Aaron Carter - Iko Iko Lyrics

My grandma and your grandma
Were sittin' by the fire.
My grandma told your grandma
"I'm gonna set your flag on fire"

Hey now! Hey now!
Iko, Iko, unday
Jockamo feeno ai nan?
Jockamo fee nan?

Look at my king all dressed in red Iko, Iko, unday.
I betcha five dollars he'll kill you dead
Jockamo fee nan?

My flag boy and your flag boy
Were sittin' by the fire.
My flag boy told your flag boy
"I'm gonna set your flag on fire"


See that guy all dressed in green ?
Iko Iko unday
He's not a man He's a lovin' machine.
Jockamo fee nan?

[Chorus x 2]

[Fade to end]

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Aaron Carter Iko Iko Comments
  1. GetDatPromo

    What was that thing that Aaron always does putting his hand on his chin like he thinks it looks sexy or something ?

  2. Shirley Temple

    He was so cuteeeeeee😍

  3. Allen Chang

    I know I'm watching this in 2018!! But hey, is that black dude the baby sitter??

  4. MusicLover_KB

    No wonder this is blocked in the US(I live in the US, that's why I say that)

  5. Emily Berg

    When your secretly in love with both the Carter boys.....

  6. Jeo Candil

    It's unfair, I thought it was sia's. hahaha

  7. BlueJ

    I was devastated when he cut his hair

  8. Practical Recommendation

    Whenever I to watch Iko Iko video and listen Aaron Carter    , then I feel like I'm in seventh heaven! I'm a native Estonian  and my name is Iko Mesi , if that name translated, it would be " "Iko Honey" : )  !!!  I am 42 , but I feel like a young boy when I watch this video and hear Aarons voice : energy bomb, like a candy in party  !

  9. ❤Amor❤

    the volumen is very low WTF

  10. Anika Ziesing

    ich war als Kind ein Fan aber jetzt finde ich den Typ nur peinlich

  11. Grace Nunes

    very nice this song

  12. 인생

    oh!! 2005 kia GRAND CARNIVAL CF song!!!!

  13. Richard 0'shay

    this not 90's this is the birth of the 2000's gen. dont be so cruel. we had mack daddy n daddy mack. and they made us wanna jump

  14. Eeefaman 3

    Does any one remember that this song was used at the end of the little vampire

  15. Xavier Rose

    Audio is a bit low, I take it the source tapes have taken a beating....

  16. Yanina Torres

    Is Aaron Carter better than Justin Bieber? Yes. The end.

  17. El Barto

    Aaron carter... This is the future of justin bieber... Nobody will remember her

    Red Stone

    Sr. Solowinski Bravo well.......

  18. Shez

    You obviously don't live near a beach.

  19. Linh Lâm

    funny, =)

  20. keep her lit

    People with yoloswag-ness wear jackets to the beach. He also speaks in tongues which only the chosen one may speak in.

  21. Laís Cristina dos Santos


  22. WoozworldForeverX3

    He really needs a new songwriter.

  23. Juicy J

    This video always cheers me up! :)

  24. Christian Frontanes

    Wowwww memories, so long agoooo

  25. MizzShirl

    ahahaha awwwww he is so cute in this video!

  26. Lucinda Cathcart

    OMG! the 90's ! All hail being a 90's kid :p

  27. SurroundMe

    That was 6 months ago? no one cares. And i think youll find it is spanish. And im the idiot? at least i can spell "You".

  28. iliana ceruto

    its Portuguese u idiot how can that be spanish

  29. Bubblevicious 1997 The Nostalgia Enthusiast

    What album was this song on?

    Carina Ottawa

    Aaron party come get it
    Came out 2000

  30. Madison Hulsey

    This is 100% not Spanish.

  31. Alicia Mae

    his voice is waaaay deeper than JB's never compare the two.....EVER

  32. Mel V

    I don't really think that spanish.... Says it someone who speaks spanish

  33. Tuyet Le

    he is so handsome and cute.i love his songs!

  34. Nytheish Kay

    One of the best song till date!! Awesome

  35. SurroundMe

    @JDBMiEm this is an old song...he didnt write it.....and its spanish ^.^ and it could be cold on the beach idiot...we dont all live in the sun...

  36. khang gia

    lovely song...i wanna Hawai dance :D

  37. TheLittleMan123

    memory blast

  38. ikliche

    How old are he now ?

  39. Irina Pakhonina

    i used to love this song when i was really little. oh, memories...