Aaron Carter - I Will Be Yours Lyrics

I don't know what to do
I can't believe it's true that
You can make me feel this way
I see it in your eyes
It made me realize
There's something that I've got to say
I just wanna tell you that I'm sorry
For all the things I've done to make you worry
And all the time I've cared for you from the bottom of my heart
I will be yours if you'll be mine
I will be there till the end of time
I will be with you until the day that I die
I'll be yours. I'll be yours
I've been around the world
And have seen a lot of girls
But n one can compare to you
It's really plain to see
That you belong to me
Cause you're the only one I need.

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Aaron Carter I Will Be Yours Comments
  1. Terry Matson

    "I will be with you until the day that I die " Gosh.. that sounds a little morbid..

  2. D O G G O B A N A E

    Aaron was probably 8 when he recorded this and he was singing about love

  3. Tiger Heart

    Omg this song was my JAM and EVERYTHING in my childhood room 1998. I singed this to the mirror pretending holding a mic <3

  4. Vivo por ella La música

    This remember me when i was 13. I love 90s . This song was muy favourite if Aaron

  5. Jonathan Guevarra

    I Will Be Yours was commissioned by Johnson & Johnson for the 1998 Johnson's Pure Essentials Facial Cleanser commercial that was first aired in Thailand on January 4, 1998 and in the Philippines on January 18, 1998 on all Philippine TV Networks including GMA Network, who introduced this commercial through S.O.P. as well as Partners Mel & Jay and the NFL Conference National Championship Games. This commercial would later used in the commercial break of the GMA-7 live coverage of Super Bowl 32 between the Denver Broncos vs the Green Bay Packers and the 40th Annual Daytona 500 which opened NASCAR's 50th Anniversary

  6. Christopher Archer

    Notice that his super mario overalls have the alvin and the chipmunks A

  7. Nef Serion

    still in love with this song

  8. Sissi Mitra

    Love this song! Aaron was so sweet at that time~~

    Eddie Trincas

    He still a decent hiy indont kmow. Why people dontbseenhownreal n. Sensitive he is

  9. BlueJ

    I got this CD for my 8th birthday and drove my whole family insane listening to it over and over.

  10. jesse swanson

    I was 5 when this song came out

  11. Cynth Middlehorn

    When I was like 7 or 8 I was convinced this would be my wedding song hahahaha.


    Cynth Middlehorn aww that’s so cute!

  12. Latoya Wilshire

    Aaron Carter hey

  13. Faerie Rose

    I love this song... it's been awhile

  14. Zivile M.

    I love this song!!!!!!!

  15. Shannon Sangma

    remembering old Times ;)

  16. surasak onnorm

    remember in old time ^ ^ good song

  17. sing kongvimol

    thanks you this song make i reminds my memory

  18. kop point4

    this song reminds me of when I was 16

  19. Pao Quitalig

    Thank youuu so much for this. I remembered when I was still in grade school, I was a die hard fan of AC. :P

    Maricris Peroja Flores

    Same here AC is love love

  20. Tamara Hamelin

    I almost got to meet him when he came to my city I stood in a line for 3 hours and then they ended the line a few people in front of my group I was so sad!!=(

  21. Endiathekid

    This song is amazing <3

  22. Orhan Dayanç

    This song is the first song of the Aaron Carter Album.

  23. jaden billiams

    este tema se llama tuyo sere , no alocada chiquilina,