A-Teens - Closer To Perfection Lyrics

Clo-ser, to-to perfection
Clo-ser, to-to perfection

Closed every door
Puttin' everything aside
Hooked onto you
And my life was passing by
I stood in a cloud of dust
Blinded till you cut me off

I'm back in the light
Getting over you
Now I got it together
I'm stronger than ever
Back on a track with a better view
And I'm getting closer to perfection
Cause of you

Clo-ser, to-to perfection
Gone in a beat
Suddenly out of my sight
Shook me around
Like a thunder bolting strike
I stand in the light of faith
I thank you in so many ways


Closer perfection cause of you
(dont-dont-dont-dont-dont-dont-dont-get-get-get-get-get) [x2]

All the things I wouldn't do
Without holding onto you
Lost in the dark
Til you left me with a clue

[Chorus x2]

And I'm getting closer to perfection
Cause of you

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A-Teens Closer To Perfection Comments
  1. Melanie Long

    My best friend killed himself and this was one of the last things he listened to. I found it on his Spotify playlist. It sounds like a silly pop song, but the lyrics really described the struggles I faced with his death, and with picking myself back up, and becoming the best person I can be. Love you Jeffrey.

  2. Allan M. Hanson

    The 80's pop is Perfection that's why they are closer to timeless Perfection 😍

  3. APK Kostenlos

    fantastiskt svenks

  4. Jack Martin

    Their songs were so ahead of the times, still sounds so fresh

    Allan M. Hanson

    This album wasn't following trendy sounds, they just did a bunch of songs how they like and trying to find a unique sound. Nobody cared about the 80's in the 00's and the result was an 80's masterpiece.

  5. Blake K

    I wish I wrote this song ..... this song hits home for me .... my best friend stabbed me in the back but introduced me to music before doing so ..... long story short music has changed my life ...... I'm eventually going into a music career (hopefully all pans out)

    Joseph Ward

    Exactly. Everyone's been stabbed in the back at some point in their lives.

  6. Stitch260

    Another of my favorite songs from them. So many memories! :'(

  7. Sebastian Ramirez

    this was in 2002, but sounds like 2012!!!

  8. 1990animegirl1

    LOVE THIS SONG!!!! one of my personal favorites, its so catchy! i love A*Teens. this song would be perfect as an anime theme song, but that just my opinion! again, love this song!!!

  9. Denis CORONEL

    que recuerdos!

  10. Timothy Anderson

    This is easily one of the best songs of all time.

  11. stealthis

    this is easily one of their best. The synths are amazing, I also LOVE the lower vocal on the chorus. I really wish it was emphasized more.

    Vagner Prado

    That's Amit Paul! I also love the lower vocals, they're perfect.


    @Vagner Prado LOVE his vocals on pretty much any A*Teens song. The way he and the other 3 members' voices mesh so well on all of their different tracks? I miss A*Teens.

  12. abstractionmusic

    My fave A*Teens tune. That change at 0.55 is genius - you can hear more than a little Max Martin influence.