A-ha - Analogue Lyrics

Come back, my darling one
I'm calling on you
The road ahead is long
And I must warn you

I wonder
Where did she go?
If I failed you
I tell you right now

All I want you to know; I love you
All I need is the time to show you

Come back, my fallen son
Don't let them fool you
Cos when the day is done
They'll never move you

Lay down your senseless pride
(Got more than you)
Put out your mournful tones
I tell you right now

All I want you to know; I love you
All I need is the time to show you how I feel

(Lay down your senseless pride
You travelled once too often, yeah)

I tell you right now
All I want you to know; I love you
All I need is the time to show you how I feel

All I want you to know I love you
All I need is the time to show you how I feel

(Come back, my analogue
I hardly knew ya
the high end sloping off
a thing of beauty
take hold, my little ones
my minor key sonatas
show forth your looping grace
no one here can take your place)

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A-ha Analogue Comments
  1. Alla Zappa

    Мортен моя любовь единственная

  2. Raygun Romance

    A shining example of how well this band has aged, and how they've continued to put out great music. It's a shame the US seems to only remember them from 1985.

  3. Angela Voigt



    Enhorabuena por todos los temas que habéis hecho.
    Son todos una bendición.
    Gracias por ilusionarme tantas veces, por vuestra música y sobre todo por tú voz.

  5. holly pietrzak

    take on me was alot better then this song was?

  6. Vivi viajes

    Leeds yesterday was Amazing!

  7. baqtomusic

    The place where they filmed this video (Littlebrook Power Station) was demolished in 2015.
    Just a little trivia...

  8. Ágnes Gyebnár


  9. Linda Wallerman

    2019 a-ha forever! 😊 🎶

  10. Janet Valentine

    Love this

  11. JOhn WHiteClouD

    A-ha ...is a super band....so underrated!!! So solid through the years!! These guys know about songcrafting!! Kudos guys!!! I always listen to them....

  12. Ch Pe

    So much different than their older stuff.

  13. Floaka missa

    One more great album!

  14. Mizuca C


  15. Michael RS96

    Happy Birthday/Alles Gute zum 60.Geburtstag Morten! 🎉😎✌️🔝 Mit freundlichen Grüßen aus 🇦🇹

  16. Henrik Larsen

    Piano figure a total rip off from Jimmy Sommerville "Small town boy." !!!!!

  17. Irailde.Santos Santos


  18. Seether99

    My favourite music is rock, hard rock, metal, thrash metal, progressive etc but I also LOVE A-HA.........is that normal???

  19. Hayde Antezana

    Simplemente hermosa, los acordes excepcionales, A-ha forever

  20. margus kiis

    Their biggest hit in UK after 80s. Hit 10.

  21. Mota La Marmota


  22. Griset Martir

    Para mi una de las mejores bandas. No se por q so poco apreciados con tan buenas canción y una de la mejores voces son fantasticos

  23. Михаил Сергопольцев

    Вернись, моя родная,
    Тебя молю я.
    У нас с тобой ещё есть время, чтобы всё начать сначала.
    И я должен сказать тебе,

    Что не понимаю,
    Почему ты ушла.
    Даже если теперь я ничего не значу для тебя,
    Я всё равно прямо сейчас говорю тебе, что

    Всё, что я хочу - это чтобы ты знала, что я люблю тебя.
    Мне нужно только время для того, чтобы ты почувствовала это.

    Вернись, моё обиженное солнышко.
    Не позволяй им обманывать себя.
    Потому что когда наступит новый день,
    Всё станет на свои места.

    Расстанься со своей бессмысленной гордыней,
    Овладевшей тобой, не позволяющей тебе услышать меня.
    Оставь свой скорбный тон.
    Ведь я прямо сейчас говорю тебе, что

    Всё, что я хочу - это чтобы ты знала, что я люблю тебя.
    Мне нужно только время для того, чтобы ты почувствовала, что дорога мне.
    Ты дорога мне.

    Расстанься со своей бессмысленной гордыней,
    Управляющую твоими поступками теперь слишком часто.
    Ведь я прямо сейчас говорю тебе, что

    Всё, что я хочу - это чтобы ты знала, что я люблю тебя.
    Мне нужно только время для того, что мы – половинки целого, еее,

    Чтобы ты знала, что я люблю тебя.
    Мне нужно только время для того, чтобы ты почувствовала, что очень дорога мне.

  24. Salome Pagana

    esta canción se suma al excelente trabajo que A-HA. Temazo

  25. Donovan Wert

    Love aha

  26. Kelley Chandler

    I could listen to this song on a damn loop! Love them! Just re-discovered them, I hate I didn't get more from them in the US!...<3

  27. Steven Gary



  28. Israel Rodrigues

    Essa música toca no todo mundo odeia o cris

  29. Alecsandra Correia

    A melhor banda amo ❤️🇧🇷

  30. Andrew Ayling

    The video for this is great,love the way the video is shot in darkness and then you have the up beat lyrics of the song.
    Great song,great band,enjoyed seeing them in concert twice in the late 90's and again in the early 2000's.

  31. Mizuca C


  32. mark phipps

    This is a CLASSIC song by a great band

  33. Kelen Soares

    A-ha desafia o tempo, som e letras impecáveis. Isso sim é música de verdade, quem escuta jamais esquece! Minha adolescência resumida em uma banda...😍🤩#ahaforever #thebest

  34. rafael pacheco

    Come back my darling one
    I'm calling on ya.
    The road ahead is long
    And I must warn ya.
    I wonder
    Were did she go.
    If I failed you
    I tell you right now

    All I want you to know
    I love you!
    All I need is the time to show you.

    Come back my fallen son
    Don't let em fool ya.
    'cause when the day is done
    They never move ya.
    Lay down your sense of pride
    Got more than you
    Put out your mournefull tones
    I tell you right now.

    All I want you to know
    I love you!
    All I need is the time to show you how I feel, feel.


  35. Truex Jr.

    UAU!! Um A-HA mais rock roll.

  36. Cecilia C

    <3 <3 <3

  37. Vinny

    A- HA , a melhor banda de todos os tempos !

  38. Elke Streit de Oliveira

    Communication, unlike information, takes time and some empathy; it's a matter of diplomacy. (Dominique Wolton)

  39. Selena De Araujo

    Amo,amo,A-ha incrível!!

  40. Ronaldo Santos

    A ha ....sem duvida ...a melhor

  41. james jamisson

    -ha, is like a gear on which to base the beginning of everything that refers to the musical world in my life, I hope to one day still cinhece them because this is one of my biggest dreams.

  42. Patrick P

    AhA - 🕹

  43. Fernando Garcia

    It's a shame that record company never been interested in the promotion of this great band in America.
    They have many great albums and many great songs, that could dominating the tops.
    at least is a pleassure for a few fortunates like me.

  44. Raiku 4世


  45. Dave Roberts

    Just the best music ever of the great 👍 AHA thanks man for being you so much I love ❤️ your music so much it's the best keep up your great music 🎶 its Fantastic to listen to Bravo 👏 AHA and Thanks Again

  46. Claudete Lopes


  47. Austin Lyeber

    A-ha uma banda para curtir a qualquer momento da vida 💘💘💖

  48. Patrick P

    I guess A-ha haven't changed from analogue to digital 😏

  49. Fretslayer2003

    Brilliant song and video.

  50. Jacqueline Arevalo

    A-HA incomparable.... Morten Harket hermosa voz!!! La melodía de este tema Analogue cala los huesos... Me encanta🤗

  51. TheShortJoke

    Growing up this was my favorite band. I was raised by a devout aha fan, my first music video vhs was headlines and deadlines. I have seven younger siblings now who request this every time I visit (and when I used to babysit them during my time at home) I’m the only 20 year old at work who knows this band and only one other person at work knows their catalogue besides Take on Me. America. Needs. An. Education. On. Aha. XD

  52. Claudete Lopes

    Esse cd é bom demais adoro aha ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  53. Julio Fransisco Beltran Bautista

    yes this it looc i am tupido

  54. Oscar Maximiliano Araujo

    2018 :*

  55. mamãe quer ser YouTuber

    A ha aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa amo de mais💕💖💗✌👌

  56. kary smith

    Eu te amo AHA!❤🎤

  57. Danielle Dredger

    Only Morten Harket can still look sexy bundled up to his neck in a heavy coat and hooded sweater.

    Anda Z

    he is one of those that would look good in anything..


    duh! Magne is waaay better looking, still.... not that I'm comparing ;)

  58. Richard Zinck

    Love this one!

  59. Welma Guima

    Analogue is declaration of love... beautiful music! Thank you A-ha!!

  60. Antonio A

    love love love

  61. Nicholas Hill

    I remember listening to the Analogue album while I lay on a bed after a day’s snowboarding in Switzerland during the winter of 2005. My wife had recently left me for a new life and friends showed themselves to be non-committal and eventually non-existent. This album became my drug that winter.

    Anda Z

    Great drug of choice. I hope you are in a better place and... time now.

    Scream Fear

    A great album, who can help everyone. a-ha is genius!

  62. Michaela Harket


  63. Stephen Langley

    One of my very favourite A-HA tunes, this and all their earlier songs.

  64. Julia Slavcheva

    Gods! That voice! and sound - unique

  65. Danielle Dredger

    Awesome song and really cool video.

  66. Ezkimo 6 Music

    This song is amazing, and it seems missed by many.

  67. Eliane Venderametto

    very well

  68. Srećko Masterl



    Ето есть музыка спасибо А- ХА

  70. Vinny

    A melhor de tempos os tempos

  71. Rosa Rosa Dias

    Linda música A-ha pra sempre no❤


    Always will love a-ha💜

  73. Furr Bear

    Love this song, love this video - just wish it could be posted in HD!

  74. Rio Rene

    Pour les avoir vu en concert, musicalement, ils assurent!

  75. Joeanne -Alp

    When I was very young I love Morten and their songs. Morten hadn’t changed much and Now I love them again cuz they are great!

  76. Julie


  77. Rosa Rosa Dias

    A-ha A banda super Pop com lindas músicas que adoro muito sempre no❤❤❤❤😍😍😍😍😙😙😙😙😙😙😙

  78. Sue Andre

    I'm 15 and I'm obsessed with it. Thanks mom.


    You have a great mom ;)


    mom rocks!!


    And now you're 16 and still listening to it.

  79. Allan Paul

    Nothing compares to a boy band like A-HA

  80. Pedro Jesus Agnahgui

    A-ha the best. Coldplay is fake...


    Why this hate on Coldplay? Chris Martin (of Coldplay) has often mentioned A-ha as one of his favourite bands and a big inspiration on Coldplay.

    Pedro Jesus Agnahgui

    "Inspiration"...Countless plagiarisms in albuns: "Minor Earth, Major Sky" and "Analogue".


    ​@Pedro Jesus Agnahgui Well the members of A-ha seem pretty happy with Coldplay ;)

  81. Erin Markley

    This will always be one of my favorites. They write such amazing pop songs. So so catchy and such beautiful melodies.

  82. jose amorim

    Sou seu fã de carteirinha

  83. jose amorim

    Você é fantástico

  84. Dan McCarthy

    This is one of those songs where the ending comes and you're just bummed that it's over.

  85. Márcia Fernanda


  86. Mateus Santana

    Maravilha pqp A-ha é vida

  87. Rosa Rosa Dias

    Adorei a linda música o vídeo fantástico A-ha sempre no❤💋❤💋❤💋❤💋❤💋❤

  88. apolo

    brasil ama a-ha !

  89. Fernando Olvera

    La mejor música de el mundo

  90. SelektaZ

    good song!!!

  91. Юлия Фёдорова

    Половину своей жизни слушаю эту группу , и буду слушать дальше. Класс.

  92. Adria Morais

    Esse vídeo é ótimo amei :) a-ha ❤❤❤❤

  93. Στέλλα E.