A-ha - Keeper Of The Flame Lyrics

Give it up for rock'n roll
Give it up for rock
Give it up for how it made you feel

Give it up for vinyl days
Kicking back from school
Turning out to make it real sweet

Give it up for rock'nroll
Give it up for bob
Give it up for how it made you see

Give it up for silvertone
Give it up for golden
Adolescent daydreams

Incidental incidents
Instrumental instruments
A plan evolves too grand to entertain

Monumental monuments
Sentimental sentiments
You could've been the keeper of the flame

Incidental incidents
Instrumental instruments
Swallowed by the place from which you came

Monumental monuments
Sentimental sentiments
You should've been the keeper of the flame

Give it up for summer days
Laying in the grass
Everything is happening in your head
You raise your fist up in the air
Clench your teeth and say
Four more years and I'm outa here

Give it up
Give it up
Give it up
Four more years and I am outa here!

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A-ha Keeper Of The Flame Comments
  1. Christophe VIGROUX

    I remember how I discovered this song: In a flight Boston to Thailand, Can you believe that? I have fallen in love with it

  2. Rhesov Velver

    No logro entender cómo esta tema no es más, pero mucho más conocido y estoy seguro que en unas decadas más los musicologos del futuro lo consideran otra obra maestra del Paul Waaktaar. Saludos desde Houston, TX

  3. 김명천


  4. mamãe quer ser YouTuber

    ❤ morten homem 👑👑🌷mais lindo do mundo ele é um príncipe

  5. Asema lady


  6. kary smith

    Lindo eu te amo tanto.❤❤❤

  7. Artur Rubens

    2018 !???? Só eu que acho essa música sensacional??

  8. Rosa Rosa Dias

    Linda música genial A-ha pra sempre no❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  9. Hans-Christian Schwartz

    A wonderful piece of music

  10. squorly

    great pictures in this

  11. patrick mayer


  12. oceania

    Tell me please: there's anybody else who does know writing something like this???
    Something so wonderful and so, so, so original!!!!
    A-ha is the best! Yes, I Know, there is Queen, U2, Pink Floid, Dire Straits ... (that i know very well) ... but a-ha are so sweet and no other group makes music so poetic, music and liric that leaks, bit by bit, in your soul like smelling honey.

  13. Laís Caixeta

    A-HA sempre vai bem!

  14. Årthur Åquino

    Linda música

  15. teamradfordtv

    You really shouldn't let me watch this on a Friday night... :-o xx Dawnie

  16. mamarockera80era

    OMG, you crossed with these photos.. Without a doubt a beautiful tribute to a face (and body) very blessed by genetics and by GOD..

  17. Summer G

    Thank you for the A-ha post, we fans shoud keep the flame burning for them, they have a place in our hearts for ever and ever

  18. spetwols1

    @summermoved yeaa i know was very tierd.. :P have fix it now!! hehe ^^

  19. gagabite

    whaouoo great !! thank you ...