A - Starbucks Lyrics

She's over it, she cannot take no more yeah
Don't wanna quit but that's a pretty nice door yeah
I got a bed, it really cost a fortune
I go away and it's too big without you
You've got it good, you know how good we've got it
You've got it bad, you know how bad we've got it

I wouldn't swap it for a job in Starbucks
Wouldn't swap it for a job in Starbucks

Come on, you can have your own way
Come on, you can have your own say
So long, I'll miss him when he's gone
You don't know what it is, you don't know what it is yeah

He works on automatic
Mr. Clean but i doubt it
He's got to have his say
Who needs him anyway?

Don't get your kind of music
He lets the others choose it
He thinks you kids are freaks
He wants you on the streets

Come on, you can have your own way
Come on, you can have your own say
So long, I'll miss him when he's gone
You don't know what it is, you don't know what it is yeah

Come on, you can have your own way
Come on, you can have your own say
So long, I'll miss him when he's gone

You don't know what it does to me
You don't know what it means to me

I take it as far as it goes
(I don't wanna know what I know)
It's too late to talk about it
I ain't changing any of it
Don't listen to us

Don't want your job in Starbucks
Don't want your job in Starbucks
Don't want your job in Starbucks
Don't want your job in Starbucks

Come on, you can have your own way
Come on, you can have your own say
So long, you miss it when it's gone
You don't know what it is, you don't know what it is yeah

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A Starbucks Comments
  1. Bill Peschel

    I'll bet they don't tip the barista at Starbucks.

  2. Lam YL

    After 12years ago,still listening to this song

  3. 歪果忍

    Come from QQspeed

    Jack Ni

    歪果忍 sameee

  4. Cyrus The Mask

    18 years ago and this and Nothing still never age.

  5. C C

    I mean, I knew this was absolute shit at the time - but I didnt realise that the singer was actually really old!! He was like in his mid 30s when this came out!! "Greetings fellow kids!!"

  6. john

    Great album very very good

  7. zhibin tang

    You guys don't know how popular this song is in China.



    Connor Smart

    The whole band are in their mid to late 40's two of them are the frontmans brothers. What a moronic comment 🙈🙈

  9. 黎圣


  10. 黎圣




  11. johnskyrim

    Casually listening to this song, then hear the part at the end and think that's familiar? holy shit, Urban Chaos Videos!

  12. Ninis Shi

    le bon vieux temps....love it

  13. thehidropony

    i was so happy when this shit was on mtv2 all day :(
    miss the old days!!

  14. Sven Puškarić

    Just discovered this awesome band... FUCK YEAH

  15. TheUnusualWallaby

    Is it the intro from "The Offspring-Have You Ever"? o.0

  16. 666_TheSuperScaryMonster_666

    Funny bugger ;)

  17. Szaam

    It's so shit not being young anymore.

  18. Martine

    I don't know if my humor is just really bad, but this made me laugh so much that I cried :D

  19. Rob Wheeler

    There's nothing like good music.

    And this is nothing like good music....

  20. insidesteplab

    good music, this album was ok but hey, worst name ever for A band :)

  21. Sam Earl

    saw em live before they split.....awesome band!

  22. JamCheesy

    Oh man, I haven't heard this song in years and I still remember it so vividly

  23. El Piojo Dr Music

    A - nothing
    A- Starbucks

    music hard dificulty to find in ares but is 90's music
    old school

  24. Natalie Milne

    He could be ;)

  25. alwayssum41

    Bring back so many memories i was like 16. I also was so frustrated when they had to cancel their show in a french fest in 2002.... Hi-Fi Serious is a great album, i still have it and now while listening to this i guess i have to put back the CD in my stereo ! :D

  26. Steve H

    You know what is better than working at starbucks? A

  27. Rowan The Almighty

    List of "A" songs on the "Serious" album:
    1) Nothing
    2) Something's Going On
    3) 6 O'Clock on a Tube Stop
    4) Going Down
    5) Took It Away
    6) Starbucks
    7) The Springs
    8) Shut Yer Face
    9) Pacific Ocean Bull
    10) The Distance
    11) Why Don't You Cry About It
    12) Hi-Fi Serious
    13) Champions of Endings

    Enjoy! :D

  28. A Hambleton

    search for ''hi-fi serious''

  29. Lorenshyne

    :D Looking back, i rememer i kept saying to my friends that im an A fan. But they didnt care. they played it down

  30. Lorenshyne

    After this im going to hear a P.O.D. song

  31. nicinabox

    Really? I always thought they had a Feeder/ American Hi-fi/ Jimmy Eat World kick about them.

  32. Emily Mae

    Once upon a time, music channels played music, rather than TV shows about pregnant teenagers.

  33. John Barringer

    I remember that show! I remember seeing a poster for A next to where Kwik Save used to be, checked them out and begged an older friend to take me haha! Such an epic band

  34. Gypsy Slagwagon

    They're not nu-metal. Judging them on this song alone is foolish

  35. 1zv

    um i did do my research. like most 2000 nu metal bands (papa roach, limp, linkin park, aaf)this band sucks too. i was here because i wanted to hear how they sounded, because of dpcarter. yet they suck badly.

  36. Natalie Milne

    If you actually did you research you would find out that most of 'A's inspirations come from Faith No More/The Police/Rush etc. They may not be to your liking...why are you even on here if you think they suck!

  37. thehidropony

    i grew up with this video on mtv2 when i get back from school

  38. Simon Seibold

    Geiles Lied und der Bass erst einfach nice
    ich kann das lied super für meine Giggs verwenden ohne dich lieber You-tuber wär ich nie drauf gekommen ;)


  39. Karl Ellis

    Fuck. this takes me back!

  40. 1emmain

    Your music sounds like the "coffee" tastes in $tarbucks.

  41. 1zv

    not going to lie, this band sucks, like most of the rock bands around this time like bizkit, linkin park, blink, ant farm etc. most of us teens will look back and think 'good days' but this music is shit compared to the true original alt rock bands back in the 90s, if you were around then, you had it 100x better. you can't compare these bands to ratm/faith no more/helmet/soundgarden etc.

  42. fix0the0spade

    All I can think is DAN PC, there he is, right there on the bass... and on Radio 1, mondays at midnight.

  43. Ekkobelli

    Incredible. I just bought a shit load of very cheap and very fun DC games and via some weird neuronal bridgings remembered this song from my prime DC era, searched for it and landed here. Your comment made me smile!

  44. Mike Skizo

    I see what you did there.

  45. L192

    As far as i remember they did pretty well with this album, but released a very weak follow up and faded into nothing. Shame.... the album this is off was a great at the time, much better than Lost Prophets who came out at this time also

  46. mattrutland

    do we? cool, i may have to go to that too!

  47. klistarf

    Sega Dreamcast!! Now, there IS a blast from the past. Never had one. Always been a Sony Playstation kinda guy, but i remember it well... \m/ (:o)

  48. The One Who Knocks

    Y'know what I like better than A's song Starbucks? Nothing.

  49. enemaofthest8

    what happened to this amazing band?!

  50. Groatato

    Playing the dreamcast with this cranked up= blast from the deeply missed past...

  51. John H

    I bought this album in 2002 when I was 12. I miss this band.

  52. Jonny Steele


  53. Mars Moor

    ooooh myy goddd so much time!!!!

  54. Bencar121

    You need brave to call your band "A"

  55. monkeyboydai

    @mutley2209 Too right! Haha! :)

  56. Ramsey Deans

    @Vs3DrHobo mack when mtvlived up to their namesake and actually played music, not shitty reality tv shows of douchebags no one cares about

  57. alwayssum41

    One of the most underated bands from the early 00's

  58. GEEZA10123

    @FireflyX91 I used to watch them for hours at a time, you cant really do that anymore with the shit thats on there now!!

  59. Andy .T

    tbh it's up there as one of the worst names for a band, makes googling them or any of their songs a nightmare lol

  60. Chrizt Gasco

    2011 here :D :D :D :D

  61. stuartclarke2007


    Yeah it is kinda pathetic. Unfurtunately I no longer have any of the rock stations. I still have smash hits and that stuff, but I don't really care much for that music. I miss those Karrang and Scuzz days.

  62. Tony Edmunds

    @stuartclarke2007 i hear the bro

  63. Hooked On A Feeling

    And I remember, about a week ago, that this was on Punk Attack! on Kerrang!. I was so happy to hear this along with Sum 41, Blink 182, Green Day, The Offspring, New Found Glory, Yellowcard and Go:Audio on Punk Attack! as well. Dang you gotta love Kerrang!.

  64. Hooked On A Feeling

    I agree. In my opinion all Rock music is good, including Emo, but too much Emo music can get very boring and repetitive and can really wear you out by the end of the day. The Rock channels I watch are MTV Rocks, Kerrang! and Scuzz. They still play amazing Rock music. And I also agree that music has gone downhill after 2005. 2006 was an OK year for Rock music but everything after that has not been as good and has been close to being terrible. Sad isn't it?

  65. BeneathThese .Fireworks

    @stuartclarke2007 ur so right! but this is neo-punk! ans this style are changing for a pop techno style that it´s a shit, and more bands(like sum41,blink182,green day..etc.) and singers -_-! 90´s music forever man..

  66. Nnova Yess

    Now there's good music too, like One republic, skylar grey, or Erasmo catarino!!! hahahaha :)

  67. Jack Overton

    @stuartclarke2007 Someone who agrees, 90's music was amazing, Rancid, A, Alien Ant Farm, Old Sum 41 etc! Absolutly insane music. Then compare it to things like Fall out boy, My Chem. Blergh

  68. Ruby-Jayne Yates

    my childhood song<3

  69. Shane Earley

    I spent years looking for this song. Every time i searched it i just found videos about starbucks caffe's.

  70. stuartclarke2007

    I don't remember P-Rock channel. Unfortunatly.

  71. Kieran Farmer

    @StormCrusherFTW No one cares!

  72. George Hudson

    @stuartclarke2007 i completely agree with you mate, i started getting into rock music at about 10/11 when blink released all the small things and then got into the like of bfs, aaf, a, greenday (early stuff) yellowcard, actually fuck it 2001-2004 was amazing for music, do you remember the channel P-Rock by any chance :) i used to live on it haha

  73. Borat Erali Nazarbayev

    I used to work at Starbucks ... and i liked this video !

  74. Szaam

    I bought this on single when I was about eleven years old. Seriously takes me back listening to it now. Watching Kerrang, pretending to stagedive on to my settee, awesome times.

  75. Joe Bennett

    @stuartclarke2007 i understand where your coming from and some of the music of this generation sucks balls, but dude, Jason Perry (vocalist of A ) mentored the blackout and they are freaking brilliant!

  76. TheCrazyFinn

    WTF!!! These guys are coming to my town next month! Right around the corner from where I live! Fucking hell, I didn't even know.

  77. Marvin Dawe

    @stuartclarke2007 u say you like music of early 00s fair enough same but eric pridz - call on me was out in 2004 in my books thts early 00s and a very good song dont be stuck in ur ways man expand ur ears and take in all the music the world has to offer its all good!

  78. llMewMewll

    @stuartclarke2007 I saw these last year when i was 14, have loved them since i can remember. My favourite childhood band, its an orgasm compared to the shit 'music' played noware days.

  79. Darrell Brown

    @stuartclarke2007 Commenting on your very old comment but you've hit the nail right on the head. Me and my mates used to sit watching kerang, in between going out bmxing and skateboarding in the summer holidays from school lol i'm 25 now. Do anything to go back to those classic times :)

  80. hobbo2404

    @mattrutland i know leeds leeds!!!

  81. mattrutland

    Man This song takes me back, remember them doing the uni circuit saw them in Plymouth (UK not US) and couldnt believe they were from Leeds not west coast LA or something!! saw them at reading 02 as well, such a great band in a classic era of new rock and skate punk, they "tony hawks" years....good times, soundtrack to an era!!

  82. stuartclarke2007

    First of all I'm nly 24 thank you. Second of all I know people nlike you, those who try to aggravate everyone by posting stuff like that. But you won't get a reaction out of me, I know you are looking for some to argue with. Look elsewhere because I won't be sucked into that kind of thing. I have better things to do with my life. Stuart.

  83. Darren Allgood

    Well thanks for declaring your love of Beiber to the internet, but if you really want to hook up with a dude, I suggest you try a gay bar.

  84. Darren Allgood

    @stuartclarke2007 you know you're getting old when this shit pops out of your mouth lol. :-)

  85. Andy Kaufman Jr

    Kerrang when it was king !!!!

  86. Ratzilla

    'A pretty good song' - i c wat u did der.

  87. captainalaric

    37 people work in Starbucks.

  88. Abigail Bennett

    A put Starbucks on the fucking map!

  89. lilgangstahboy

    totally forgot this song, used to be my favourite years ago!
    Glad I found it again :-)

  90. chillmaster66

    @stuartclarke2007 the music buisness is fucked up these days. the same shit happens here in germany. mainstream shit becomes more and more and rock dies slowly.

  91. MyrKnof

    @stuartclarke2007 liked your comment mostly caus of the Eric Prytz hatin.. thats a fucking crap song, and ppl only like it caus of the delicious women.. But im right there with on everything you said bro..

  92. Nguyen Suong

    that good

  93. K Francisco

    I still love this band for long time

  94. Mulan 121

    @jamesthq it's shit too

  95. awakeningcry

    To paraphrase...: "We had it good, you know how good we had it"... for all those who discovered MUSIC in the mid-late 90s!!

  96. james lyddall

    @acmulhern try costa coffee then