Aaron Carter - I Want Candy (Remix) Lyrics

I know a girl whose tough but sweet
She's so fine, she can't be beat
She's got everything that I desire
Sets the summer sun on fire

I want candy
I want candy
Boom! Hey!

I want candy
I want candy

Go to see her when the sun goes down
There ain't no finer girl in town
You're, my girl, what the doctor ordered
So sweet she make my mouth water

I want candy
I want candy
Boom! Hey!

I want candy
I want candy

Candy on the beach, there's nothing better
But I like candy when it's wrapped in a sweater
Someday soon I'll make you mine
Then I'll have candy all the time

I want candy
I want candy
Boom! Hey!

I want candy
I want candy

I want candy
I want candy

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Aaron Carter I Want Candy (Remix) Comments
  1. Zyme Ong

    Tagal ng ads ah? Di nakakatuwa.

  2. Aprel

    Omg I love it about time boo

  3. Michael Bartlett

    He was just busted sending nasty pics to a underage

  4. Raxstine J

    Listening to Aaron Carter all day while cooking my Thanksgiving feast for tomorrow, his music, and voice I love...love...😘♥️👏🎵🎶🎶🎶🎵

  5. clorox packet

    Ahh, The Lizzie Mcguire song.

  6. Eva Eva

    Love this song... 😍

  7. Gilberto Garcia

    God bless u I know what u are going though stay strong

  8. Porscheuron -

    I had sisters and a mother lol the rides in the car gosh it’s clear as day now!

  9. Elijah Gilbert

    Better than the original version in my opinion.

  10. Barbara Perkins

    Pure nostalgia😍💛 I Love your music Aaron😊

  11. Farkhandah Daar

    I really LOVE your voice on this babe Aaron Carter n this is a very cool track.


  12. Vanilla Gorilla

    this song is awesome if you and your homies are looking to hang out be gangster and jack eachother off.

  13. Vanilla Gorilla

    Aaron when is the last time Nick kicked your scrawny little ass...lmao!!!!
    i have never in my life seen a guy that likes to suck dick be sooo damn hard.

  14. kryztyn127

    His younger voice mixing with his adult voice in the chorus is good.

  15. MelloMiddleFinger

    WOW!!! WTF is this s**t? This is really the music he's making and I can see all the fan comments which I did not expect, honestly I'm surprised he actually has a fan base, this guy is a delusional drug addict and its very obvious, oh I forgot he's also an extreme compulsive liar of the worst kind, honestly I wish I could say good things about him I really was hoping I could but hes off the hinges and this weird pop remix s**t just makes it worse, at least be original and make your own music without major sampling of the ABSOLUTE worst kind. Yay team Aaron......👊🏻🍆👊🏻🍆👊🏼🍆👊🏻🍆👊🏻🍆👊🏻🍆💦💦💦👊🏼🍆💦💦💦just kidding. Those emojis represent the hand jobs he gave at the studio for the studio time.

  16. Isaac


  17. Larry Lurex


  18. Toon Ian


  19. Maritza Roman

    Love it 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  20. Bluely

    i love this

  21. Cajun Queen

    The Original from Bow Wow Wow 1982

  22. ToxicManMuck

    This fucking fagget really did a song called i want candy?? Bahahah fucking gay ass fuck boy.. got get back on drugs an OD bum

  23. Kyle Mao

    In my school in drama class they put this music

  24. Darynn Cruz

    This shit is trash! And y’all needa stop lyin to him.

  25. Maikisha Tridente

    I love this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋

  26. K D

    Really good bro. More consistency. Stay humble. Good job. 🔥🔥🔥

  27. Ben Turley

    This is so awful I'd rather listen to cats being tortured

  28. Kohl The Troll

    Aarons crazy but this is 🔥

  29. *Xiola Blu Staley*

    Love you sexy boo!

    Ps.... you could have my candy anytime you wannna! ;)

  30. Davinia

    I like this!

  31. Harry Sachs

    Did this fucking loser really remix his own shitty song from 20 years ago? Go back to drugs, kid. The world doesn't miss you, fucking psycho.

  32. sonickid0qywter

    this is stunning im shook

  33. rulanoz rulan

    Cool sound..love it

  34. Macbasil ☑️

    0:18 Me walking an empty grocery hallway CCTVs being my audience

  35. Amberlee

    Just found out all this happened without me because of Pyro and now I wanna know when I'm gonna get the That's How I Beat Shaq remix

  36. My AUTISTIC World Vlog's

    This is Still one of my favorite Song's and Now " I Want CANDY" 😂😉😍😎 🍭 🍬 🍫 ❤ hahaha !

  37. Ann Chayakan K

    Great remixed!

  38. Pepe Pert

    Love it 😍

  39. Krystal Dockins

    I think I fell in love with you again



  41. Stefan Crisan

    I always loved this old song of Aaron, and now this Remix just rocks!

  42. Ashley White

    I love this remix of this song. Wasnt sure I was gonna like it but I really do like it.

  43. Syn West

    Ahhhh!! I'm soooo lovin' this masterpiece!

  44. Roma Watkins

    Is there an instrumental version to this song? LOVE the remix BTW! Saw you perform in Del Mar at the Fair with Pop 2K!

  45. XnogoX meme

    I just know it from hop movie

  46. tillie wagner

    Ok but this slaps so hard

  47. Taylor B.

    Okay I just found this and I am.. SHOOK

  48. Nicole Giles

    He killed it

  49. Saiyan Princess

    Love it!


    I love you Aaron! 😍😘

  51. Donna Berry

    This is my dance song

  52. Mandy Lewis

    I love it I have allways loved you

  53. SMPN 6 Rambah

    Too long for hiatus, its hard to keep you hits again Aaron... Bring some good new music, meet good producer, Song writer, and collabs with famous this time

  54. Yoced Decoy

    Let’s go daddy o keep it up.

  55. Krystal Armstrong

    P.S did I mention that I'm 37😅

  56. Krystal Armstrong

    Could it actually be possible that he's even SEXIER than his brother Nick (who I've been in love with since I was about 14) **GREAT JOB AARON** *KEEP IT UP*

  57. Rene Cortez

    Remember when he beat Shaq? Me too

  58. Jason C

    I feel bad that I was actually shocked how good this was. Currently listening to his new album and that's really good as well! Happy to see this man making a comeback

  59. Tyler Knight

    This is even gayer than the original

  60. Jennifer Dempster

    keep singing and do what you do and be you you're awesome :)

  61. MRS.Idaliz Lolly Sanchez Figueroa Breeding

    Still that vibe song Loven it forreal 💓😍😂

  62. mary ardette rule

    this is so awesome 😍

  63. Charm Badong

    I just wish you'd get to see my comment. Hope we'd get to have a duet someday.
    Love from the Philippines

  64. Charm Badong

    Damn this is so good even better than the original you had back then hahaha awesome aaron

  65. ace queen

    Oh my God i though aaron died with the rest of the 90s

  66. Kenxie B

    This is fire! 🔥

  67. Sarah Welker

    Grüße aus Deutschland an dich lieber Aaron. Lass sich nicht nieder machen. Du bist toll so wie du bist. Und das Lied ist echt cool geworden. Ich bin stolz auf dich.

  68. Zoe Bueche

    Miss people who understand my dark soul 😊💖🍥🍡🍙

  69. Kate Villarin

    Ugly mug

  70. Wolley Sanamul


  71. Elaine Yu

    I bought your album and I like this song! You're doing great, big bro!

  72. Satoria89

    Yyyyyyyyaaaaaaasssssss I can't wait to see you in Nashville!!! 😘

  73. Iamemeryg 27

    His vocie😍

  74. Icha Quinnara

    Still in love with his voice since my childhood

  75. Candy Luna burst

    Candy 🍬💛🍬💛 and hit puberty this time

  76. Ananya Dwivedi

    Loved it 😘😘😘😘😍😍😘

  77. Holly Wood


  78. momentsmeanmore

    NOICE!!! Sweet remix! 🍬🍫🍭

  79. Aiden Arrows

    Purchase link in hq audio 320k and above?

  80. Leon McDaniels

    I meet Aaron carter


    That's nice

  81. Jasmine Quinones

    Reminds me of my childhood 😪

  82. Gracia Aprilia


  83. Random Channel

    I'm proud of you, Aaron. You've got this.

  84. Random Channel

    I had to hear this song a million times every time I introduced myself to anyone as a kid/teen.
    Thanks, Aaron. 😂

  85. SARAH GONZALES makeup

    love it !

  86. yucky

    I was named after the original version of this song. I love this remix and I will listen to it as much as I listen to the original

  87. Queen_Of_TWD_92

    Love you Aaron Carter ❤❤❤

  88. katie d

    Omg. It sounds horrible

  89. Jannmr 31

    He should do a remix of im gonna miss you forever with the adult/ mature voice..

  90. Nicole Giles

    Sounds damn good

  91. Alex AltEgo

    Eyyyyyy 💃🏻

  92. John Antipuna

    I love this song it’s my jam and I also ate candy an hour ago