A-ha - Celice Lyrics

It's in the way you hurt me
I know that I'm alive

Open up inside
Make me want you
Make me want to

Wrap yourself around me
Hold me tighter
Hold me tight as you can

It's in the way you hurt me
You sharpen all my sense
I know you're on my side

It's on the way you teach me
To chase the thoughts away
You opened up my eyes
Made me want you
Made me want to

You know it feels so nice
Hold me tight now
Hold me tight as can be

It's in the way you hurt me
I know that I'm alive
You sharpen all my sense
I know you're in my side

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A-ha Celice Comments
  1. So Velvet



    Fuisteis y seréis un gran grupo.
    Toda vuestra música es un tesoro para los oídos y sobre todo para el corazón.
    Gracias por hacerme tan feliz con vuestra música.

  3. Michael Marangos


  4. nancy vallejos donoso

    morthen eres mi gran amor hoy y siempre tu voz angelical acompaña mis buenos y malos momentos

  5. MrGraymo

    Going to see them in November hope they play this awesome tune 👍

  6. harri hiltunen

    one of the best music video..

  7. Brian Teufell


  8. harri hiltunen

    great song...

  9. Cta2006

    Balsy move by A-ha to have a nude woman in the video:  0:49

    Music & Art

    Behid Magne

  10. Linda W.

    What a brilliant idea for a song, human vices. It covers so many. They've covered them brilliantly in this video. Mortens voice is amazing. I love Morten and Magne singing opposite each other.

  11. Nue Houjuu

    Reupload with better quality please. I'm in love with everything about this song. Damn... already 14 years ago, man time really flies..

  12. Андрей Коробов

    western civilization

  13. Marcilio Batista

    A-ha é show

  14. AbareKillerFan 2002

    I first heard this 2005, I was only 3

  15. Shanjan Usman

    Amazing music

  16. Jorge A. Mena

    The best A ha song and its not even in Spotify. What a shame!!!

    Music & Art

    Now there's

  17. Platform Junkie

    Terrible quality aha! Wtf

  18. cuLiref

    The feeling 😢

  19. Fabio Dourado

    This music is amazing!

  20. Steven Gary

    This is really contervsial, but this is good.

  21. Виталий Донцов

    почему так мало просмотров

  22. Fellipe Costa

    You should post this in a better quality.

  23. Fabiano Araújo


  24. Andrius Stasiukynas

    I love all A-ha studio albums from Hunting High & Low to Cast In Steel! Analogue is beautiful album, first six songs from Celice to Holy ground are the best in it

  25. Elizabeth Lourdes

    CELICE -------------------

  26. Luciano Castro


  27. Ronaldo Santos

    A ha....a unica.....

  28. Mariah J Brito

    Essa voz ♥♥♥♥♥♥

  29. Susie Burge

    Song is pretty good I like it . I just love him me honey . Aha thee best band ever

  30. thais costa

    love lindo

  31. Baddie Mauve

    Celice, it's in the way you hurt me, Celice, I know that I'm alive
    Open up inside, make me want you, make me want to
    Wrap yourself around me, hold me tighter, hold me tight as only you can

    Celice, it's in the way you hurt me
    Celice, you sharpened all my senses, I know you're on my side

    Celice, it's in the way you teach me, Celice, to chase the thoughts away
    You open up my eyes, made me want you, made me want to
    You know it feels so nice, hold me tight now, hold me tight as can be

    Celice, it's in the way you hurt me
    Celice, it's in the way you hurt me
    (Oh, hold me tightly) Celice, I know that I'm alive (hold me, hold me tightly)
    Celice, you sharpened all my senses, I know you're on my side

  32. Johnny Celi

    La mejor Banda, del Universo.

  33. Jana Rozentāle

    Reminds me something😂😂😂😂

  34. Саша Бэст

    нравилась в исполнении бачинского и стиллавина

  35. Alguém comentando

    Pqp... A-ha é muito foda!!! 👏🏻👏🏻
    melhor banda de todos os tempos sem dúvida!!! 🎼🇧🇷🎵💚😎

    silvilane alcantara

    Concordo contigo plenamente, todas as canções querem repassar algo para os ouvintes, são super poéticos, só pra quem curte e aprcia o aha é quem entende as músicas, são maravilhosos, amoooo o aha😚😚❤❤👏👏

    Music & Art

    Eu tenho traduções de algumas músicas do A-ha no meu canal. Da uma conferida

  36. John McCann

    Just one of many epic tracks on Analogue.


    John McCann I came here because Analogue was taken off Spotify! 😭

    Music & Art

    @Bobbymcbobob Now there's Spotify

  37. NathieBeltrAra

    in Spotify is not Analogue's disco anymore, TnT why?


    ηατhιεвєlт-α I’m asking the same thing! Epic album missing!!

    Music & Art

    Now there's

  38. Roman Kiritsev


    Александр Романов

    молодёжь не знает об этой группе(((

  39. lion5150

    This video reminds me of 80’s, which I don’t know the reason why.

  40. Евро Сервис

    Самый крутой трнк!A-HA

  41. Leone Reis França

    Uma das músicas que marcaram minha vida

  42. Karla Serrano

    la mejor batería que escuchado

  43. Nicholas Hill

    How is it that these guys are not known globally as the coolest band in the world?

    Zsófia Szathmáry

    They are :D

    Music & Art

    Because the pop music today just Sing about drogs and sex and porn.

    Jules iley

    Nicholas Hill totally agree . Amazing endless talent . Musically evolving and some don’t see it .

    Didier FIALA

    They're huge globally indeed except in the US that got stuck on Take On Me.

    Marjorie McBride

    Nicholas Hill Because the music industry and music journalists shafted them! They wouldn’t move to the USA or churn out the same type of music as a Take On Me constantly...so they have been more or less ignored, especially in the USA, but in the U.K. too to a lesser degree. They will have the last laugh though, as they are still really popular with fans all over the world, are one of the richest bands in the world and have now sold over 100 million records. Still touring too, selling out venues all around the globe.

  44. michelle

    So he's in love with a medieval torture device? 0_o

  45. Rosa Rosa Dias

    ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙A-ha sempre no❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  46. harri hiltunen

    wau,what a video...

  47. Nicholas Hill

    For me...the best band in the world

  48. angel angel

    such an emotional song

  49. harri hiltunen

    fantastic aha,s song.

  50. Best Live Music

    This is The Best Quality audio & video

  51. harri hiltunen

    amazing band..

  52. Rosa Rosa Dias

    Adoro as lindas músicas A-ha sempre no❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  53. Ginger Ayle

    Ностальгия по школьным временам, первая влюбленность и всё такое... Мда.

  54. Леон Галабурда

    Very cool!

  55. Carlos V

    I remember watching this video at midnight on mtv around 2002 this got me tripping

  56. ril

    the video is a cruel and sordid story...


    but is magnificent

    Music & Art

    Goddam right

    Marjorie McBride

    ril No it’s not...it’s part of the human condition...it’s reality. Brothels exist and pain and loneliness exist, the band is brave and innovative and that is why real fans know and love them.

  57. Jake Nolen

    What album is this song from?!?

    Michaela Harket

    Jake Nolen analo

  58. Dan Giles

    Such a shame the U.S. radio won't play their music except for 'Take on Me.  I love the song but they have so much more that is great as well.  Thanks for posting this.


    Same in Australia Dan. Such a shame as they have 30 years of amazing material.

    Daisuke Young

    That's some BS.

    Over here in Mexico we get The Sun Always Shines on TV and other more obscure A-HA songs in the rotation.

  59. Yosmer Pirela

    Great track! poor quality sound and video :(

  60. Bijanc1123

    Aus meiner Zeit als Mama nun heisst mein Enkelkind Celice

  61. Dary Mild

    обожаю тебя

  62. michelle

    "pain, pain, taaaaake meee!" I loove this song. So much

  63. Ros Pendragon

    thaaaa celiice

  64. harri hiltunen

    one of best a-ha.s song.

  65. harri hiltunen

    fantastic song...

  66. Celice Swan

    Amo esta canción / I love this song :)

  67. Poupette Crochet

    Encore une belle preuve d'intelligence de ce groupe qui se rallie à la cause féminine quel qu’elle soit .
    La musique, les voix,la vidéo, j'ADOOOORRRRREEEEE TOUT !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. Имя Пользователя

    Звук говно!

  69. Edivaldo Lopez

    Eu adora essa bamda desde 1987

  70. Rogerio Samy Bispo Lins

    A-ha the best of song

  71. Virginia LEON BICHUCHS

    Aha el Mejor grupo , mis recuerdos de los 17 vuelven a mi, siempre estarán conmigo son parte de mi Vida.

  72. harri hiltunen

    best band on the world..

    Ліля Кропивницька

    harri hiltunen Yes!!!

  73. oceania


  74. Harri Hiltunen

    great a-ha,s video....

  75. денис малков

    ух-ты за е...ь люблю эту группу уже 20 лет

  76. seeTV

    Welcome to my channel YT in to the best quality this video A-Ha :)

  77. wellington marinho

    Ainda me recordo quando tinha esse vídeo no meu PC em 2006/2007, a voz desse cara é fora do comum..

    Douglas Souza

    wellington marinho e msm mano adoro essa bando desdo meus 13 anos e estou hj com 24

  78. TheRambler85

    why they dont sing it on their concerts ?

    Jules 1997

    cause it sucks?

    Cure March

    Actually they did in 2005

  79. Gabb Cortés

    Amo esta canción :D

  80. Mikaella Skylife

    love this soooong <3

  81. Tafnes Raquel Silva

    Minha predileta♥♥♥

    Douglas Souza

    Tafnes Raquel Silva e dois intao

  82. Tafnes Raquel Silva

    Minha predileta!
    perfeitoooos!!!! :3

    Lucas Soares

    tbm é a minha kk

  83. Kleber Almeida

    amo o a-ha

  84. atoosas

    Love it.

  85. Rodrigo Magina

    uma das melhores musicas do a-ha.

  86. Harri Hiltunen

    great song...

  87. Natalie Estigarribia

    love this song

  88. estela duran

    a que chevere otro video

  89. Mauri Márcio P. Ribeiro

    empresteou leo devolvi falou leu ao mauri
    escutar nos videos

  90. Jesper Hellvik

    Quite possibly my favorite a-ha video of all time...but ask me tomorrow and it might be Crying in the Rain. Hard to decide. I know..TOM is of course THE ONE but that has a lot to do with nostalgia as well!

    Michaela Harket

    Jesper Hellvik sorry, but this is their worst vid to me. Its so un-a-ha, since when did they have sex in their vids?

  91. Carlos Eduardo

    a-ha eterno.



  93. Cecilia Sierra Arrieta

    Can we have this song with a different video? Please?

    Michaela Harket

    atoosas because this is straight out PORN

    Marjorie McBride

    No..the video fits the song perfectly, was filmed in a brothel and tells a story of human need. Its a song and video for grown ups, the band have moved on from their cute teeny bopper image, most of the fans have too.

  94. Topal Alinka

    my best a- ha /i adore them