Aaron Carter - Oh Aaron Lyrics

[Aaron:] Well, I guess the best way for me to begin is
The Other day I was hanging with some friends
Going around the room talking about our favorite noise
I said I had a brother in the Backstreet Boys
So everyone screamed

[Group of Kids:] Hey is this some kinda trick

[Dopey Guy:] Yea, which one is he?

[Aaron:] The Blonde One, Nick
Then the cutest girl said:

[Girl:] I have to see their show
But I have no ticket, Aaron
How can I go

[Aaron:] Your wish is my command
See it's no problem, hon
In fact I'll get some tickets here for everyone
All I gotta is pick up the celly
And its a done deal
Let me call Nick and tell him

[Other Guy:] By the way Aaron, if you could, while you're at it
Can you hook up some seats
For my friends and my parents?

[Aaron:] So I said to myself, well heck, why not?
There's nothing that can beat the connection I got

[Chorus (girls):] Aaron, Oh Aaron
What are you going to do?
You make empty promises oh so big
([Aaron:] man)
How gonna make them come true?
([Aaron:] I don't know)
Aaron, Oh Aaron,
What are we going to do with you?
Always a makin' a bigger mistake
Always a-makin' a fool
([Aaron:] Yo, I gotta make a phone call)


[Nick:] Hello?

[Aaron:] Hey Nick
I need a favor from you, dude
I promised people tickets
So you gotta come through

[Nick:] Sure, bro...how many do you need?

[Aaron:] 1...2...uh, 3003

[Nick:] WHAT?!
I can get you maybe a dozen
You can't promise seats to everyone and their cousin
What did you do?
How'd you get in this mess?

[Aaron:] I was talkin to this girl...

[Nick:] Hold your breath
I know the rest
Guess you better get yourself a whole lotta money

[Aaron:] For 3000 tickets?
Nick, that's isn't funny.
How'm I supposed to pull that off in so little time?

[Nick:] You got me, Aaron
That's your problem...not mine

[Chorus (girls):] Aaron, Oh Aaron
([Aaron:] What do I do?)
What are you going to do?
You make empty promises oh so big
([Aaron:] What?)
How gonna make them come true?
Aaron, Oh Aaron,
([Aaron (annoyed):] What?)
What are we going to do with you?
([Aaron:] I don't know)
Always a makin' a bigger mistake
([Aaron:] So, it was just one mistake)
Always a-makin' a fool
([Aaron:] Whatever)

[Aaron:] How in the world can he do that to me?
I thought we were blood.
I thought we were family.
We're gettin' to the show
We'll get good seats
Everyone on the bus, you're all coming with me
I'm tellin' you guys when we get to the gate
He can never say "no" when he looks at my face
Hook me up! Nick, Man, I swear I'll pay you back

[Nick:] Well come to think about, we need an opening act.

[Aaron:] What do you want me to do: tell jokes; dance; act?

[Nick:] Nah, I want you on stage, I want you to rap.
'Cause if you don't you're gonna have some disappointed friends
And by the way you're on at eight, that's when the show begins

[Chorus (girls):] Aaron. Oh, Aaron, what are you going to do?
([Aaron:] Man)
You make big promises oh so big
How you gonna make it come true?
([Aaron:] One promise man)
Aaron. Oh, Aaron,
What are we going to do with you?
([Aaron:] I'm desperate)
Always a-makin' a bigger mistake
([Aaron:] I'm desperate, Man [squeak])
Always a-makin' a fool

[Repeat until fade]

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Aaron Carter Oh Aaron Comments
  1. Kapten 88

    Still better than these mumble rappers out today.

  2. Jude

    I need a Brother´s relation like Nick and Aaron LOL

  3. Jude

    The old Matty Braps

  4. Shannon Pietersen

    Lol this funny what's happening between these two

  5. Rini Airin

    I'm like back to my childhood

  6. jovslk jovslk

    omg this is so cringy lmaoo. nick is a hottie though.

  7. freedom voice

    Nick carter sound much cooler

  8. James Henderson

    Really awful song.


    James Henderson song like a parody 😂

  9. Brent Pilgrim

    Damn...looking at Aaron now you can see that all this celebrity fame and interactions in music videos is just an illusion...you’d also never get that the dynamic between the brothers was extremely abusive...Hollywood and the entertainment industry is a very sick and twisted environment...I would honestly envy these guys when I was younger...not anymore...I hope they all get the help they need

  10. jose dyhingco III

    What a song hahahahaha

  11. Whimsical Marshmellow

    😂😂😂😂 I came here after Aaron's no jumper interview 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  12. Jess Stylinson

    a true iconic bop :'P

  13. Babylove Jungsie

    Jionna. Darach

  14. M J

    What the hell is this? gay

  15. Matt Pazz

    Its no secret he still eats his boogers!!😂🤣

  16. Marissa Bones

    How did I listen to this crap im midde school 🙃

    ForEva Maeva

    Cos it's amazeballs

    Marissa Bones

    @ForEva Maeva 🤣😂

  17. Thalia


  18. SmashCapitalismPLUR

    Why are these white American woman singing with a Jamaican accent?


    SmashCapitalismPLUR dead

  19. Ericka Esparza

    Y aunque lo niegue.. siempre se le conoció por ser "el hermano de Nick de los BSB" #sorrynotsorry

  20. Paulina Gutiérrez

    orale, no sabía que entre hermanos también se podía cantar a dueto

  21. Leithel H

    Surely they knew this was corny and crap lol what were u thinking nick lol

  22. Yen Hh

    Sep 2019 and im watching it. I miss you, Aaron. Always support you even if who you are! Stay strong dear! Love you.

  23. Jumi Ridwan

    But why did you wanna kill your sister in law? Gimmick?

  24. heroinhero69

    Now he wants to kill him lol...should've come through with those tickets Nick!

  25. Kati

    Before things went wrong

  26. Emily Sweet

    I wish the world was this innocent still. The 2000s ruined everything

    Rico Sebastiani

    Emily Sweet dude you're contradicting yourself😂

  27. Vha-dhong Barcial

    He's better than justine i promise..
    Thats my idol since im a highschool

  28. RayRay RoWAN


  29. Renata Cristina

    😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

  30. coconutsugar

    I used to have a hit clip with this song...on top of the CD...still love it😭❤︎

  31. not but maybe

    I love this song 💚 And I love Aaron and Nick no matter what stupid people say here. He is better than Bieber and his music was and is still good. Those who make fun, whether they are centennials or not, are just basic people with issues that uselessly try to compare Aaron with today's "celebrities" garbage or try to look good and mature with unknown people who don't care about them at all. PERIODT.

  32. 2nd Hero

    that euro girl

  33. K_ K.

    Wait...Listen this song with 2X speed...i am dancing in real

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    중딩때 푹빠져 좋아했었는데ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  35. k tine

    What happened to Aaron Carter. My childhood love ❤💔

  36. Jasmin Weiß

    No Secrets 👍
    Aaron 👍 ❤
    Nick 👍 ❤ 💋 ❤ ❤ ❤ 💋
    BSB 👍💋❤💋👍💋❤❤👍💋

  37. Thiago Paulini

    ""Now...opening up for the Backstreet Boys...give it up for Aaron Carter!!" (03:04)

  38. anjun

    if he learned to sing he couldve had a nice run as an early j bieber

    ForEva Maeva

    Lmao, look at his other songs, he does know how to sing

    James Henderson

    He smoked 40 cigarettes a day.

  39. lara macmillan

    how old was aaron when he started his singing career

  40. Arenjungla Kichu

    I feel in love with this song like when I was 8

  41. الجوكر الثالث

    A trivial song and a very trivial child

  42. Real Cosmic Builds

    is that the same flip phone?!?!? oh well, whatever XD

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    Why do this girls from No Secrets sound Jamaican or Caribbean? lol

  44. Hamit Buğra Bayram

    velede bak amq

  45. Gaming & technical nawab

    creepy kid

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    Funny Aaron carter mess up his life and he looks so older than his brother even though he is the youngest

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    lol Justin Bieber

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    Aí que horror.😲😨😵😱😳🤒

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    No Secrete looks so gorgeous.
    So sad they are no longer together as group.

    Dean R.T.D. Mitchell

    Jade looks so beautiful.

    Jamie Clarke-Jerkin

    Jessica, Carly, Jade and Erin are favourite members.

    Dean R.T.D. Mitchell

    Jamie Clarke-Jerkin. Nice. My is Jessica.

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    Tot frumos esty super muzica ai

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    2018 😘

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    So terrible lol and he honestly tries to compare himself to Justin

  55. Яни Л

    Old, but gold. And those mobile phones are real, real old...

  56. Tata Tata

    God bless these brothers

  57. Emily Berg

    I listened to this fucking song once and now all here is 'aaron oh Aaron what are you going to d you making the promises oh so big how gonna make them come through' over and over

  58. Rak Usu

    So what if this song is cheesy What do you expect a 13 year old to sing, sex, money, drugs, clubbing and 'baby' like JB ?

  59. Dickmeiss

    This is some catchy shit

  60. Liz Iris

    he is so cute.but what happen to him he looks weird. i wish he could have a healthy lifestyle so he doesnt look like today.

  61. Tom Mulchinock

    I wanted to turn it off after less than a minute but I couldn't because I wanted to know what he was gonna do.

  62. Janaina Temis


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    Vietnamese TV program brought me here.


    He's better than Justin before

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    They were very handsome at the past.

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    Eu acho essa música/vídeo tão idiota, só tinha esse clipe no meu antigo celular pq o Nick está um gato.

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    siblings goal

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    There was one time when 3000 of Backstreet Boys' concert audiences were Aaron's friends

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    This was on bsb funny moments it was funny as hell

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    The lyrics are so simple.
    Think i could release a rap?

    Yes im jay.
    I was born in may.
    I dont know what else to say
    Hey hey

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    But now he is drug adik:(

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