Aaron Carter - Crazy Little Party Girl Lyrics

Crazy little party girl
How I love her
Partying around the world - she wants to dance
Crazy little party girl
There's no other
Party Party
Always ready to dance
Time for a party - time to take a chance
Turn up the music
And we'll dance - dance - dance
Good days are coming - lonely days are gone
'Cuz I have a little
Who wants fun - fun - fun
Everyone - needs a little time
Everyone - a reason for a smile
Everyone - wants to love someone
Everyone - wants to have a little fun
Crazy little party girl
How I love her
Partying around the world - she wants to dance
Crazy little party girl
There's no other
Party party
Always ready to dance
Don't try to stop her - don't cha wanna know
What makes you happy
Baby please don't go
I got a feeling - that you'll be alright
It's a natural feeling
And it's high - high - high
Crazy little party girl
How I love her
Partying around the world - she wants to dance
Crazy little party girl
There's no other
Party party
Always ready to dance.

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Aaron Carter Crazy Little Party Girl Comments
  1. Miss Pamelax

    I didn’t know he sung this

  2. Da Who

    it's Sunday night in the Philippines. ready to go to bed when suddenly I remember this song 😂

  3. White Obama

    And look what happened to him now. Keep your kids away from show biz guys.

  4. Tobin Tonight

    the original kidbop

  5. Jarvis James

    I used to love this, I've just turned 27 and listening now.. it's terrible aha

  6. Gesi Ibrahim

    Omg loool this just chills down my spine

  7. Ronnie-Lynn Dolan

    Awh these are my happy Aaron carter memory days! What a sweetheart 🥰

  8. Ryan McQuillan


  9. Darth Insidius

    This kid got turned out hard by the hollywood elite ....im talking fucked by a retarded donkey hard.

  10. james irving

    This music video proves Hollywood is ran by pedophiles

  11. Ian Reynolds

    I was 10.. Jesus Christ I only blinked now im 31 😫

    Ian Reynolds

    @Lozz 18 scary init Laura, time shifting by so fast..

    Lozz 18

    Ian Reynolds yes lol. I’m 32 next month and I freak out all the time about getting older. But at least we can be thankful that we got to grow up in the 90s. Best time :) hey I’ll see you back on here in another 20 years and we can say “omg remember when we were in our 30s and thought we were old lol)

    Ian Reynolds

    @Lozz 18 yeah the 90s were great days, never be as good as that, i think best thing to do is focus on 30s to try get all the serious adult stuff done, morgage ect, then just enjoy 40s haha.. tell you what I'll do that, when we're 40, I'll message you again, and we'll discuss how we're both now old 😂.. happy birthday for next month Laura, hope you enjoy it x

    Lozz 18

    Ian Reynolds aww thank you 😊😊.



  12. Jenny Valdmanes

    aaron cater" war ich total verliebt, ich habe ihn auf einem konzert getroffen

  13. Marcemellow

    Wow, this makes me feel soo old! Hahah!

  14. chris Felske

    aaron carter so sweet

  15. surasak onnorm

    Love so much ❤️ Remember the old day

  16. Game Of Death

    aaron were so cute

  17. nuraini satriani

    Remembering at primary school,,, watching & dancing aaron carter (little boy nick carter)

  18. Alonso Mauricia Nikolic

    song 1997

  19. Lala Chintara

    Who watched in 2017?

    Rita Palumbo

    2018 😁😁

  20. Erin Sangria

    Justin Bieber of the 90s

  21. Jon Lloyd

    this track is fire!!!

  22. Lyon Prairie

    he's only 8 or 9 here lol

  23. Leon Lion

    Its the same shit since 1997


    he sings party party with 10 years! what the fuck is wrong with him?!

  25. Ninamyte

    He was my first crush

  26. Sascha Bennett

    i was 7 when i heard this song i heard it becuase it was my jazz song

  27. Chris Thomson

    I use to love this wen younger

  28. Jasa Masa

    I think this song is about cocaine abuse



  29. IAmwhoIAm

    At the time the Justin Bieber of the 90s , but I liked him ; D

  30. Scah Lesh

    Hahahaha i still love u no matter waht baby boy

  31. Anika Fayre

    i have posters in my room and tapes before.. and now i dont know where did it all go? he is my ultimate crush before ❤

  32. Lars A. Granli

    Saw his mugshot after being busted for DUI today.. Had to come back here to have a laugh 😂

  33. Ann Tagdulang

    Until now his my no .1 favorite singers...I love it.. Aaron....now I'm 32 yrs old. really I idolized him.😘😘😘😘

  34. Mark Robinson

    my mum liked you when she was little

  35. Cindy Chandra

    my fav song when i was at 2 grade

  36. K.A Singleton

    i had this album. fuck, I was such a douche. lololol

  37. BianCatsumi1991

    I was 6 years old when i first heard this. I had a big big crush on him way back. Lol i used to sit down in front of the tv all day waiting for this music video to be shown on tv. Aww those were the innocent but happy times.

    Mary Varte

    Jane Bianca Silangcruz sameee



  38. EverythingIEverNeed

    omg !! this totally takes med back to my childhood ^_^ i love it so much

  39. bender

    good old times.. i miss these days...

  40. Amber Eidam

    oh ist der SÜß ich bin ein richtiger Fan von Aarohn kater und ich kann jedes Lied auswendig

  41. Snake0091

    kill it with fire!

  42. M P

    Party Party

  43. The Mellow Bacon

    this song used to be one of my fav song when i was a kid but now its cringey af lmao

  44. Kareem Hesham

    People who are saying that this song is shit have really high expectations! He was only 9 or 10 in this song for God's sake.

  45. savannah Stewart

    This is a amazing song I used to love as a kid

  46. Psy0m

    damn....time goes by so fast....i remember that was was my fav album.

  47. Melicias Travels

    was this first time he from florida saw snow

  48. BenAffleckOfficial

    This is the greatest thing ever!

  49. ilovelegos2000

    Spotify took this song off! I was so ticked!!

  50. Fatima Fatima


  51. Marcelo Soares Pitbul

    o garoto e fera cantando 👏👍o aaron

  52. Jenny Bunny

    2000, thats 16 years ago...these where the times i used to buy smash hits, and top of the pops magazine. God i feel old!

    Gilang Magrial

    haahhaha.!! me too


    We are getting old soon its sad life is so short


    I was 13 when i heard this song first time

    Rachel Brown

    Jenny Bunny need get ya year right was 1997 he was 10 if was 2000 make him 13 he had aarons party come get it ablum out then


    '98 Was Crazy!☺

  54. Bowo Oka Sanjaya

    Girl must be my wife

  55. MM khan Kashmirian

    was cute


    dance dance dance

  57. Catherine Mitchell

    This video... he's break dancing... he's about 10 in this I'm sure... and he's break dancing!

  58. Miyaharu Sakura

    one of the few famous kids in 90's... i was a Fan...

  59. wenaldy


  60. 许丰


    Audio MG


  61. Jonald Tinalusan

    it is a very very nice song.

  62. Jonald Tinalusan

    so very nice song.

  63. Jonald Tinalusan

    Aaron is so very cute child.

  64. Jonald Tinalusan

    i like this song.

  65. Colden Haulfield

    Reminds me of Rebecca Black's Friday. :(

    Miyuki Nishioka

    @Colden Haulfield hahahaha because of the 'fun, fun, fun'?

    Colden Haulfield

    I guess so...But I think because of the synth as well. Idk, I maybe wrong. :)

  66. Freya Kilpatrick

    Oh memories

  67. Fariha Ahmed

    Weird song?!

  68. bthugz ortego

    I was 11yrs old. Now I'm 28. throw back thursday. :-)


    bthugz ortego now you're 31, same as me 😂🤐😉

    Zothan Tluanga

    Now you're 32 🤣

  69. MissMellexX

    Omg He was so cute😍 i miss the old Times. 10 years after i still love this Song💕

  70. milkcow1010

    ya... why i liked this song when i was a kid...?

    HighJakka 651

    I still like this song xd

  71. gomez styles

    He was so cute oh lord 😭

  72. Kristel Tracey

    I wish I could travel back in time and roundhouse the pre-pubescent me who loved this song

  73. Johnny

    Cant understand that i liked this song when i was a kid  , its terrible  :p


    We all know you still like it now ;D


    Hahaha your funny :D

    dee astley

    Lol I was five years old and loved it. Now that I'm twenty five I realize it's worse than the wiggles

    Hannah Jane Bruce

    Im 31 and I've just realised I still love it 🤣

  74. Padlakka

    Ghost at 2:42? =P

  75. Brigid Park

    I think this is a clip with no nudity. And by the way my son can dance better than I and he's actually younger than me

  76. Brigid Park

    Kids look like crazy little animals. I wanted to be a kid model but I don't have such a discovery chance. Now I am 30 and still not a model. It would be good to be an extra on this music video. I really love myself and I want to be a model. Anyway I was too late and now this kid who is younger than me is on tv.

  77. Brigid Park

    Here's what I do each day.
    I get up, eat breakfast, cleanse, clean teeth, get in car, go to train station, go to Technical College, come home, sleep.

  78. Brigid Park

    He doesn't seem cute he just seems like a popular model star bub. I myself am an Aussie but I was born in the Phillippinees

  79. Brigid Park

    I have money and power I am a king

  80. Leija Taltat

    hell no.. jb are shit.. fuck that.. bitch.

  81. Valkyra Sonara

    Dann bin ich eindeutig ein 90-er Jahre Kind! XD

  82. Dalylah Rae

    Haha used to love me some Aaron carter

  83. Emrah Cekmez

    what for a gorgeous song :-DDD crazy little party girl hahaha

  84. miwmiw1130

    i was watching a Jmac video and there was debate goin on about who's better, jesse mccartney or aaron carter. so that brought me here. but figured out that i don't have to choose.they're both adorable!

  85. Pilum Murialis

    die kinder sahen noch normal aus....

  86. OriginalDrDeLeon

    This video legitimately frightens me

  87. Kitlog

    it so verry beutiful song wow like justine biber yeah

  88. Mats Martinsen

    Justin Bieber of the 90s

  89. Mahmud Ahmadinedschad

    hier treiben sich genau 3 Arten von Leuten rum: frustrierte Bieber-Fans, 90er-Kinder und Pädophile :D

    hunter's lily

    Und Mahmud Ahmadinedschad.

  90. Amanda Mendenhall

    Im 3years younger then him & he was my favorite singer I would love if i can find his cd's again since i got mine stoling from me druing high school

  91. Malzbier Cookiemaster

    Das ist so scheiße, das man es schon wieder gut finden muss :D
    Im ernst man ! ;D

  92. Veronica C

    I'm 3 years older than Aaron, but I remember back then he was sooooooooooo little and cute to me, lol. now our age difference is nothing.

  93. David O'Sullivan

    I am a crazy little party girl for Aaron - so hot

    jacob laubauskas


  94. Jen S

    He is so adorable...wtf happened to him lol.

  95. Anton Klimenko

    dafuq i just watched ?

  96. Devin Henderson

    Yes always ready to dance

  97. Moritz606

    Aaron Carter was better as this age then Justin Bieber will ever be!