Aaliyah - All I Need Lyrics

I wanna love ya

[Verse 1:]
Baby ever since I found you,
Seems like everyday I've been happy,
See the way you love me,
Turns me out, baby I can feel my heart beat,
Seems like lately I've been thinkin',
Feelin' that you are everything,
Feels like more and more,
I'm hoping that you are the only.

All I need,
All I need,
All I need is you.
Baby you're everything,
Everything is you.
Baby you're all I need,
All I need,
All I need is you.
Baby you're everything,
Everything is you.

[Verse 2:]
Baby usually when you do me,
Keepin' me straight,
Show me all your lovin',
Baby you're so amazing,
Never dreamed I'd be cravin' 2 be open,
Never thought it was a joke and
Didn't know I would realize real love,
And I'd been hopin',
That'd you,
Stay right here with me,
Give me all, give me all,
All the love I need,
Baby you're all, all I need.


I don't want nobody but you,
I don't need nobody but you,
Said I don't want nobody but you,
'Cause I don't love nobody but you.

I wanna love ya


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Aaliyah All I Need Comments
  1. S.D PYT

    Love these lyrics

  2. Jahmar Kirk

    This track is refreshing, you get a lot of style in the tracks. Aaliyahs smooth warm vocals. The harmonies she adds to her songs are always great.

  3. Pamala Schiene

    When I first played this song off the CD I thought it was scratched in the beginning. 🤣🤣

  4. Mc fan Robin Hood

    I remember my elder sister playing this song and dancing to it ... how times changes , back then when there was no android or I-phone , when fun was dancing in a room with good music or playing with toys ... where nothing was raunchy or dancing with naked ass in front of Camera . Times were Mariah Carey , Aaliyah , Whitney H , Boys 2 men were cool and not those trashy rappers like Cardi or Nikki or those stupid Hollywood clowns like Drake , six9. Kids nowadays wont be able to relate cause they don’t know what it was to have talent. I remember when try again came and we saw the video, that’s what back then was called being ‘risqué “, but never trashy or vulgar. Times when sex was called making love instead of “ I wanna do this and that to you”. I don’t know if I’m the only one, but I deeply miss the 90’s.

    Thais FS

    Me too bro.

    Steven Portis

    Same I also miss the 00s and not only that but I also miss 2010,2011 and 2012 bc they were the only 2 eras and only 3 years that had better beats and sound and when kids and teens always dance to music and be on beat but now when 2013 was the year that started to make music worst with the worst sounds and beats and nowadays kids and teens are always on social media doing all these Fortnite dances like there cool and totally being off beat bc of this era kids and teens will never understand but if all these celebs like biggie,Tupac,Aaliyah,MJ,left eye and all these others celebs were still alive then music,sounds,beats and dance moves would have still be good today. ( and wouldn’t be no Fortnite )

    Ellishon Douglas

    I Miss Those Days

  5. ashiya Garrett

    This song is so underrated ...even though this was in the early 2000’s this still reminds me of my years in high school in the late, late 2000’s🔥🔥💞😎#still listening in 2019

  6. Slim Jim Longfoot

    Love her, forever and always.... check out my Aaliyah drawing on my channel!

  7. Lyric_96

    I’m in love with this song 💕 Rip Babygirl 🙏🏽❤️

  8. Caramel1806

    Who's listening in 2019??!!!

    Thais FS

    And forever♡

    Lupita Lara

    Definitely ME ❤️🎶

  9. Ms O

    Ah so many memories listening to this!. r.i.p princess x

  10. Yusuke Knight

    One of my favorite songs by Aaliyah we miss you gone way too soon RIP Baby girl 1979 - 2001

  11. Anthony Mcmillan

    You would be 40 yrs old still killing sh*t! Putting the game on smash! Living life comfortably. I bought this CD like a few weeks after it came out. It's old now but at the time there were 6 unreleased songs and this is one of them. I REALLY LIKE this song for 2 reasons. She wants a whole lot of loving like she just came home from doing a bid. Secondly I love how this gutiar beat is put together, to me there's a technical aspect of it. Because I hear 2 different notes being played in such rapid fashion. Song is unfortunately short but it's one of my favorites. Rip Babygirl!


    @Anthony Mcmillan Wendy Williams did produce it. That biopic was TERRIBLE! I "watched" that garbage. At first it was out of curiosity. Later on it got so bad that I couldn't look away. It like looking at a train wreck. Nobody looked like the ppl that they were portraying in the movie. They disrespected Aaliyah's memory with that mess. It was TERRIBLE. Smh.

    Anthony Mcmillan

    @Caramel1806 Thanks for sparing the visual fallout of the movie. Like I said I saw clips of it on the Wendy Williams show. This is what happens when you have someone like her to rush [email protected] along and blames the audience for the negative reviews. The audience was a part of it too but damn she should've just scrapped the idea. She really should've started around the 9th or 10th anniversary of her passing. I agree with you that this nearly destroyed her legacy. If someone from the film industry was to do a well thought-out biopic on her my only hope is that he or she would take his or her time making it. I could see Aaliyah now in Heaven looking down on Wendy s.h.h in sheer diss appointment!


    @Anthony Mcmillan You're welcome. Wendy should've just left it alone. For me, it's not so much that it almost destroyed her legacy. It's the fact that she disrespected Aaliyah and her fans. For those younger than us that know nothing about her, it may have almost destroyed her legacy before they got to know who she was and how great her music still is. I hope they understood that the movie was crap and in no way actually portrayed her life accurately.

    Anthony Mcmillan

    @Caramel1806 Agreed 💯%!! Did you honestly think that Zendaya made a good Aaliyah look alike before she dropped out of playing her role?


    @Anthony Mcmillan Idk. She might've been closer than the girl that they picked.

  12. Prince Von

    she was so great i love all her songs

  13. Lawrence Shelton

    Come with this toni b song

  14. Aiyahna Lee

    All I need is Aaliyah to come back😍😍😍😢 Rest on baby girl.. Continue to rest in heaven😇