A-Teens - I Promised Myself Lyrics

I promised myself
I promised I'd wait for you
The midnight hour
I know you'll shine on through
I promised myself
I promised the world to you
I gave you flowers
You made my dreams come true
How many of us out there
Feel the need to run and look for shelter

I promised myself
That I'd say a prayer for you
A brand new tomorrow
Where all you wish comes true
I promised myself
(I promised, I Promised)
That I'd make it up to you
My sister and brother
Know I'm in love with you

How many of us out there
Feel the pain of losing what was once there
God I know what people say about her
No mistake, who can live without love
I promised myself
(I promised, I promised)

In the midnight hour I will wait for you
(For you)
I will wait for you
(I will wait, yeah)
I will wait for you
(I will wait for you)
In the midnight hour I will wait for you
I will wait for you
(I will wait for you)
I will wait for you
(I will wait for you)

I promised myself
(I promised)
I promised I'd wait for you
(I promised I do, I do)
The midnight hour
(I promised, I promised)
I know you'll shine on through
(I know you'll shine on through)
I promised myself
(I promised, I promised)
I promised the world to you
(I promised the world to you)
I gave you flowers
(Flowers, flowers)
You made my dreams come true
(You made my dreams come true)

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A-Teens I Promised Myself Comments
  1. Rocofu C

    Cuando MTV era el mejor canal de música

  2. Rocofu C

    Cuanto recuerdo del bachillerato 🥰

  3. Septon Sephgreiafield

    If I could go back in time, I wanna peek back to my teenage self. Where there were no worries unlike this adulthood that gives me a lot of pain. I miss you my teenage self. Oh btw, future self, I'm waiting for you to save me from this mud life i am now.

  4. jessica alvizar

    woooow que recuerdos

  5. Hussein Santiago vazquez

    Diciembre 2019 jajaja

  6. Geri Ford

    Awwww. This make me cry! Love you guys! You were one of my favorite groups! I will always be a Ateens fan forever!!♥️♥️♥️♥️

  7. hervé BOCQUET

    bonne reprise  de  nick kamen :)

  8. Joseph Garrison


  9. Hector Wilfredo Eca Saba

    From Peru ...
    Capital Lima
    Provincia Callao
    Distrito BELLAVISTA
    Urbanización Ciudad del pescador

  10. Hector Wilfredo Eca Saba

    Good and exit in their music...

  11. Roman Dvořáček

    moc pekny

  12. Alexandra Nánai-Hutton

    So I forgot his name but the blonde guy is exactly same age as me (minus 1 day) and looks exactly like my son. Mom nostalgy about the past and wondering about the future :)

  13. Tavo Tamez

    Simplemente encantadores

  14. Henio

    Atens i głową na znak zodiaku jedziemy do utworu w zakresie ochrony teledysku ośmiornica się żeni tak pyta facet faceta który jest de best niepowtarzalny charakter tylko orientacyjny cennik i nic więcej ok 💯🌟🌙🎼🎶🎻⚽✡️120%sukces murowany śnieg na świecie 🔥 ogień macie jakieś pomysły na teledysk ⚽🌟🌟🌏🎹🐬🏔️🇲🇨🇨🇫🈲💶

  15. Ricardo Bermudez

    Los años pasan los recursos quedan que buena generación de música se extrañan a este tipo de bandas musicales

  16. Ricardo Bermudez

    Que buena música la extraño slp México

  17. woman dance acosta

    Linda musica

  18. Alister Augustine


  19. Rodrigo Mendoza

    Los escuchaba porque cantaban las canciones de abba que dificil emular al famoso cuarteto por mas que la musica sea sofisticada y lo otro era simple.

  20. Yazmina Fernandez

    Noviembre 2019 💗como se extraña este Grupo 😭


    This version is for me better than original 🙂

  22. Queen Sabina


  23. SuperAleeff

    Remix version https://youtu.be/49N0RBTxIg4

  24. Gilberto Mendoza


  25. Arjey zz

    Es un buen cover..pero lo original no lo supera ninguno

  26. ТЕКСТ & more LETRAS

    Did anyone else cry too?

  27. Chelsey Linden

    Is anyone still listening in 2019?

  28. Charles Kim

    I promised myself I would stop playing this a million times.......

  29. Sasi Chiba

    25 Oct 2019!!!!

  30. Likedbymany

    1:26 that looks like the guy from degrassi who was a triplet lol

  31. Marlèn Alòs

    Últimamente he estado tan mal, que esta canción me motiva a reaccionar para bien

  32. Theronizer Thesecond

    I miss this group! They had a very nice idea!

  33. Kevin Bölling

    I love the choreo at the music-part so much! <3

  34. focusin89

    Faraona hermosa quiero salir en su videooo

  35. Maria Elena Musardo

    La canzone è di Nick Kamen ed è pure vecchiotta.

  36. Gui Nunes Novaes

    2019 live

  37. Megan McKnight

    I do love when the boys pointed to the girls sign annoyingly hilariously though it was hilarious

  38. Raul Calva

    Quien le da likes a esta rola y seguimos para el 2020

  39. Sun Sun

    Nick Kamen is so better!

  40. Ronaldo Natal

    And more time, A Teen destroy a music.

  41. Alvin manaog

    Many Latino popular this song by there comments lol ...by the way its popular in 1998 in Philippines ... I could imagine where they are now ....you know they're not teen now ...

  42. kings Chocolats

    realmente son cansones

  43. Rick Nesar

    Swedish kids

  44. vi p

    My whole childhood. I'm glad that when I was a little kid my dad just listened to them and so many other old songs, that made me who I am. Even tho I listen to KPop now, I still love them with my whole heart and it makes my music taste, bc I do not just like those typicsl Bops. I'm so thankful for you!
    Your 14 y.o. Fan from Germany!💗

  45. Anny D

    Mein Gott ist das lange her. Gute alte Zeit 😉

  46. Nia Bearman

    What happen to them now??

  47. Daniel Cedeño Díaz

    2019 - September ??

  48. Aly Soza

    Es como si en esta cancion se fuera toda esa epoca tan linda cuando existian los sueños la imaginacion el amor sano e inocente el respeto ala mujer ojala volviera aser asi denuevo.

  49. secretly inlove b. falc

    I miss the 2000s a teens wa famous here in the Philippines

  50. Jaclyn Schilt

    This is by far their best video

  51. Michael De Jesus

    love this video!

  52. EvanS FrancO

    Me acuerdo que compre el disco por la canción Dancing Queen.. y terminó gustándome todo!!!
    Tan solo hace 19 años !!!!
    Sin duda uno de los grupos que más nostalgia me traen...

  53. Yo soy Jose Angel

    Quien viendolo el Septiembre 2019...?

  54. Elias Maldonado Valle

    Lo maximo......No sabia que existia, primera vez que veo este video y me parecio lo mejor de lo mejor. Two thumbs up!

  55. The Winter Brigade

    best song ever

  56. Jean Goldberg

    Please release this song on spotify or Apple music in the US.....my all time favorite of theirs and can only listen to it via Youtube is a shame.

  57. Maarit Kurttio

    Hyvää #biisi 🎶🎶💕🎶

  58. Michelle Lawless

    Wish this was on iTunes

  59. Dave McKenzie

    I Promised Myself....that I say a A Prayer 4 U,

    I Promised Myself ....that I'd Still Laugh on seeing my Past self....so tht my fans don't know how much I cried myself...

    I Promised Myself...tht even if I knew that this'd b my last outing, I'll go with a Bang of Hope.

    I Promise that I'd wait for you...I'd say a Prayer for y'all...fans n performers alike

    I Promise I do I do I do I do...... 😔😢😰

  60. Carg

    2019 🙋 I promise you that I want to cry right now! this video is unforgettable to my heart and to my adolescence 😭

  61. Tvjunkieful12

    Originally a song performed by Nick Kamen in the 80`s.

  62. meliton guadalupe delgado vega

    A mi me encantaban desde que salierieron pero esta cancion la conocia por bashunter

  63. Charmedchosen1

    This is basically a farewell music video...😢

  64. Andy Xinnis

    Juventud.... Adiós 😏👈

  65. Mighty Mouse

    I think it would have been more more poignant if they hadn't of danced. Only in the flashbacks and instead simply spent the video enjoying what was left of their time as old friends who were parting

  66. Fatiha LG

    i promised all good people who have a great hearts 💚💚💚💚💚💚

  67. christophe pain

    Go Out ! I want Nick!

  68. Pao Zara

    How many of us out there in 2019?

    Chelsey Linden

    Pao Zara Me! 🙋🏻‍♀️

    Марина Иванова

    видимо у всех в рекомендациях

  69. El Cazalla


  70. eflores711

    2019 y aún sigo aquí escuchándolos :) los extraño!!

  71. Krystyna R


  72. Joseph Garrison


  73. Khalil Prado

    It's amazing how it feels like they're just there in their past MVs

  74. Colossal Blur

    This track was the newest single of their greatest hits, when it was released then. I still have this record and the album before it. It's 2019 and I still love this so much, that it brought me chills listening and remembering!! I love you guys so much!!

  75. Micaela Echebeste goyeneche

    Estos también cantan muy bien siempre en grupo suele ser mejor son magníficos me encantan a Mi la música me apasiona saludos...

  76. Anna Babenko

    ocean blood anna tecna
    good buy

  77. Kenneth Garcia

    Still coming back to support A*Teens in 2019 <3

  78. Derek Medina


  79. Anna Babenko

    yes i am anna ruth christmas

    Anna Babenko

    no ruth

  80. Anna Babenko

    anna skip beat valory pierce mela lee

  81. Anna Babenko

    anna babenko sui diaspro

    Anna Babenko

    fairy power of dance

  82. Carmen Neri


  83. add19455

    Me acuerdo en 2004 cuando en MTV los pasaron en un segmento que se llamaba PUTEA, que horrible. Nadie dijo nada bueno sobre ellos. Y al dia siguiente entraron al puesto 9 de los diez mas pedidos.

  84. Zanbar Bone

    I love this song (no homo)

  85. thomas nixon

    just stop voting for Trump~

  86. Oslan Silva

    Lindos! 2019


    q nostalgia

  88. Adrián Vázquez

    Best of the best

  89. Khairullah Azman

    2019 i still like this song ...

  90. SatuneruKissu

    2019 I promise myself.

  91. Wanessa Arcanjo

    Pop anos 90

  92. Charles B

    2019 👍🏻 de la niñez a la adultes. Cuanto me gustaría volver a ser niño 😢 .

  93. Marlèn Alòs

    2019.... I'm still crying 😢