Aaron Carter - (Have Some) Fun With The Funk Lyrics

One, two three
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Oooo ohhh
Yeah, yeah, yeah

If I threw a party would you be there
Would you bring your friends too
Cuz why should we stay at home
With something better to do

Let's started in the house
and move it to the street
C'mon and follow me

and have some fun with the funk
Turn up the bass and pop the trunk
This party's gonna pump
Bebop and body bump

Let's Have some fun with the funk
Turn up the bass and pop the trunk
This party's too short
So c'mon get on board
and have some fun

We all need a permanent vacation
From the things that get us down
So turn it up and turn it out
Cuz it can never get too loud

Let's take it from the street
And move it to the beach
there's sand beneath our feet

and have some fun with the funk
Turn up the bass and pop the trunk
This party's gonna pump
Bebop and body bump

Let's Have some fun with the funk
Turn up the bass and pop the trunk
This party's too short
So c'mon and get on board
and have some fun

There is no place i'd rather be
and it's no secret why
it would never mean as much to me
without you by my side

stop starring at the walls
All you girls and boys
It's time to make some noise

One, two, three
and have some fun with the funk
Turn up the bass and pop the trunk
This party's gonna pump
Bebop and body bump

Let's Have some fun with the funk
Turn up the bass and pop the trunk
This party's too short
So c'mon and get on board
and have some fun with the funk

Turn up the bass and pop the trunk
This party's gonna pump
Bebop and body bump

Let's Have some fun with the funk
Turn up the bass and pop the trunk
This party's too short
So c'mon and get on board
and have some fun with the funk

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Aaron Carter (Have Some) Fun With The Funk Comments
  1. Antonio Fraser

    I'm 25. This movie's CD was the actual first CD I owned. This song was my first guilty pleasure even before I knew what a guilty pleasure was.

  2. M. Marie

    Got stuck in my head and i had to figure out if this shit still existed. CHRIST

  3. erin

    what the fuck aaron sang a song on the jimmy neutron soundtrack AND POKEMON 🥺💚

  4. Drew Griffin

    I can’t believe we were fed this garbage when we were kids.

  5. DMYeg

    Just a reminder that the first Pokemon movie came out in 1999. Amazing soundtrack! Amazing memories...

  6. Timothy Novak

    Cause why should we stay at home .??? When there’s somethingggggg Betta to do ... lol #bars

  7. Terry Matson

    If I threw a body would you be there? Would you bring your friends stew?

  8. Christopher Hubac

    This song would go great with Detective Pikachu dancing.

  9. The Guy Nobody Really Likes

    Life sucks as an adult. When you are a kid, there are just no responsibilities or worries. You can freely do whatever you want. But as an adult, you can't even have your food without worrying about the next day.

  10. BoardWhareHowse

    I'm turning 25 next month... Now I know the 20's aren't old at all (but they were when I was a kid) yet here I am listening to a song from childhood and it seems so long ago. Oh stupid Nostalgia...bring me back to being a kid with little to no responsibility where I could watch movies like this and enjoy my life. If only we knew then what growing up would entail and listened to our parents, maybe we wouldn't rush our childhood so much.

  11. Sarah C

    i fucking love aaron carter's old music

  12. Elijah Gilbert

    Definitely best bubblegum pop song

  13. Jack Knight

    I always thought he was singing “your body is too short” because a lot of the Pokémon are short

  14. Jack Knight

    Probably the best song on the soundtrack catchy af

  15. SleepingWithPanic!AtTheDisco

    Why'd I always think Aaron swore and said "Fuck" instead of Funk lmfao misheard lyric much??

  16. Raya Granum

    Look my childhood....

  17. Jasmin Mills

    Now that I'm an adult, "we all need a permanent vacation" sounds ominous af. xD

  18. Kayin Sprecher


  19. Sam Deluxe

    (Having fun)

    CP: Squirt it down lower, squirt it up high

    (With the funk)

    Parappa: Squirt it down lower, squirt it up high


  20. worthlessfools1

    So, I decided to re-listen all the songs from this CD, and at first I was like "eh this song is decent, very cringy and cheesy, but decent..." then 3/4ths down the song I was like "god dammit its catchy..."

    Jack Knight

    worthlessfools1 its a solid soundtrack. Especially the M2M and it was you and vitamin c

  21. This Intangible Existence

    Gosh... there are so many times in my life where this song will just start playing in my head. I love it. I was here like a year ago... same video and everything... and here I am again.

    www.thisintangibleexistence.com #shamelessplug

  22. CelciaSnow

    That ultra 90s guitar is such a guilty pleasure

  23. siony

    i dont remember this from the movie?

  24. KingIceHunter

    HOW DO I NOT REMEMBER 80% of these songs!?!?!?!

  25. Ryan Marcum

    This was the first CD I ever owned as a kid. Ah, memories.

    Tara Franklin

    I didn't own my copy until I was 28. 😫 Better late than never.

  26. the.MAADhatter

    I've had this chorus stuck in my head for years.
    Never could find the song because I really didn't know the words lol

  27. Stormy Ascent

    Worst song in the album. *runs away*

    Corey Pickering

    i always thought soda pop was. but even that song grew on me over time. i love the whole cd now.. and damn man... the nostalgia

  28. MusicLover_KB

    Wow this is a really cheesy song. It's my first time hearing it and honestly the verses are decent enough, but man the chorus sucks

    JXN01 JXN01

    The chorus suck? Cause there adult love toward the series? My understanding aaron sings and adults choir with him

    JXN01 JXN01

    Why? Cause adults background . Show their love toward the series?


    @JXN01 JXN01 No it's the lyrics that suck in the chorus

  29. osricen

    If I would go back in time to the last time I heard this... I would be 10 years old, full of energy, happiness and dreams of becoming a true Pokemon Master. Good times, wish we all could go back one day.

  30. Three Spirits Trio

    pentatonix at a younger age?


    Three Spirits Trio NO

  31. Harris Wheeler

    This brings me back!! :)

  32. RhythmGrizz

    it's too 90's, the system's burning up

  33. Random Blue Toad

    The hyphen in the title bugs me.

  34. Donnie Greene

    Oooh Member Aaron Carter? I Member...


    Well, I sure remember him.


  35. manlike anal

    great Pokémon film man loved it a lot, is crazy how us British people got this film in 2000 haha

  36. Deborah Galvão

    omg I miss so much this time ..

  37. jellybeansushi

    Aaron Carter!!! I forgot!

  38. Drunk Psyduck

    I never knew Aaron Carter did music for Pokémon

    Nor do I remember this song from the movie but still love it

    Ancient Darkness

    sorry for.my english im from italy


    Drunk Psyduck
    “Music from *and* inspired by the motion picture”
    I can hardly imagine what part of the movie "inspired" this song, but I suppose that might have been their pretense so they could skyrocket Aaron Carter's popularity by sticking a song of his onto the non-score soundtrack album to the first movie iteration of a rabidly popular children's show. In other words, it doesn't belong here but it got away with it anyway. Though it's a catchy song and a nice addition to the album, so I suppose it doesn't really matter.

    Raul León

    Most of the songs in this album weren't in the movie. And those who do have nothing to do with the plot, they are just "inspired". I think "Brother my Brother", "If only tears could bring you" and "Vacation" are the only tracks whose lyrics makes sense with the plot.


    I can actually name parts of the movie that relates to the soundtrack... this part particularly is relatable to the short film vacation


    It was played at the end credits thats why duh??!!!

  39. Behon

    This song is the very definition of a guilty pleasure.

    Miguel Salizar

    This entire soundtrack was. I was more a Godzilla fan than a Pokemon fan so I always felt like I was betraying my king when I listened to this CD.

    Deso Lark

    Tyanitar = Godzilla.

    Chronically Hopeful

    Agree! 😂

    Tara Franklin

    There is absolutely nothing guilty about me listening to this while I danced about cleaning the kitchen. Hell, I watched the movie again earlier with an appropriately themed blanket on my lap!

    I'm almost 30.

  40. Ancient Darkness

    how is it possible that i have watched this film loads of times and i cant remember this song??

    Drunk Psyduck

    It's not in the movie

    Only was included in the soundtrack CD

    Ancient Darkness

    +Drunk Psyduck
    who the hell would buy the soundtrack cd of a movie like this?

    Drunk Psyduck



    the songs from this movie

    they're great

    + It's Pokémon, it sold million copies just because of having the name alone lmao


    who the hell wouldn't

    Nostalgia Works

    And, it doesn't just say "Music From The Motion Picture"! It says "Music From and Inspired By The Motion Picture"! If anybody doesn't like that these songs aren't from the movie, then all of these songs are inspired by Pokemon!

  41. Oscar

    Somebody knows where can i find the chords?

  42. Blue Gwyn

    I'm 25 and I was 9 when this cd first came out. The memories of being a 90s kid

    Random Blue Toad

    Brandon Gwyn I wasn't born in the 90s but I listened to this album so much as a kid.

    Harris Wheeler

    I'm 27 (almost 28)... this does bring me back!!!

    Brock Sanderson

    i wish i was one...nope born in 1999

    Film Griffey

    I was 7

  43. Kari2025

    Memories! I loved Aaron Carter and Pokémon. I work at a daycare and the kids are always mind blown when I tell them I played with Pokémon cards at their age, too.

  44. Carla Holmberg

    I really like this pokemon song by Aaron carter

  45. Chase Hughes

    When I was a kid, I didn't know who sang this, but I always thought it was a girl.

    Quality Rivolt

    Chase Hughes same here

  46. GameboyLuke



    I woke up with it stuck in my head. i haven't listened to this song in like 8 years. wtf brain?

  47. princess pea

    Oh sweet child hood memories of waking up saterday to watch pokemon with my brother

  48. Jessie Furin

    Welcome to the nostalgia trip destination Pokemon

  49. Pryexel 48

    Don't remember hearing this as a child, but It still brings me nostalgia.

  50. Kevin Suárez Paniagua

    Yes is Aaron Carter

  51. Mathew Andrise

    omg bout to do some major crying

  52. Valkyra Sonara

    This is a Boy? Oo


    Before his balls dropped.

  53. Alexander The Insane

    What?! it sounds so feminine.


    His balls hadn't dropped yet.

  54. Baron Pristine

    Aaron carter...whatever happened to him?

  55. Zalzion Alt

    Me and machoke ridin around bumpin dis shit in my whip. my trunk bumpin

  56. elaineweaver12

    stoopp!! I'm about to cry from nostalgia!!

  57. Jeff Mortensen

    I just learned that it was a male singing this...

  58. H8orSaints

    Holly shit, I want to return to the past!! :´(

  59. DevinePerez96

    When I was little I swore it was a girl singing this

  60. MOVED this channel is dead

    I remember when I was 6 and they played this song
    at my dance recital.......memories ;u;

  61. samboy1288

    I remember the first time I heard this I asked myself, "...Is this a girl or a guy?" Honestly, cheesy and juvenile as this Aaron Carter was at this point, this song is a decent pop tune. lyrically it sucks, but musically it's good.

  62. Ashallyn

    damn...i was in primary school...sweet memorieees : <

  63. Ashley S

    i thought something else would happen :(
    rip off