A-Teens - In The Blink Of An Eye Lyrics

Is there something I can do?
You broke your heart into
Many pieces
Now you gotta put it back again

Now when you're trying to make it through
And you're feeling kinda blue
I'll be there to tell you
That things will change

When you turn around
All the tears will dry
Whatever was lost
Will be found
In the blink of an eye
When you're losing ground
Hold your head up high
Whatever was lost
Will be found
In the blink of an eye

Hey I know I should be sinkin deep
I know I ought to weep
Like a baby
But it's really not that bad
Cause when my heart was achin'
When my world was shakin'
You were there to tell me
That things will change


I thought my heart was on the mend
Now I'm falling for a friend
Someone who was there
When things were changing

In the blink of an eye
Everything changes
In the blink of an eye
What's lost can be found


When you turn around
All the tears will dry
Whatever was lost will be found
In the blink of an eye

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A-Teens In The Blink Of An Eye Comments
  1. MARIO C

    2019 😍😍😍😍

  2. Mie Mie Aye Mra Tha

    2019 <3

  3. Phương Anh Trần

    This is the first song my ex sent me. Through all these years, eventhough he went away, this song still reminds me of him everytime I hear it. I miss you, B.

    Norodin Abas Jr.

    Phương Anh Trần www dai buo MTV 4234 6789 &:@tiger?

  4. Fritz Laguna

    2017 :)

  5. Sabrina Valiente

    perfect song 😍

  6. Rabbi Rahman

    it is song's summer

  7. Filip Paulovic

    No to neno možné

  8. ZimZum4ever

    tanhx for the lyrics , i like so much this song =)

  9. MLiina02

    Still here in 2013!!

  10. SuperAlleykat22

    i miss them haha they were awesome

  11. poemeh Chit

    I Love it.<3

  12. poemeh Chit

    NIce Song.....^ ^

  13. poemeh Chit

    I LOve This Song....<3

  14. BitchSlaper!

    i still in 2012!!!!!

  15. Lenassy

    I'm on 2012 ;)

  16. Mayo Minoza

    like like like =]

  17. cutie123471

    omg I love this song it has a great melody it reminds me of britney spears' born to make you happy.

  18. Monica Marcus


  19. Alvaro Eduardo

    This song is so nice, loved it

  20. clairedemidova

    The last part of the song made me want to write a comment. When one person who I loved left, my friend was there for me and I fell for her but then she left me too. Not such an optimistic ending as in the song:(

  21. Christine H

    haha i found this because i have to do a project for school where i need a theme and then i have to support that theme with 4 pieces of original writing and then another 2 of anything else.....
    .....my theme is "Life can change in the blink of an eye.." i think im doing this song, lol!

  22. nsyncfan1998

    i found my old childhood crush on facebook i am falling in love with him again i love you so much micheal

  23. Mathew Tucker

    This song has a lot of meaning to me. Don't wanna leave a really long comment, but whenever I felt like everything was hopeless, I'd listen to this song and the message it gave made me push through everything that I felt I couldn't. I really love this song.

  24. Inna Reznik

    More ppl. should listen to this song...ITS GREAAATTTTTT!!!!!!! lol...

  25. Inna Reznik

    I really love this song! <333

  26. Tina V

    omg fan of randomnessred head im one toooooooo!

  27. Nadia Vargas

    i *heart* this song