Aalegra, Snoh - It's Just A Fever (Intro) Lyrics

(I wanna watch the movie!)

Do do do do, don't explain!
What good is warmth if it can't keep me well?
It's just a fever, it's just a fever, fever


Hey Snoh!, Snoh!

Who, who me? What? No
Who me? Me?
I'm here! I'm here!

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Aalegra, Snoh It's Just A Fever (Intro) Comments
  1. Afro Latina

    Her music is in another level 👌

  2. Jhenelle Isaac

    This is such an AMAZING album. The feel. The vibes. It's so rough, elegant, free, edgy, innocent and emotional. It gives me an Amy Winehouse feel. I fell in love song by song. I never want it to end. INSTANT CLASSIC!

  3. Mehdi Gladkowski

    The intro is so beautiful !!

  4. Jean Herard

    I Love this intro. I'm over here googling the title because I actually thought this was a sample or scene taken from an old black and white film..... Nice One! Totally digging this entire ep....

    Aaron Ankrim El

    Did you ever find out if it is from a movie?

  5. Emilio Tirado

    I really love your music