Aaliyah - No Days Go By Lyrics

It's all because of you I'm feeling sad and blue
You went away and now my life is filled with rainy days

No days go by I'm thinking of you
And no way can I forget the things you do

You're on my mind all day and night
You're all I'm thinking of the way you treat me right
My days with you are here no more
We had some good days I know for sure

No days go by I'm not thinking of you
And no way can I forget( I can't get you off my mind)
The thing you do

We've got a special thing I never could explain
Straight up the way I feel it doesn't seem real
I never meant to hurt you don't go nowhere
Cause you know this heart I'll always share

You said your love was true but I don't see that
You left me alone broke up this happy home
Why'd you have lie

No days go by I'm not thinking of you
And no way can I forget ( you are always on my mind)
The thing you do

My love
And on and on and on

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Aaliyah No Days Go By Comments
  1. That's none of my busness

    Aaliyah why oh why she had to go 😭😭😭😢😢😢

  2. smitty smithers

    I love her

  3. wwenewyork

    That caption at the end is so true 😩 I LITERALLY think about her everyday man

  4. Laura White

    Bitch fuck u

  5. Vinny Tesla

    there'a Sade and Aaliyah.... and then everyone else


    Aaliyah will never be forgotten 👑💕💕💕

  7. princerob425

    Aaliyah wrote this song. One of the rare songs she wrote.

  8. Space Ghost Coast To Coast

    I just wanna pull out my boom box & play outside while my pops barbeque.. Aah the 90s😌 Oh do I miss so much

  9. jshp M

    No one can be like this voice this performance 👌👍😉😎😍

  10. jshp M

    2019 👌👍😉😎😍 rip the this legend aaliyah the greatest if she was here Beyoncé and Rhianna would working in McDonald's

  11. Dove Mendez

    Listening in October 2019!!!

  12. Dove Mendez

    Whose listening 👂in October 2019???

  13. da realiest libra


  14. Paul Pacheco

    Whoever is releasing this women’s unheard music needs to go ahead and release it all because her music is timeless. No matter when are where it’s released it will be cherished forever. RIP the greatest of all time Aaliyah

  15. B l a c k P a n d a

    still a bop in 2019

  16. Brooklynn Skyy

    /.\ 🌺

  17. 8-BitRaw

    I didn't cry when 2pac or biggie died but when baby girl died my world was rocked, for a day straight crying in disbelief not to mention the towerss went down like a week or 2 after, I swear life itself switched managment during that time frame

  18. Giulia x Lovee

    Why’d I start bawling when she sang “my love goes on and on” thinking of her prior work it just gives me chills! 😭
    I start and end every one of my days listening to a plethora of her music and it soothes my sad, depressed soul to think of hers.

  19. Jcrow21

    why have i never heard this

  20. That guy

    gone too soon

  21. T. Brown

    This is one of my most favorite songs from Aaliyah it was some of her Underground Music but it was some of her best music miss her so much



  23. Ana. L

    Waou waou waou ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  24. Lala 2pac's Apprentice

    *It feels so good to see that you all still cherish Aaliyah just as much as I do* 😘😘

  25. June June

    Fuck all of them clown ass muthfucker

  26. June June

    Dame dash a bitch

  27. Jada Cole

    90's feel miss you lele🖤

  28. MarquesTheProducer

    Is the remix not the same thing as the original? 😭

  29. Pretty Sadiddy

    💔 my heart

  30. dinerøø

    I love her 🔥

  31. MrBrickhouse


  32. MrBrickhouse


  33. frank opelski


  34. Korbin Dallas

    Catching hella 96 vibes from this

  35. Nguyễn Đình Hoàng Minh A32581

    How can i download this song?

    Danell Austin


  36. 0000 1995


  37. Laura White

    Aaliyah James my cousin one more

  38. TheA10Phonex


  39. Bleachy Milk

    Reminds me of 702 circa 96

  40. Camille Anwuli

    Who else is on an Aaliyah listening spree in 2019? ✨❤️

    Jillian Douglas



    *This song slaps harder in the car* 🔥🔥🔥

  42. Shevette Jackson

    I never heard this song before

    Sierra Howard

    Shevette Jackson it’s one of her unreleased songs

  43. Mrs.Mercy Jackson

    Who the heck was the third pic of? The chic with the kissy face and glasses. That was not Aaliyah


    Mrs.Mercy Jackson Yes it is lol

    Mrs.Mercy Jackson

    @TheInfamousBG Oh word......it doesn't look like her. I want for that picture to not be used. Lol. Or ...or you know what....maybe I was impaired. 🌲

    P.s.......Typing my name was Soo hard just now lol. Yeeeesss for 🌲🌲🌲🌲

  44. Outrageous TV

    This is a hit IMO 🔥🔥

  45. marcelo augusto

    I miss you babygirl ❤❤🙏

  46. candy c

    Hi aaliyah is good women good music

  47. 0 0

    I been listening to you Aaliyah since your first Album, I will never stop I miss you baby girl.....miss the 90's era, when street was sweet....

  48. Natoya Freeman

    Happy birthday LiLi.... I miss you ....Love you

  49. Kelbert Louis

    Damn I miss my babe !!! Like or comment

  50. Yusuke Knight

    I will always keep a special place in my heart for Aaliyah!


    Listening 2018!!

  52. Courtney Smith

    I was today years old when I heard this song.

  53. mook loveu


  54. Martavius Laray Hampton

    Such a smooth and chill song. Love the beat.

  55. Nathan Lester

    Sometimes out of the blue she'll randomly cross my mind and its soothing. But sometimes it stops me in my tracks and leaves me feelin like a part of my soul is stranded in some unsalted body of water fightin full force to keep from goin under and It hurts.. I recently found a sealed Age Ain't Nothing But A Number album, listened to it all the way through and now it's time to find a sealed copy of One In A Million. Maybe I'll give FYE a call soon.

  56. Jahmar Kirk

    That angelic voice so mesmerizing.

  57. zyyx

    My baby, I love Aaliyah with all my heart!😍

  58. Chanel Festa

    Miss you baby girl this song teleports me back to the 90s playing outside while my momma played the best music 🙏🏽💕🕊

  59. Dontarius Harper

    This is my first time hearing this song and I love it already. RIP my love 😍💙

  60. Luv & Bounce New Orleanz

    No days go be when I'm thinking of Aaliyah😇

  61. TelepathicEmpath777

    This is the song you play when you’re in the car cruising with your man down the road with the top down and you two just enjoying each other’s company ❤️ Rest easy princess 👑

  62. Aaliyahfan2010

    I love Aaliyah to this day and to the day I die. Love the song. 😗😗😗

  63. marvin boss


  64. Reborn Warrior

    This has a top down summertime feel to it. Hit repeat & cruise if you know what I mean.

    Mike O'Keeffe

    Like your style

  65. Aaliyah Johnson

    "No days go by that I'm not thinking about you" R.I.P Aaliyah

  66. adriana pina

    My baby I was devastated when she passed. Her growth as an artist was beautiful and just kept growing. I hate how the beautiful ones go so young.

  67. Miss A.H.

    Smooth track😎👍

  68. Archie Beckworth

    I love Aaliyah but I no that she is not here own this earth I let her rest in peace. i believe that she is not Reston win we are disturbing the Dead I will let my queen rest in peace I love you aaliyah never won't be forgotten forever in our hearts

  69. KimMe

    I love it.

  70. Chantel

    Men and women everywhere have a "thing" for Aaliyah lol 😍 rip babygirl😇 such a beautiful soul and my role model since the first grade and still now.

  71. hotness

    Love beautiful Aaliyah, song is dope, we miss you dearly!!!!

  72. ilovegreen324

    Such an awesome artist.

  73. thizaman1972

    Only God knows why she had to depart so early will always miss Aaliyah, Rest inPeace Baby girl 🙏🏿🕊💓



  74. Vee Jackson

    Reasons why this song didn't make the cut? Plain stupidity💁


    Aaliyah style was so unique,no one can compare

    jshp M

    No one can be like this women she was unique

  76. Jonte Broadnax

    #RIH 😍😍😘

  77. Antonio Uzzle

    such a beautiful young woman.. i just love her style and how she carried herself, absolutely astonishing ❤️

  78. Danell Austin

    This is one of her most underrated songs 💯💯💯💯✊🏾😇❤️🌎

  79. Alana Sims

    Just wonder how Aaliyah would look today and what she would be up to. It’s hard to imagine. She was so talented and could do a lot of entertaining things. She was also gorgeous so..and her style was trendsetting. Man, I wonder.


    She would be up to accpeting rewards for her acting, and her albums outselling all the other R&B albums.

  80. Royal Rootz

    This jams! She is truly missed.

  81. Texas Finest 214

    Y’all can keep Beyoncé, just give us Aaliyah & Selena back! 💜

    Luv & Bounce New Orleanz

    Texas Señorita exactly they would have made a bop together

    Drizzy Jaye

    A fucking men

    Kelbert Louis

    @Texas Senorita you’re beautiful 😍

  82. Micheal Hall

    Muzik 2 My Earz 💯🗽💿🎙

  83. courtnie donaldson

    Me and my husband named our daughter after her.

    Matt Thampan

    courtnie donaldson I want to have a daughter just so I can name her Aaliyah

  84. Mark Smith

    MJB sample

  85. MelaninQueen596

    This song is so straight vibes

  86. First Matter Model


  87. Joseph Burroughs

    It will never be a another one like you Aaliyah.

  88. Jacqueline Lewis

    Had to be about r.kelly!

    Jillian Douglas


  89. MY QUEEN ima give my dumass opinion cause


  90. Purple Rain

    On and on and on 🦋💕🌈

  91. Carla Brown

    I love the 90s sound.

  92. 2Kboy Tv

    Ayeeeeee a bop !

  93. Kevaun McClorrine

    Aaliyah's voice maaan 😍😍

  94. LaMonica Kernodle

    She will ALWAYS be #1 in my heart and this right here justifies it! My love for her and her legacy! R.I.P. Babygirl ♥️🙏🏽🕊

  95. Asia Nicole Fletcher

    This is amazing😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇

  96. Jae White

    Aaliyah ❤️🎶❤️🎶❤️🎶❤️🎶❤️🎶

  97. CaptainTaylor1990

    I Love love love LoVe LoVE lOVE LOVE this song.

    Terrell L. Frazier

    CaptainTaylor1990 me too.

    Go American English

    Well, I'm happy you feel the same way.

    Dorain Davis

    Love You brown queen❤

    Luth Findlay

    So much love under the comments <3