Aaron Carter - Outstanding Lyrics

Outstanding, oh no
Girl you knock me out
Yes you do
Exciting, ooh oh
You make me wanna shout
Oh yeah
Girl you're lookin'
Sweeter now
When I'm with you everyday
Wish that
I could love you right
In a special way, girl

You blow my mind
I feel so alive
You blow my mind
Yeah, yeah
I am satisfied

Oh no
Girl you knock me out
Yes you do
Exciting, ooh oh
You make me wanna shout

Do you see
I feel so lucky girl
To have you all alone
Yeah, yeah, yeah
I really love
The way you love me
Whenever I'm alone, baby

You blow my mind, baby
I feel so alive, baby
You blow my mind, baby
You blow my mind, baby

Girl you knock me out
Exciting, ooh oh
You make me wanna shout
Yeah yeah, oh yeah yeah

Girl you knock me out
Oh yeah
Exciting, ooh oh
You make me wanna shout


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Aaron Carter Outstanding Comments
  1. Isaiah Cisrow

    He high as a kite

  2. Obkool27

    You know about that Charlie Wilson? You cool now

    Trent Rama

    this his favourite song i think he was 13

  3. Kevin Smith

    I like this cover.

  4. Ruth Almaraz

    Mad skills! Love you Aaron. ☺

  5. velvet dust

    Nice voice

  6. TylersAwesomeChannel

    was he on cocaine here?

  7. dlhasksombody

    lol back in the day this was our justin beiber but 1,000.000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 better

    Kay Robinson

    dlhasksombody 😂 truuuuue!

  8. Zannnnah

    SANG! dammit!

  9. Fransisca Permatasari

    I fell in love with u when I was in elementary school. And now I am a dentist and STILL LOVE YOU AARON <3

  10. Jerrk64

    You mad cuz u haven't gotten laid since the 90's.

  11. Marie Anne Carter

    When was the last time you made a four year old DYING girl happy?Yeah...that's what I thought.Never.So shut your hole and back off.

  12. jonanakxx bautista

    nice Aaron :)

  13. Troubleshooting Smith

    You got swagg!!!!!!! Peace from Alabama!

  14. Nikki Pasher

    GREAT performance Aaron!!!!!! Come to London Ontario Canada!!!!! We miss you lotsss!

  15. GhettoPasta

    Arron You Are Truly Amazing I've Literally Been In LOVE With You Since I Was Like 4 1/2 And I Just Thought I Would Tell You Now haha :D <3

  16. Laszlo Kamaker

    hm... boy! nice movements... sexy voice,and shirt...only the keyboard parts are not really good...:)but keep going...LOL...

  17. asun95

    awesome, you're the best

  18. Emmy Ha

    @AARONCARTERtvOnline Yea! Aaron you tell him what your made of and you alway amazing just the way you are also i love your songs :) im happy that you actually love to help and care about the little kids that have cancer with a heart that reminds me of my friend

  19. caitlusk

    What kind of keyboard is this? It sounds BOMBBB

  20. Lmfaoatyourvideos

    He makes me weak! He's lush

  21. Yram Santiago

    cutie,, love it.. mwuah

  22. 1sadface

    so talented i remember seeing you on the underage club mtv show thing when nick hosted and you were singing this song i taped it man i loved me some aaron cater i even had your dolls i had two of them!!! still got them and the clothes and mics they came with love you

  23. Irene Sara

    You simply make my heart melt. My heart goes out to the precious little girl and her family. <3

  24. Melanie Horowitz

    gosh hes so adorable and yummy!<3

  25. Rebecca B.

    Aw, I remember this song from your Pay Per View concert almost 10 years ago! It was so cute seeing you and Nick rock out to this song. You sound SO AMAZING in this video. And I love the lyric changes you made to this song. I hope you record this for your new album!

  26. Marsmonster

    The new era brings the new aaron! ^_^

  27. JSTARN17

    amazing job. cant wait till the 5th! great job for a great cause!

  28. Ashlee Veneman

    So bomb :)

    AC has such a beautiful voice!

  29. Ithza S.P.

    I really love it!! AC <3

  30. citygrid02

    douche chills at 2:46

  31. Stefanie Minniti

    Dude, you've actually impressed me so much! You play those keys so funky! Good for you!

  32. TheFashiongirl05

    HE IS SO HOT! he sounds exactly like his brother it's scary

    Subham Gupta



  33. TheBackstreetfan13

    aaron you are one of the nicest ppl i know. you rock!

  34. Kim Culbert

    He looks great in this video but you can barely understand him though

  35. jackie

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS<3 Keep it up man:D

  36. Scarlet Holiday

    You should do a cover to Aaron's party. A personal favorite of mine! <3 JESUS LOVES YOU MAN! Keep doing what you do best!

  37. Megan Rose

    you are really amazing has always =)<3
    ill never get sick of listening to you sing
    ur always gonna be my fav singer ever =) xo

  38. sarah riley

    ugh this takes me back <3 i loved this song <3<3<3

  39. Misty Bagwell

    I love it aaron don't listen to her, u are amazing! I would give ne thing for u to sing that to me in person lol much love to u, God bless u beautiful. I hope one day that I can meet u and maybe collaberate on something. I think we would do good writing together! God is smiling on u always, I wish I could help out next time, u have the best biggest heart of ne 1 I know :-) ttys

  40. Misty Bagwell

    I love it aaron don't listen to her, u are amazing! I would give ne thing for u to sing that to me in person lol much love to u, God bless u beautiful. I hope one day that I can meet u and maybe collaberate on something. I think we would do good writing together!

  41. lonlon1780

    @AARONCARTERtvOnline vary well said Aaron ...and you did an amazing job your a great guy with a big heart, i have watched all the videos from that day that i have found and your amazing keep up all the great work.

  42. Rossy Kusuma

    i love it!!! :D
    i support you from my street team @ACSTIndonesia
    Indonesia loves you so much!!!! :*

  43. Katie Anderson

    Great job!!!

  44. Mumtaz Robson

    Ah every now and then I get this sudden urge to relive the good ol' days and search up old AC vids. I remember people would say he won't go anywhere after the bubblegum pop phase ends and whatever else. Glad to see your showing off your talent(s) here! I think the singing, and all around performance is good!

  45. asianoutcast87

    oh my bad...didn't read the description.

  46. sashathepanda

    oh and thanks for supporting the four year old with cancer. Im sure he/she would have loved the performance!

  47. sashathepanda

    I also like having sex with keyboards. haha! Im sorry but you really look like youre Into that keyboard. I love It! well done sir! ;) xxx

  48. sarah riley

    ummmmmm yes! <333 i remember seeing that song live:)

  49. Rebecca B.

    ahhh i absolutely love this song! i remember when you covered it almost 10 years ago now and it was AMAZING. is there any chance you can put this cover on your album? or make a recording of it as a bonus thing? i am dying for a recording of you singing this!

  50. Yeleysa Cadenas

    Dear God, you look hot! O.O

  51. asianoutcast87

    oh what puberty and growing up does to you........sorry man, very pitchy at times.

  52. Ashleigh Rose

    is this in someone's basement???

  53. TheBackstreetfan13

    awesome aaron. :)

  54. St. Efanie

    GREAT, as always!!! Really!

  55. Carly Tefft

    You're so talented and so much fun to watch :)

  56. Carlita E.


  57. Jenny K

    Sending some Swedish love your way :) <333
    You're so brilliant, Aaron!

  58. TheBackstreetfan13

    that was so cool aaron. i loved it. :)

  59. thindarella

    You have an amazing voice aaron! :) love it!

  60. angelll

    I love this "Outstanding"!! <3333 X

  61. Alex Hirz

    Dude. You had talent when you were a kid. Get over it. It's gone.

  62. KorinaKina

    you sound just like Nick awww <3 i remember you when you were like wayy younger and you were opening for the backstreet boys and you sang this song called "shake it" or something it was sooo cute! and my mom was like... he's like 6! whats he got to shake??? hahaha so cute though ~~ we love you!!!

  63. Sittie Amerizza Amir

    wow! dope, baby! much love for Adrianna Bartol. keep it coming! @JesseIssey

  64. angelica farrar

    Did this remind anyone else of David Silver on the old 90210? =] Excited to see you coming back Aaron!