Aaliyah - Those Were The Days Lyrics

We Ain't Lovers No More
We Don't Laugh No More
We Don't Play No More
We Don't Make-Up No More
We Don't Kiss No More
We Don't Hug No More
You Don't Please Me No More
You Don't Touch No More
Give Me Chills No More
We Don't Go Out No More
We Don't Kick It No More
We Don't Dance No More

I Remember
Walking Through The Park
Just Shooting The Breeze
Kissing In The Shade
Those Were The Days
Lounging In The Den
Breakfast In the Bed
You Let Me Have My Way
Those Were The Days

If You Don't Want Me No More
Don't Come Round No More
Just Don't Call No More
Don't Come Knockin' Up At My Door
After Ten Or So
What You Knockin' For?
We Don't Kick It No More
You Ain't Cute No More
You Ain't Fly No More
You Ain't Got It Like That No More
See In Your Clothes You Don't

I Still Remember
Walking Through The Park
Just Shooting The Breeze
Kissing In The Shade
Those Were The Days
Lounging In The Den
Breakfast In the Bed
You Let Me Have My Way
Those Were The Days

Those Were The Days
Those Were The Days
I Said Those Were The Days
I Said Those Were The Days
Those Were The Days
Those Were The Days
What's Up With This Baby?
You Done Changed On Me (You Done Changed)
This Ain't The Way It Used To Be, Baby

You Don't Know Me No More
You Can't Lie No More
Ain't Gon' Try No More
Won't Have To Say Goodbye No More
You Gotta Hit The Road
Hate To See You Go
I Ain't The One To Mess With No Flow
Don't Take Pictures No More
Don't Hold Hands No More
This Is The End Of The Road

But I Still Remember
Walking Through The Park
Just Shooting The Breeze
Kissing In The Shade
Those Were The Days
Lounging In The Den
Breakfast In the Bed
You Let Me Have My Way
Those Were The Days

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Aaliyah Those Were The Days Comments
  1. Nina Sosa

    Still bangin this on December 2019

  2. Shawn Carter

    TLC song Way Back was most def influenced by this melody wise

  3. Sharise Hutchins

    2019?? Came her just thinking about her ❤

  4. Ladii Henry

    You ain't cute no mo you ain't fly no mo 😂😂😂😂


    One of the hottest tracks she's done.....EVER! I actually like this identical track, but with the tempo sped up one or two notches. It makes a huge difference in elevating the dopeness of it.

  6. Mississippian Fella

    I dont know whether to dance or get in my feelings I just do both

  7. Crystal Thomas

    My shit 🔥 🔥

  8. KingTonio

    Still sounds ahead of time in 2019 😩🔥

  9. Mohammed Adamu

    Aaliyah has gone but I still need to hear her music

  10. Bryan Bernard II Btonix

    2019 anyone

  11. Martrice Henderson

    This song was so chill ! This album was 🔥

  12. That's none of my busness

    AALIYAH was growing into a artist of her own she was really shy and laid back on her first two albums She starred being her self threed album becoming a young women 15 to 22! years old! I'm sad 😢😢😢 She would have done so much! We Miss you Angel Aaliyah 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾❤❤❤💙💙

  13. Noemy Sanchez

    Man if only this beautiful angel God gifted talented young lady will still be here to amaze n make miracles. This album seriously was golden. Fire!! Was perfection in every sense of the word. Aaliyah created magic n had unique sound n style. She was one of a kind. Such a beautiful person with a big kind heart. She was pure clean soft easygoing down to earth had class beauty talent brains was chill funny. She definitely was on top of her game. Would of love to c how what route what road she would of taken in her career. This girl can take my breath away everytime. Anytime. We r missing ppl like her in today's world. Just doesn't seem right. There a hole in my heart. I feel like they ripped a part of me when I remember how she passed. Aaliyah your music n legacy keeps going strong. Thanks again for everything. Your r terribly missed. Keep resting easy my dear sweet angel babygirl.

    Jose Iglesias

    Very true mi amor my babygirl i wish the same !!! 😭😭😭

    Jose Iglesias

    We feel same way about her !!!!!😭😭😭😭

  14. Bianca Lang

    I play this song for a friend after she had a threesome. And was pissed over it. Saying motherfucker die over threesome lol because her man was more into the other chick. She talk about she and this man vibe and how everything was good before that. And I play this song for her and she was amazed. As crazy as its seems this song hit her. She love this

  15. Life's Great

    You ain't cute no more you ain't fly no more

  16. Jazmine Blackburn

    Still bumping this in 2019

    Zoella Caylen

    Jazmine Blackburn will be bumping aaliyah until i die tbh

  17. Dboy4100X3

    This song woulda been a HIT!

  18. Lucia DeMartini

    anyone still bumpin in 2019

  19. Ryan Rutledge


  20. Keisha Mack


  21. Terrell Drew

    I use to listen to this album all the way thru no tracks skipped

  22. J O Neal


  23. Open Bacardi

    the 2k decade is so unmatched. music, fashion, cinema, aesthetics, technologies. the best era

  24. La Alchemist

    18 years ❤️

  25. Andrew Flood


  26. Kalette Shari

    Miss you so much ❤️❤️❤️

  27. super man

    This album could bang right now ... I was 21 when it came out it was ahead of its time still is

  28. Bianca Lang

    This album is so underrated. I love this album. This is when I first meant my older sister for the first time. She was bumping this this whole album. And my younger sister. They put me on.

  29. quishia

    Love this song!! ❤️❤️

  30. Illuminus Maximus

    😎No more
    Get out fools 😠

  31. Zora Iman Crews

    Miss her so much


    One of the most ,creative`s,original`s,special & powerful álbum `s that i`ve heard on my life!.

  33. Anthony West


  34. Tasha Hall

    I will always dance to this song. That's what Aaliyah did, she made you get the hell up and groove.

  35. Tati Santos


  36. Shanel P

    When Aaliyah was alive Those Were the Days. R.I.P Angel

  37. Jonathan Saxton

    Here in 2019, reflecting on my high school days when this album dropped!

  38. r34srt 1999

    R.I.P aaliyah

  39. semjon.

    One of my favourites. This is so dope hearing on vinyl

  40. Courtney Comer

    Still love this album .. Rest In Peace Beautiful

  41. Jonathan Samudio-Facyson

    Good song

  42. Monie Pratt

    Angelic voice. Sip Aaliyah

  43. AvecPoésie

    This song has been on my mind for days. It really is perfection.

  44. Deaundra Hamilton

    2019 still on my playlist 😍

  45. Unreleased/Underrated R&B Grooves

    One of my favorite tracks from the "Red Album". This was among my top 5 picks primarily for how flamin' hot the beat is. Static & Playa did the damn thang here <3

  46. Yusuke Knight

    One of my favorite songs by Aaliyah

  47. Likedbymany

    This chorus of this song reminds me of a scene: sunny breezy day in central park where the main character is just walking in slow motion and looking good as fuck. idk why lol

  48. Danny Diaz

    Long live the queen 👑 we miss you Aaliyah 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🗣🎙

  49. Angelica Parker

    Was thinking of this song for some reason all day miss you Aaliyah #oneinamillion

  50. Sebastián Sánchez

    2019 keep it going

  51. Chi Lady

    This was one of my faves!! On repeat in my bunk after boot camp.

  52. K.R.O.W.N.123

    this is a bop

  53. Kool Tashhh

    Still a bop!! I ❤️ this song!! “Those were the days. I said those were the day ay ay ays”

  54. bluesy

    Definitely one of the highlights of this album !

  55. Fierro Lee

    Those were days when he use to date ✌️

  56. Nelton Lemos

    I miss you Aaliyah. 💥🤔😭🙏

  57. Syndreas IV

    True R&B for me died when aaliyah passed away. I never looked at or listened to r&b the same ever again 😢😭😞. Alicia Keys had my attention afterwards but she was still no aaliyah.


    You tripping.

  58. Day Nyte

    Miss this young angel so much!!!

  59. patricia patterson

    Still sounds magical in 2018

  60. datmanetre

    I need instrumental of this song! The beat is amazing!

  61. Roxiie Reese

    2018, still bumpin! R.I.P. babygirl!! 🙏🏽

  62. Broski Curry

    I literally grew up on her songs because my sister was a huge fan of her music (since we had Xbox’s then.....downloaded on my Xbox lol) waaay back then and this album was on it ....her music stays on point always coming from a professional musician like me 🤘


    Downloaded on Xbox? Which one? 🤣

  63. Me lolabean

    Very smooth song love this oriental feel and beat it also has this really ethereal cool vibe it's hard to explain but I could replay this song over and over and not be tired of it not to mention aaliyah was beautiful.

  64. Leo Slvtrr

    is this future funk?


    Certainly sounds like it!

  65. Lischa

    17 years since we lost you. RIP!

  66. JANIESA Stiles

    Loveeeeee this song never gets old

  67. KingTonio

    Still bumping in 2018

  68. KaylynnNickerson

    those were the daaaaays

  69. Emiliano acuña

    mood:Going trough this playlist,smashing that like button

  70. Kiara Penn

    This was my favorite song of hers. This still goes in 2018.

  71. J Green

    Who's still listening ? 💕

  72. Clifton Aundre


  73. Rock Strong

    Baby girl!!! Miss you

  74. Telly's Muse

    ❤❤❤❤❤🎶🎶🎶🎶those were the days 😭😭😭😭🎶🎶🎶🎶R.I.P. Aaliyah ❤❤❤❤🎶🎶🎶🎶

  75. J Green

    Who's still reminiscing about the good days? 💕

  76. Don Mula

    Mf 🐐

  77. Damion Stinson

    Who is listening in 2018?

  78. Eric Eaton

    Still listening 2018 👑✨✨✨

  79. Mah Kehda

    0:45-0:47 no more lounging in the dennn... 👌

  80. Ty Rose

    Still rockin in 2018

  81. Runako Porter

    If this song was released it may have propelled her sales well done 👍🏽

  82. Kaysha904

    when this was new...those were the days. 😍

  83. Jonathan J Randolph

    Aaliyah !!!

  84. Mya White

    Still a bop in 2018 ❤️❤️❤️

  85. francesca •

    She was soooo dope

  86. OG Barbie

    My jam💕

  87. Republic of Kandy

    I remember falling asleep on a plane listening to this great song.


    Best album of 2001 ,i feel proud to have this masterpiece of album on my life.

    M 360

    GUSTAVO INFINITO 8701 probably the best

  89. Omar Mccray

    Love u,miss u cuz!!

  90. Nakiya Zeigler

    man i really wish aaliyah was still here with us 😢😢😢 such a lost and a untimely death

  91. Raina Marie

    I forgot about this song...its been a minute...This album was dope

  92. Rodney Whitney

    Fresh. Crisp. Simple. Groovy.

    My favorite song on this album. This vibe is what the next decade-era of R&B, 2020s, needs.
    People forget about the good tunes of 2000s R&B, though.

  93. relllogan8

    Real talk this song is a hit. RIP beautiful AALIYAH.

  94. Heaven's Waiting


  95. Runako Porter

    Not many people can accomplish what this young lady did in her short career in their entire career

  96. Betaweta

    I just love u Aaliyah 💕