Aalegra, Snoh - Stockholm (Intro) Lyrics

I'm strolling around all alone
On the beautiful streets of Stockholm
Reminiscing the time this was home
Familiar faces, they've grown old
A lot on my mind is untold
Letters unwritten, unfold, unsent
Oh, I don't know
It's all in the past
My sorrow
But my mother, she knows
Stolen away, almost
And now I don't care for the cold
Cause the summer is green and all gold
I'm at peace

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Aalegra, Snoh Stockholm (Intro) Comments
  1. Joe Joe

    How does this not have more views? How does this album not have more attention?

  2. Isaac Ortega

    🍁Snoh Aalegra.

  3. nera donna

    <3 this