Aalegra, Snoh - Fool For You Lyrics

It's somethin' about you that's so familiar
Somethin' that's got me wantin' to know you
And I can't put my finger on it
But it feels, oh like I've been here before
It's somethin' about me that makes me wonder
I swear I met you, but you're a stranger
And I can't put my finger on quite what it is
Oh, but I've been here before

Maybe it was me who brought you here
I should run the other way, but I stay right here

And I'll be a fool for you
I know myself, but I pretend
I leave and I come back again
I'm a fool for you
I love you time and time again
I know just how the story ends, oh

Oh, you remind me of someone I once knew
Maybe I'm crazy, but it's hard to ignore you
And I can't wrap my head around it
But it feels, oh like I loved you before

Maybe it was me who brought you here
I should run the other way, but I stay right here

And I'll be a fool for you
I know myself, but I pretend
I leave and I come back again
I'm a fool for you
I love you time and time again
I know just how the story ends, oh

You know that I'll be that fool for you, yeah

And I'll be a fool for you
I know myself, but I pretend
I leave and I come back again
I'm a fool for you
I love you time and time again
I know just how the story ends, oh

Oh, bye, bye, bye, bye
Oh, I, I, I
Oh, I, I, I, I, I, I, I

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Aalegra, Snoh Fool For You Comments
  1. spinach

    Prince was her mentor <3 It's crazy how versatile she is in her singing reminding everyone of someone (Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse, Alicia Keys etc.) yet having her own style.
    When you listen to these other "artists" they sound the same in every song. Go Snoh!

  2. MrDJCue

    First time hearing or seeing Snoh. First reaction was that her face doesn't match her voice lol. Even then, her peformance was amazing!!!

  3. atee peyaa


  4. Vpeezy66

    I could watch this a million times

  5. Monica B

    Why am I just finding out about this?

  6. Mahouley

    Un delice musical 🎶 🌹

  7. Katrina Mintz

    Sade*Alicia Keys *Norah Jones

  8. Nikki Gloom

    this would go nice with Some of Cardi B softer Rap lyrics... then her beautiful voice....

    Justine Lane

    Nikki Gloom no

  9. Meghan Haupt

    Ugh, I’m in love with this woman

  10. Bo Bo Montana

    ...a song?...

    ...much more...

  11. Natasha C

    She sounds right

  12. Firdani Adam

    ahh... found ya

  13. Mic-E

    this song makes me feel like I heard it when I was a baby on my parent's record player.

    literally impossible cuz my parents never even owned a record player. but her voice just keeps telling me that I can't be 100% sure.

    Darrin Ramroop

    I thought the same. She has another song called "I want you around," and it feels really familiar

  14. Karen B

    Beautiful song! Love her voice!!

  15. mina la chola

    snoh stole my heart

  16. Thibault Art

    go for a color show with Paloma Mami

  17. Grace Hagan

    Sweden 🇸🇪🥰

  18. Guilherme Hagler


  19. Leasah DeLeon

    So smooth

  20. Lulu Mnguni

    I so love this channel.she's bomb I love her sound

  21. Giorgi Jakeli


  22. alifia !

    I love singing along to this but whenever i do it always feels like im doing it injustice haha

  23. Schquita Goodwin

    i love you. i love you. i love you. "Toronto" and "I want you around" and everything else. You're such a joy. Thasit.

  24. Megan Castillo

    this is what butter sounds like

  25. 유형


  26. Ariane Davis

    She's EVERYTHING👏👏👏Enough Said

  27. Clarissa Jewett

    What an amazing voice... I can’t get enough of her and this song ❤️❤️❤️

  28. Garrett Orr

    Her dynamic control her pitch control her fucking voice papaya

  29. Tisha Williams

    It’s something about and it’s something about me. “. This song is just sooo dreamy 💯😍❤️🥰💋Robert 💋Tisha. I love u time and time again always “ I’ll be a fool 4 you “ Ima fool for you. “. That’s our story “ 🥰🙏❤️💜

  30. Prvnce B

    This is what happens when an artist finds comfort in their space and the rhythm of their own words and music. Because if you've listened to the recorded track the timing is different and on this she lines up with everything perfectly and feels that shit all the way through. Shes riding the melody and its orgasmic to the ears.

    Miyuri Norris

    I've been bumping this for over a year, and I could never truly figure out what about this was so different from the studio cut....you are 100% correct she is riding the hell out of the melody here. Great ear.

  31. Femi Orukotan

    another famous person used this instrumental(or something insanely close) and its killing me i can't remember who, can someone help me out ?

  32. Mona Diza

    I love her so much ! Snoh is real gem in the music industry !

  33. Brittany Curry

    Her fit here reminds me of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman

    Snoh is perfect <3 one of the best live experiences I have ever had along with NAO

  34. Laura Marte

    Hi I’m a small youtuber who just wants to sing for whoever wants to listen💛 I recently covered this song and would really appreciate any support! https://youtu.be/rGaT2KYky8U

  35. sunver

    Sade + amy wine house + eva mendes + natalie portman

  36. elyon v

    My wedding song

  37. elsefare

    I'm at the point where I'll click on any recommended COLORS video

  38. Pace Mukhlis

    Where i can find this kind of music ? :”)

  39. Tablo Vitamin

    A queen. 💕🌸

  40. Nyree Carell

    Yess she gives me Amy Winehouse vibes

  41. jesus adrian salazar martinez

    With this song, I imagine the love of my life which I still do not know, that is somewhere in the world, I hope you are well, shelter, eat ... I still do not know you but I will and I assure you that we will love each other too much . I want you alive and well by then. <3

  42. Bebeto Tandane Jr.

    I'm a fool for her...

  43. Ron Yoichi


  44. WoahIts Chan

    She puts so much personality into her performance, I love it!

    Fake Smile

    WoahIts Chan I keep coming back to it for that same reason 😂

  45. Tento Anime

    SLOWED+REVERB VERSION https://youtu.be/Uezw35aPvtA

  46. jay np black

    This the best colors songs

  47. T. Smith

    Me: The one to that got away...
    Wifey: You wish!!😂😂😂😂 Go get them dishes done nigga 😂😂😂😭!!!
    Me: 😞👣👣👣

  48. Shay Vidz

    WOW 😮😮🥰🙂💜

  49. EmpireYellow1

    She seems like we'd be friends. A deep and good person

  50. IvyDoll25✨

    Definitely Sade & Adele vibes... I love her voice 💕

  51. Natasha Thea Singh

    your voice is incredible <3 and so is this song xxxxx

  52. jay np black

    Ok im feeling her vibes n ima hood nigga

  53. SopranosBeats

    Fool for you - Snoh Analegra (Slowed + reverb) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kGkwoM2Iyx4

  54. CheeseCake Cartel

    May the beneficent and all your ancestors bless you, may they those who came before you shed love and light in your path to success. From the bottom of my heart I with you balance, superfluous growth, success, joy, love and 100 years of success. You have an amazing voice that touches the epicenter of my being, I’ve been listening to song since morning.... I’ve sent to all the people close to me and they all love it, 3 people bought the album. God bless you........ I pray you reach your desired destination.

  55. KydSyster

    A voice as smooth as butter 🥰

  56. Lauren Doda

    Ear candy indeed,very smooth

  57. leon scott

    Alicia keys

  58. Amanda Feliciano

    How many layers of paint yall got on them walls at this point lmao

  59. jobs 4

    Some of her vocals r Fantasia Toni jasmine Alicia keys

  60. Angy Farmer

    Such a nice song😢

  61. J1hunnit_L4E


  62. Don Nguyen

    Jorja smith and kali uchis in one🔥🔥🔥

  63. Briauna Aikens

    Did Leven Kali do the background vocals ??

  64. Music Man

    I could not believe she wasn’t black lol... Amy meets Sade meets Jazmin meets Alicia..

  65. Maya Lee

    I love Snoh so much ♥️♥️

  66. Sean Grady


  67. Francis Ranger

    Amy Winehouse reincarnation

  68. Tendai Mashamba

    Yummy and talented

  69. Dante "DJ" Ballon

    Pls have Mac Ayres here!

  70. Rami Kuseybi

    One of the most underrated artists. Her voice is flawless.

  71. Derrick Mixon

    Alicia keys and Jasmine Sullivan mixed with sade

  72. David Larios

    Somebody get that poor girl a jacket that fits!

  73. Simangele Mathenjwa

    Sounds a lot like Jazmine Sullivan. I like

  74. Yosra Neda

    Seeing a fellow Persian making content like this in western media and being successful in it is so awesome she's so talented and beautiful i hope she gains more recognition for her work <3

  75. Awahxn

    Bring her back for situation-ship

  76. Bontle Nxumalo

    I cried when I realized this was on an episode of insecure😭😭😭

  77. Bdash Girl

    If Amy Winehouse and Alicia Keys had a baby ❤ her voice is the perfect blend of both

  78. Manny G. Forever

    The soul In this girls voice is incredible.

  79. Tasseur Lachov

    The voice, ok it's lit... But the video looks so cool too !

  80. Michael Tauiliili

    Check out tone stiths version of this

  81. MissDAdolph

    It's scary how much she sounds like Amy Winehouse!!

  82. Siya Mbawuli

    When they legalise marriages between humans and Youtube channels, I'm calling dibs on Colors.

  83. Stevan Bogosavljević

    What camera and light setup are they using in COLORS studio? The video and audio quality is a m a z i n g!

  84. Wonder Mvelase

    3 million viewer!!😍😍😍😍😍 i still think she deserves more views😢so underrated!!

    Love from south africa❤

  85. D Bee

    I can’t put my finger on what it issss..but I been here before 🎶 The vibe!!!!!!!

  86. TainoCris 96

    Wow. I like gangster rap but this is beautiful.

  87. Sean Kinzer

    New favorite artist 💙

  88. Heli Heikkinen

    Michael Jackson and Amy Winehouse mixed

  89. B F

    I have been a fool , and this song makes it ok now because , we all been somebody's fool for love.

  90. Flower Of Life


  91. NTT Thuận

    So beautifully made

  92. Liddz Manaka

    My new fav

  93. Maristela Romero

    My good!!!

  94. Name Pls

    She reminds me a little bit of Norah Jones

  95. jesus adrian salazar martinez

    It's a mix of Alicia Keys and Amy Winehouse

  96. Zynth

    Think about how painful it must've been having headphones pushing down on your earrings like that...