Aaron Carter - Not Too Young, Not Too Old Lyrics

I'm not too young
And I'm not too old

Listen up, everybody
This ain't Aaron's party
Part 2 I'm older now
Come and show me body
Girl whatcha gonna do, come and talk
To me in the backseat
Baby backstreet
We could surf the board
Surf the net, yeah
Better yet
We could make a little bet
If we get together,
Yo it's gonna be the bomb
Hit me all, baby
Aaron Carter dot com
See when it comes to girls
I'm not too young
Baby face back up on the scene
But when I get in trouble,
Hey I'm not too old
I pull my cap way down
And say I'm thirteen years old
That's how we roll

Throw your hands up now
Let the music take control
This is how we roll
I'm not too young
And I'm not too old

Here we go

Throw your hands up now
Let the music take control
This is how we roll
I'm not too young and I'm not too old

It's the A to the A to the R O N
I'm all grown up now
Run and tell your friend
It's all sewn up now
Where do I begin?
Don't even play a hater
Tryin' to say I look ten
I'll tell you again
I all up in da video
Catch me in the studio
That's my life, bro
It's in my blood, hey!
It ain't my fault
You wanna step to me,
We can take it to the asphalt
Shoot some hoops
Can you slam dunk the funk
Battle on the rollerblades
You callin me a punk?
Bring on the skateboards
Or the BMX
Show me watcha got
Is that all? Please, next!
I'll wipe the floor with you
Where's your concentration?
Don't even talk about the Sony Playstation
I'll make it happen if its games that you want
Aaron Carter gotcha open
Dont front dont front lets roll

Throw your hands up now
Let the music take control
This is how we roll
I'm not too young
And I'm not too old

Here we go

Throw your hands up now
Let the music take control
This is how we roll
I'm not too young
And I'm not too old

He's steppin' out with the older boys
Cover up your ears
'Cause we're makin' mad noise
He's steppin' out with the younger girls
Cover up your eyes
'Cause we rock the world!

See when it comes to takin all the girls for cruisin'
All I need is pillows, hello!
I'm not too young
(Doo doo doo doo)
My cellular rung
(Doo doo doo doo)
Switch it off, yo
Hit me on the pager
A real teenager
With a fake beard
Battin' in the majors
That's how we roll
And when it suits me
I'm anywhere between 12 and 18 years old

Here we go

Throw your hands up now
Let the music take control
This is how we roll
I'm not too young
And I'm not too old

Here we go

Throw your hands up now
Let the music take control
This is how we roll
I'm not too young
And I'm not too old

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Aaron Carter Not Too Young, Not Too Old Comments
  1. Luisa Do

    Generación que nació a finales se los 90's de sabe todas estas canciones a principios del Milenio ❤

  2. Patrycja P

    I Like It so much :)

  3. Jane Proctor

    My favourite song ever

  4. Nova Carter

    before justin beber has been coming

  5. Farkhandah Daar

    Love you Aaron

  6. Abraham Ali

    Aaron is moving to Nova Scotia!!!

    Hey don't blame Canada!!!

  7. GetDatPromo

    I bet Aaron always wanted be a BSB but he could never actually sing !

  8. rice sticky

    I miss you Aaron

  9. Ericka Esparza

    So sad.. :(

  10. Campanita GP

    Nick ❤❤❤ Aaron is my bro-in-law love you both

  11. Cris Souza

    ai minha aborrecencia #2001 saudades

  12. Rafiqul Islam

    I'm 12. Still love the song and Nick's hair lol

  13. Carol Wonders

    Melhor que Justin Bieber

  14. 김예진

    추억의 아론카터 아 눈물날라그래...ㅋㅋㅋㅋㄱㅋ꿈에도 나오고 그랬었는데

  15. Charlot123

    Baby Jesse Pinkman🤓

  16. Ale

    Aaron Carter era tan guapo ❤ ¿Qué le pasó? :(

  17. Valéria Leonci

    Justin Bieber who?

  18. ζั͡ޓއއއChildheart๓

    Nicky is cute:D

  19. ElectricShock

    please set the subtitle on the footage.

  20. Renata Leal

    Brasiiiiil 2019 🇧🇷😁

  21. LizzyNorman

    nicks voice makes this song good

  22. not but maybe

    Carter brothers were pop royalty at the early 00´s <3 Damn, I miss those happy years...

  23. Mery Navarro

    Nick's hair


    I LOVE IT❤

  24. Arenjungla Kichu

    He was really talented

  25. besttttt87

    oooo Nick :)

  26. Anita Castillo

    i'm still listening to this. it's still an earwig!

  27. Lone Wolf

    Feat Auto-Tune

  28. Allen Payne

    If 13 year old me only new I actually had a chance

  29. : twinturbo TV

    2018? 👍

  30. Ittai narvaez


  31. Cristiane Souza

    Das antigas

  32. Piotrek Machajewski

    Aaron i Nick super

  33. Minjoon Choi

    •×2018 and i still think that Nick sounds extremely seductive in this.ו

  34. Shannon Curtis

    I'd rather listen to this than the bull 💩 they make these days,

    Cause those phoney musicians would pretty much make anyone's ears bleed once their popularity fades away,

  35. Jung Hp

    2018 💐

  36. Gaby Lugo

    Far better than shitin bieber

  37. Julia Jimoh

    Awww, the music of the late 90's early 2000's era. It was truly, in my opinion, the last great era of music. Back then, it was just purely about the music. Sure there it was a little bit commercialized but at least the focus was still mainly about making good quality music. Sure, certain artists/bands put on big, elaborate stage performances but at least they had the raw, natural talent to back it up.

    Also, since there was no YouTube or social media sites then, if new/undiscovered artists/bands wanted to get noticed, they took gigs anywhere they could in order to gain a following and perfect their craft. These days, with the use of YouTube and social media, it makes it almost too easy for undiscovered artists to get noticed. With just one push of a button, people can become famous in an instant without even trying. Not saying social media is a bad platform but, in a way, it seems like taking a shortcut towards fame. Without the hard work, they're just thrown into the spotlight and it may become a case of too much too soon.

    Probably one of the reasons why music in the 90's and early 2000's was so great was because artists/bands actually put the effort into making music. They gained their fan bases by going out and performing in front of millions of people. They didn't have to rely on a computer or social media site in order to get noticed.


    good one.

  38. Zoom

    Watching this in 2018

  39. C J

    I forgot about him for almost 20 YEARS. And then all these lyrics just come back to me suddenly

  40. Eduardo Santana - Trabalhar em casa

    2018 😎 I Like this Song! 🙌🙌🙌

  41. carlos cardenas gonzalez

    the best Aaron Carter teenpop music video with Backstreet brother Nick Carter.

  42. enjoy life

    2018 ☝🏼



  44. tin Vizcocho

    i love you Aaron
    love-- Kristine grace Vizcocho
    tin Vizcocho

  45. tin Vizcocho

    Aaron Carter is same age to my big brother 😀😀❤❤❤❤❤❤

  46. tin Vizcocho

    😀😀😀❤❤❤❤❤ 2018 yiiiiee

  47. Esther Tan

    Watching Aaron sings is like going into a theatre and watching a great movie (the thrilling feeling), just don’t want it to end :)

  48. Naiara Oliveira

    Lembrei do disk mtv qd a sara apresentava

  49. Bealoveslife_xoxo gamer

    218 anyone

  50. Shinele

    Still in 2018??

  51. Jade Alise

    I used to listen to this song constantly, 13 years later it is still amazing 😂

  52. Nikita Diaz

    watching 2018 hahaha i love it <3<3<3<3

  53. Lee-Ann Raby


  54. Caitlin Brenton

    yay 2018!

  55. Lucimar Do Nascimento Silva


  56. Andre

    😒 I feel so old watching this

  57. Madison Botha

    watching this 2017

  58. Chunji천지

    They've grown so much aww

  59. FRAMTZ2

    not too young way too broke. ..

  60. Elsa Sandoval

    He was so cute! What happened to him?

  61. Shi SU

    just somehow think of this song haha

  62. Céline Dittrich

    I love this song

  63. Chunji천지

    Nick's hair 😂

  64. Karig_rm

    They should be together like years ago. It's really sad see the Carter Brothers so remote.

  65. Rachel Otomewo Adjekukor

    Fuckin hell they look more like bruises rather than kisses.

  66. Anapê

    Aaron Carter in 2017: not too straight, not too gay

    Eddie Trincas

    lol u re so dumb

    Krystal Armstrong


    Xhelti Meza

    I love Aaron but that was so funny 😂

    Tami Okoro Dedeh

    @Xhelti Meza It's funny because it's true

    Nova Carter


  67. Stacey Valentine

    perfect pedo song

  68. Gabrielli Rodrigues

    2017 aqui estamos nós

  69. gypsykatcher30

    Hold on, did he say 'girl what you gonna do? come and fuk?' Surely not.

  70. Rachell Lantayona

    Watching this in 2017!

  71. PassiFlora96

    watching this because of Aaron Carter's drama XDDD

  72. Nath Privat

    2017 and my heart still bumps for this handsome hahaha

    Hien Nguyen

    Nath Privat not only you lol

  73. Hyde Takarai

    Not too old and already has a DUI. Adorable!

  74. kali

    im having a panic attack .

  75. Maggie

    I like listening to things that were released before I was born haha I love Nick in this💗💗

  76. Templar Pixel

    First auto tune rapper

  77. Luana Inhuma

    2017 hahaha

  78. Claúdia Silva


  79. Renan Gonzaga

    Watching this in 2017

  80. Joel Caccha

    WTF I am doing watching this video xDD

  81. Địa Ốc News

    *We're still watching this video in 2017, Ladies and Gentmen! We're Not Too Young, Not Too Old :)*

  82. Ernesto Tadeo Arreola Gonzalez

    i love you aaron carter😘😍

  83. M.aldahiri

    Watching this 2017 DX

  84. ReVn

    still better than Jastina

  85. Sherry

    omg hes aready way to famous at a young age ik some its because of nick but hes really to successful for me

  86. Kareem Hesham

    At 13 he wasnt too young or too old, that means he must be too old now at 29!

  87. MegaSmilee1

    He was 14 :P

  88. Phuong Phuong

    My childhood 😂😂
    Even the style of that clothing 😂

  89. Priscila Da Silva

    best season ❤

  90. Faye

    Proud of my generation

  91. Shona McCarthy

    Say what you want about it, but this was the definition of cool when I was a kid and in some ways this definition still pervades my subconscious. When I see people going around looking like a lumberjack and that's called "deck" now... I totally don't get it.

  92. Salma Quiñones

    hear that autotune in Aaron voice ! hahaha damn i miss 90's

  93. I34anbulunRuhu

    I'm 22 and I feel old man I can't believe how years passed by

  94. sessy izy Ginez

    watching 2016!!! even now this song hit untill now

  95. Jen S

    God I cannot believe I used like this bubble gum shit.


    Me too!!! And it's worse for me, because I'm a guy!! But I was 14 that time!! LOL


    Me neither! but now it's stuck in my head! T^T looool

  96. Gygy 나라 Hwen Bkrong

    aaron carter so cute and good song thanks