A - Black Hole Lyrics

Some days go on forever,
Last long into the night,
Some days feel like December, although its warm on the inside.
Forget the middle of summer,
I bet you I am alive.
We'll wipe the floors together, nice try.

Save it all,
You have all the answers,
Thank you for the memories and hope you go with it.
Crying out,
You have all the anger,
Blame it on yourself again, there's nothing wrong with it.
You're a black hole!

Some days are complicated,
Some ways i'll take the blame,
Some days i take it all to, heart again.
This place is made of panic,
They check you every mile,
Thank god you're going out for, a while.

Save it all,
You have all the answers,
Thank you for the memories and hope you go with it.
Crying out,
You have all the anger,
Blame it on yourself again, there's nothing wrong with it.
You're a black hole!

Nobody noticed what you're talking about,
Nobody's got a clue what you're all about.
Save it all.
Save it all.

Save it all,
You have all the answers,
Thank you for the memories and hope you go with it.
Crying out,
You have all the anger,
Blame it on yourself again, there's nothing wrong with it.
You're a black hole!
You're a black hole!
You're a black hole!

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A Black Hole Comments
  1. marcos Aguilar

    He wouldn’t have been Locked if he used


  2. Player 345

    cara mó otario é obvio que isso iria acontecer

  3. tudo minicraft


  4. Jackson Roberts

    I remember having this as a topic for a term

  5. ALI -THE-KING -10

    Fortnite X Black Hole

  6. sarok AKi


  7. prince peter


  8. Cohen Schellenberg

    That ending though


    One cuestion:

    Why youtube?

  10. Scania_V8_Rat

    With Gorilla Tape, this wouldn't have happened xD

  11. Detenator 1235

    2:06 Stupid just stupid just take 1000 then another each day

  12. adam olan adam

    *11 years ago* well so we are in the future but...

  13. ハヤシライス


  14. baldev Singh

    You're a slave to the money.


    Doremon lost his gadgets and that man got 1

  16. AlphaCore

    -me thinking this guy got bored after work and made a video
    -credits informing me that like 30 people worked on this

  17. NieMonD

    So... don’t embezzle money from your place of employment because you might get stuck in a huge safe?

  18. Балдёжный Юлик


  19. Cartoon Kids

    مين من ٢٠٢٠

  20. Tsering Angmö

    Too much greed is bad

  21. iam from


  22. Awelbeckk

    1:09 : Shouldn't his hand appear in the other side instead of vanishing ... I mean, if the end goes to some weird dimension he couldn't grab the sniker or the money.


    dont buy cheap tape and dont think cheap way

  24. سجاد S

    شوف ابن الثوله 2:11 😂😂😂😂

  25. DaGaMerSwaLkthroGh

    I watched this when I was 9

  26. Степан Суздалов

    Знаю, это прикол. Но, непродуманный. 1:09 рука должна была выйти насквозь. Иначе, не из автомата, не из сейфа ничего не может вынести. Ведь по ту сторону бумаги нечего не выходит. 😅

  27. Amullu 99

    Athyaasa andukae lock lo eerikkupoyadu vunna money nie adjust chesuko valid

  28. Deepika Tanwar

    11 years
    youtube is recommending thia to le after 11 years

  29. Ayet Clutario

    I used to join indie film workshop and one of the instructor show this short film. Nice hehe


    That's not a black hole lol
    It's Doraemon's Pass through hoop gadget

  31. Mahardhika Hassan Bustami

    I want it one!

  32. him3zz

    The thought of being locked in there is TERRIFYING

  33. The jamy series !!

    My old teacher in school used to tell us this story but different versions like how it would only work once every 2 days

  34. sohail khalid

    moral: greed is curse....

  35. Hubert Świętosławski

    Instant karma

  36. Сергей Слехтин

    как говорят, жадность фраера сгубила, придурок да и только

  37. Сергей Муллер

    Жадность, кули)

  38. danny ray rongcales

    yes now safe

  39. satish yadav

    Moral of the story :) don't be thief and stay good person not a bad one


    Moral: Don't use cheap tape

  40. アウオーパウカー


  41. Agent Memes

    Oh yeah i forgot about this video.

  42. Austin’s Highlights

    That ending haunts me

  43. JamBamRam

    Was showed this in school for some scary ass reason

  44. Tristan Pottier

    We told you : don’t be greedy.....

  45. Sonjoy Gupta


  46. Sparkly Queen SM

    Grasp all,lose all

  47. Priya Dharshini

    Moral of the story:don't be greedy😁

  48. Muhammed NAZEER HUSSAIN

    Moral of the story : don't think of more and more


    Moral: Don't use cheap tape

  49. Anwar Shaikh

    This video I have

  50. hans roi

    11years later .....

  51. Colbt Zıxc

    Good future

  52. You Tuban

    Who else get recommendation on 12/12/2019
    Like here and make it blue💙


    what would happen if he is half inside and paper fall

  54. Juliana Borba

    if this role existed would be the solution to our trash on the planet

  55. Guhan Sanju

    What happened to the man

  56. Mihail Iksanov


  57. InFo2Teck

    Direct by : Robert B Waild

  58. alaguvel kodirajan

    Funny with messages

  59. OgDietSoda

    My teacher in the 5th grade showed me this

  60. LA IR

    WE need to be carful with the big power.

  61. Patate Patateuse

    Bonjour, avez-vous regardé ce court-métrage en cours de français ce mardi ?

  62. moto125100

    жадность фраера сгубила

  63. KNIGHT person

    #lalach buri bala h

  64. Chiranjit Das


  65. Pavel Gavrilov

    Жадность фраера сгубила.

  66. Ákos Kollárszky

    Karma ;)

  67. 7Soon -Hasoon

    what if he enter his head?

  68. Shahmir Javed

    Its like doraemon's gadget... "Pass through hoop"😁😁

  69. Shirai Ryu200

    Print one for me plz

  70. CTX Stray Skite

    When this video uploaded I didn't even born

  71. Death Rip

    Вот что делает с человеком жадность.

  72. Death Rip

    Это фильм или короткометражка.

  73. Jools Freeman

    What a great short film,

  74. Isaiah Milton

    Who’s watching this and there’s a real black hole that is captured

  75. Алексей Лебедев

    Называется - Жадность фраера сгубила!

  76. Ajay Thakuria

    that's why I used photocopy original is in my wallet always.

  77. King Mustafa

    1:33 sneckears

  78. amin khan


  79. Mohdmaxz 22

    هههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه احسن

  80. ultima fermata

    Babo beo. Autorizzato dai topini

  81. Ripang1004

    So cool

  82. Mario H


  83. نايل الخلايلة

    طمع ضر وما نفع

  84. Raquel Policarpo


  85. Ambareesh Ram


    please watch... this type.. sc-fic short film 😂

  86. どようび


  87. Комсомолeц

    Жадность фраера сгубила!

  88. Mijaro Torston

    Lesson today don't be too greedy take some and get out

  89. Жека Гаврилов

    Not bad 😂😂😂

  90. AngryDog


  91. stardancer727

    That snickers is a good asmr and i love snickers

  92. Рита Беретарь

    Вот так вот...

  93. Zombe killer

    *sticky fingers*

    If you get this joke you have a great life 😂

    Rebecca Gillespie

    Zombe killer I don't get it

  94. carry zoo

    On my god

  95. Md Tajulislam

    good black hole