Aaron Carter - One Better Lyrics

Give me half the chance
I’ll make you understand
That what I got to give
Is so much more than this
Than you'll ever know

I don’t say what’s on my mind
But you’ll find this out in time
Don’t always open up
I’m not quick to trust
And let someone inside

I’ve got a lot to learn
Never felt this way before
But I gotta say what’s right for me

You should know that I can
Be more than you will ever need
I’ll show you something new to see, yeah
I’ll be the one you can believe
I’ll be one better, Yeah
I’ll be one better

You’ve seen some falling stars
You felt a broken heart
Time is all it takes
Learn from my mistakes
Know exactly what you are
But I can’t hang on the side
I’ve had enough of all these fights
Gotta give to you
Gotta get this through

Till you realize
I’ve got a lot to learn
Never felt this way before
But I gotta say what’s right for me

You should know that I can
Be more than you will ever need
I’ll show you something new to see (yeah)
I’ll be the one you can believe
I’ll be one better, Yeah

I wont back down (No never, No never)
You don’t have to be alone
Girl, Alone (Oooh, Ooh) No (Oh)

You should know that I can
Be more than you will ever need
I’ll show you something new to see
I'll be the one you can believe
I’ll be one better (Oh)
(I’ll be)
I’ll be one better (Oh)
(I’ll will)
I’ll be one better (Oh)

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Aaron Carter One Better Comments
  1. jay bee

    33 years old and listening to this in 2019. 🤦‍♀️🥰

  2. MAE L. Dapil

    One of my favorite Aaron Carter song ❤️🎶

    jassen pagdato

    MAE L. Dapil hi :) add me on fb esoj thirdy pagdatz

  3. Cindy Gardner

    2019 Still one of my favorites.

  4. Pauline Denise Gepana - Sayson


  5. Jess Gardose

    November 2018

  6. Devi Reonita

    june 2018

  7. mr.in_

    2018 :v

  8. NkotbJoeyJordanFan

    I remember when I got the movie Pop Star in 2005 for my thirteenth birthday. I grew up listening to Aaron and my mother knew I'd love the movie. It was one of my favourites for four years! Lol!

  9. Meow is my language

    2018 already and I still love Aaron <3

  10. bla bla


  11. 21 7xe

    This should've been a single

  12. Natalie Stringer

    6d in ufetoukutd c liiyf

  13. Ashley Blasdell

    im 281/2 he stil hel my favorite omg his voice part my childhood he make my day

  14. suserieapostol Se

    ill be the one you cant believe...😊😊😊😊
    ill be one better yeahh hehehe

  15. Rhonda Romiti Reiser

    She is hell bent on destroying me and it hurts when I see them with him.. She took my body. That was meant for me and the WHORE took it. She caused me to have a heart attack and has been beating me to a pulp. I never want to see him again.

  16. PhoebeHolmes

    Afew miss heard words like in the 2nd verse...saw one

  17. Elodie Rambaut


  18. KOT RoundTable

    in* 2013

  19. Bry_Barbie Bling!

    Aaron Carter #1 I wish people would listen to him more often he is doing new stuff this year I want to go to one of his concerts this year (2013) love him so much more talent than Justin bieber his so original!!!!!!!! :)

  20. Noelia Pizarro


  21. Rodrigo amaya vasquez

    Te amo Aaron carter que bello love es el mejor video q han podido sacar

  22. hozan khoshan

    I love this song & the movie <3
    -Such a good song with so much meaning-

  23. tweedybird26

    i love this song and love him!

  24. ana cervantes

    he is still dreammy <3
    i see why i had the biggest crush on him when i was younger

  25. Survivor

    I know, i got the cd, but for some reason this sounds a bit different then the one on the cd, maybe it's because of crappy youtube quality. XD.

  26. elainaxmarie

    there are 2 versions of this song on the most requested hits. this one and a remixed version.

  27. Ateh nana


  28. bon paliza

    ang cute mo kuya bon

  29. Survivor

    how did you get this version of this song? cause the one on most requested hits doesn't sound like this.

  30. Moriya Bottz

    I love him and this song my fav and soo awesome puts me in a good mood

  31. Araceli Calderon Brenes

    I like the sing the a

  32. Araceli Calderon Brenes

    me gusta

  33. Yasmeen Khairallah

    DUH! who doesnt love carter ?! :))

  34. Darwin Vega

    Like ♥
    Y no soy gay : Jilipollas .l. ...

  35. AyeLaneyy

    So, I was having one of the worst days ever a couple of months ago. I had tweeted that I was going to listen to "Do You Remember" by Aaron Carter until I fell asleep because it made me feel better. When I woke up from my nap a few hours later, I had a notification from Twitter that Aaron had followed me and replied, "I'm sorry you're having such a terrible day, but I'm glad that song makes you feel better! <3" I wasn't even following him! He is so sweet! My life was made. <3


    AyeLaneyy Aww! :) I got a similar message in 2011 but from a member of new kids on the block. Lol! At that time I was obsessed and it had made my day to hear from one of them.

  36. Maria

    i love popstar, and j.d. !! I know that jd is aaron carter but I just like in the movie

  37. Angela Kerr

    I <3 aaron and his movie popstar

  38. Angela Kerr

    I luv u aaron

  39. Katelyn

    Love you aaron. 90s baby forever

  40. sarah natasha suh

    this is actually much more better than justin beiber

  41. juan cruz

    i love aaron carter

  42. juan cruz

    ang ganda nito whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  43. Vks Waawils

    I love Popstar "Aaron Carter " <3 <3 !!

  44. SManSte

    Movie Popstar ? :P

    Rachel L.

    SManSte yes

  45. Lorena Mourelo

    I love you

  46. Kaitlynn Bryant

    @SpoonswagginChick Are you a GRANDer ?

  47. Oliver Martinez


  48. totodileworld21


  49. Shen arreza

    i miss you arvin.. i hope you'll come back to me:(

  50. Lauren Myers

    I just discovered this song and its amazing. I miss my younger days when this didn't matter and there was a party at Aaron's house and our grandma's sitting by the fire though)'=

  51. yajaira estrada

    because I love this song I dedicate my boyfriend whom I love with all my heart

  52. howieloverbsbforever

    @kerrylouisehall1991 it was in there yes, and i love popstar : ) ♥ #proudtobeaaronsfan #ACSoldier follow him on twitter @AARONCARTER if you havent already : ) LOVE HIM!!

  53. xxBLINKxx

    when he was on the top .. i was like 9 .. all i want is to play and study because thats what my parents had told me but i started loving music when i heard his voice and his song .. LOVE HIM FOREVER .. IM WILL NOT FORGET HIM .. AARON CARTER IM GONNA MISS U FOREVER ... GONNA MISS YOU AC ..its true.com ^_^

  54. Nick Carter

    @kerrylouisehall1991 Yes it was!

  55. Kaitlynn Bryant

    I flippin love Aaron Carter. Always have Always will <3

  56. howieloverbsbforever

    @MsBrianaJean I KNOW RIGHT! its insane!

  57. ambyleeful

    @BSBLUVERSINCE3YRSOLD i noticed your youtube user name. i love bsb too!! and ever since i was two or three as well. their music is amazing:)

  58. ambyleeful

    im so glad i grew up listening to this kind of music instead of the music today!!!

  59. norina vescio

    i love this song :)

  60. antonio81108

    wow aaron should replace nick with the backstreet boys, he sounds exactly like nick did back in the day........of course im only jokin!!!!!

  61. jia haruka

    love this song even though I am only 6 yrs. old when Aaron was fame

  62. AdemAlusi

    @audreydrann I feel ya i remember i always used to listen to bsb and aaron carter because of my sister lol and now i'm a fan of them both lol

  63. guoxiang su

    @ambyleeful agree with that,can you be my friend

  64. guoxiang su

    @Jsanes5 ok,lol..,can you add me be your friend,my foreigner friend

  65. guoxiang su

    give me a reason why not love this song,i can't got one

  66. Noa zuki

    First time i hear this song ! .. its beautiful :)

  67. ambyleeful

    i just watched the movie popstar. i love that movie!!! This song is awesome.

  68. Ballerstar520

    How i found out about Aaron Carter was the movie Popstar. He plays a pop sensation who everyone loves. His characters name is JD McQueen. Then his parents made him go to a public school. So then he meets a girl named Jade played by Alana Austin. then they start to fall in love. Then they have a few arguments but end up back together. But Jade is also bullied by a girl named Whitney. Whitney try's to pull Jade and JD apart but doesn't work. Then a big test comes up and JD cheated off of Jade.

  69. lonlon1780

    Follow Aaron on twitter his twitter is @IAMAARONCARTER

  70. brynerangayen

    one better.... yeah.... nc nc....

  71. Courtney Dean

    I love this song!!! I've met Aaron Carter in concert on March,24 2011 in Manville,NJ!! He Is the most sweetest guy everrr. I took videos of the concert, go check them out if you like :-))

  72. T1tansfan

    @thesuzanneallison DUDE! I just sang this to mine at the Talent Show last week!

  73. Nery Hs

    Miss him...Love him!!! I love so musch this song....:)

  74. Suzanne Allison

    i sang this to one of my highschool crush

  75. Nick Carter

    @perfectinperfection1 I still listen to him and i'm 21! LOL I LOVE HIM TO DEATH!

  76. Cherlyn Mejia

    i heard this song yesterday in the movie popstar and i loved it

  77. lonlon1780

    Follow Aaron on twitter @IAMAARONCARTER and get ready for his new album

  78. rachel so

    I miss this song, whenever I listen to it I remember my childhood. I used to be a huge fan of him and I always cry whenever my mom won't buy me an album of his. I really miss those days.

  79. ambyleeful

    the lyrics to this song are so beautiful! i wish a guy would sing this to me!

  80. itstaylorannn

    can we go back in time to when him and the backstreet boys were what we listened to everyday on our CD players and sang along, even if we didn't pay attention to the words and what they meant? who knew that we'd listen to it almost six years later and realize what we were singing about.

  81. Quila Combs

    i love this song

  82. Trumpetz97

    Aaron Carter is one of those stars that has music that can reach out to us no matter how old it is or how old we are. Love this song.

  83. Bryce Seber

    this song makes me think about this girl that i fcked up with...i miss her so much i cant believe i that i did that :(

  84. Ariel Mendoza

    i miss aaron carter wateva happen 2 him!

  85. Ariel Mendoza

    i just watched the movie 4 the 1st time 2day omg it was amazing

  86. blutrtls

    i love that aaron carter is rnb style.
    loooove it
    even when hes older, he still sticks with it.
    get it!

  87. twilightholic100

    @twilightholic700 That was actually me.

  88. poeticbabe07

    Aaron is still the man and will always be!! I will always and forever be a true #1 fan!

  89. Josie961

    i just watched popstar for the first time since i was 6 so i had to get on here and listen to this song again :)

  90. Tehani Kahana

    ilove this songg'&&he is so damm HOT in thaa movie POPSTAR !

  91. Suzanne de Jong

    @ebsmith1993 I remember this too! And I still listen to the BSB. Old and new cd's =) I'm a big fan ;)

  92. Dawnelyn Montecillo

    ka hinumdom kho nya :(

  93. Regine Mae

    aww, whenever i hear this song, i always remember my love ones....

  94. Wisanlaya B

    hes a sweet heart .i luv him !!

  95. Mark Eljohn Occidental

    nice song...it reminds of a special person in my lyf