Aaliyah - I Care 4 U Lyrics

Mmm yeah..
Mmm yeah..
Oh yeah oh..

Hey my baby
Why you lookin' so down?
Seems like you need a lovin'
Baby you need a girl like me
Hey my baby
Tell me why you cry
Here take my hand and (yeah)
Wipe those tears from your eyes

Can I talk to you (Can I talk to you)
Comfort you (Comfort)
Let you know (Just wanna let you know)
I care 4 you (oh yeah)

Can I talk to you (I wanna talk)
Comfort you (Gotta let you know babay)
Let you know
I care 4 you (I care)

Hey sexy baby
Why'd your girl leave you in pain
To let a fine man like you go
She must be insane
Hey sexy baby
There's no need to worry
Oh boy if you call on me
I'll come, I'll come in a hurry

Can I talk to you (Come on)
Comfort you (I love you)
Let you know (oh baby)
I care 4 you (I love you, yes I do)

Can I talk to you (I wanna talk)
Comfort you (Give me the chance)
Let you know (I wanna let you know)
I care 4 you (Gotta let you know, that I love you)

Hold on (Hold on)
Stay strong (Stay strong)
Press on (For me baby)
I care 4 you ( I care 4 you)
Hold on (Hold on)
Stay strong (Stay strong)
Press on (Press on for me)
I care 4 you (baby)

Can I talk to you (I wanna talk)
Comfort you (I wanna hold you tight baby)
Let you know (I wanna let you know)
I care 4 you (That I care for you)

Can I talk to you (ohhh)

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Aaliyah I Care 4 U Comments
  1. MyNewHuuurrr

    18 years later & I’m still crying. God Aaliyah 😔

  2. Canoga Parque 818

    She samg her heart out but did they really just steal the beat from the oldie"too much in common to be lovers"?

  3. alex sebastian

    reminds me of dat girl who broke me 6 years ago

  4. Kidd8625

    People who've disliked this song never will understand timeless music. Not a sexual or physical reference. The simplistity of words have such a meaning. I've listened to this song since she passed and prior. I'll never stop playing this . Live Forever Angel!!!

  5. myke thyson

    This song is so timeless...

  6. Angel Blue

    Rip 😔😭💔

  7. Sandra Robinson

    I care for you

  8. trent lowrey

    That beautiful woman.. big loss.

  9. Endless Beauty

    Because of Aaliyah I am proud to be a beautiful black woman.

  10. October's Own

    I pretend she is talking to me i love her

  11. Marquise Dancy

    2019 almost 2020 and she is my favorite artist ❤️ -his gf here

  12. Niya Williams

    Rest in peace Angel...

  13. Shimaree Foster


  14. Famous Lil Sam Queeen

    R.I.P Aaliyah 😭😭😭🕊️🕊️


    And for those who don’t know or didn’t know. This song was originally meant to be put on Aaliyah’s 1996 sophomore album “one in a million” but sadly it wasn’t added to the album due to the album already being finished so Aaliyah didn’t want the song to go to waste so later on down the line she put it on her 2001 self titled Album “Aaliyah”

    It goes to show Aaliyah’s music is timeless

  16. Merdice Howell


  17. Karter Simmons


  18. Dominique Edwards


  19. Jesse Imperial

    😘❤️🔥 🔥

  20. Steven Kay

    Nobody will ever top this song not Beyonce not rihanna not a dam female on earth

  21. Victoria Hicklin!

    2019 wit it & going into 2020 wit it. A classic 🙏🏾

  22. Tracy G

    She seemed so much older than 22

  23. SoulStrutter

    This tune was written by Homer Banks & Carl Hampton and originally recorded in 1974 by The Newcomers as '(Too Little In Common To Be Lovers) Too Much Going To Say Good-Bye' on Truth which was a Stax subsidiary.
    Dee Dee Young then did a 45 version in 1976, Randy Brown (who was a member of The Newcomers) in 1978 on his Welcome to My Room LP and finally (?) by Denise LaSalle in 1979 on her Unwrapped LP. All are on YouTube if you want to check out the originals. Aaliyah interpretation is superb.

  24. Angel Near

    So beautiful

  25. Angel Near


  26. Michael Jackson

    No words.

  27. Quontayzia Williams

    If you pinpoint it, DMX went downhill after her death. I honestly feel like this was the deciding factor in his addiction. He never got over her death and he is still grieving. Missy is, as well, but she took it a lot better than he did. It’s very sad.

    Benjis 14

    Yeah that’s true I noticed after about 2003 and 04 everything and most 90s artist started fading away

  28. Charles Manning III

    This song is a staple in my life. I remember where I was when I first heard it. She was amazing.

  29. Sharan Douglas

    Man...These throwback pics...NICE!!

  30. CatcherFreemanTV

    Still my princess of R & B

  31. do sub


  32. kevin buckingham

    What a beautiful woman she was. Nice voice R.I.P aaliyah still listening in 2019

  33. d q

    Such a baby doll. I loved her since 94 till always.

  34. Fatima Lahcine

    So sad..

  35. AuraTheSongstress

    they killed her but they wont get away with it..Shes Yah's child Aali-Yah 💚

  36. kevin vdvdv

    I been hearing mrpastor77 is awaiting approval from aaliyah family to bring her back from the dead ... anyone keeping abreast with this?? aalliyah fans??

  37. Alexander Fisher

    Still jamming Princess Aaliyah

  38. Sandra Robinson

    I care. for you hunny I do

  39. Jade Jewels

    more and more becoming my role model... if only it weren't the memory of her.. can't imagine how amazing it would've been to hear her hits on the radio..the music industry would've so been different. 
    You touched so many, miss Angel, what a legacy you left..

  40. Cynthia Shaw

    One of my favorites still in 11/ 19

  41. Printis Shell

    Still 2 this dam day nobody's vocals compare definitely 1 of a kind we miss you Aaliyah

  42. Renould P

    Rest In Power, Still Listening In November 2019.

  43. Dee Jaee

    OMG if Ian crying

  44. Deantre Henderson

    One of the greatest songs ever!

  45. Jazzy B

    I care 4 U! Still listening to my baby forever😍💯

  46. Gayle Wagner

    Missing you Aaliyah!!!

  47. Queen Kisses

    Still my favorite

  48. Lite Daize

    Aaliyah was so sad, sigh

  49. Tyrone Carr

    This song still makes me feel some kinda way❤💎

  50. Angel Lehder

    2:11 she looked good

  51. Angel Lehder

    From The Early 2000s And Back , The Female Singers Had Unique Voices They Didn’t Sound Alike Nowadays They All Sound Alike

  52. D W A I N E

    My cousin died this year and she reminds me of Aaliyah

  53. La'Gay Rucker

    STILL here in 2019 #WhenMusicWasMusic

  54. J Wig

    My favorite song of all time!! No exaggeration.... touches my soul

  55. Cookie Woo

    Still listening 2 my all time jam....luv it


    Another true soul assasinated by the govermrnt jus like pac o.d.b pimp c xxxtentacion biggie etc all murdered by the KILLUMINATI.

  57. R’Tarius !

    If y’all love Aaliyah like this

  58. Jayden Pina

    November 2019?

  59. brontan Isom

    November 2019

  60. Sachi Sama

    2019 🔥🖤

  61. Dahlia Maynard

    Hey girl these people think im iggnorant isnt that funny. Lolz i know i know i know. Making comments on music is for crazy people. Lol

  62. Dahlia Maynard

    #bonniemaynard #aaliyah #angel

  63. Dahlia Maynard


  64. Lorrie Kelly

    She be singing that
    Song when I first heard it it sounded
    As if she were saying
    Good bye ?

  65. Latanya Bowens

    that my girl all ways her r relly baby all ways

  66. Cody Picotte

    2019 bro let’s ride.

  67. Mary Burnett

    Miss u baby girl forever❤❤❤❤😇😇😇😭😭

  68. Adilson Júnior

    Adoro esta música! 😘♥️😍

  69. RobloxSashabanksYT

    Why Aaliyah and Selena R.I.P. :c this is so sad the best voices of the world and they are gone all we her is rappers and singers who don’t even speak English sad 😞

  70. Royalty O.T.R

    My soul cries a single silent tear everytime I hear this song ...gave me clarity to leave a situation after 16 plus yrs and numerous children...sad but true all love lost no love found

  71. weeejheeezy

    This shit is put together so beautifully and flawlessly

  72. MauriceLee Harris

    Its like they wiped her off the first of the earth no other female modern r&b singer could even come close to her Gawd I Miss Her cant find her music on no other music platform at all

  73. Sandra Robinson

    I care for you

  74. savanna coleman

    around 4 minutes 12 seconds i feel like she was able to breath. the entire song i feel like she was holding her breath but she let go at the end. it was beautiful. i remember feeling comfortable enough to fall a sleep on that part.

  75. JMT JMT

    이다음에 커서 어른이 되면 언니보러 미국가는게 소원이었는데...이제 훌쩍 자라서 보러갈 수 있는데 언니가 없어요😭😭😭
    아직도 많이 보고싶어요

  76. Nicole Berger

    October 24, 2019, still listening to Baby Girl's music! You were so talented and had so much class! You are truly missed. Rest In Paradise 😭😭😭😭

  77. Trent Younger sr.

    I came here to cry....2019

  78. Noemy Sanchez

    This song from Aaliyah has to be my top favorite. It touches my inner soul so deep. Speaks to me in so many ways. Makes me miss her more than usual. She was true angel. Beautiful humble so sweet so down to earth. She made magic and touch n moved souls all over the world. She was a true human being. Just pure talent in every sense of the word. The way she sang in every song she gave her whole heart n gave her soul. She was original unique different she made her own music with her own style. This girl had it all. Thanks so much Aaliyah till this day my heart n soul weeps n remembers you. I will never ever forget you. Hold on stay strong press on I care for you, I love that line. Speaks to me always. So sad yet again so sweet. Can I talk to you hold you tight baby press on, I care for you!! Gotta love this song so much. Your r still terribly n dearly missed. You are loved admired n adored my many. Your legacy stills keeps going strong babygirl. Until we meet again. My dear n sweet beautiful angel. Aaliyah. ❤💗🙏🙏🕊🕊🕊💝💘

  79. G MAN

    Got me thru some painful moments in my life R.I.P sis🌹💐🌟💯

  80. javb2011

    Is this in iTunes?

  81. alex sebastian

    she said everything i ever wanted a girl to told me after a heart broken

  82. Katherine Rodriguez

    Right before linking up

  83. OMGthatsRAD

    I love you , yes I do - Aaliyah

  84. AuraTheSongstress

    u live forever ❤️❤️❤️

  85. Janice Yancy

    I remember me and my friends use to sing this just to see who can hit that note at the end 😪 now we all gone our separate ways RIP Aaliyah thanks for letting us have that memory 😩

  86. Deborah Clark

    2019 and still my jam...real music when there's a story line and u understand it don't know what happened to the music bcuz I don't understand it ol listener for life....rest on in paradise Aaliyah

  87. Sandra Robinson

    I care for you so much

  88. Morgana Vollmond

    R.i.P Aaliyah , i,ll love you forever!

  89. Terriyelle McGee

    I always come and listen to this song. Such a beautiful woman rip.

    Jillian Douglas


  90. Dee Carter

    Killing it still 2019 /2020 soul music 💪👏🤟

  91. Sarah Johnston

    2.6k people are utter morons. There I said it😌

  92. Karam Mahal

    What an angel 😇😇😇💕💕💕

  93. speakinmymindsince85

    Damn she would've been 40 years old this year 😢

  94. Louis York

    Its so so heart warming to see people still listening to her music still 18 years later! I Hope she can feel all the love as she still brings tears to my eyes and soul everytime I hear that perfect voice! <3