A-ha - To Let You Win Lyrics

You know I always had the strength to fight
But I got tired of the wars at night
Thinking they would end if I gave in
But I wasn't strong enough

..To let you win
..To let you win
..Let you win

I knew the fight but I didn't know the cost
And how to stop the wheels when they're in spin
I thought you couldn't love a man who'd lost
No, I wasn't strong enough

..To let you win
..Let you win

It used to scare me to wake up wondering
If I'd forgotten what I was fighting for
You know that you said that you were weak and I was strong
Well, I wasn't strong enough

..To let you win
..To let you win
..Let you win
..To let you win

You know I always had the strength to fight
But I got tired of the wars at night
Thinking they would end if I gave in
But I wasn't strong enough

..To let you win
..To let you win

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A-ha To Let You Win Comments
  1. pedro Aparecido


  2. Cecilia C


  3. mamãe quer ser YouTuber

    😍❤ morten harket ❤ maior vocalista do planeta❤ rosto Mônica perfeitamente linda um gênio amor eterno por esse dinheiro pois abençoada por Deus é meu ídolo❤

  4. mamãe quer ser YouTuber

    ❤💕morten harket um príncipe👑 ícones da música Mundial🌏amooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooor oooo da minha vida❤

  5. Pamy

    L'uomo ideale? Eccolo...Morten Harket...😍😍😍💞💖💞

  6. Лена Забавникова

    Просто сказочно!

  7. Paolo Lorenzi

    Mortem la voce più' bella del mondo , quanto e' bello , chissà' quante donne ha avuto , beato lui


    Кто лучше??????????)

  9. Peppe Joe

    Linda música!

  10. Samuel Benitez

    i'm so tired and yet i can't let you win, because i'm so weak but i still love you jenifer, i always will. i'm sorry. my love!

  11. Samuel Benitez

    i was dum, dum, dum.

  12. Samuel Benitez

    special song, remember for her.

  13. Ronaldo Santos

    Pense numa música. gostosa de ouvir....a ha forever

  14. Birgit Matzat


  15. Aamir Afzal

    this song just shivers down the spine...very powerful ballad... the amazing evergreen Morten Harket.... a masterpiece by A-ha.

  16. Lola Silva

    É um anjo lindo! 😍

  17. yana gogoleva

    Oh! How I loved him! Morten...

  18. Carla Corsato

    Com certeza uma das mais belas canções do A-ha

  19. salvador salomon


  20. Martina Harket

    Che voce ormonale ! DA MORIRE !

  21. Leticia González

    Eventualmente tu música trae paz a mi alma!!

  22. Hedi Lamar

    Always touches my soul.

  23. Martina Harket

    Questo è un pezzo meraviglioso ... non saprei dire altro; la voce di Morten, poi, è strabiliante!

  24. Eric Govindassamy

    tjrs aussi bon morten harket

  25. shah khan


  26. Derya Karaca

    Beautiful man

  27. Yrene Lucia

    lindo Morten Harket

  28. ALE loves 80s

    M O R T E N ......... I love A-ha !!

  29. Сергей Тепляковский

    Вот он, Рюрик-Викинг

  30. Micaela Brera

    e che voce..... se esistesse davvero l'uomo ideale, per me sarebbe lui. Lo è sempre stato...

    Paolo Lorenzi

    Potrei esserlo io ? Scherzo e' veramente un bell' uomo

  31. oceania

    che meraviglia !!!

    Paolo Lorenzi

    Anche tu non scherzi..

  32. Chica Mimus Blog

    This song is so strong and beautiful.

  33. Ground Control-X

    tre-fire kjappe påtryne her nede fra Byn,Morten...

  34. Malene D. Hansen

    Love love love...... 💞

  35. Jiří Bohuněk


  36. Alexandre Mittmann

    Show essa musica

  37. Ane Cidade

    É maravilhoso esse homem supera até o tempo quanto mais passa fica mais lindo mais sexy mais sensual e ainda é voz mais linda do universo canta muito ate hoje grande compositor grande em tudo eu te Reverenciou Morten harket

    Delis Virgínia

    aaaaaa insuportável mente lindo esti Homem canta maquinificamenti uuuuuuuaaaaaauuuu leve Morten Herket como esquecer o show em Recife foi Dimas a voz do Morten Herket contínua bela como sempre uuuuuuuaaaaaauuuu 2015 8 de Outubro incrível numca vou esquecer esti diá foi bom Dimas

    Valdir Nunes

    Você até si paresse com ele adoro.esse cara é todas suas casoes

    Monika Barbosa

    Ane Cidade Faço minha suas palavras esse homem é demais!!!!!

  38. Isabel Guimaraes

    Um verdadeiro luxo, não?

    Delis Virgínia

    comcordo plenamente com VC amo Dimas estava banda a há

    Valdir Nunes


  39. Wellington Costa

    realizar sonho de ir em seu show. transfer de centavos banco 104 caixa agencia 0089 op 013 conta 224534 obrigado! em brasil

  40. Laurobbie1

    Morten, you are a handsome man!!! <3 kisses from Belgium 

  41. GoodMusOn

    Моя детская любовь) ОН ПРЕКРАСЕН!

  42. Andre Alvarez

    el mejor tema de aha nunca tocado y cantado en directo. bárbaro maravilloso ya lo e escuchado 132 veces y no puedo parar.

  43. TheGreatBenderina

    Honestly, I would be listening even if a-ha were comprised of three morbidly obese shut-ins with bad skin and rotting teeth. It's the music, for me. This is backed up by the fact that there are many handsome men out there making music that I don't listen to, because I don't like it.

    Aamir Afzal

    wooow amazing... well A-ha is the best BAND ever... I mean their music their lyrics Morten Paul Magne are AMAZING trio of masterclass... To me A-ha sums up music as a WHOLE... They are so profound, deep, charismatic, phenomenal, fantastic.

  44. Isabel Guimaraes

    Concordo com você AandJT ucsonAzUSA

  45. florencia espasandin

    hermosa cancion....solo para romanticos.


    star wars i seen when i was 4 years old that movie is burned into my soul....when..i first heard a-ha in 1984..its the same this band is burned into my soul...i thank you guys for singing music that goes hand in hand with my dreams...a-ha is one of a kind..and i thank you for 25 years..when i was a teenager i went to the u.p in michigan an i listened to a-ha alot... that was 23 years ago..when i go to the u.p these days your music is still there waiting for me...the u.p is a heaven on earth.

  47. protamsirlabi

    beautiful love song..... thank you

  48. dayargrosario

    @comundson i agree in everything you said..i think i will never get tired of their songs beacuse they have so many different styles and some of them i even cant put in a category.their songs and morten´s voice are so unique that i will never find something like them..in this one he sings his lowest note! maybe he can sing lower than this but he never did it up to the moment.

  49. Christine Omundson

    Morten's vocal range is just amazing! This song is beautiful...their songs are so unique and not sure about you guys, but their songs don't sound the same - they all sound different from one another and god do they have a lot of songs out there! Brilliant I tell ya! =}

    Martina Harket

    Totally true !!!

    Aamir Afzal

    wow u just spoke my words :) the world might never come to this perspective what you just gave here. A-ha and Morten are so epic, classy ,,,amazing ...there music isn't just music for the sake of music...Its way deep and meaningful ...I've never listened to anyone better... A-ha is the benchmark for me in music .... they have synergy, energy, melody, uniqueness and so many beautiful masterpieces to list down.

  50. RLGMaciel

    Realmente ele é o homem mais apaixonante do mundo. Adoooooooooro!

  51. SuperDvd100

    Gra-hazie!!!!Bellissimissimissimoooo!!!!!(this is italian!)Thanks a lot!!!Very, very, very, very Beautiful!!!!

  52. BlueSilverStars

    @OliverKahnNr1 That's what I love about Morten. He's got this gorgeous, gravelly lower register, and also has immaculate falsetto. Most guys are lucky to have one or the other.

  53. Jennifer P

    I've loved this man since I was 14 and I'm only 37 (on Friday!) :) He still never fails to make me swoon, his lovely self and amazing voice.

  54. katkaem1

    I looooove Morten!!! A-ha will always be in our hearts!!!

  55. norskygirl

    Hello my friend! I am very certain that he wrote this about his wife after or during their divorce. Also I think that "Wild Seed" was written about his wife at the time they were breaking up. It always pulls at my heartstrings when he sings, "God made you beautiful.. I made you cry!" It takes a strong man to admit his mistakes & he has done that more than once. I hope he will again find real love some day and give us a beautiful, touching love song! Warmest regards!

  56. SuperDvd100

    @norskygirl Very good!!! You are very right!!!! Morten's got a heart so great and so deep!!!!!!! He is an Angel went here from Heaven!!!!!!!!! Love and friendship from an italian fan!!!!!!! Ciao!!!!

  57. SuperDvd100

    @frostygirl9251 Yes! I'm agree with you!!!!!! Morten is very amazing!!!! And his voice so!!!!!! Love from an italian fan!!!! Ciao!!!!!

  58. elvisbz

    I like his coarse voce at the beggining (or low register) and I´m also in love with this man since I was 15...now I´m.....only 39! haha

    Aamir Afzal

    same here...just love morten he is the maestro

  59. carol daniels


  60. oleksa123

    He is the (second) most handsome man in the world, indeed. The first one is my husband:). Sorry Morten.

  61. Hawkmoon Alvin

    best song!!

  62. Paulo Tanoeiro

    the best song

  63. Hawkmoon Alvin

    Best song ever

  64. Waldivina dos santos filha

    Actually he is one of the sexiest men in the world, has a very beautiful voice. My dream of consumption!

  65. norskygirl

    This is a beautiful love song... very personal, very heartfelt... written after the fact... after a marriage has fallen apart. It is indeed the essence of the man, who is very complicated, but at his core I think he is a simple, passionate man. It takes an exceptionally strong and sensetive man to admit his mistakes & failures. I think this is why we all admire and adore him. The personal songs he writes, whether about a relationship or his faith are the best, because they come from his heart.

    Susie Burge

    Definitely. So heartfelt. I cry every time I play this either on CD or record player. It's thee most beautiful song ever. Love the 3 of them my aha guys. ❤️

  66. Frau Hoppenstedt

    what a man.

  67. nuage7777

    That's right! He was born a winner and it doens't hurt that he was born hot too! LOL!!!!

  68. kildybonyhad

    Irresistable photos!!! I'd let you win, Morten, anytime!!! :)You always win, baby!

  69. nuage7777

    Oh baby!!!