A-ha - Barely Hanging On Lyrics

I used to be so sensible on my own
Now I'm so sensitive it's a joke
I'm getting by on decibels like a drug
And greet every brand
New day with a shrug

I'm barely hanging on

I used to be so comfortable in a suit
Almost presentable next to you
I used to be so confident in a crowd
Now I can't say my own name aloud

I'm barely hanging on

And now I guess you're
Wondering why
We never could see eye to eye
Oh but never mind
And now I guess it's hard to see
What has gotten into me
Oh but never mind

I'm barely hanging on

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A-ha Barely Hanging On Comments
  1. Jonathan Santos

    Fenômeno Norueguês


    I agree! :)

  2. Sasha Siregar

    Morten sounds so much like Pal here


    It's Pal's song, so... ;) I remember "Dragonfly" by Magne, and Morten sings it like Magne, a little bit ;)

    Sasha Siregar

    @slimaked true, do you know if it's originally a Savoy song? So glad to hear Morten sings like him, very rare in A-ha songs


    I don't know Savoy. But I know "Velvet" is Savoy's - Pal sang it on Cast in Steel Tour. ...And I prefer Morten not singing with falsetto ;) Mostly :) :)

  3. Claudia Meier

    Wow thanxs

  4. Márcio Barthem

    Essa canção é maravilhosa.

  5. Nelma Sapaulo

    Gosto muito

  6. So Velvet