A-ha - Birthright Lyrics

You don't wanna hang around
Said you were leaving town for the summer
At least till sundown

Cuz time ain't gonna grind you down,
ain't gonna waste your life
chasing rainbows like some clown

But who's gonna come with you tonight
Who's gonna to tell you it's alright?
Everything changes over time
Just like wine

Time ain't gonna hold you up,
Ain't going to make it stop long enough to ease your mind,
Ain't gonna make it last forever

And you...
whatcha gonna do?
Walk it solitary?
So unnecessary
But it's alright
It's your birthright

Hey, hey everything's different down the line
Everything changes over time

Time ain't gonna make it worse
It's gonna make you start feeling better
Just like wine
We're gonna make it last forever

Hey you...
Whatcha gonna do?
Just be ordinary?
So unnecessary

But it's all right
Yes it's alright
It's your birthright

It's your birthright

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A-ha Birthright Comments
  1. Magadlen griffiths

    one of fave songs of all time well done morten

  2. Martina Harket


  3. Lucas Magnum

    My favorite song

  4. anasgard

    I love this song. thanks

  5. 100% com a saúde


  6. Andrius Stasiukynas

    This song is so awesome! A-ha is one of my favourite bands, I love all their studio albums from Hunting High & Low to Cast In Steel

  7. Blane Goggin

    I wish this was available in the U.S.

    Platform Junkie

    Blane Goggin It is. You’re listening to it. : )

  8. Claudia Cacau

    Amo demais essa música .


    the first time i listened to this song my body felt goosebums and shivered.

  10. Pirpa Levo

    That is music for my soul and my heart. Thank You for posting and tusen takk Morten, Pål and Magne <3

  11. Isja Pupu

    Thanks for uploading this