Aalegra, Snoh - Emotional Lyrics

(I wanna love him
But what if he hurts me? Oh...)

Faith like broken hearts
Warm like mothers arms
Holding me close in the dead of the dark
You're fake like false alarms

I've been holding on for way too long
I can feel the fever coming on... oh

So what if I'm emotional?
I feel it in my bitter bones
Ooh, I need somebody to hold me
Ooh, I need your body to tell me I'm the only one
Oh, can anybody help me now?
Cause I'm on on a high that's coming down
Ooh, I need somebody to hold me
You don't need to tell me, I know that it's love, cause it hurts

(I wanna love him
But what if he hurts me? Oh...)

Dress my open wounds
I'm not over you
I'm just a puppet you played for a fool
Your sex is my abuse

I've been holding on for way too long
But I can feel the fever coming on, oh Lord

So what if I'm emotional?
I feel it in my bitter bones
Ooh, I need somebody to hold me
Ooh, I need your body to tell me I'm the only one
Oh, can anybody help me now?
Cause I'm on on a high that's coming down
Ooh, I need somebody to hold me
You don't need to tell me, I know that it's love, cause it hurts

Baby please I need you darling
I'm bleeding darling
I know that it's love

So what if I'm delusional?
Don't wanna face it any more, no no

Ooh, I need somebody to hold me
You don't need to tell me, I know that it's love, cause it hurts

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Aalegra, Snoh Emotional Comments
  1. L. W.

    This woman has such a soulful voice, so rich and raspy 😭😍 I absolutely love her 😩

  2. seshan marshall

    That video was ughhh Amazing 😉🤟🏾🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


    Narcy got me here!

  4. Sheniece McFarlane

    Omg this lady has no idea how in love with her I am....yasss girl

  5. Jay K

    She has the moves like Jagger... :)

  6. bonitapplebee

    Imagine having RZA produce one your songs you wrote tho ✨😭

  7. DeAnna Lopez

    In order to be that emotional, she had her music blasting in that epmty pool! You can't fake that... 🌹

  8. Energy Revolution

    This is a goddess, I swear when she dies she better have a city at her funeral balling tears

  9. Jessica Bruno

    I'm years late to this great vocalist but I hear Janelle Mona

  10. RCPMusic

    Damn..her voice

  11. Nqobile Shoulder

    I don't know what happened but she sounds totally different from Colors

  12. Pioneer7

    She's F***ing AMAZING.

  13. [1212]casadepoesia

    Foda pra caralho!

  14. LilLivie Squad

    Why was she in a pool?

  15. Karen Lulu

    Good song for a perfume or a car ahaha! She's so so good

  16. Kenny Abron

    she reminds me of a soulful version of kelis

  17. Kenny Abron

    but what if he hurts me

  18. T Amazin


  19. Miguel Cantu III

    So just to be clear I love her

  20. T Budhu

    She gives me Michael Jackson

  21. Andre Sivels

    Yo! This my song for the rest of the year

  22. Ana Carolina Ribeiro

    Oh damn it

  23. Chris Dunn

    With that hot 90s Cindy Crawford look. Killin it!

  24. Honeygirl

    one of my favourite songs ever


    The Revival Is Coming

  26. Ryuji Omote

    Snoh Aalegra - Emotional

  27. Toxxxic Kay :3

    play Amy Winehouse in the biopic pls

  28. frankenzion0001

    She's keeping old school R&B going strong.

  29. Gaby

    Wait did Amy Winehouse REincarnate???!

  30. Jax Te kiri

    I love this song

  31. beauty4u132

    Did she get the empty pool at a Tidal discount? 😭🤦🏽 nah, I like this girl... That into beat giving me purple tape vibes

  32. Josue Herrera

    Me preguntó si alguien que habla español también ama esta canción?

  33. Patrycja Kulos

    Awesome voice

  34. Bobby Hill

    you are so authentically yourself!

  35. Optimistic Gangsta

    She real music

  36. CathKuri

    She kinda looks like eva mendez <3

  37. George

    Wow, Powerful retro voice, love it.

  38. AmericanHustleMag

    Superstar Voice!

  39. palatable johnson

    this should have like 6 billion views

  40. KJ Crane

    I’m in love 😍

  41. Katryna

    I feel this song way too much right now, yessss girlllll singgg the damn THING

  42. amaya mendoza

    she is awesome!

  43. Imani Mclaughlin

    She probably listened to a lot of Stevie Wonder.

    The Black Naruto Blog

    Imani Mclaughlin Amy Winehouse

  44. Deese Nuts

    I heard her feature in Vince Staples song senorita glad I found out her name this girl got pipes!

  45. ThemKND

    Female version of the old John Legend in my opinion​

    The Black Naruto Blog

    ThemKND nah

  46. Da Cleva 1

    this need to be on a million views by now 😒😒😒

  47. Trestena Grant

    I'm here because her voice was in Drake's song "Do not disturb".

  48. artis104

    Stop with the Amy W. comparison, Amy was a once in a lifetime talent. She's nice, but she's no where close to Amy. Two different sounds.

    The Black Naruto Blog

    artis104 a little similar

  49. Antbellamy Bellamy

    In the USA they will bury this chic ....Jealousy she has the total package ....Imagine Sade trying to start here....it wouldn't happen !

  50. evileyez504

    She got Mike 's BAD pants on!

  51. Jason gallagher

    been listing to her when this was around 500 views...she doesn't look like anybody or sound like anybody.....she is gorgeous, unique, explosive, amazing...she is Snoh....

    Jason gallagher

    and what's up with the Amy Winehouse comparisons...I don't get it...

  52. Karim korn

    I wanna love him but what if he , wu tang

  53. Munara Omurbaeva

    Cool!!! Cant wait more of your music:D

  54. Egypt B

    I am seriously obsessed with her music omg

  55. The Iron Bloodline

    She looks like Amy Winehouse

  56. R.Tyrane Tallie

    wow. beaming with talent.

  57. Kashawn Snow

    She reminds me of Amy Winehouse

  58. Aaron Ankrim El

    This reminds me of Melanie Fiona a lil bit. Love it.

    Khairi Khan

    Islam, Moor ! I'm a Bey !


    Her album is pretty good.
    Been listening to it all summer.

  60. Indigo

    A while back Apple had a commercial playing her song "In Your River" and I'm grateful I saw it 💕😣

  61. Sylvia Jane

    OMG! Amy...?? lol

  62. Heat For Cheap

    Who made them dope ass MJ "Bad" pants?

  63. Abril R


  64. Andrew Davis

    Just came across her music by way of an iPhone commercial. ...yeah, she's an incredible talent. I'm going to need everybody to know about her music.

    Ginger Mae

    I saw the same commercial, this song is 'not her best'.

    Andrew Davis

    +Ginger Mae, I couldn't agree more. While I love this song, there are quite a few I actually like better.

  65. Lisa R

    we have all been there

  66. Isaw Holmes

    Sing it lovely....

  67. Lindsey Regensburg

    ohhhhh i love her

  68. Santana Perkins

    Amy Winehouse reincarnated

    Santana Perkins

    @David Barber I said this because I think they look alike, but their sound is kind of similar, but I think Amy is better.

    David Barber

    +Santana Perkins nah they don't look anything alike ,at least to me

    Jason Briggs

    They have the same mouth and eyes

    David Barber

    +Jason Briggs we all hv our honest opinions

    May El Ali

    ok easy lol

  69. Midniight

    Woman crush everyday.

  70. Haywood Glover

    The sample is freaking dope...damn good song! You got my attention, Snoh.

  71. Jesse West

    I mean come on man....did she jump for joy when Amy died? Not impressed.

    Nora Asilmias Abdullah

    My sentiments exactly. As I've been saying on some of these songs, I dig her talent and ability, however, it is too close to home for me. It channels and rivals Amy in a way that isn't true or real. What she's doing is Amy, prior to Back to Black era, and she's doing it in a way that's not real and very low-standard. "In Your River" is a big tune but it's been done before, Salaam Remi is a legend and what him/Amy had musically was so different and real.

    Nora Asilmias Abdullah

    And she can't sing like Amy lol. She can't.

    ivan enriquez

    not every neo soul is attempting to copy amy winehouse.

    Dumfries Spearhead

    +James Manisis "It channels and rivels Amy in a way that isn't authentic or real"

    Spot on. That's definitely the vibe I'm getting here.

    Kenny Abron

    Snoh was already relevant before Amy died she was actually in the game 10 years once Amy passed in July of 2011

  72. bree

    They sleeping on snoh 😐


    Seriously! She's the business...


    +CeeStyleDj 🌞

    Carlos Ryan

    We gotta wake them up

  73. Terrence Smith

    shes not getting known becuz she doesnt have her own unique style just sounds like another Amy Winehouse



    Aaron Ankrim El

    and Shyne "The Gang" feat Foxy Brown.

  75. R MCK

    Similar to Amy Winehouse, Really Great.

  76. Miillie Mesh

    Amazing Woman.

  77. Dametrius Wesley Jr.

    she needs to colab with chance the rapper

  78. David Barber

    Wu Tang is Forever!

    Lauren Goffredo

    This was produced by the RZA.... Genius music.. Pun intended lol


    +Lauren Goffredo impressive


    Word!!!! Swoon! Purple tape vibes


    For those who know 😉

  79. Kaychristine

    I love love love this song!

  80. jay Johnson

    nas ,raekwon and ghostface killah-verbal intercourse.

    Leora Matzelle

    haha my thought exactly!

  81. Decontractil

    MJ Scream what up. She's dope tho.

  82. Abi Barrios

    Amy whinehouse right herrrrrreee

    Nora Asilmias Abdullah

    Definitely not, Amy. But she's cool.

    Leora Matzelle

    Amy is dead, get off her ish, damn. GO troll Amy's page for haters or something my dude.

  83. Jimmy Jerez

    Thank you. <3

  84. hey yoo

    Omfg she's perfect😱😍

  85. Rhino Black


  86. PharaohLawLess1

    Snoh is dope. I see she's picking up the baton where Amy Whinehouse left it but with her own style. No I.D and the team is lacing her with a lovely background


    +aby flo Amy did have a voice but she definitely not a vocalist in the same class as Adele, Beyonce, Aretha, Mariah, Whitney, Celine. Snoh Alegra can tap into that same lane as Amy if she continue pushing hard. If you listen to their respective voices the tonal qualities and textures are similar

    aby flo

    PharaohLawLess1 girls got punk? the depth the raw darkness and musical bliss amy winehouse offered was just overwhelming. once in 2 generation talent. a real musician. she didnt even write this. this girl can keep her "emotion." duces

    aby flo

    to put it simple watch Amy Winehouse live then watch snow alegras? right "live"


    +aby flo Lol. You mean when Amy was drunk live? I don't wanna see that. I'm so mad that she did that to herself......her and Prince. Amy was such a great lyricist. That's what she definitely has on Snoh. She left so much undone that she could've done. I like Amy's reggae songs too. Snoh can help fill that void if she pushes. When I heard Snoh's 'In Your River' and she definitely channelled her inner Amy Winehouse on that whole EP

    aby flo

    PharaohLawLess1 well lets hope she pushes it. A lot

  87. onejjj

    So what? if I'm emotional... fuck your coldness

  88. speakerffone


  89. Amalia Putri

    This lady's the next shit IMO

  90. Moving with Confidence

    big voice

  91. Rose Kohl

    don't get to emotional into everything

  92. Khalilah Overton

    I'm so in love with her. 😍 style, voice and music.❤❤

  93. Vanessa T

    Shout out to Spotify for putting this in my weekly discover playlist.

  94. Jays rhythym

    wow whats goin on???  this is talent.  why doesn't she have more views and likes?  youtube is lying......

    Leora Matzelle

    I really disagree. She's not trying to be Amy Winehouse or any one else. She is completely different from anyone on the scene right now and if anything her "image" is a stark contrast to what females in the industry right now are portraying, and it fucking refreshing as hell. No one needs to "study" past artists to become a star in their own right. That sounds dumb. Music comes from the soul, it's not learned my friend. The chords on an instrument are learned. How to read sheet music is learned. Destiny and natural gifts are not learned.

    Razor Beard

    This is incorrect. How many artists become artists because they're inspired by classics vs just having the desire to create and express? Saying that other artists are better because they're derivative of classic artists is a cop out. You admitted her more recent influences in the sound work for her....that's all that matters. That may have been pulled by a producer for the track. Stop being a snob and enjoy good music. There's so much bad and recycled material out there. So what if I prefer this to Amy Winehouse, it doesn't mean I think Winehouse is less of an artist.


    it's all politics. It's up to us, the people to spread the word.

    Graziano Di Martino

    possibly because she's not showing a lot of flesh? Aaaaand it's good music with longevity. Not for the masses/commercial sales. I mean i am being pessimistic here...

    Graziano Di Martino

    @Nora Asilmias Abdullah Ahhh... she sang and jammed with Prince. "Success" takes time. Lauryn Hill, D'angelo and Amy Winehouse are from a different era in music. She'll make it don't you worry. Talent always makes it. Will just take time in this era of complete and utter saturation of the market.

  95. Catseman

    i dont really like singy musics, but she has a cool voice

  96. Michael Smith Jr.

    There are an awful number of dislikes for this video... Snoh is the fucking truth

    Khalilah Overton

    I agree. I was surprised to see those dislikes.