Aaliyah - Don't Worry Lyrics

There’s no need for you,
It ain’t what you think,
So don’t worry,

[Verse 1]
You remember back in the day when,
We thought it was special,
When we always stayed down,
No matter where we went you’d stay in touch,
Two people that were just so in love,
Now you claiming that you feelin’ like things
Ain’t really been the way they used to be,
And you say it seems like I changed,
But I’m still the same.

[Chorus (2X)]
There’s no need for you,
(To worry ‘bout me)
(Don’t worry ‘bout me)
It ain’t what you think,
(You still got me)
So don’t worry,
(Don’t worry ‘bout, don’t worry ‘bout me)
Even though it seems,
(You’re losing me)
And things,
(Ain’t what they used to be)
(I ain’t gonna leave)
Don’t worry,
(Don’t worry ‘bout, don’t worry ‘bout me)

[Verse 2]
I was headin’ out to Cali,
For a show,
I told you that on Tuesday,
I’d be home,
Left a message on your voicemail
Sayin’ I’d call you later,
To inform you I’m alright,
Now you callin’,
Just to tell me that you heard,
I was seen in a Bentley with my girls,
So I’m on my way to a spot where people hang,
But nothing’s changed.

[Chorus (2X)]

There’s no need to
Worry ‘bout what
I do when I’m away.

(Don’t worry ‘bout a damn thing)
Don’t worry ‘bout what I do when I'm outta town,
(Don’t worry ‘bout a damn thing)
Don’t worry ‘bout how I do when I put it down,
(Don’t worry ‘bout a damn thing)
Trust in my everything’s gonna be alright,
Gonna work it out, be home tonight.

[Chorus (2X)]

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Aaliyah Don't Worry Comments
  1. RayMelo

    The best ever , Your missed Babygirl ❤️

  2. Phoenyx Grajeda

    Here in 2019 !!! Aaliyah forever!!!!

  3. jew’keariya ai’jenae

    If you’re reading this follow my Fanpage @aaliyahdanahaughton1

  4. jew’keariya ai’jenae

    Omg I’m so in love❤️😭

  5. jew’keariya ai’jenae


  6. A. Ordell

    Damn these men were controlling af between this and don't know what to tell ya it all tells a story


    You’re absolutely right I’ve been making references to this for years on Instagram. So crazy. Love was young and raw back then so it’s hard for people to process. Also.... The record that “suicide” is on she walks by the poster in Romeo must die when Trish dips out the record store and if you pause it almost looks like she briefly stared at it as she walked out...

    Courtny 007

    @ldub2007 Yea the poster seems like it was a nod to him. Because she def had some kinda say with that movie, she pulled DMX and Fatima into the film with her. So if she had a problem with R. Kelly I'm sure she could have requested a different poster at the door in that scene. Like someone in her own camp, Ginuwine had a record out that same year as R. And Missy had a album out during the filming of the movie. Her and lil Kim were friends so that poster made sense even tho the Hardcore album was a 3 years old by then. I have so many more questions tho, but unfortunately the one person who can answer them all won't speak her name because of the backlash he'd receive.

    Brian Ojeda

    Courtny 007 wow. Extremely true and also if you listen to what if... it follows the “suicide” and we need a resolution” she even says verbatim askin where the hell you been. This is crazy , the dedicated more than a woman thing was the first thing I noticed, then it’s whatever , she says my body’s callin... i feel like it all went over dames head

    Courtny 007

    @Brian Ojeda yea either Dame picked up on that and THATS why he asked her what happened between them or she kept him in the dark about who those songs were actually about. R. Kelly has written sooooo many other songs about her... even after she passed. The chocolate factory album wasnt about Andrea please believe... I think he had regrets after she passed and the stories he sung on that album are about what their life could have been like if he had done the right things and wasnt out in the streets being R. Kelly. Because if you listen to "Forever" he sings "Theres no one here to interrupt this ceremony"... their secret wedding. And any song he mentions white doves I think of her also like "Dream Girl". She had a thing for doves and had a dove tattoo on her back. He also mentions doves in "Clipped Wings" which is about her. He even sampled her "Come Over" for a song on his Buffett album.... shit is so deep I could go on and on.


    @Courtny 007 Lol, I thought I was the only one who noticed the My Body's Calling refrence in It's Whatever. That's my favorite line of the song. 😂 But yeah, the things you mentioned definitely do fly over peoples heads.

  7. Nykevia Jones

    2019 Anyone?

  8. Sheryl Blakey

    I simply LOVE her 🙏🙏🙏

  9. Katrice Massey

    Love it

  10. meu pequeno espaço

    ❤️Aaliyah divaaaaaaaaaa

  11. Auset Ausar44


    Antaysia Drummond

    Auset Ausar44 what was the point?

  12. Iteru Agasu

    Everything about the song just screams classic “Aaliyah” style. love it.

  13. Pac Man


  14. Prince Von

    i can hear this song on a soundtrack it's that good i love Aaliyah god she was gorgeous i miss her so much she was so talented

  15. Michelle Jackson

    Love it 😘😍

  16. Jt Santana

    Woke up this morning with this song in my head

    Angel Johnson

    Jt Santana yes nice song

  17. varimarc1

    This is still my jam 2018


    Amazing song & the cover design album was really beautiful,i miss you Aaliyah.

  19. Aiyahna Lee

    "Don't worry about me, Don't worry about a damn thing!!"--Aaliyah, Continue your rest, baby girl😘😇