A-Teens - Hi And Goodbye Lyrics

I see you walking down the street
I catch your eye before we meet
But you look down to check your feet
I wish I'd say are you okay?
You're looking better everyday
But I just smile and walk away
Why did two lovers
End up like strangers
When did we stop seeing eye to eye

Everyday you took my breath away
But now theres no reply
Only hi, goodbye
Like a dream come true
When it was me and you
Now I just don't know why
We say hi and
Hi and goodbye
(Hi and goodbye)

I know it sounds like a cliche
But when I pass our old cafe
It always feels like yesterday (like yesterday)
We shared a blanket in the cold
To give a promise made of gold
We had a deal through heart and soul
Why did two lovers
End up like strangers
When did we stop seeing eye to eye


I remember the way
We always had words to say
And nothing could tear us apart
I knew you by heart
We were eye to eye
Now we're only hi and goodbye
(Hi and goodbye)


Hi and goodbye (goodbye)
Hi and goodbye
Hi and goodbye (ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh)
Hi and goodbye (goodbye)

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A-Teens Hi And Goodbye Comments
  1. Nepuni Lokho

    Heard this song for the first time in 2004 when I was in high school. Truly a beautiful song. Takes me back to my high school days every time I listen to this. 😢
    Listening on 2nd January 2020.

  2. adinda setyawan

    July 2019

  3. Davit Psm

    I like this song

  4. Magdalena Brudniak

    This is beautiful song.🙂 Catchy tune.😉

  5. Adu Kfo

    If im right i heard this song first on the year 2000. How time fly!!!

  6. John Dean

    I love this song. It is probably my second favourite, after half way around the world.

  7. Agrel Retegui

    This song means so much to me and when I fell in love for the first time it was magic.

  8. Corina Canon

    Me encantó ésta canción

    Adrian Cajavilca

    Corina Canon estamos igual,muy directa

  9. rlrnen84


  10. badlady468

    This song is like how I'm feeling right now

  11. PinKAYE cuTV

    Love it much ! ^_^

  12. Sebastian Witukiewicz

    Nice song, good lyrics. I feel here young spirit.

  13. Antonio Carriedo

    When did we stop seeing eye to eye...?

  14. Summer

    Glad I came across this song, I never knew it existed! Some fan I am. :P This is such a beautiful song. Thank you for uploading!

  15. zuzukiah

    Such a beautiful song.... Love it.... ^_^ Thx 4 uploading this !!!

  16. TurquioseVampire

    have not herd this song in soo long and yet i know all the lyrics wow

    Lal Hmangaihzuala

    same here...

  17. Zhang Tina

    I love this song~~~~~~

  18. Huong Pham

    Love this song! thank u!

  19. Anne S

    i sill love this song.. a*teens forever... thanks for such a lovely music.... love is pain

  20. darthlives4ever

    OMG catchy tune but deeply depressing!!!!!

  21. kemtourangbam

    nice song........... loved it,,,

  22. kemtourangbam

    nice song...........

  23. Hùng Đào

    dooc 132- day