Aaron Carter - My Internet Girl Lyrics

Ain't no doubt about it
I can't wait to get home to you
(I gotta get home, yeah, uh, uh, come on.)
Connected with my baby
Just jammin online with you
(online, online, online)

Here in my room we are as one
(together you and me, together you and me)
Hours connect
As we switch on (switch on)

She's my best kept secret
My internet girl (my internet girl)
She's my one and only
And I ain't tellin' the world (my internet girl)

She's my best kept secret
Hooked up all night with that girl
(my internet girl)
She's my one and only, my internet girl
(my internet girl)
My internet girl, my internet girl.

Shufflin' through my windows
Gotta find my way back to you
(I gotta find away, gotta find a way)
(I gotta find a way, gotta find a way)

You left me mail in the inbox
Thinkin' about what we should do
(I will type again girlfriend, so tell me, tell me what you wanna do)

You left me the password to your heart
(yeah, that's it. I got it.)
No lookin' back we clicked from the start
I wanna let you know
She's mine

[Chorus X2. fade]

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Aaron Carter My Internet Girl Comments
  1. mother


  2. Preston's GameRoom

    Hands down, my fave AC song forever! <3

  3. Pokémon

    Way ahead of his time!

  4. Colleen Marsh

    Reminds me of when I AOL dated. It definitely reminds me of the gotta get home feeling I had when I wanted to get online.

  5. Preston's GameRoom

    Favorite song from Aaron

  6. The Supreme

    Haha chaturbate pretty much lololol. Any webcam girl now 20 years later

  7. xander trejo

    Good recommendation Melon

  8. Jacob Idec

    paging neil cicierega

  9. Soprano Cicada


  10. Marquel Johnson

    i Love This Song

  11. Cristina Mariposa


    Jacob Idec

    hoody hoo's idea was this anyway

  12. Ben_jamin

    No Aaron don't keep your internet girl a secret.

  13. Blaine's Wasteland


    Fandoms And Chill

    Blaine's Wasteland same 😂

    James Bowers

    Aaronthony cartano


    Blaine's Wasteland thx melon

  14. Lizzie Maria

    😍😍😍😍😍😍pure love Aaron Carter will always be my dream love ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Tharein Potuhera

    Doesn't he like guys?

    Charlie Franz

    He's bi.

    Lizzie Maria

    +Charlie Franz yeah I know I don't hate on bi sexual people I have a few friends shit he can be bi all he wants does it make it right no he's to sexy for that but I dated a few bi sexual men and they actually are better in bed then straight men it's just my opinion lol love Aaron forever and always he's probably a beast in the sheets lol 😂❤️😍

  15. chris

    egirl anthem


    U were ahead of ur time sir

  16. Big Sexy

    my nigga aaron getting catfished

  17. Jazmin Collier

    Jessen fox and jazmin collier love FOREVER

    Chris Foster

    +Jazmin Collier Yay!!!!! I hope you guys last forever and ever!