A-Reece - Gone Are The Days Lyrics

Gone are the days I made music for all my crushes
Rather naive I believed it'd get me somewhere but
Chances are she don't know or never heard it
Which makes everything awkward
When you finally meet in person 'cause
Eventually you bring it up in conversation like
"Yo, you heard the album? Tell me which song is your favourite"
Expecting her to pick that specific one that you did for her
So it becomes more easier convincing her you fuck with her
Not just 'cause you you coming up
But because you would actually like to fuck and stuff
Just before that cuddle up
Only after she's accepted that you've spoken or know each other well enough to build some trust
But see, for her that's the confusing part
It's far fetched, not even because she got a partner, maybe a couple of ex's, won't even help saying that I'm patient, it's long stretched
I guess that I'm just young and maybe overly obsessed
Now I just, hope that I, grow out of it by the day and nowadays I keep skipping that song like I ain't even make it
A couple demos wasted, cool. Got that out the way and like that tattoo on your skin baby, I love you anyway

Who the fuck this nigga talking 'bout? Yo, who you talking 'bout?
Nah but on the real, who this nigga talking 'bout?
Who the fuck you talking 'bout?

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A-Reece Gone Are The Days Comments
  1. Esrom Lebopo

    Whose still vibe on this heat ?

  2. Njabulo Maphumulo

    All hail king Reece

  3. Mandisa Mbutho


  4. Izamba Lazarus

    nice.. one for me u always on point.

  5. Ronewa Maemu

    This is eggselent
    This is J cole kinda beat 👏👏👏

  6. Nelio Netos Maisse

    wassup a r we need something like this mozambique fuck with you man keep doin

  7. Paul mako

    Extended version please, Ep maybe...

  8. Mfundo zulu

    Spitting from the heart always gives the dope verce nice one nigga

  9. Sakhe Tyam

    Always on point

  10. Iputseng Dilebo

    Ahh young king be doing things...indeed u meant it wen u said wats comin out its really somethin else

  11. Billy Prince

    such a perfect sample yoooo

    Sibusiso Mahlalela

    Which song did he sample here

    Maseole Rabohlale

    Freddie Joachim - Waves

  12. Sibusiso Mahlalela

    somebody tell me what song he sampled, i can tell i know it though


    Carry me by Anderson Paak I think. He once sampled the song on a track called Couldn't have said it better Pt1

    Sibusiso Mahlalela

    Im talking but the song he sampled for this track right here. He used Carry me for CHSIB Pt1 I know

    Maseole Rabohlale

    Freddie Joachim - Waves

  13. Sidwell Lekhooanyane

    TWC till forever!!! Shout out to Reece they can't stop what you've started

  14. Busani Mketo


  15. Sizwe Mtshali

    GONE ARE THOSE DAYS, where we had to wait for good MUSIC !!!!!! thanks TWC !!!!!!

  16. Mlungisi Dladla

    "I go hard from January to December, what a team TWC till forever""

  17. kennedy munene

    Reece 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Mvulaki Tshofela

    Dope Fayyaaaa!

  18. Clement Maebela

    shoulda made it longer🔥🔥🔥

    Pablo Zane

    Clement Maebela He released on his soundcloud account and said it's purpose is mainly to get people to subscribe to his soundcloud account.

  19. Pablo Zane

    Natasha Thahane!.....He had released a song called "Don't bother", dedicated to her.

  20. Uzzi Automatic

    When it comes to Reece I like first and listen later, coz betting on baby boy ain't no gamble.

    lungelo Nzama

    real me

  21. Njabulo Jae


  22. Sphelele Madiya

    Consistency !!!!!!! 🔥 🔥🔥💪😣

  23. Kago victor masokoo

    gone are the days i made music for all my crushes rather naive i believed it'll get me somewhere but chances are she do'nt know it she never heard of it, which makes everything more awkward when you finaly meet in person cus eventually you bring it up in conversation like yoo''' you heard the album?? tell me which song is your favorite expecting that she'd pick the specific one you did for her so it becomes more easier convincing her that you fuck with her not because you coming up but because................................

  24. Sonke Nocuze

    No wonder they keep on postponing their releases

  25. Sonke Nocuze

    No wonder they keep on postponing their releases

  26. Thabang Kgosi

    Areece issa beast

  27. siyabonga khuzwayo

    where do they get these songs coz REECE hasn't dropped

    Khutso Mawela

    its the old sound bra.from the raw X mixtape .The come up.

    Pablo Zane

    Khutso Mawela Nah, check his Twitter, he released this one a few hours ago on soundcloud

    Pablo Zane

    Trilly C He has dropped. Check his Twitter handle. It's on soundcloud, he provided the link on his Twitter handle and asked his fans to subscribe to his Soundcloud account after listening to it.

  28. Syabonga Mkhize

    Yoooh yungking keep blessing us wit this litty joints🔥🔥🔥

  29. En Maths world

    I was support to feature you

  30. Jason bourne itumeleng

    Baby boy gone are the days🤗🤗give us an album with this kind of rap boy

  31. Siviwe Monki

    gone are those days!!!!