A-Teens - Heartbreak Lullaby Lyrics

Heartbreak lullaby...
In the still of the night,
I can almost feel you lying next to me,
Like it used to be,
And its hard to let go,
When there's always something there reminding me,
How things could be,
I've tried to get you off my mind,
I've tried to play my part,
But everytime I close my eyes,
You're still inside my heart,
Why can't I laugh?
Why must I cry?
Everytime we say good-bye,
Why does it rain,
Here in my heart,
Everyday that we're apart,
Why can't it be,
Just you and me,
What will it take to make you see,
These are the words,
To my Heartbreak Lullaby,
Like the stars in the sky,
You still keep on shining down you're light on me,
But out of reach,
And I know that in time,
You will come back to your senses,
See the signs,
And change your mind,
I try to look the other way,
And keep my heart on hold,
But everytime I'm close to you,
I lose my self-control,
Why can't I laugh?
Why must I cry?
Everytime we say good-bye,
Why does it rain,
Here in my heart,
Everyday that we're apart,
Why can't it be,
Just you and me,
What will it take to make you see,
These are the words,
To my Heartbreak Lullaby,
Why can't I laugh?
Why must i cry?
Give me just one good reason why..
Why does it rain
Here in my heart,
Everyday that we're apart,
Why can't it be,
Just you and me,
What will it take to make you see,
These are the words,
To my Heartbreak Lullaby,

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A-Teens Heartbreak Lullaby Comments
  1. BNO97 !

    The blonde is the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen

  2. Juan Víctor Facundo Vásquez Caycho

    My favorite! Me me me!

  3. scar89

    Boah! Haven't heared that song for almost 18 years. Crazy.

  4. Debra O'Donnell

    Always loved them but I think Marie loves herself a bit to much

  5. Milton javier Castro Rosano

    hola buenas energías.Desempolvando recuerdos Y actualizado nuevos desde Montevideo Uruguay saludos MJ 12

  6. Wanascylla Lavigne

    Anyone else in 2019?

    Norodin Abas Jr.

    Wanascylla Lavigne www dai buo MTV 1234 6789 &:@tiger?

  7. james Park

    Could somebody write lyrics?
    I like so much this song

  8. Eduardo Castro

    2019 and this song still a bop!

  9. screw your feelings

    my favorite of their songs. What is your favorite part of the video? 1:46

  10. Chellter Dante

    Anne Hathaway 💗💗💗

  11. Giovanni Salamon

    The Table 19 movie (2017) -- song reminds me of this movie I watched about a month or so ago.

  12. Dionella De Los Angeles

    my childhood alive :D

  13. Emman Reyes

    Am I the only one that prefer the ballad version?

  14. Michelle To

    so much memories all piled up into this song. i remember listening to this in middle school and now princess diaries 3 is in the making. time truly goes by really fast when you least expect it.

  15. cibersapiens iconoclastadelsiglo21

    Esto si era originalmente muy fina y buena musica, al igual que M2M..... mis respetos y admiracion total a estos grandes genios del ayer.....sin embargo escuche la musica de hoy, haga comparacion y cuanta mierda encontrara en ella, mas que abominable!....ugh!!

    pero gracias Ateen, gracias,gracias,
    billones de gracias infinitas por siempre!! ^_^ ♥♥♡

  16. JWJ


  17. M Fairlypink

    I didn’t know that😭

  18. Celeste MarBec

    2019 still loving it like crazy!

  19. Sokrates

    I cant understand why this song sucks so much

    Kostas Gounakis

    Your music taste sucks. This song is honestly ;)

  20. sergey derkach

    Шикарная молодёжная группа! Смотря на них, вижу свою молодость! Как быстро проходит время, все меняется, как калейдоскоп! Надо ценить каждый прожитый день в этом прекрасном мире! Спасибо этим молодым ребятам за их красивые песни!


    Полностью согласен.

  21. steven durrant

    pure pop

  22. EdunchiVEVO

    The key change, so early 2000's

  23. Klaus Czerwinski

    The best song from A-Teens

    cibersapiens iconoclastadelsiglo21

    Yhs it is!

  24. Nick Aguilera

    I'm crazy about Marie, she's so perfect!!!.The most beautiful woman in the whole world!!! 😍😍😍

  25. Nick Aguilera

    Marie's unbelievable beauty just drives me crazy!!!.She's so perfect and angelic, a real princess my God!!! 😍😍😍

  26. Eloise A Disney Nerd

    Why didn't A*Teens make it big in Australia i love these guys.

  27. Marcelo Gimenez

    Amit,dani,marie,sara concha como tu cara😁

  28. Magdalena Brudniak

    W czasach szkolnych to był mój ulubiony zespół.A piosenka jest bardzo melodyjna.

  29. jayson anderson

    Marie and Sara Look Beautiful and Dhani and Amit Look Cool.

  30. jayson anderson

    I hope the A*Teens reunite soon.

  31. camila rosas

    this cool

  32. Melina Chu

    My biggest memory of this song is my little sister sining and dancing this and I just seeing this, I just see that she is not my little girl anymore :')

  33. Mr. Bomerang

    A*Teens my childhood and adulthood ^^

  34. Bastion Sea

    One of my favorite movies, but I don't remember this song anywhere 😮

  35. Devin A.

    Describes my life

  36. John Dean

    Who ever did this video missed alot of lyrics out, and the lyrics they did put up half of them were wrong.

  37. smile jackson

    la rubia no es la aue ase mi amiga pa sirena?

  38. Jayson Anderson

    Marie Serneholt is Beautiful.
    Sara Lumholdt is Pretty and Sexy.
    Dhani Lennevald is very Cool dude.
    and Amit Paul is Good Looking dude.

  39. Jayson Anderson

    The A*teens are good Singers.
    They Sing so nicely.

  40. Natalia Silva

    I swear this used to be my anthem when I had my first heartbreak at 18😄😄

  41. Leonard Santos

    this is your best

  42. Jesus Andrade

    los primeros K-pop? jajaja

  43. tropicalheat. ws

    i luuuuuv this song. the upbeat cover is the BEST.should be on spotify.

  44. JazzyTeeSings

    This song and music video used to make me cry when I was 9, lol. Now it's just cute and cheesy. But I still love this song and miss them. I met them a few times and they were really nice.

  45. Mr. Bomerang

    I cannot remember and count exactly how many times have I listened to this song . all I know A*Teens' songs will stay 4ever in my heart !!!! A*Teens members and songs are the greatest and the best things in this entire life of mine .

  46. Mr. Bomerang

    this song brings back many good memories . every time I listen to this , I really want A*Teens to come back so badly 😂

  47. Mr. Bomerang

    2017, I still love this song so much !!! why can't I laugh , why must I cry every time we say goodbye . why does it rain here in my heart everyday that we''re apart. !!!

  48. Gaby NM

    putz minha infância essa música.. ❤😍

  49. Megan McKnight

    Fricken Loved the A Teens! I still fricken love them To this day!

  50. David Israel

    The ballad is better I think

    Emman Reyes

    Suits the lyrics better

  51. Guilherme

    15 YEARS ago...! Damm, im getting old LOL

  52. Matt Hutcherson

    Wait, this song was in the Princess Diaries? When?


    I don't think it was actually IN the movie, it was probably just a promo thing.

    Megan McKnight

    snowytiger:No it was probably
    In the Europe&Asia versions of the movie since it's on their soundtrack since the us and Latin America versions of the movie and soundtrack were released while this song was still being made since us released the movie July 29th,2001 and the soundtrack on July 24,2001 where as this song was released December 10,2001.

    Eloise A Disney Nerd

    for Europe and Asia only it appeared on the soundtrack i think as a bonus track.

    Chelsey Linden

    Trenton D What do you mean by "Every 'Other' version."?

  53. holly pietrzak

    aaron carter at 1:38

    Megan McKnight

    holly pietrzak:that's not Aaron carter it's one of the members of A Teens(Dhani Lennevald) Singing at 1:38.

    holly pietrzak

    how do you know its not aaron carter?

    Sunshine and Sassy Pants

    Because that's really Ross Lynch at 1:38!

    (Seriously can't tell if you're trolling...) o_O"

  54. CosmicLover8

    I'm 26 and I still love this song lolThe love will never fade, this is one of my favourite break up songs

  55. Quoc Cuong Nguyen

    We can hear some songs like this to the last.

  56. Belenciia

    parece una cancion de la navidad
    pero es linda y la peli tambien ....Marie es casi una diosa,. no entiendo como no triunfó mundialmente...seguramente en Europa son todos asi y aqui es la tipica giri
    Anne Hathaway preciosa y excelente actriz., pero no le gana en belleza a MArie

  57. Ajmusicboyxxx

    Back when gangnam style did not exist but songs were great back then

  58. Escribo asi PAC

    marie is so beauty!!

    petar grahovac

    +Patsy pak Marie Zelemrelow is one of the beautiful womans on the world

    Escribo asi PAC

    Yes!!! Is beautifull of course !

    petar grahovac

    +ChaoticArray Serneholt, aplogise...

  59. MARIO C

    Niñez, adolescencia... nostalgia


    can someone tell me the name of the movie

  61. micky angel Samamé salvador

    se me vienen lindos recuerdo de aquellos años ...muy  buena cancion 

  62. Kyosuke700

    They are way better than the s club

    Megan McKnight

    Kyosuke700:S Club if I remember correctly were a group of all girls

    I am your Mother do as I say

    Megan McKnight no

  63. StacysSerenity

    such memories!!

  64. OnyxKoalaCatBear24

    It's so stupid that you can't get this song on iTunes in America.

    Megan McKnight

    OnyxKoalaCatBear24:probably because it's for the princess diaries but then it's only apart of the Europe&Asia version soundtracks for the Princess diaries since the American&latin America versions of the princess diaries were released before this song was made. And probably because A Teens are a Swedish music group

  65. Alvaro Andias

    If this song is sad, why do they seem to be happy in the video?

    Dreaming Dan

    Cause love is bitter-sweet. ;) 

    Mario Chavz

    @Alvaro Andías Because they are Teens. :)

    Megan McKnight

    Alvaro Andias:Probably because it's suppose to be a half happy half sad song.

    I am your Mother do as I say

    Darth Cactus hahahaha

  66. Christine Pham

    So long ago...

  67. gwtw99

    Amit & Marie and Dhani & Sara are so cute together !! ♥

    Наташа Романофф

    And I like the pair Dhani and Marie,Sara and Amit!As it looks better!💝🌷

    Kayleigh Natasha

    Dhani and Sara used to date

  68. Orlando Nuñez

    amo esta cancion

  69. Vulez Vulez

    I'm still your BIG FAN though you disbanded so long...
    I'm finding lots of lost memories hearing this song. Crying happily.

    Alison O'sullivan

    ẞícktjpsick zhô could jàrm ñaby

    Alison O'sullivan

    Telling good nót feel líkk he hér helpíng good nóut time left zpesjertímñówpleadr dónt lísten too my gíckéd ípbraín bit ñaby stif ímçeas that be yóu kok

  70. Larry Katil Channel

    i love u ateens.

  71. Eduardo Jesus

    I love Princess Diaries

  72. crivero02

    Buen trabajo de recopilación de vídeos de A*Teens me a dado otra idea de edición gracias Carlos RCA/13

  73. Alexis Emans

    A*Teens 3333

  74. Subhamsha Dhungel

    i get goosebumps when I hear this song...........

  75. Alvaro Eduardo


  76. Blade

    What a gem. I'll never understand why this wasn't on the American version of the Princess Diaries soundtrack :(

    Megan McKnight

    Hannah Cornett:The American version of the princess diaries was already released when this song was made if they would of waited longer to release the princess diaries in the us and Latin America then it would be on those soundtracks as well.Princess diaries was released On July 29,2001 and August 3rd 2001 for the parts of the US. Where as Europe&Asia had the princess diaries movie a little bit later plus the us and Latin America soundtrack versions for the princess diaries was released on July 24,2001 the song was not released until December 10,2001.

  77. Tran Donnie

    Why can't I laugh?
    Why must i cry?
    Give me just one good reason why..
    Why does it rain
    Here in my heart,
    Everyday that we're apart...

    Gosh I love this part ♥

  78. scr1231

    Wow it's a beautiful video for them.

  79. Mario Chavz


  80. rime

    I think Sara and Dhanni make a perfect couple and then Marie and Amit are adorable together!!!

    Наташа Романофф

    And I like the pair Dhani and Marie,Sara and Amit!As it looks better!

  81. Mimmo Esposito

    che belli e....bravi. Ritornate

  82. Draco Dragon

    to me it seems a-teens always sung songs from the heart. i can tell they put there real emotions into it, whether written by them or some one else. a true singer knows how to add the voice to make the song make you feel like you are actually in the moment

  83. Mihai

    i like very much to watch and listen this video. allthough i'm 40yo, when i watch it i'm like 18 again in my mind ... all of them are so nice and cool . i hope that they are able to feel and have a happy life. all the best!

  84. littlemisslenny13

    Wow I'm a moron. When I was little my aunt and I used to fight over Dhanni, and he's cute don't get me wrong, but oh my god Amit <3 why did I not realize it sooner, he's FINE. lol

    Megan McKnight

    littlemisslenny13:probably because you and your aunt were fighting over Dhani that you didn't take the time to notice Amit until now

  85. Bella Madden Kaulitz Origliasso

    this song is great~! :)))) i love it~! xDD

  86. gunbuck7

    Just stunning!

  87. punroxy2012

    They're all so pretty :( jealous!

  88. Ayyy doll fiddler!

    I thought the brunette looks prettier AND charming. The blonde one looks too ordinary for me.

    Megan McKnight

    Vosloff:they have names the brunette is Sara and the blonde is Marie.

  89. Withme Whostoned

    cheesy but catchy, still loving it.

  90. The Unnoticed Profile

    this is so cheesy

  91. KJCalijan

    i love this song :)) PRINCESS DIARIES <3

  92. angelonmr1

    im in the weird part of youtube again

  93. patrollini road

    i used to love this group

  94. BURN720

    did this song for the movie?!
    I had no idea about this song, this is the first time I ever heard it,
    now this makes me wonder what other songs I'm missing from
    A*teens, I love their music, it will never get old for me

    Megan McKnight

    BURN20:sadly it did get old since the A Teens disbanded in 2004 and they come from 1998 they are also Swedish and no this song was not in the princess diaries at least not the us and Latin America versions it was in the Europe/Asia versions of the princess diaries but the us and Latin America one was already released by the time this song was made

  95. Constantine Domain

    Wow Marie the blonde is really bautiful and I love her eyes.

  96. Dan b

    dislike dislike jk, just my opinion, dont hate

  97. Alvaro Eduardo

    @elgranhermano9 Sin mucho exito como solistas, un fraude ahora, deberian volver