Aaliyah - Don't Know What To Tell Ya Lyrics

you wanna handcuff me
but yo I don't know what to tell ya (don't know what to tell ya)
you want my intimacy
but yo I don't know what to tell ya (don't know what to tell ya)
you wanna wall around me
I swear I don't know what to tell ya (don't know what to tell ya)
you want my lock and my key
but yo I don't know what to tell ya (don't know what to tell ya)

[Verse 1:]
Incarceration what I'm facin'
when I'm with you
your watchin' my every move
tryin' to pick up on some clues
we play twenty questions
everytime I walk in or out the door
what do you bother for (what do you bother for)
get comfortable its yours

Its gonna take T-R-U-S-T to keep my L-O-V-E
Its gonna take T-R-U-S-T to keep my L-O-V-E
cracking stressing and second guessing
many time and time again
we go from lovers back to friends
got to put this to an end

[Repeat Chorus 1x]

[Verse 2:]
no justification for your actions
should have been somewhere relaxing
don't compare me to your last one
I can't help it she was a fast one
a sassy one I'm a classy one
I can't keep them from getting at me hun
seems like that should make you happy hun

Its gonna take T-R-U-S-T to keep my L-O-V-E
Its gonna take T-R-U-S-T to keep my L-O-V-E
cracking I can't deny it why I try to put up with you
these insecurities everyday
pushing my love away hay

[Repeat Chorus 3x]

Its gonna take T-R-U-S-T to keep my L-O-V-E
Its gonna take T-R-U-S-T to keep my L-O-V-E
Its gonna take Its gonna take T-R-U-S-T to keep my L-O-V-E
Its gonna take Its gonna take T-R-U-S-T to keep my L-O-V-E

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Aaliyah Don't Know What To Tell Ya Comments
  1. Lil Karma Girl

    Love this song. Love you Aaliyah R.I.P

  2. sophie bk

    R.i.p beautiful

  3. Victor Etaba

    oh miss we can never forget u Rip .

  4. Angel Blue

    Singing the truth about life. It is all about her. 😔💔❤😘

  5. JaMarkus Robinson

    What video clip is at the 2:22 mark? In the red jacket with the crowd around her. Don’t think I’ve seen that video before.

  6. Artican

    This is what r Kelly was doing to her listen closely

  7. Grant Goette

    hi grant. .?. .!!!. hony telle “me”. k k .💭🗜.

  8. Iskander Shou


  9. Simply. Amazing

    I had to replay this song. You want to handcuff me I dont know what to tell ya, you want my intimacy I dont know what to tell ya. What that verse right there tell you? R.kelly is sick asf I dont give af🤢....that right there should give yall the clues what she been through with R.kelly

  10. miss diaspora levy

    When she had to sing about the abuse she couldn't speak on it....R kelly is a nasty man

    May she be in heaven looking down and taking no pity on him

  11. Grant Goette

    time w m w m ok ok k k .

  12. Grant Goette


  13. Grant Goette

    i love you too k.

  14. Grant Goette

    commmbank see see shame double telle comm use k k k ohh &..................... .

  15. Grant Goette

    mable .

  16. Grant Goette

    gg 28 🥊🥊.

  17. Grant Goette


  18. Grant Goette

    hey grant im a fitter and had cum choppa chomps found you in perth as to “go” mate hurst street silver vo’ vo’ african american today “ erica “ kk ohh ✌🏻✌🏻👌🎶😎👀👿👿😈😈👹👹👹👹👻👻.

  19. Amazing Amy

    Please exclude me from this narrative 🤣

  20. Moi Moi

    Bless her

  21. Unco Chin

    The beginning of her career was very hard She was introduced in the music industry in such a horrible way (getting abused and raped by a predator)

  22. Amina Ferhat

    Decent aliyah love her so much

  23. Angelique Huntley

    Always and forever love her. ❤️❤️

  24. Deidre Hayes

    Aaliyah was beautiful and could dance, I loved her music she was different no new artists could compare to aaliyah ever... She was taking away so Young.. She will never be forgotten.....

  25. Sadhitra Biswas

    I suddenly get the feeling that Aaliyah could have been the perfect person to play X23.

  26. Zairian 243

    Probably her best song

  27. AYEForApplesauce

    They’re watching my every move

  28. JMT JMT

    우리 언니 진짜 이세상 간지가 아니었는데...😭

  29. Ahsan Yousaf

    Aaliyah my name is Aaliyah for real ok

  30. Nouha Berkane

    Song of wrada aljazairia batwaness bik

  31. Emma Latham

    This song makes sense now...

  32. shadia Rasheed

    😍 U want a wall around me 😍

  33. shadia Rasheed

    😍 Don't compare me 2 ur last 1⃣ 😍

  34. Big el aka ellee Martin TV

    I miss her

  35. ResidentScrub

    When a song you record for your album doesn’t even make the final cut but is still better than most songs on other artists albums at the time 💅🏽

  36. Mireya Carroll

    Her music was just on another level. She was just on another level periodt‼

  37. Orlandoloc83

    Listening to this in 2019

  38. LeaDeaLinK

    Who's there in 2019 ? Aaliyah forever

  39. stardustonmyheart

    Damn I will always miss her. Queen of Hearts

  40. princeso stentacion

    We miss you ❤️🙏

  41. Tom

    I swear I know what to tell YAH '

  42. yuh likkle

    France 🇫🇷2019 ❤️❤️

  43. Artican

    It's gonna take t.r.u.s.t to keep a l.o.v.e

  44. Artican

    If my friend ask Who is Aaliyah I Don't Know to tell ya

  45. Midnight Son

    why isn't this the whole song? what's the point of cutting it short? why do people do this?

  46. Newman & Beyond


    the dance from -try again- we need a resolution matches the song 2:04-2:10

  47. Artican

    Those shades

  48. fresh prince

    Im a classy one !!

  49. GLENZ

    Aaliyah and Timbaland and Static Major made so much magic together

    Are You That Somebody
    Try Again
    We Need A Resolution
    More Than A Woman
    Don't Know What To Tell Ya

    All different Unique songs with different sounds in the beats

  50. D.J forte

    This song was for R. Kelly..in her book she said he handcuffed her to the bed, made her wear baggy clothes.

  51. Louisa Beckles

    She was a classy girl different from most singers of today. Beautiful too sad but at least we can still listen to her thanks x

  52. Natania Manuella

    When i listen to her songs im still missing her more than now

  53. Roman Del customs

    Touch sentiment

  54. HJM Put

    When i listen to her songs i miss more than i miss her now rest in peace Aaliyah,babygirl

  55. HJM Put

    She is the best and she stay that it will never change rest in peace Aaliyah

  56. YBM Jay

    Yall ever think she was talking about R.kelly when she said "you wanna handcuff me you want my intimacy you wanna wall around me you want my lock and key but i dont know what to tell you mhmm listen and think this the same things the girls that was under r. Kellys spell said 🤔🤔🤔

  57. Esther Manuella

    I'm still lissing here beautifully songs I'm sad for her dead I'm still miss here love Aaliyah 😢

  58. Gilbert P. O'CONNOR

    Still listening in October 2019. Lov u Aaliyah

  59. Tadia Clifton

    This is what R.kelly did to her is what she singing about smdh

  60. Supreme Love

    Still stunning sep 2019 .. greetings from Egypt 😍

  61. Sofiane miringi

    This music from (Warda al jazayriah) OK bb arabian artist

  62. Digital Arts Algeria

    Music inspired from Warda el djazairia's song betwenes bik
    RIP Warda RIP Aaliyah

  63. Blackrock Chronique

    2020 qui et laaaa

  64. lamar raghad

    بتونس بيك ونت معايا

  65. Jonathan Coyotte98Archives-BenoLifts

    because of the instrumental/melody romantic because of this repetitive synth/fake violin oriental riff/loop of this song, i got to shy

  66. karaoke קריוקי كاريوكي


    the original .

  67. LizLife

    Still listening to in 2019a and forever!!! AALIYAH!!


    Gringo Ft Raf camora - Barcelona

  69. Miles Muwanga Blizzard

    The edits were amazing. Well done!!!!

  70. Janet

    I’m still heartbroken .

  71. dionreynolds2008

    This beat so hard it's crazy! One of the best and most slept on Aaliyah tracks ever. 😎

  72. Nicole Raheem

    Dope Edit!!!!😍❤️💯

  73. mariam lo

    i think the music is east African inspired


    She shouldn’t NEVER left us yall🙏🏾🙏🏾

  75. Bobby Lee

    Aaliyah really broke it down right here ‼️ yes sing baby girl 😍

    No justifications for your actions
    Should have been somewhere relaxin'
    Don't compare me to your last one
    I can't help it she was a fast one
    A sassy one
    I'm a classy one
    I can't keep you from getting happy hon
    Seems like that she'll make you happy hon

  76. Anthony West


  77. Hi_Shadow

    Listening to this song after the Lifetime documentary brings a whole new meaning to the lyrics 🤨

  78. HalfPintOfPleasure

    2019 still jamming 🔥🔥🔥

  79. Danielle Maroney

    Listen closely to the lyrics, she's talking about R Kelly.


    18 years ago today we lost Aaliyah. But her legacy still lives on. Rest In Paradise babygirl💕🕊and RIP to everyone else that died on the plane❤️🕊. # Gone But Not forgotten❤️

  81. DZ Malekvali

    Is it warda egyptien Algerian original tune... worked well

  82. Damien j

    18yrs ago we lost a beautiful woman RIP aaliyah

  83. R cai

    2019 anyone ells ?

  84. Justin Coombes

    Timbo on the production, certified classic.

  85. Gukuthegreat

    Good Song!!!!!

  86. Mya Agha Mofor Ly

    R.I.P my best I love you so mutchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  87. cam2012cm32

    I still jam this song it's one her of her greatest last songs ever!! Not mention how gorgeous she was without hardly any make up n her dance moves definatly all natural she definatly was an angel.......rip aaliyah gone but NEVER forgotten......

  88. Leo Santos

    R.I.P Aaliyah

  89. Seni Siken

    2019, 18 years ago 😔

  90. Nina Nina Simone

    Sampled after the late great Algerian singer warda