A - Going Down Lyrics

Suck it up, we're going down
30 seconds 'till we smash into the ground
The passengers have lost their smiles
Soon their bodies will be wreckage spread for miles

I'm in the shit, knee-deep in it, I know that this might hurt a bit
I leave my debts but no regrets - except I wish I'd took the train

Another day, another flight
There's not a chance of going down, but then we just might
So this is it, this is goodbye
And I feel like I'm gonna lose my mind

I'm in the shit, knee-deep in it, I know that this might hurt a bit
I leave my debts but no regrets - except I wish I'd took the train

Everybody has their day and I guess I'm just the same
But I'm going nowhere
Everybody has their day, never thought it would be this way
And I really don't care

I'm in the shit, knee-deep in it, I know that this might hurt a bit
I leave my debts but no regrets - except I wish I'd took the train

We're going down, we're out of sky
It sure helps if you can see the funny side
So this is over and out, this is goodbye
And I'm feeling like I'm gonna lose my mind

I try to reach her, but she's not there
But back home I hope she knows how much I care
I ease the seat back and start to pray
To the same God that puts bombs in cargo bays

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  1. ok boomer Ramirez

    Me:asked my teacher how my grades are . teacher:

  2. Aireonna Hines

    When you got a bag of Cheetos and sprite and Netflix show going on 0:18

  3. Olivia Tichenor

    Almost 2 years....🙏🏼💔

  4. Karen Ramrattan

    when peoplez at school try to pick a fight with me "ITZ GOING DOWN!!!!"

  5. SynC-Rayx

    1½ years without you X we love and miss you, you are so unique in every way, no one and I mean no one can take over your legacy😓💗

  6. Maelee Davis

    XXX fans: ;( why who ever killed him i will kill, me: why do I have to watch the video when he diess some one tell me

  7. Lucky Justlucky

    Rest In Peace X If You Are Reading This Rest In Peace And Keep Makeing Songs It Makes Me Not Scaryed Anymore

  8. Lucky Justlucky

    Miss You XXXNCATION Wish XXX Was Still Aluve He Soulden't Done That If He Didn't Fake His Death He Would Still Be Alive I

  9. Landon Wright


  10. Lucky Justlucky

    Hi Whats Up

  11. Nadeer Mussa

    Anyone still here

  12. Lucky Justlucky

    Hi Whats Up Miss You XXXNCATION Rest In Peace Bro

  13. yakuu

    i fuckin miss X

  14. Rizall Fadillaa

    Alien beat with monster flows

  15. Lucky Justlucky

    Hi Whats Up

  16. Lucky Justlucky

    Hi Whats Up XXXNCATION

  17. Maddox Smith

    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ .........

  18. Chantel Williamson

    RIP xxxtentacion

  19. RG6-Gaming

    My grades after a test:

  20. blaines blainer222

    Going down xxx and hot sauce ynw BSlime STALIN STALIN STALIN!!!!!!

  21. LBF Xyzu

    No cap its the best song to put in the elevator.


    this is gold

  22. clash with bailey tavendale

    rip juice wrld

  23. Alicorn Redrainbow

    Tell me why this sounds like some insane shit when you are the only one alone

  24. Pexelee games

    People when someone insults me

  25. ShortFilms4000

    "Its going down"

  26. Mriana Azdo Assyrian

    Rest In Peace juice wrld 2019 8 December and XXXTENTACION 2018 18 June 😭😢🥺☹️😖😭😢🙏💔😇

  27. Mriana Azdo Assyrian

    Rest In Peace both juice wrld and xxxtentacion😭😢🙏💔😇

  28. Julian Rodriguez

    No one: people on the Titanic:

  29. Exploit Tutorials

    Juice wrld will rest easy bro wit you ,,💯💯💯

  30. Mr_Eman

    First X now juice 💔

  31. YT xXKnexy Sweater YT Keks

    Why he is DEAD

  32. Justin P.a.c


  33. Rey Pirata

    I love is sound

  34. Lil Sweepy

    Bruh this song underrated

  35. Isaac Lewis

    If you miss x then do something 👇🏽

  36. Ethel Artola

    😭𝖗𝖎𝖕 𝖝𝖝𝖝𝖙𝖊𝖓𝖙𝖆𝖈𝖎𝖔𝖓😭

    (╥﹏╥) (╥﹏╥)
    (╥﹏╥) (╥﹏╥)

  37. Jasson Ramirez

    Mi gradres in this moment: 0:14

  38. hills

    i t s g o i n g d o w n

  39. Evan Bonner

    When Your Crying And Begging Your Mom To Not Whoop You And Before it hits U Think 1:11

  40. Lil boogie And lil hoodie

    Rip xxx

  41. Nate Gauthier

    4.2k has no soul

  42. Holy Believer

    Yall kids need to stop using dead people for likes, just stop begging for likes. Likes arent gonna save your lives. LIKES ARENT GONNA GIVE YOU GOOD LUCK. LIKES ARENT GONNA MAKE YOUR LIFE BETTER. STOP BEGGING.

  43. Bassel Khaddaj

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  44. Bassel Khaddaj


  45. Savage TwinBoy

    Straight up 🔥

  46. Hackster Edwin

    December 2019?

  47. Davud Klobodanovic

    Me: teacher, what is my grade

    My teacher: Going down is going down

    All my friends : OHHHH WHAT A ROAST

    Me: :///

    Evan Bonner


    Davud Klobodanovic

    Are u ok?

    Davud Klobodanovic

    Im think you are not okay ...
    You need go to doctor if uwant i can give u number...

    Evan Bonner

    @Davud Klobodanovic I'm okay okay.

  48. Alexa wbu ?

    Some person: how's life?



    The beginning is me playing the piano

  50. Help me get 1000 subs

    *R.I.P xxxtentacion*


    whos better
    like XXXtentacion :) <3
    comment Taylor Swift :(

    Ignore 6ixnine or spam 9


    sorry for such a bad person in comment

  52. Ø imaddinelemon

    Me when I need to pee its going DOWN

  53. Officialyusuf x


  54. Evan Bonner

    When Your Girl Sees Your Browse History 0:23

  55. Evan Bonner

    Eminem:I Have The Best
    Me And X: 0:15

  56. Paradise Vake

    Shordie thick omg

  57. Hendo

    Def not one of his best




  59. elixir066


  60. 1871\1917

    Tá difícil

  61. Lil Mayo

    When deaf kid is on a plane and it’s a speed bump:

  62. Thatgoatlamari

    12 yo
    First time listening: ok who is this???
    Second time: ok ok he is underrated
    Third time: GoInG dOwN yA iTs GoInG dOwN

  63. Yin Loves Sans

    X said before he died he wanted us to feel happy it will make him happy to.

  64. cherryw0lf

    And here’s a song, dedicated to my grades.

  65. Creater1YT

    RIP X miss you.

  66. Quantisha Walker

    I didn't know x til after he died. I still miss him. His music is still pulling me out of a dark time. We miss you x. (I don't want your likes.) -12 year old

  67. Gloria Sebastian

    I miss triple x

  68. Lucky Justlucky

    I Love This Song Leave Likes For XXXNCATION Hes Not Dead He Fake It Yes Good Job XXXNCATION Now You Don't Have To Be Bullyed Anymore

  69. iDank Gaming

    Why people got to use x for likes? He’s gone now, so I wonder how guilty you feel 🤔

  70. BepisBoi _

    Hey... this isn’t the Vsauce music i was looking for

  71. X szy lynx ッ

    I will always love this


    You suck

  73. vGoT2HaVeWiNzv _YT

    Who still cant believe he's gone

  74. ѕиσωу тнє ρєиgυιи

    So god,where am I going
    God: going down

  75. Iced Out

    GoinnnnnnnnnnnnnnGGGGGGGGG dowwwwwwNNNNNNNNNNn

  76. Alpha lule

    I miss xxxtentacion it is so boring and so sad without him

  77. TTV Mono

    Don’t use x for likes

  78. Dayton Warren

    I miss you man I’m glad your in a better place I can’t wait to see you there ❤️

  79. acrobatics

    wasnt it so funny when x dies haha

  80. Mario Fernandes-Rossen

    My mom: How are your grades going?

    Me: 1:11

  81. Salty Scope


  82. Lil_Pepsi 25


    Lil_Pepsi 25


  83. qeri

    I don’t let go #2


    XXXTentacion 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 as always

  85. hardcore gamer

    Xxxtentacion is cool

  86. DD-8786 Fortnite Creative


  87. Paz_ooofmygoof 132

    The saddest thing about betrayal is that it never comes from enemies, it comes from the ones you trust the most


    Rest In Peace man <3

  88. Loser Mari

    𝓛𝓸𝓷𝓰 𝓵𝓲𝓿𝓮 𝓟𝓻𝓲𝓷𝓬𝓮 𝓧

  89. Alex

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  90. lipzin Jz

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  91. ray 0898

    Me encanta jsjsjsjs : 3

  92. Action Jaxon

    0:16= my self esteem

  93. Joseph Morales

    You know this is talking about hell and his girl that’s why I love it so much lol