Aalegra, Snoh - Situationship Lyrics

So many times that I tried to get over you, no lie
The moment I met you, I knew I would let you down
And so many times you and I made love in my mind
Don't wanna regret you, I can't seem to forget you now

I don't mean to
Go on and confuse you
I know I'm confusing now
And I don't mean to
Go on and seduce you
I can't help but seduce you now

(Guess we got a situationship)
I guess we got a situationship
(Guess we got a situationship)
I didn't mean to but we got a little situation
(Guess we got a situationship) Yeah
Yes we got a situation, shit mmh

So tell me how to resist what we have when it feels right
The moments that I'm with you, I forget about the issues, oh (I keep forgetting now)
Too many times you and I made love in my mind
The truth is that I miss you, no way I can forget you now, no

I don't mean to
(I don't mean to baby)
Go on and confuse you
I know I'm confusing now
And I don't mean to
Go on and seduce you
I can't help but seduce you now
I can't help it but I think we got a...

(Guess we got a situationship)
Oh baby I just think we got a...
(Guess we got a situationship)
I think we got a little situation
(Guess we got a situationship) No...
(Yes we got a situation, shit) Situation, shit

Loving you is everything
(Loving you is everything)
So obvious we can't pretend
Said this time and time again
(Said this time and time again)
Sleep on it and try again, oh no

(Guess we got a situationship)
Guess we got, ooh-ooh
(Guess we got a situationship)
Guess we got a...
(Guess we got a situationship) Situationship
(Yes we got a situation, shit) Shit shit

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Aalegra, Snoh Situationship Comments
  1. Napth Ali

    Blessed I heard the name now I am familiar with the vibe I love the energy Peace

  2. LeRithea Rolan

    HOT... There are so many SITUATIONSHIPS that develop REAL FEELINGS


    Her vocals sightly sound like Alicia Keys` but her whole vibe on some Sade ish, love this tune right here.

  4. Tayane Gil

    Situationship is called "ficar" in Brazil. That's a step before commitment (or not), so it's a undefined situation where the people know each other better to decide later if they'll stay together for real or not. It's like a test, and usually it's the period where the feelings might come up (or not at all). The commitment just starts if one of the people involved asks "would you like to date me?" just to be sure haha.

  5. djchud06

    A very sweet groove that reminds me of Erikah Baddu, Mary J, and Sade

  6. Aquawatereau.

    Radio NOVA, FRANCE 🇫🇷😁

  7. Zaki Shabazz

    🔥🔥🔥 Dope. Starting around 2:30 some of those runs bring a young Brandy to mind. Definitely her own style though. 🔥🔥🔥

  8. Lylah The Doll

    YouTube never fucking fails so glad I just said fuck it and paid the 15 a month

  9. Dave Ferguson


  10. Jarred Ng

    JB brought me here.

  11. Truth Jones

    #FIRE 🔥

  12. C Bands

    she BAD....hope her and MICHAEL B JORDAN make it tho.

  13. John Borschell

    this song helps me draw and focus on class

  14. girlgreenivy

    sometimes she sounds like Brandy.

  15. thefuzzgroove

    un très beau titre , belle voix et la classe !

  16. Peaceoo8

    This song is not even a song, this shit is straight art.

  17. Damian Christopher

    Hold hands,...hold hearts and just,...

  18. Ieuan Mae-Rose

    This is not Neo-Soul. Too manufactured but a nice R&B song.

  19. Stephan King

    I never heard of Snoh, this woman can sing! I wish she her songs was on main stream radio! (WDAS-FM)

  20. WICTOR cv

    She sounds like Alicia keys, her music sounds like sade and she got a little of erykah badu in her

  21. Beverly Peterson

    Situationship is EPIC! Love that vibe!

  22. emanacipation36

    Situationship, love it, nice flow, words are so real

  23. Passing Game Prod

    Nice Song !

  24. Małgorzata Głowacka

    świetna piosenka, totalnie odzwierciedla mnie. POZDROWIENIA Z POLSKII HEHE


    pure R&B

  26. Kea Jones

    This song stays on repeat. 😩🔥🔥🔥

  27. Pablo Aztlan

    Who is this artist?? It doesn't even say!

    Jaida Russ

    Her name is the name of the channel. And it’s in the description. Snoh Aalegra

  28. Taquavia Holmes

    I kinda of ended my situationship the wrong way now I’m here once again

  29. T. Ama butha Bean

    I don't want this for me. Im forgetting you for my self healing....

  30. Apple Bueza

    #one of the best songs in the world

  31. Apple Bueza

    M o g I love this song my dad showed me this

  32. ChampShakNik Clean Body Products

    Snoh you are a beautiful light being with a beautiful sultry voice. Love your music. Shine girl.👍👍

  33. Isiah Daley

    This song is 🐐 vibes.

  34. tom sawyer

    Un diamant 💎 à l’état pur👌🏾👍🏾😎😉

  35. Kgoitsimang nkeli

    ohhhhhhhh sade in the flesh

  36. Bomge Koyu

    Crystal feels from Carole and Tuesday!

  37. Aquawatereau.

    Radio NOVA, FRANCE 🇫🇷


  38. Tha Real ITALY

    💙💙💙💜 DOPE

  39. Frank White

    J Cole & Noname woulda been perfect on this

  40. Jose Alvarado

    This that RE save room type beat

  41. Jd hits

    I love this song man it describes my last two relationships to a Tee

  42. Xola Steleki

    Sounds like Brandy on 2:50

  43. bahumbug

    This makes me wanna 2 step at somebody’s cookout

  44. El Memin

    Joint is ILL

  45. Janča Kamenická

    I tought She sings situationshiT

  46. wrebletv

    Dope vibes!!! love the music!!

  47. Raquel Williams

    I'm feeling this song..for real

  48. giantnrsair1

    i love this song because she sings it quite nasal which sets her apart from others out therel the lyrics are not predictable plus its mid-tempo. Please keep the momentum up Snoh

  49. LaChina Smith

    Im feeling this song to the maxxxx

  50. Liz


  51. jayde campbell

    Why is this song not known 😭

  52. LaDallas

    best song on the album

  53. Onlylexy

    This photo givin me Sade type of tease!

  54. M. M.

    She resembles Sade and sounds like Elle Varner😍😍

  55. nublackmusic

    When are you young people going to start singing to real music again as opposed to looped sound effects we don't get it

  56. Brittany Walker

    This beautiful woman and Ari Lennox are the best RnB singers in this time in my opinion

  57. Tra Blunt

    You are a blessing.

  58. pretty pretty 01

    Makes me recall about Amy winehouse ❤️

  59. Ashantae

    Does any else think Snoh looks a lot like Sade?

  60. Diamond Perkins

    Her and Jorja Smith will be a great collaboration 😫❤️

  61. Katharine garcia

    sooo soulful I love!!

  62. Angel Mcmurray

    loving this vibe...

  63. 620 orneva

    The bomb. .

  64. beautiettes and glam

    Love this

  65. Jamekia Williams

    Wow I fell in love with the very beginning lol

  66. Tyrone B.

    Recommend group ?

    Subscribe to my channel- I have content an more on the way

  67. Macahl Jett

    Oh don’t do it to em Snoh

  68. TALON

    She looks like a young Sade from certain angles with a more R&B vibe to Sade's style of music than Sade's original style incorporating jazz and quiet storm. She looks and sounds good.

  69. Shantell Gonzalez


  70. VyktorAbyss

    I'm 42 and heard this just now on BBC Radio 1 - I know very little about current pop/r&b music but just thought this was such a lovely song done in a timeless style - I had to find it again! Its just lovely. Cheers!

  71. Ni'Shara Thomas

    I swear she is the latin sade lol


    She’s not latina, she’s persian/iranian

  72. Addonis Parker Jr. Official

    Sade’s Daughter


    She’s the modern day Sade

  74. Curly Bella

    Teyana Taylor meets Jasmine Sullivan💜

  75. Annah

    She looks like safe right there

  76. nicole

    How dare you read and trigger me with this amazing song😭🙌🏽. This album is gold ✨

  77. Copycat Thehitmanheart

    I adore this music 🎶 I’m a fan instantly 😍😎🌺🎸🎶

  78. Ogiya Madyo

    On repeat🤞🏾😭💕

  79. Ogiya Madyo

    I love this sooo much😫♥️♥️

  80. dinah w.

    Her and Sinead should make a song together

  81. nico ctout

    visuellement ça ressemble à du Sade. Mais la ressemblance s'arrête là. Malheureusement

  82. Emelie Feke

    Visst du känner parmida?? Det är min syster Tamara som är vän med parmida. Jag e Tamaras lillasyster🤩🤩❤️❤️❤️❤️. Du är så bra. Love youuuu❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰🥰

  83. Ka ppa

    Here because of MBJ is instagram storie 😊

  84. SH214

    Awhole love vibe

  85. oh ok

    Dam she looks bad!!

  86. Davion Lawrence

    why did i think this was Sade lool

  87. nolstalgia e cores

    That photo looks like Camila Pitanga from Brazil.

    Renata Costa

    Parece demais!

  88. Damari Estrada

    This song is like another feel yk
    I like shit like this.

  89. SyzeOne


  90. DoNotName

    1 Time for you Kween J. 💘

  91. STARS Fashion Art Love


  92. Dave Coleman

    She is so beautiful and she can sang too . I mean really saaannggg. Go baby

  93. Thea Cobb

    This is Sade’s mini me, for our generation, I swear; the soul and the velvet in Snoh’s voice is so classic 90s with a modern vibe. So much love and respect


    Oh u tryna look like sade lol if u sounded like her I'd be blowed away. You sound a lot like Alicia Keys though

  95. destiny lewis

    love it❤️ i call mine shituationships.

  96. Kyahna Ras

    This is so groovy and funky and the beat makes me wanna move my hips n busta move😂

  97. Jaye Métier

    I thought this was Sade


    as soon as she started singing i was hooked ❤️