Aaliyah - Turn The Page Lyrics

Hmm, yeah, yeah, yeah

A special smile, a certain touch
I never had a love that I loved so much
When I look back, you're everywhere
Turn the page, you were there

My very best friend, my summer day
My only someone to depend on
When I've lost my way
You came and answered my every prayer
Turn the page, you were there

What would I do if some strange morning
I opened up my eyes to find you gone
I can't imagine how I would survive it
I finally got the reason to go on

My one sure thing, my solid ground
All I ever wanted was the love that we found
When I look back, you're everywhere
Turn the page, you were there, yeah

What would I do if strange morning
I opened up my eyes to find you gone
I can't imagine how I would survive it
I can't imagine how I would go on

A special smile, a certain touch
I never had a love that I loved so much
When I look back, you're everywhere
Turn the page, you were there
You came and answered my every prayer
Turn the page, you were there
Hey, yeah, yeah, oh, oh, ooh

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Aaliyah Turn The Page Comments
  1. Candice Burr

    Sad. She had the perfect song for her own funeral. Listen to the words. Deep
    #wake up

  2. Julie Macharia

    Appreciate those you love before they are only a memory.

    Angel Johnson

    Julie Macharia i agree

  3. Mary J. Metayer

    This song gives me goosebumps every time I hear it we all literally woke up one morning and found out she was taken from this earth rip beautiful

  4. Unco Chin

    Who was there at her funeral for real? Comment below I really wanna know how it was.

  5. Unco Chin

    “Sorry Aaliyah it was you in that plane crash it should have been dame dash” -nas

  6. Robert Martinez

    MAMA !!

  7. Courtny 007

    I'm gonna get groaned to hell for this ( I know...) but.... this is an R. Kelly style song. She obviously looked up to him. He always threw a gospel song that could possibly also be a love song on each of his albums. Never can tell if it's about a person or God. Just like this one... * Runs out of comment section *

  8. Julie Macharia

    What would i do if some strange morning, i opened up eyes to find you gone....
    Cherish every moment coz one day they will be just a memory.

    Our thoughts are with her friends and family and everyone that's ever lost a loved one💋

    Angel Johnson

    Julie Macharia yes

  9. Cecelo

    She had strong eyebrow and make up game even in the 90s. She was ahead of her time. RIP.

  10. Cecelo

    Why is this not on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music??!!!

  11. Ashley Means

    I Miss Aaliyah So Much Rip Baby Girl Truly Miss

  12. Xxxx Fontain

    Definitely one of her most beautiful touching songs

  13. Michael Ransom

    Also this song this song nis how I feel about Aaliyah..

  14. Michael Ransom

    I'm sure Jehovah will remember her...

  15. francesca •

    It's been too long and we're lost without you... RIP babygirl🙏💔

  16. tai tai love

    Happy brithday aaliyah 2019🎂🎵❤

  17. Vanessa Ribeiro

    Babygrl, princesa,😍saudades eterna 😇

  18. Chrissy's Dream's

    Awesome. This is my idol always.

  19. Katisha Dogisha

    Don’t think I can listen o this song without crying really reminds me of my cousin

  20. Xxxx Fontain

    My first celebrity girlfriend was taken. I dont know why. I hope that when I die I get the answers to that fateful day. I just wanna know what really went down. Im just gunna go out on a limb and say that the supposed “heated argument” never happened. My guess is Aaliyah and her entourage gave them there bags and just got on the plane. I dont feel like it was weighed let alone were they told that the plane was way over the limit. This was an inside job and it just breaks my heart to know that and it breaks my heart even more that babygirl is getting on this plane thinking shes going home which she is but a totally different home the she imagined and then not only that the media literally blames her on her own death its just not fucking fair!! They killed her and said it was her fault. We told her the plane was 700 over weight and she just blatanly insisted! Fuck that shit bro! Nobody ever is getting on a plane thats 700 over weight matter fact a pilots not even bout to fly a plane that he knows is that much overweight idc how much cocaine he did. I just cant wait for the day the truth finally comes out and i just pray it does. I just want them to admit Aaliyah didnt just die in a plane crash fatefully like how Left eye died in a car crash. PS after this hole controversy the owner or someone who works in or for or has some sort of connection with the airport committed suicide like a month or a couple months after that happened go fucking figure just admit it yal killed Aaliyah she didnt die in no fucking plane crash that was her fate, they set that shit up i believe MJB she said it when it happened! And now all of a sudden that video of her interview on 106&Park is nowhere to be found SMFH once again go fucking figure. Rest in paradise babygirl i know from heaven you were probably pissed off at how they did you soooooo dirty but trust babygirl not all your fans are buying into that bullshit they told us. I know im not nor will i ever.

    S w3000

    She was definitely murdered. Her own uncle alluded this not being an accident and those responsible would "Feel the wrath of God" This isn't something one just says unless there's something deeper connected to said statement... Look at the artist who rose meteorically in a rush to fill the space that Baby Girl left it the music and entertainment industry. Look at how they try to downplay her impact, talents and success. But the real fans know, her influence lives on and is undying to this very day. Had she lived the one that they call the queen would only be able to pick up her scraps. #BowDown to the highest most exalted one... The Best /.\

  21. Johnny Flame

    2018 squad where u at

  22. Todo 1996

    I had this song on my mind when my Grandmother passed away. 💔😞

  23. Keyonia Young

    I miss that she was original and unique😭😍. Sad she had too go but we'll see you again💓. I believe she wrote this song for her closest friends and family, but I really think she wrote it for Kadida Jones her bff🌎😭. Rest in Paradise my favorite singer she was truly a Queen 👑.

  24. Seln Pinar

    Wow AaliYah what she be todaY:(( this high vocales ohh god why she had a god soul I hope god take her because she was tiered and she is in a good Place and I hope she See this Generation oh it Marke me sad

  25. Brooklyn Jones

    I am totally playing this at my wedding along with one in a million and I am going to dance with my brides mates to rock the boat

  26. Brooklyn Jones

    This song always gets me in my feelings she was so beautiful and vibrate and way to good for this cold messed up world she is everything I aspire to be she is the opitomy of a goddess Rest In Peace.

  27. Queen LoveOfMyLife

    Music of the ♡
    Beautiful Lyrics so sweetly expressed

  28. SJ A

    Current mood

  29. Rein 18

    😭😭😭😢😢😢☹☹☹....i love u aaliyah. I will never forget u, I promise. Rest in peace 💛

  30. MICO


  31. wwenewyork

    Can somebody please tell me why Blackground & Atlantic records didn’t make this a single ??

  32. williamsdonovan71

    I love this woman so much man 🌹

  33. Brittney Robinson

    Aaliyah has a very beautiful voice, and this song is so pretty

  34. Júlio Trigo

    2017 here

  35. Melanie Jones

    My heart hurts still when I think of her gone. Damn

  36. lonnylonso

    I always wondered if that lil dip in her voice at the end was on purpose.

  37. Cearri Cunningham

    anyone know what album that she had that has this song?

  38. rye garland

    R.I.P Aaliyah

  39. Dion Production

    this is literally my 50th time listening to this song tonight 😵 oooohh i have an idea

  40. Nathan Brooken

    The Late Great Aaliyah. Too bad those closest to her wasn't looking out for her best interest. She should have had her own plane, pilot, and flight attendant waiting on not having to hustle anything to get back home. R.I. P Lady we love and miss you

    Eden Robe

    Nathan Brooken h

    samy godino

    Aaliyah´s death has been set up for a long time she was too sane for that entertainment industry rest in heaven baby girl the people involved in her death will face their own sentence

  41. Inkm3up

    This song always makes me cry. RIP baby girl 💕🙏🏽


    Inkm3up same

  42. John Hammond

    this is to my mother who shining up above in God's eternal love March 12th 1946 died September 2nd 2016 at age 70

  43. Mrs. Chocolate Brown Girl

    this is from Music from The Heart soundtrack


    1999. It screams Neo Soul.

    Angel Johnson

    Tornado1994 yes the 90s

  44. Maya Htx

    this song literally had me in tears.. we miss you aaliyah 😭😭😍

  45. Uranova

    She will always be the princess Of R&B <3
    Happy birthday to you dear Aaliyah. I miss you.

  46. K Dunny

    At 52 seconds is my favorite picture of her ❤

  47. Clark Gable

    Jesus Christ, this is beautiful!! Rest in paradise my Angel!!

  48. Falan Farr

    Beautiful voice😍😭

  49. Savageb

    Thank god iTunes have this song and Journey to the past, are you ready, are you that somebody, more than a woman but wish iTunes had more of her music and her videos too

    Destiny Palin

    Brian Cruz really omg Im gotta check

  50. Taibatha House

    Miss her soo much, it hurts, RIH Baby Girl. She was soo Angelic, there will be no one like her and this song proves it. Gets me all teary eyed.

  51. Tiffany Morris

    Aaliyah was a classy and beautiful girl who never used her body or looks to get what she wanted. That's why a lot of guys respected her so much she was so sweet and kind. Rip Baby Girl

    Jerome Holloman


    ROD Val

    Dumbest comment ever. Why would a woman like that deserve more respect? Men can be pigs sometimes yet they don't have to fight for respect. I'm sure that being the empowered woman Aaliyah was, she would be a feminist today, so your comment is next level stupid.


    @ROD Val Aaliyah was a feminist.

  52. Aneesha Kyser

    if The one i gave my heart too & Journey to the Past had a baby lol. RIP Babygirl

    Marilyn King

    Aneesha Kyser what about giving up?😍

    Hristina Nicole

    Marilyn King Love This Song Love You Aaliyah


    I like that 😀

  53. Tara G

    My life now. RIP to my Mommy, she passed away suddenly a year ago on February 7, 2015. I love and miss you so much Mommy!

    Tara G

    @stillstanding Thank you.

    Jerome Holloman

    god bless you

    Destiny Palin

    Tara G God bless u

    Eden Robe

    Tara G t

    Makenzie Hackett

    So sorry 😭

  54. dianne boucaud

    this is wear time space told me let gp things that ate heart made me down pulled me on to pains times life dare isnt words fore it cant bring back one ture person in my life begining this tells storey frineds leaveing each other be hind its just not fixing page. i wish that he was still hare me see songs care you buy aaliyah never giveing up aaliyah one million aaliyah her songs have put me to test things morealled part me thing now that people are just to fear way have just iner line bettewen them when they gone dare is ways some thing to hear when youfelted be hind with notthing to let go off is like just know one room to hold on care fore
    have made some parr time told ture futer line to show ware they all made mines up
    to just go on to other places in time .

  55. Tammy McDonald

    The movie Music of the Heart brought me here, beautiful song

  56. Deanna Daniels

    This would be a wonderful song to play at a wedding.

    Candies Williams

    so true it's great for mothers and fathers day sister and brother day husband and wife day best friends day it's a perfect all around song. r.I.p aaliyah

    Delvina Harris

    I always said I would walk down an aisle to this song


    That's a good point. I haven't heard this song in a long time. I'll add this to my playlist.

  57. Ana Paula Alves

    :'( <3  Eu amo você Esteja em paz  <3


    Amamos você Baby Girl!!! Ela está cantando no paraíso Ana Paula 🙏🏼❤️😍😔😭!!! Miss you Aaliyah!!! Rip Baby Girl!!! Love you Aaliyah!!!

  58. lauren crouch


  59. Zaniya Brewer

    I can't believe that aaliyah gone.

  60. Zaniya Brewer

    Aaliyah will be missed and this song is making me teary eyed

  61. Zaniya Brewer

    I. am big fan of aaliyah and I love all her songs. Rip aaliyah

  62. Larry Banks

    Wow I never heard this song from Aaliyah I love it and its sad I love you Aaliyah!

  63. quasia

    My wedding song <3

  64. mermaidmama916

    This song is so beautiful. Makes me want to cry thinking about how she's gone. I loved her since I first heard Back and Forth when I was thirteen years old and still love her now. She was truly an angel on earth. ♡♡

  65. SDR1688

    This song always makes me cry! This song, "I Don't Wanna" and "Come over" are my fave Aaliyah songs!

  66. Aaron Smith

    Damn I used to love her. This the kind of song, that make you wanna be in a relationship. Lol

    Aaron Smith

    You must be bored.. I said used to, because she's no longer alive. When I was younger, I used to be in love with her. Catch my drift ? Others, seemed to understand what I said.

    Rodney Noel

    +Aaron Smith I feel ya homie same here

    manlike anal

    +Aaron Smith he's a kid dude he wouldn't understand lol

    Candies Williams

    +Aaron Smith yo don't have to explain we all miss her let him be childish Shit he can get the fuck on his emotional ass act like he go kill u 😂😂😂 we love her so much have a blessed day

  67. Cherish byas

    Aaliyah u were here and u still here no matter what they say u will always be my favorite icon/singer i love u forever

    Eden Robe

    Cherish byas y

    samy godino

    me too Aaliyah was all the r&b music industry and much more

  68. Christina Nelson

    This is from the music of my heart soundtrack I sang this in my talent show at school, back in like in 2000. I love her so much! RIP sweet Aaliyah!


    '99 actually. In 2000, it was "Try Again" from Romeo Must Die.

    Jay McKinney

    I was wondering why she recorded this song never saw the movie! Definitely one of my favorite songs from her

  69. badgal416

    #HappyBirthdayAaliyah #RestInParadise

  70. CarlosVEVO

    What album is this from?

    Jerome Holloman

    an soundtrack!!!! music of the heart

  71. Travis B.

    3:39 my favorite Aaliyah picture. I miss her so much. I learned so much from her and I wish I could learn more but now shes gone. "Life must live on and you must live on..." but she will always be in my mind and heart forever.

  72. Zoey Jones

    i miss her she died a year before i was born ♥♥♥♥

  73. Aaliyah Haughton

    so beautiful. a big shame that she's gone so soon. i can't accept it. Aaliyah was too good for this cold world

  74. Savion Solé

    LOVE this song. She's the heart of me.

  75. Monty Begaye

    One of a kind voice.

    RIP beautiful.

  76. Nikia Ellis


  77. pat williams

    thank you FATHER for sharing : AALIYAH with us

  78. Maria Mariscal

    This song makes me wanna cry. Her voice is amazing!!!!

  79. kimmie worrell

    I know u with the Angels Aaliyah cuz u was an Angel and I miss and always will luv u R.I.P


    Love u Aaliyah

  81. Ninjamurai II

    Babygiiiirrrlll :"""( gone waaay too soon

  82. Jazzi Ma

    where this song come from ive never heard this song and i LOVE AALIYAH...wth...

  83. T'Vares Howard

    she was and is an inspiration to everyone.

  84. Shawanda Robinson

    `. truu , nd u already know.!!

  85. thelovelyeyezdotcom


  86. Olga Domnikova

    you know it's an aaliyah video when you can't see the dislike bar

  87. T'Vares Howard

    aaliyah you are truly missed.

  88. Sergio Pelagio


  89. Shawanda Robinson

    my favorite song makes me wanna cry.!!

  90. chrysfunny

    JOLIE photos et music!!!!peace

  91. CarmelButter

    Sometimes i wish had the change to no her better before i was a hater am sorry Aaliyah hope u happy n heaven R.I.P BABYGIRL AKA Aaliyah

  92. Princess-Angel Robinson


  93. Princess-Angel Robinson

    I luv duh pics nd duh song luv ya Liyah1

  94. Princess-Angel Robinson

    I cry everytime I listen to dis song

  95. camron may

    love u liyah so nice in and out

  96. aaliyah bowen

    omg this song had me cryin in tears r i p miss you forever

  97. Javia Robinson

    This makes me cry every time. I miss My idol. Aaliyah. #RIP


    This song always make me cry. Can't believe. She's gone


    Can't believe she's gone. RIP AALIYAH.