Aaron Carter - Real Good Time Lyrics

Sometime, someplace
Everybody has words
Fallin' out, and making up

Maybe I laugh, maybe I cry
Maybe I scream, maybe I sigh
Baby I feel, the feeling is real
Maybe I curse, maybe I squeal

But I enjoy, making some noise
Foolin' around, adjusting to the sound
You and I get, everything's set
Be sure you know how to have a real good time

(Yeah, yeah)
1, 2, 3, 4

You and I are not to blame
Sometimes we just go insane
You and I have much to give
Everything is relative
When we have our darker days
We just go our seperate ways
You and I are not to blame
Sometimes we just go insane


Sometimes baby in your eyes
Love is truely justified
When I hear you tellin' lies
I just wanna terorize
Making up is oh so good
Yeah we rock the neighbourhood
You and I are not to blame
Sometimes we just go insane


(la la la la la la la)


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Aaron Carter Real Good Time Comments
  1. Sammy Nox

    Feeling still fun

  2. sarah fellows

    I remember doing this song for my 5th grade talent show still jamming out in 2018

  3. Renae Janssen

    I'm still rocking out to this song in 2018 :) <3 awesome memories :)

  4. Aaliyah Rosado

    that's the song i was listening to the winx club coloring game http://www.starsue.net/game/Bloom_Layla_Tecna.html

  5. Space Monkey

    32 rocking... great jam

  6. Maserati7200

    One of the most underrated song on the album

  7. AdamsSiren Adventures

    Sounds like Jack Samson's voice just like Rintoo the tiger. 😂👍

  8. Missy Blanchard

    Thought about this song while at work and had to listen to it lol


    this jus happened to me lol

  9. olivia brado

    22 years old and still rocking 12 year old Aaron 😹😹

    Alex Townley

    olivia brado same 😂