Aaron Carter - Let Go Lyrics

I used to love a girl
Sometimes I still think I do
Thinking about her makes me a little crazy (crazy)
She used to be my world
How could we be split in two
We were just like peas in a pod (a pod, a pod)

I'm offically losing my mind
Chasing behide her heart (her heart)
This just can't be real

So I gotta let go, go, go
Cause she let go, go, go
So long ago, go, go, go
It hurts to move on
But I gotta let go, go, go
Cause she let go, go, go
From my mind, my body, my soul
I gotta let her go

I tried to play the field
Lost my share in one a few
I never really hit one out the park
No, I guess I wasn't healed
Trying to forget the truth
Life without you left me with a scar

I'm offically losing my mind
Chasing behide her heart (her heart)
This just can't be real

So I gotta let go, go, go
Cause she let go, go, go
So long ago, go, go, go
It hurts to move on
But I gotta let go, go, go
Cause she let go, go, go
From my mind, my body, my soul
I gotta let her go

So I gotta let go, go, go
Cause she let go, go go
So long ago, go, go, go
It hurts to move on
But I gotta let go, go, go
Cause she let go, go, go
From my mind, my body, my soul
I gotta let her go

Go, go, go
Go, go, go
Go, go, go
I gotta let her go

Go, go, go
Go, go, go
Go, go, go

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Aaron Carter Let Go Comments
  1. Jazz Critic

    Wish this was a hit

  2. Shady Boy

    This should of been a hit

  3. pranav aiyengar

    I thought Nick was singing at first ! But then i heard peas in a pod, thats such an aaron line 😂 Apart from the lyrics, their voices are absolutely the same !

  4. Criselda Cabico

    I love this song

  5. Sophie limelightswhydontwe55

    Go Aaron let's rock it

  6. Hailey Manduca

    Good job Aaron love it so much

  7. Jurnee Tworek

    It's about Hilary Duff awww:(

    Jodee Rebecca Davey

    Jurnee Tworek She Must've Been a Pretty Awesome Girlfriend

    Jazzy Fresh

    Keyarra Edwards loll damn girl we always like the same music

  8. Nicolesheehean558 sheehan

    let go. aaron. carter. my . favorite song.

    Betty Busacay

    my ultimate idol. i love you forever my dear Aaron Carter

  9. Tintin Dela Cazada

    Oh god....aaron u still rock my world i idolized since i was just 13yrs.old until now...u really is a great performer. I hope i will be given the chance to met u in person. Take care always en more power. Love lots .:) kristina dela calzada

    Psychic Readings By Annie

    He is amazing

  10. Carol Dalferth

    Oi no inicio do video kkkkkk

  11. Suzanne

    I fall in love with him all over again whenever when I see his pics or hear his music. Sigh...

    Mounib Bouazza

    who are your to love him,he's a singer,he already got a girlfriend, plus the only thing that he could use your for is wiping the stage before he performs

    Emerald Dawn

    +Mounib Bouazza how about you not be so rude my gosh who do you think you are to try and hurt someone's feelings?


    +Emerald Dawn aww, thanks for speaking up for me! I actually didn't even see @Mounib Bouazza's comment until now. Listening to his music really do bring back all the wonderful memories from way back. Can't help it.

  12. Mollie 3

    I'm still not over this❤

  13. Cassi NiallersPrincess

    if I had to put my money on either Aaron Carter Or Jesse McCartney Making A Comeback and actually staying up there it would definitely without a doubt and without question be Aaron Carter! I still love him and have faith in him and believe in him yeah he said some shit about my boy Justin Bieber but that doesn't excuse the fact that he is actually really talented

  14. Femke Dijkstra

    OMG!!! He sounds almost just like his brother!!!

  15. Among The Sound

    I met him while he was on tour for Another Earthquake and got a huge bear hug and kiss, so cute. He was such a nice kid, too. He seems very open and honest and that's one thing i've always noticed and liked about him. Hope all the best for him :)

  16. Retta van den Berg

    dis song is cool om het de brader van Nick cater is
    aron cater is cool I mis You aron cater van je bik hart fan mylene

  17. sealife22

    True love never dies Aaron. Look how things unfold. Chase her. Don't let go of your dreams whatever they are. Love is the greatest thing to fight for. Wish you well. Learn from your past and i hope the wish u wish for comes true.

    Jessica Baker

    He is not with Hillary duff lol

  18. riolyn rapada

    nice..i never listened to your songs for a long time..i like this song ever!

  19. Shenna Tarrayo

    nice song..... you're really the best AC...

  20. mindy rice

    THIS boy kissed me.. best day of my life <3

    Annie C

    You're lucky

    sumit dasgupta

    mindy rice (Really ) cant believe 😐😐😐

  21. Shara Misgan

    :-) i love it

  22. Teeara Kay

    Yeaaaaa...I luv dis song he is soooooooo hot😍😍

  23. Rooster P

    I like the song, but can you say auto tuned!

  24. Brandy Johnson

    He was my first love, and still has my <3. I wish I could have seen him! He needs to come near me on his new tour! He's so perfect! brb *fangirling*

  25. Michelle Dickson

    Aaron was my first 3 my brother gamme my first aaron carter cd i just kept following him buying cds id get online just to print pictures of him i Grew up to his music n watching him to this day im forever in love with him

  26. Michelle Dickson

    Wow still ahellamazinggg.

  27. noemistephanie93

    great song! why wasn't this released??


    Hes actually promoting it now. I know thats kinda weird as he made the song so long ago but hey hes trying to make a come back and its a good song! #LetGo  


    @elainaxmarie cool! i hope he makes a video for it ;D

  28. lucilleball1912

    I love the song aaron carter haven't listened to him in a long time since the 90s lol

  29. Caren Andaya

    He sounded like nick.. i swear..

  30. Amanda Webb

    I know, right! Absolutely Incredible.

  31. Veronica Welch

    <<3 This live was awesome

  32. Samantha Shivji

    hey I saw him the other day in concert too!

  33. Samantha Shivji

    This sounded way better when he sung it live, without the auto tune....

  34. Natasha Gorey

    it is dedicated to her! I just saw him in concert like 2 hours ago and he played this and said he wrote this for her!

  35. Michelle R

    I love this new album!!!

  36. Coconut Bliss

    I don't ever remember him having the "throne" lol

  37. Comrade Next Door

    I thought this was nick.

  38. Eckostate 1994

    holy shit. that is Aaron Carter?! Talk about reality check. I remember him when he was young man.

  39. roseville ratchets

    i bet it sounds better without auto tune

  40. Keli Gutierrez

    Omg Aaron i love you! Thank you for following me on Twitter that was a surprise i cried! And when i met you Aaron i was the happiest girl ever! Also i am not fangirling i treated him like the normal person he is like us ahh and he kissed my cheek and called me beautiful

  41. 91lucille

    this song was written for Hilary Duff. its about him finally letting go of her. an even amazing song from him.

  42. Samy Hough

    The part where he says "Peas in a Pod" I'm dying hahaha... 0:38 seconds..

  43. Rachael Braun

    seeing him on saturday! 3 hes perfect ive loved him since i was 3 and now im 14

  44. bmkjnick

    he wrote this for Hilary Duff right?

  45. byobob

    Is this really produced by Aaron himself?? If so he's incredible this is waaaaay better than his old crap! Not to mention he's actually singing about SOMETHING!

  46. m7madnabhan

    Nick and Aaron have the same Voice O.o
    <3 <3

  47. BarbyAaron C T

    Me encantaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

  48. Happyonair lively

    I don't hate somebody if I don't know someone's personality

  49. fr0zenintimeee

    he replied to me on twitter :') <3

  50. Aitch Aye

    My OLD love :"")

  51. Jerry J

    i know that tru he just a wanna be jb lol

  52. Pedro Muñoz

    he wrotte the song about Hilary !!

  53. raiden7358

    I havent heard from him in forever

  54. Paolo Antonio Macalino


  55. nati iuliano

    @beebeautifulful poor aaron

  56. nati iuliano

    I didn't know aaron until he started following me on twitter. he's awesome

  57. Thea S

    Aaron was the Justin bieber of the 90's

  58. Ashlee Veneman

    I dunno, I kind of like his tattoos ;)

  59. naily gomez

    Desde que la escuche pff..Se volvio en unas de mis favoritas!!!! ES uN AMOOOR este tipo @hilaryduff Se merece mas y eso (:

  60. Grace Hubert

    @bykarti He's back!!

  61. Han Lac

    when i first saw Aaron on MTV ,, i just said "OMG" ;))
    but when i saw Justin B. i just said "WTF" -___-

    i wish the time goes back were there's real singers >.<

  62. Colby Guarino

    @TheMissKBieber100 wow. wtf. im 14 and just went to his concert last night

  63. BillieK

    @kcrissman2000 no no hunny jesse mccartney looks like him AC was here first he was like bieber in the 90's :)

  64. Nellie Targaryen

    Love this song so much :D

  65. Caitlin McClenaghan

    Aaron will you marry me?!?!

  66. TheAylinMusic96


    1. say your name 10 times

    2. now say you moms name 5 times.

    3. say your your crushes name 3 times.

    4. Paste this to 3 other songs. If you do this your crush will kiss you on the nearest Friday. But if you read this and do not paste this, then you will have very bad luck


  67. joyfulcheers joy

    From young Aaron 2 teen Aaron and from teen Aaron to beeing a man there is no more bieber bieber bieber nooo... No more bieber oooh nnooo.. it will always be an Aaron Cartar on the way back to our hearts hehe.. Go 90's celebrity and still kickz aaazzzz... dats for sure... Hey his like 3yrs younger than me but 90's singaz till now.. OHHH YEAHH BABYY.. BABY.. YEAAHH,... all those phony suckerz get out of the way.... hehe... =)

  68. Rachel

    @cheryg21 i know me too but she's mrried now..

  69. Callie Ludwick

    i remember when i was little nd obsessed with him <3

  70. jman94xx

    Can anyone tell me what album this song is from?

  71. Carrie Whitmore

    @cheryg21 and pregnant.

  72. Writing4Jesus

    @KateWalker83, hahahah, yes he is!!!!!!!! XD

  73. Mia Thomas

    Aaron and Nick <33

  74. Tina White

    same old hot aaronalh damn does he sound like his brother now...which isan't a bad thin haha i love bothof them

  75. 84starfire

    he sounds like he's brother

  76. KateWalker83

    OMG... Aaron Carter.... I remember "crazy little party girl" or something like that :D But now he's... umm, hot?!

  77. MegJ326

    no way? is this seriously aaron carter???????? how old was he when he sung this???? never heard this ever!! i am in shock!!! his puberty-ish voice has been replaced by a sexy masculine auto tuned one!! say whaaaat?

  78. Raven H

    The 7 year old in me is soooo happy right now, lol. I'm so glad Aaron never lost his voice.

  79. Shawn Afshar

    where do they get these beats?

  80. Kaya Cousin

    glad to know he didnt lose his talent :)

  81. jemish16

    WOW. This is REAL good. (:

  82. Lori Ann


  83. asiram137

    why isn't this song on iTunes???

  84. Veronica McDonald

    this song is really good where I buy it and he looks sexy with that tatoo.

  85. Abigail U


  86. Veronica McDonald

    where I buy this song

  87. Deanna C

    @HWWchrisbryant I want candy, Aarons Party come get it, How I beat shaq, Internet girl. Ive ALWAYS loved Aaron <3 I had an aaron carter calender I remember when he was arrested for drugs too. I was SOO upset :[ But I believe that he can make it back and get himself back in the game :D GO AARON! <3 <3 <3

  88. Lawson House

    rewind by flo rida?

  89. Marissa Anne

    I want his CANDY! NOW. -_-

  90. Melodygirl646

    Love the picture . His voice sounds the same just more mature .

  91. Peachie Lafay Jenkins

    He sounds just like Nick:D I love them both lol:D

  92. lonlon1780

    @laykerzfan4lyfe when he changed his twitter name i think that someone else tried to take his old twitter name...it really confused a lot of us the other day as we though as we all thought that he deleted his twitter then we all put it together that he just changed his twitter name!

  93. laykerzfan4lyfe

    @lonlon1780 so does that mean he deleted all his tweets from his other one because theres no tweets on iamaaroncarter but yeah

  94. lonlon1780

    @laykerzfan4lyfe he has changed it again his new one is the @aaroncarter his old one was @iamaaroncarter I have to go to all the ones that i have put to follow him and update them that his twitter has changed lol

  95. lonlon1780

    Aaron's twitter was changed from his old one IAMAARONCARTER to his new one this week being just @AARONCARTER ... this was from his twitter Please take note of Aaron's new twitter name: @AaronCarter -mgmt.

  96. lonlon1780

    @laykerzfan4lyfe he changed it on sunday!

  97. laykerzfan4lyfe

    @lonlon1780 his really twitter is @AARONCARTER..he hasnt even tweeted from iamaaroncarter

  98. howieloverbsbforever

    @HWWchrisbryant how could you forget i want candy? lol that song was monumental! everyone sings it!!

  99. firefly2552025

    autotuned but could be so much better

  100. Untitled

    hey, doesn't sound like a coke addict.. except the laughing in the beginning, of course.