A-ha - Turn The Lights Down Lyrics

Turn the lights on the night is too long
Keep yourself warm I'm coming home
I cannot help you, you yourself must see
Decide now on what you want to be
Turn the lights down
The lights are too strong
When you're down and out just hold on
Realize that nothing lasts long
We must believe in things we cannot see
Everything's alright with me
Turn the lights down
The lights are too strong
I'm coming home

I just want to sleep by your side
It makes me feel so alive
I just want to sleep for a while

Turn around the night is still young
Keep your lights on
I'm coming home
You must decide now where you want to be
You're the one who said to me
Realize that nothing lasts long
I'm coming home
I just want to sleep by your side
It makes me feel so alive

So easy to look at the distance
Hard to be near when you care
Impossible now to go back to where we began

I just want to sleep by your side
It makes me feel so alive
I just want to sleep by your side
I just want to sleep through the night

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A-ha Turn The Lights Down Comments
  1. Hamako Koko

    Einer der schönsten Songs die ich je gehört habe, auch 2019 immer wieder!!!

  2. pedro Aparecido


  3. Renata Rime Rodrigues de Oliveira

    Morten linda a sua voz... sublime...Parabéns! A-ha melhor Banda . Parabéns ao Trio cantam e tocam muito.❤👏👏👏👏👏😍😍😍😍😙😙😙😙😙

  4. Ronaldo Santos

    Melhor banda do planeta

  5. Nuza Samtos

    Uma mais especial q outra sao todas gostosas d ouvir e se deixar embalar

  6. Susie Burge

    Loving this song. Love me honey . X

  7. mamãe quer ser YouTuber

    ⛅🌷🍀 sol vida amor lindo príncipe meu ídolo meu coração é todo seu morten harket eu te amo te amo te amo te amo eternamente te amo? 🌷

  8. skyelark155

    Most Romantic song ever..

  9. NIUMELE Amasio

    I love song, thanks !!

  10. Nelma Sapaulo

    E linda demais

  11. Leticia González

    Buenas Noches con una apasible canción ....

  12. 김성선

    Jesus in the sky . Kss

  13. Zoe Bug

    I didn't know I needed this song as much as I did. These lyrics are so touching 💜💜💜

  14. Adeel Afzal

    A HA, one of the best bands ever existed. Amazing music indeed.

  15. Thiago Lopes

    e ainda tem gente que gosta de funk kkkkk isso que é música meu deus

  16. SelektaZ

    good song , thank you aha!!!!

  17. TOM tom

    love song ! pur si simplu declaratie de dragoste!

  18. Mikaela Niumele

    belle chanson , merci aha

  19. Dáurea Menezes

    A-ha é Tudo!
    amo todas as músicas ❤

  20. Rosenfeld Hajnal

    Beautiful song,! Tank You Morten Harket!

  21. CCM

    delvanira,tu tem os mesmos gostos q eu ,cara,o aha é o aha.

  22. alexandrino block strike

    vc e lindo

  23. Amauri Júnior

    a-ha continua c/ a mesma linha

  24. Water Sock

    Alittle out shone on the vocals there? Mortens only an average singer compared to some? But has done sum gr8 tunes?


    Average Singer? Are you kidding me? Compared to some? dude this guy is one of the best singers around. And some great? Have you ever listened to A-ha's every song/album and even the rarities?

    Marjorie McBride

    Water Sock Are you getting treatment for your bad ears? Morten is the most outstanding singer, incomparable!

  25. Sveinung Enstad

    The female singer is Anneli Drecker, she used to tour with A-ha. She is known through the band Bel Canto. Check out "Shimmering, Warm and Bright".

  26. Delis Virgínia

    Morten Herket sempre vai está em meu Coração que Homem que tuda amo muito

    Marcia Pereira

    Amo de coração!!!!

  27. Ane Cidade

    Morten harket meu amor

  28. Ane Cidade

    Amo essa voz que me causa muitas emoção amo muito não mais o que fantasia ou realidade

    Delis Virgínia

    Ani Cidade o Morten Herket e mesmo lindo em dudo que fas

  29. Saori Kido

    a traduçao ñ é boa :p

    Saori Kido

    Ñ pedi sua opiniao cuida da sua vida idiota :p

  30. 高見映里奈

    Ilove this song.

    Hedi Lamar

    高見映里奈 我也爱❤️

    Ирина Титова

    Мы то любим Мартина тоже!

  31. kelly bacon

    An Excellent Blend of Vocals between Morten Harket and Anellie Drecker,They Should Do More Songs Together.

  32. Michael M

    bei dem Lied muss ich immer an meine Familie denken --

  33. Geovaní Rosa

    Saudades do Show que eles fizeram aqui numa turnê que deu início ao retorna da Banda em 2004, eu fui e ouvi essa música sendo lançada no novo CD que estaria sendo lançando nesta turnê pela América Latina, o mais incrível é que assistir o show aqui em SP, numa 5ªfeira e fui pra Festa de Rdeio e Barretos, que estava lá? os próprios, assistir de novo muito bom.

  34. Alari Kepler

    I am happy that samething stay forever alive.This is A-ha.

  35. Maria Kidd

    Love this song Thérèse x

  36. judiy gatenzaub

    SUPER schöner Titel

  37. sycamoreleaves74

    Hard to choose my all time favorite song, but this is truly wonderful.

  38. aha25years

    @Aetius76 have it at your wedding vows :-)

  39. aha25years

    @angeloglasen ditto :-)

  40. angeloglasen

    A-HA forever <3

  41. Aetius76

    This would have been me wedding song has it come out before I got married. A longtime a-ha fan. Beautiful song.

  42. Private Pigg

    @elfelove2 who is the woman on the song?

  43. vladi569

    the album LIFELINES is simply awesome in every song. :)

  44. utepirat

    Thank you, all very well known photos, but in a genious way to show, and the song is presented and should be more known.

  45. frogbrothers1

    I like the song-not so much the video.

  46. Majazura13

    I just want to seat by your side... hm why not :)

  47. 240ups

    by the way, that happens a lot on class trips, it's not uncommon, but you caught hold of a rare..really good tune to galvanize the moment for the ride back. school trips are the best. there is a type of song on the way "there" and a type of song on the way back that is perfect. the one on the way is different and more energetic, as if expecting the adventure to start. the one on the way back is calmer and more reflective. Mine on the way "there" was B-52's "Song for a Future Generation.

  48. 240ups

    I love those moments!

  49. MononaSenpai

    gorgeous (the song and the singer)

  50. Nemezis771025

    just amazing words....;-))

  51. carol daniels

    Gorgeous i have just bought this soooo lovely!!!!!

  52. Shee Bee

    This is SUCH a beautiful song! Thank you very much for posting it. Wow, when he says "I'm comin' home" I feel profoundly excited...interesting....I do not even know the guy. I have never felt this in real life relationships...lol. :0( How special his soulmate must be to have him say this to her and mean it! I want mine to say it to me and make my heart pitterpatter. He sings this outstandingly and whoever wrote this was very poetic. God bless!

  53. Günther Günterson

    Pia mein Schatz...
    ich liebe dich über alles auf der welt <3

    "I just want to sleep by your side
    It makes me feel so alive..."

  54. Tamás Juhászi

    Én is szeretem.

  55. Wolfgang Vock

    Wolfgang Vock

  56. Lexillionair1994

    wow.......amazing musiq....always mind blowing

  57. kate harket

    oh you morten my shining star

  58. Maria Virginia De Soto

    is Anneli D. ?

  59. Maria Virginia De Soto

    Who is the girl singing with Morten in this song ?

  60. postblitz

    a-ha - lifelines - track 11

  61. Randy Greb

    This song came in 2002

  62. adidzis

    a wonderfull song from GOLDEN Eighties ... the times that never come back again ... I'm crying ,,,

  63. kildybonyhad

    I think I wouldn't let him fall asleep.... :) - at least not for a long while!!!

  64. nuage7777

    Quelle magnifique chanson...

  65. nuage7777


  66. nuage7777

    Bon, je pete la porte! Non de diou!

  67. nuage7777

    Allez! Lache-le! On peut partager!

  68. nuage7777

    Emilie, tu as bien travaille, superbe montage! J'essaye de me calmer en ecoutant les paroles de cette chanson!!!

  69. nuage7777

    Where have you been?! That's ALL i think about!...

  70. euge36

    une belle chanson et un bon travail Emilie, merci!!