(Typical sensation)
Feeling this sensational love

Now your melody's calling my name
And it's a similar sensation
Now your melody's calling my name
And it's a similar sensation

Feeling this sensational love

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Aaron Carter Sensational Love x Kid Carter Comments
  1. PunkRock W8Loss

    Wow...Shouldn't your music be original? This is something anyone with a computer can do. How sad.

  2. Ben Monteiro

    Here from Addam 22 : this low key average - out

  3. Starlight shines

    Happy birthday 🎊

  4. Linda Aguilar

    Love it so much. Amazing as always💖

  5. Maxine Sun-light

    Hey hey🃏

  6. Starlight shines

    I’m so lonely ugh
    But listening to this uffff turns me on..
    What to do o what to do

  7. Caroline Fit

    Damn hot🎶🔥🎶

  8. Dark Cosmic

    Very cool. Love it!

  9. Samanthastevens Stevens

    I love it aaron ur such a artist. I love u😘😍

  10. Tiffany cleary

    I liked it but my favorite part of this track was when the tambourine came in at 1:32 ‘‘twas a nice feeling.Nice work Aaron.

  11. White WeaZel

    Please do Live's on here AARON <3

  12. old school jewel

    Aaron just tweeked it and gave it a better vibe and I like it.

  13. Powder Hound

    Overdeveloped, underdeveloped. A bad songs a bad song.

  14. Melanie Hannemann

    ʟօʋɛ 😍😍😍

  15. It’s Abednego

    If you’re going to say something negative about Aaron it would be better for you to keep your mouth closed and let the world keep thinking you’re a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.

  16. arielle waters

    L💟VE this sensational song!

  17. ELEJI.

    why isnt this a meme?

  18. papa puny

    good jod at your sound aaron I follow you on instagram his name on instagram is aaroncarter😉😉😉😉😉

  19. Jovic Nemanja

    Is this the guy who stole Shimhaq's lion art to use it on his crap web site?

  20. ben colombia

    He’s talking about is last wank with his cheese grater.


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  22. Petra Černá


  23. Rockin Roberta

    Love it

  24. Current Resident

    Wow, 5 sentences looped on a looped beat with looped visuals. Can Aaron carter get any more loopy? 🤪🚮🗑

  25. Porscheuron -

    You know the comments would be 1,000,000 likes or higher if they were smart!

  26. lil leezy

    why pay itunes for this song. can download it rite here

  27. jessem55fan

    Was going to buy the 2 new songs when they came out to put on my phone not music to drive to or do my work to, kinda meh. Pyro was much better and I wasnt a big fan of that. Can tell you just put these out to put something out.

  28. La familia Rosario PXR

    Ive loved you since I was 15 im 33 now and that love will never go away proud of you Aaron true Canadian fan🇨🇦💖😘

  29. Nicole Anna

    I love you Aaron! 💋

  30. TheQueensAKraut

    Your a junkie fool who blew his chance . RIP

    MaryJane Blues

    TheQueensAKraut he still done more than u ever will


    @MaryJane Blues if being a let down and a failure to your family and fans is doing more than i will then im okay working as a plumber and earning a normal wage .

  31. TaskerFilms

    I never liked Aaron Carter as a kid. Keep doing drugs Aaron, the music Is great !

  32. Jonathan Calvert

    The beat in the disarrono ad before this video was doper than this trash. How do I go back to that?

  33. Kushy Jones

    Stay off METH kids!!!!!

  34. Layla Monroe


  35. Ehdy Garseah

    He's bat shit crazy, but this song is actually bat shit crazy good!

  36. KromeDome Radio

    No bong breakin' here.

  37. Jessica Dowling


  38. Mellie D

    Why do we keep seeing the same exact shot of the girl bringing her hands up to her neck? That and butthole lips.

  39. ZAIN Mohammad

    Not your song but it's good

  40. OhmegadJT

    The funny part is there are people trashing this but probably a huge chunk of you people listen to this type of shit. This bottom of the barrel music that you have the audacity to judge when you listen to this shit and nothing else. Just want something you can “dance” to and “chill” to, even if it’s uncreative and absolute dogshit. Only reason a lot of people hate it is because of all the drama around him and who he is lol. Imagine if deadmau5 made this, people would be jizzing over it and would die to defend it.

    Let me clarify, I’m not defending Carter at all or his music. It’s lazy, uninspired trash. I’m just calling out all you hypocritical fucks with awful taste in... everything, that hate his music for the wrong reasons.

  41. Pokémon

    issa bop

  42. GoodSteve123

    Don't come at me wrong, I'm just trying to not break my bong.

    Rachel Marie

    Haha yes

    Grant Nelson

    He really has lost his fucking mind.

  43. Jimby Sisto

    Aaron, when's your next house party start?

  44. Dj Mortez

    Very nice

  45. Cody Lashway

    I heard those are his Mom’s lips

  46. SyprasKill

    This is ass, how can anyone say this is good.

  47. scifiaudious2

    which ones aaron

  48. Connor

    Are we sure this is Aaron Carter and not Ace of Base? I grew up with the Carter's and went to school with his Sister. She was actually kind of cute but had a reputation for giving decent fellatio. After hearing this song, I'm convinced that trait runs in the family.

  49. Caleb Cartier

    I can dig it boss! -Caleb Cartier

  50. Suziq7979

    AARON- I would like speak to you in reguards to Corey Feldman. I've been part of a group exposing him for the last 2 years. Where can I reach you privately?

  51. Valerie Glenn

    #Lmgforever💖💋 love this song so much love you Aaron ❤️#acarmy

  52. moneyhungryy

    This is actually really good!!

  53. Tanya Schichel

    I was expecting something much different

  54. account user

    Yo love you AARON <3

  55. DD Bears36

    Everybody thinks he needs help and I don’t think so I think that he’s an artist and is expressing himself he’s never really had a childhood. And his outlet is making music and screwing with everybody else thinks about him good for him. I think people don’t understand his work and just think that he needs help and he’s crazy I don’t get that at all he knows exactly what he’s doing and his outlet is making music and making art and error and you go boy 100% some people understand you and we get where you’re coming from well done

  56. Nikola Kisss

    Is nice to hear on my way with FlixBus thanks man.

  57. 0 0


  58. Talia Adams

    I love this song. Its stuck in my head. Great Job Aaron

  59. Lakisha Mcgowan

    Nice song Aaron I been a fan ever since your very talented

  60. Randy Lemay

    You fuckin 69 wanna b go drink bleach

  61. Igor Paiva

    I love this song❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Aaron my world! 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  62. Italian Huni

    Much Love From Dublin Ireland 🇮🇪

  63. Alma Flores

    Is anybody going to talk about his mental HealthKit and drug abuse?

    Linsey O

    NO.... Because this video is about his music, and his talent to produce. Move along Troll

  64. H K

    TERRIBLE video! What the hell is this!!?

  65. exzisd

    This is actually dope. Reminds me of Disclosure. Visual needs Aaron though. Too generic.

  66. Kris Renfrow

    Aaron, would love to be a new addition to your security team my guy. Hmu

  67. Michele Blais

    Nice beat!!🎉💞

  68. kinetic blues

    is Aaron doing the vocals on this?

    Thomas Howard

    kinetic blues fuck off loser

  69. Chareta Canady

    Aaron's version is better m

  70. That1Dewd

    R O P E. G A N G.

  71. Nikki77

    Yeah this song is lit!! I love Majid Jordan so yeah this definitely a beat I like. Will be bumping this immediately in my SUV. On point! Frfr 🔥🔥👌👌👌

  72. emily form

    Sooooo hows that stolen art treating you?

  73. Pix Perfect

    This is a Morgin Madison song and it is a stellar cover. I could listen to this over and over. Where is the credit though?

    Ugly Eyes

    He doesn't give credit. He has tried to play it off as his own.

  74. LanzEarthling

    It has an ace of base vibe.

  75. *KIT* *KAT*


  76. Chiapas Navarro

    Aaron I'm just now hearing this and thanks for such a chill sound ✌️


    Just wanted to update you all... Afflection's official youtube account said they did NOT own the vocals and just produced/mixed a track with splice onto them just like Aaron did. So with the splice membership (which Aaron PAID for therefore he has the rights to do this) um, yeah... it goes without saying here, I guess? Aaron did nothing wrong. Again, Afflection stated this to their fans in their own comment section after trolls from this video started having tantrums and panic attacks over it. So even THEY defended Aaron. So I'd like to say one more time, Aaron didn't steal ANYTHING. He is using WHAT HE PAID FOR AND HAS RIGHTS TO to make and produce his own music for this. So yeah, it is HIS song and you guys need to stop with this bullshit. Do you guys really think he needs to steal anything? Have you not heard Fools Gold or ANY of his other music? Please do your research before you start hating on him, it's really getting out of hand guys. Enjoy the beat and that's it. If Afflection has Aaron's back just accept that you all were wrong (at least). I'm sure Aaron would appreciate the focus to be on his production skills and not on something stupid, thats not what he's about. And I think he did a PHENOMENAL job as always, who can sit here and listen to a beautiful song like this and not enjoy it? This song calms me, idk about you guys. Now can we focus on the positive please and thank you? Give the guy a break, stop jumping to conclusions.

    Leslie LOVE

    SAOSURVIVE shut up Aaron.. don’t you have to jump on live and go talk about yourself?


    @Leslie LOVE uhhhh, I'm not Aaron. I bet you wish I was because you clearly want his attention so badly.

  78. JoieDeVivre

    Likey -☆

  79. sweat Lord8

    Ain't no way this clown can come MGK, u won't come up on the coat tails of Kells bro. U ight but u just don't have it like that, stay in your 35k view lane


    He's totally different from MGK though? Why the random comparison? Aaron had a career way before MGK dude.

  80. LMGBABYMamaa_10

    I m totally in love with song #LMG

  81. MikeD



    Your cute when you talk dirty to me like that. I like it, keep it up.

  82. Brandy Danielle

    Beautiful voice followed with talented beats!

    jason davide

    Not his voice

  83. Julia


  84. Rivera

    Wow..dude is pretty good...he has alot to say.but people seem like they sleepin

  85. Shelly

    Dont like the girly man voice singing on it wastes it


    Omg really? I thought the vocals were enticing and beautiful.

    gieniel Barrientos

    Why are you listening????AF

  86. Gordon Irvine

    The guy has talent.

    jason davide

    Maybe. But this isn't his vocals, and there's way better versions of this song out there

    Gordon Irvine

    @jason davide I find the guy with the tattoo on his face unbearable and vapid, but in all fairness i believe this is good.

    It's the best version of this song I've been able to find. Doesn't matter to me that he doesn't sing.

  87. Heather Zepp

    Stupid stupid people lol
    Hes a music producer.
    He is producing beats right now.

  88. Samma

    are you ever going to pay your fans back the money you stole from them? or are you going to continue to block people and pretend like nothing happened

  89. Caroline Lynn

    Beautiful song Aaron. Sensational love

  90. Andy SquarePants

    I love Aaron Carter honestly, we’re from the same city and he was my crush in the 90’s. I haven’t always kept up with music and social media except Facebook, but I have a soft spot for Aaron Carter. Good Job for staying relevant Aaron! 😜

  91. Max Kelmon

    this is actually really damn good.

    jason davide

    Too bad it's not Aaron singing. Stolen

  92. kaide1020 Holter

    Not the original artist of this song. Just a little boy doing some karaoke.

  93. andnon yourbizz

    backyard ass quality dj 😭😂

  94. challenge mrnosse

    Sweet beat 😊 one New follower 😊