A-Teens - This Year Lyrics

Nanana Nanana Nananaaaana
Nanana Nanana Nananaaaanana
Nanana Nanana Nananaaanana

This year is gonna be incredible
This year is gonna be the one
All the planets are lining up for me
This year I'm gonna have fun
This year I'll paint my masterpiece
This year I'll be recognized
I can feel
I'll fall in love for real
This year, this year

I learn to fly
Love's gonna find me
March, April, May
I'll get carried away
Oh, oh

This year I will reach the pinnacle
This year I'll get to the top
People will ask
Where she get's that energy?
This year I'm never gonna stop


Oh, oh oh oh
This year is gonna be incredible
This year is gonna be the one
All the planets are lining up for me
This year I'm gonna have fun
I'm gonna have fun
Just watch me this year

January (Nanana nanana nananaaana)
February (Nanana nanana nananaaana)
This year (Nanana nanana nananaaana)
Just watch me
This year

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A-Teens This Year Comments
  1. Bekah Rraine

    2020 here we come

  2. Tommy Jackman

    Their voices are so great, you forget that they're Swedish

  3. Tommy Jackman

    Ron: Whoa. Brain freeze.
    (Rufus groans)
    Kim: The future?
    Ron: What was that, K.P?
    Kim: Something-something about the future.
    Ron: Yeah, right, right. I was saying the future is bright.
    Kim: Yeah, Ron, yeah. It really is.
    Ron: Yep. And I hate meatcakes!
    Kim: Huh?
    Ron: No idea why I said that!

  4. Danny Ampie

    Best cool music forever 😁😁😁

  5. Carlos

    Every new year I remember this song, I hope you all have a big nice 2019!

  6. Bookstar28

    Happy 2019 everyone!

  7. Thomas Schnettler

    Listening on New Years Eve 2018

  8. dreadful hades evil's doing

    This song appeard in kim possible a sitch in time from disney 2004

  9. Music Anime Fan

    I came here from Kim possible, the time eps... It was Beautiful 😢😊

  10. 1sadface

    Always hated this song but it fits my mood😁

  11. lol no

    Anyone listening in 2017 lmao

    Music Anime Fan

    lol no

    How about 2018? 💙

  12. AvidWannable 586

    Been listening to A*Teens since 2002, I remember a girl in my 2nd grade music class sang Upside Down and I immediately LOVE the song! This song in particular is so uplifting and fun! I remember singing and dancing in my room listening to this song, good times!

  13. Kexin Gao

    It sounds like a miracle

  14. aever88

    I always listen to this song in my birthdays at the hour i was born expecting to have an incredible year and more specially listening to my favorite group. A-Teens forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Christopher Saylor

    2014 is my year!  I had to go back and listen to this.  Been listening to A-teens since 2003, and I'm 32 now :P

    John Lee

    I've been listening to them since 2002, and I'm 31. (Though really the first time I ever heard them was in 2001 when I heard Upside Down and Halfway Around the World in a dance performance).


    Wow y'all older then me cause 23 year old now. I remember that song when I was 10 year old in 2003 ❤️

  16. liAnne Vera

    fudge sucks.. sounds like a girly mouse is singing


    What? lol XD

  17. littlenatnatz101

    OH MY GOODNESS I thought I recognized it!!!

  18. Mark Salazar

    I believe it was 'E! Is For Everybody! - Cooler Kids. I have not seen it in forever, but I'm pretty sure that's it.

  19. sean wilson

    i'm trying to look up the one song from when Kim first tries out for cheerleading.

  20. Jordan Tinitigan

    ME OMG.

  21. MaddieHatter4

    D: I lost my cd that had this! I'm glad it's on youtube :)
    Oh yeah, and Kim Possible is a ton better that all that junk that's on disney channel now. :\ (just MY personal opinion)

    The Electrified Artist Hero PowerHouse

    Gravity Falls, Star Vs. The Forces of Evil and Wander Over Yonder saved Disney Channel and Disney XD.

    Miss KRR

    My CD is all broken up....so same!

  22. Constantine Domain

    I love Marie's the blonde voice.

  23. ThatDarnPirate

    This song is so amazing. No matter what mood I'm in, this single song gives me hope for the future. <3

  24. GRaffPictures

    which girl is singing in this one?

  25. Leah Moore

    oh shitt! I've loved this song forever!

  26. Constantine Domain

    @mandyBH Well either way she shouldn't sing then simple.

  27. Julia Modesto

    I like this song! It makes me happy :D ...any way, u know? I LOOK LIKE KIM POSSIBLE!!! Visit my channel and add me as your friend if u want ^.^

  28. MusicLover366

    @EOTDvictim Yep!

  29. Spryng Wadsworth

    i love this song but wat about June, July,August,September,October,November, & DEcember? lol

  30. VKnowles Mashups

    @jorgequiza it is. The album is "Pop Til You Drop" C:

  31. LilDaniiBoo

    i luv this song

  32. nsyncfan1998

    this year i'm gonna find love can you guess who it is it's Nicholas gene carter

  33. Jorge Quiza

    this isn't a-teens

  34. Vayeya

    @kyliebubblegum A teens

  35. missdancerfreak95

    i really like this song it kinda explains how i want to change this year

  36. MCPrincess1995

    Happy New year

  37. Manda Panda

    @blackvenomnicole I heard sara was sick when she did this song.

  38. Constantine Domain

    i luv this song marie sound soo good but sara not soo much im not trying to sound mean but sara need some vocal lessons.