A-ha - Solace Lyrics

Some sign of forgiveness
Some form of release
Is all that she asks for
Is all that she needs
She waits for the day when
She feels more at ease
Some time to be careful
Some time left in peace

Cold stars of the future
Burn bright in the past
These moments of solace
They won't last
They don't last

You're wasting the moment
Biding your time
No one got ahead
Standing in line
So something is over
Before it's begun
So close you can taste it
But now it is gone

Cold stars of the future
Burn bright in the past
These moments of solace
They don't last
They cannot last

You're hoping for solace
Well, just look around
Everyone here is
Standing in line

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A-ha Solace Comments
  1. Capismama

    My soul. He put my soul into a song.

  2. Rogerio Leite Macedo

    Espero que vocês não sejam de esquerda .

  3. legend vito


  4. maria aparecida

    Lindíssima música! inesquecível...❤.

  5. maristela carvalho

    Muito massas saladas assassinas !

  6. Roman Kovalev

    Опять не по Русски пишут.надо уже учиться.

  7. Deborah Meerhoff

    A-ha is a life saver, my Lucky charm always

  8. Federico Danilo Burgos

    Éste tema se lo dedique a mi señora cuando estamos peleados desde alli empezo una mejor relacion entre nosotros. Éste tema te toca el alma no el corazon.

  9. Reane Victor

    Quando eu ouço essa música parece que está chovendo lá fora, um chuva plena e um sol nascendo em seguida, nossa!!!!Que viagem! Não quero voltar pra essa terra!
    Meu Deus! Inexplicável o que sinto

  10. Sarah

    Delícia de canção... viajo no tempo! 😍😍😍😍😍 a-ha forever

  11. Sofia Rina

    from mom...to me..love AHA

  12. Sergio Santos

    I remember my youth hearing this band, as some others from the 80's and 90's <3

  13. Squoggs

    my mum loves a-ha. she named our cat solace after this song. he was the joy of my life and meant the world to me. he passed away 3 years ago. every time i hear this i cry. i miss you solace

  14. Sonhos e visões

    i need the instruments of this song...someone has?

  15. Sonhos e visões

    se inscrevam em meu canal..alguém tem o instrumental dessa música?

  16. Carola Rosas

    me encanta

  17. Videogamesconsole.it


  18. 정선희

    korea 한국에도 왓음좋겟어요~

  19. Don Thompson

    dm means alot to me ive met roland from tears.bur to follow aha.get interviewed and travel europe was a world event and morten stopping to say hi.was a great memory.

  20. Nadjane Sampaio

    que coisa mais linda, parece um anjo cantando. deliciosamente doce!

  21. expedit govindassamy

    rien à dire c très super

  22. Amauri Júnior

    musica perfeita

  23. Francisco Reginaldo Barroso

    esqueca seus problemas

  24. Lucelia Heimo

    Adoro essa música entre outras do A-ha Me lembra ótimos momentos da minha vida.

  25. oceania


  26. Andrius Stasiukynas

    So glad listening such beautiful melody and meaningful lyrics. For me A-ha is one of favourite bands, like Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys, Tears For Fears etc.


    I'm sorry, but for me a-ha is much more than all of those bands! Those are/were simply pop music groups, while a-ha is something else,something more, completely.


    Andrius Stasiukynas apaixonante a-ha

    Marjorie McBride

    Andrius Stasiukynas These other bands were good, but they are only bands of that time in the 80s...a- ha are still producing new and innovative music 30 years later. They are head and shoulders above all other bands.

  27. Ismael Sales

    Musica lindíssima. Pra se ouvir em dia frio. A-ha forever.

  28. Elizabeth Del valle

    mi novio se pone celoso cuando hablo de morten, y si el supiera que yo solo adoro a el,

  29. Delis Virgínia

    i Lovi Monten Herket

  30. Isabel Guimaraes

    Todo dia escuto Solace! É divinamente perfeita, assim como A-HA!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Angélique Chabert Amouyal

    Ils sont en concert le 1 et avril 2016 à paris

    Jocelyne Ananguian

    +Angélique Chabert Amouyal
    J'ai déjà mon billet pour le concert et je propose du covoiturage, j'habite dans le sud du département de la Loire '42), et toi as-tu pris ton billet pour y aller ?

    Angélique Chabert Amouyal

    Bonjour jocelyne
    Oui moi aussi j'ai mon billet mais j'y vais en train avec une amie
    Merci pour ta proposition
    Et vive aha

  32. nicolas laché


  33. Jorge Gonzalez

    Lo mejor A-Ha !!

  34. JMAC

    I just recently started listening to A-ha (im 19) and am so inspired and touched by this wonderful band. So many beautiful songs. One of my favorite bands now. :)

    behzad sadathosseini

    Good choice

  35. Joistikero23

    Now we are two

  36. ivan sagorsky

    I thi
    Nk a George washing the dishes

  37. Alexandra Z

    I LOVE IT!


  38. therealrockondon

    i miss a-ha live in germany

  39. musicvideospartseven

    @Darkspace69 hehe

  40. jenanci silva

    Ô vozinha PErFEITA essa do MORTEN HARKET.
    Fui ao show de despdida da banda em RECIFE-PE, foi D+

  41. musicvideospartseven

    @larsexwow I love Depeche Mode. They are one of my faovrites as well. A-Ha is just great classic 80's music! And you are welcome for the reply.