A - 6 O'clock Lyrics

6 o'clock on a tube stop, waiting for a subway train
On my own, so alone, why does everybody look the same?
To the right there's a sign, telling me which way to go
To the left there's an old man shouting at the radio
The radioooo-oh

Get out, get out, get out, yeah

6 o'clock on a tube stop, waiting for a subway train
On my own, so alone, why does everybody look the same?
There's a man with a gold band, but he's got his eye on mine
There a bomb in a sports bag, could go off at any time - at any time!

When my knees don't work, I start to shake
I won't panic, I won't hesitate
It's alright, it's OK
The daylight is that way
We all go the same way

6 O'12 and I'm not well, gonna have a heart attack
Everyone is a bum, I'm gonna get my money back
Over there there's a square, talking to his telephone
Then he stares at my hair and suddenly I'm not alone, I'm not alone!

Get out, get out, get out yeah
Get out, get out, get out!

When my knees don't work, I start to shake
I won't panic, I won't hesitate
It's alright, it's OK
The daylight is that way
It's alright, it's OK

6 o'clock on a tube stop, waiting for a subway train

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A 6 O'clock Comments
  1. Pavlin Ivanov

    2019 anyone?No?

  2. Daniel Frostevall

    You rock!

  3. Anthony Cortez

    Probably one of the best drum intros of all time

  4. JiTiAr35

    5:23 nastiest shred ever. Not many guitarists can do that.

  5. sonicshroom

    This is such a weird god damn song, as an opener to this album and in general. Funky guitar, jazzy drumming, psychedelic keys, some unorthodox vocals from James and a downright odd vocal melody, not to mention the samples. What makes it so great though, it just kinda hits you right out of the gate, amazing record.

  6. Andrea Provvi

    That really is the last straw
    "6 O'clock" played from a band at sunset
    I've been to the last two concerts of Dream Theater. The first one pathetic the second one ridiculous.
    Too much for me, now I only listen Nicola Sedda 3 or 4 times a day 
    Only one song "Colors"... No Dream Theater no more...

    Trey Weddle


  7. Marco Gaudenzi

    Great studio job by DT.
    ...but many technical mistakes by the band playin' this song live.
    LaBrie can't sing anymore in 2019 and Petrucci is just ridicolous now.

  8. Ruben alejandro muñoz Sanchez

    Gran banda, un temon este

  9. Roope Pitkänen


  10. Batikus

    3:52 so fucking good

  11. Black Metal Joker


  12. thundersnow93

    One of the greatest metal songs ever made!

  13. Facup Floyd

    As last years, listening this song at 6:00 on the christmas morning

  14. Giovanni Marino

    Best intro ever

  15. Beat Horst

    Kevin Moore, you are awesome.

  16. Shadow The Dubstep Wolf

    Why did everybody think this was a christian band? The man's just very poetic.


    There are definitely ponderings of faith and hints of Christian life sprinkled throughout a lot of DT's songs, IMO.

  17. JiTiAr35

    Aunt Kate ?? I've just realized it's a lady.

  18. Brian Urso

    anyone else notice that Kevin Moores keyboard riff in the beginning at 0:12 espically at the 0:15-0:17 mark sounds VERY similar to the KLINGON theme in the FIRST STAR TREK MOVIE (1980)? Or am i just insane, well i know im insane, i am a progressive rock musician in a world that loves(c)rap ,hip hop, and emo shit, but concerning THIS am i insane?


    Can you find a specific youtube video reference and time within video? I'd love to compare them to one another!

  19. Naim Ahmed Kibria

    Radio lied to me it's a song of 2011

  20. Drop Therapy

    I GOTTA mark on my calendar for 6:00 AM on christmas to listen to this song.

    Drop Therapy

    also this is my alarm sound now.

  21. wdkaye

    Greetings from 12/25/2017, 600 AM PST... What the heck is this song about anyway?

    Dylan Stevens

    wdkaye it’s about Kevin Moore wanting to leave Dream Theater

  22. Christopher Snyder

    6:43 am on a Christmas Morning

  23. DrWienerful

    Current mood

  24. Rove

    I know it's stupid and useless... But yeah, i am listening to this song at 6:00 on a Christmas morning.
    Merry Christmas Dream Theater fans!

    Adam Wiesenthal

    Merry Christmas! I also woke up early for this


    your efforts are appreciated

    Andrew Ryding

    I forgot so am playing it now anyway!


    6:00 on a Christmas evening


    04:23 on a 2017 Christmas morning. Fuck it, I'm not staying awake till 6 o clock this morning, I've Just had a full strength co codamel pill, a Nurofen plus, 300 mg pregabalin and a joint, I'm going to bed. Merry fucking Christmas!


    Oh, and half a diazepam.

  26. 9MrLucky

    I love it

  27. Lucas Gianoli

    Black Pokemon Hardware

  28. Robert Houser

    portnoy is a great drummer

  29. Zamek2004

    Song title: 6:00
    Song length: 5:31

    *Flips the table and leaves the room*

    Daniel Chakraborty



    @Timothy Barth and why not 6 PM :)

    Aatrey Bhatt

    @Hellhound 24 hour system so 6 PM is 18:00


    @Aatrey Bhatt how do you know they use 24h and not 12h system XD

    Ραφαήλ Μητόπουλος

    OCD strikes once again, ahahaha! 😂😂😂😂😂

  30. Mark

    sound just like the version he did on the Pokemon set

  31. TomiAzX

    The name of the song is fucking 6:00

  32. scarecrowbar66

    6:19 on a XMas morning!  But I've been up a little while :)

    Kaju Kumar Roy sugma sahrsa

    scarecrowbar66 f2f

    By sk

  33. trustobey1016

    Still listening to this on a Xmas morning.


    6:00 on a 2016 christmas morning, well it's 6:03 now, fuck it!

    The fight channel 777

    it is 6:00 right now

  35. Aurelio Campos

    Excelent! I adore Dream Theater... All times that they comes in Brazil I was there

  36. Edwin Pires

    Mary Jane ?


    Edwin Pires It's a sample, took from the movie "The Dead - People Of Dublin"

    Marcos Recio

    "Six o' clock on a christmas morning...And for what?" - "Well, isn't it for the honor of god aunt Kate?" - "I know all about the honor of god Mary Jane"

    Thomas Abts


  37. Matthew Zisos

    Anyone else here actually wake up at 6 on Christmas morning like I did? I set this as my alarm

    John Appleseed

    Mr Wholesale 10 am, close enough


    Mr Wholesale Just did it this year's Christmas!


    Yes, some minutes ago.

    None Ya

    I just did

    Mr Jeba

    Did with a friend of mine. We both cried. (A little gay? Maybe)

  38. Gleidson de Oliveira Til

    Até hoje me pergunto:O que terá acontecido às 6 horas?!?rsrsrsrssss


    A "sirene" é o despertador, que o acordou as seis da matina pra fazer algo que ele não estava nas pilha, mas precisava fazer por necessidade financeira (wood to chop) e cumprimento de palavra (promisses to keep).
    Essa é uma letra composta pelo tecladista da banda, cujo o qual, não participou dos shows da turnê do lançamento do album até o fim.
    Ou seja, essa letra é o "aviso prévio" dele na banda. -Q

  39. ReyazulMark2

    Merry Christmas DT fans!

  40. 6672rock

    I wonder whatever happened to Kevin Moore after he left DT?  He was quite a remarkable keyboard player.


    Outside of his brilliant work on a couple albums with Fates Warning (Pleasant Shade of Gray -- 1997, and Disconnected -- 2000), and perhaps OSI, his other works are pretty unremarkable, dark, and melancholy, IMO.

    Apathetic Display

    He's actually a Doctor now.

    Dejan Andrić

    @Jolo Rubia only maybe from technical side, when it comes to composing he can not match with Moore and never will

    Dejan Andrić

    @Cyrekt have no idea why you insult the guy. Glass Prison has good intro, but after that is unbearable to listen, stomach and ears refuse. Those songs that you mention can not compare with this, because this was real DT. Melodic and virtuosic, opposite those songs that sound raw and really flat.


    @Dejan Andrić Why are you responding to comments that are three years old don't you have something else to do

  41. lika alxazishvili

    awesome :O 

  42. Central Intelligence Agency

    Fucking wonderful.

  43. Roy Szarafinski

    6:00 on a Christmas morning I am always compelled to play this song. Just an incredible band.

  44. Drop 22 Ent.

    I'm listening to this song at 6:00 on a Christmas morning

  45. Levan Gharibashvili

    I don't think you can upload 5.1 surround to youtube O_o Can you?

  46. Disc

    My favorite Dream Theater song and album... Don't really like the rest of Dream Theater. This is song is also the only reason I pick up my bass once in a while, then I rock out to it a couple of times, and then the rest of the week I have gigantic blisters on my finger tips -_-. I'd better just keep playing guitar lol, my fingers just cant take it. Or I pick too hard... Or maybe I bought the crappiest fretless bass ever and should just get another.

    Timothy Barth

    idk there are many pretty songs that arent that needlessy complicated of them. but i guess you're more of a Gavin Harrison's PT fan.

    Julian Hansen

    I have Awake as their second best right after the underrated Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence. A double album packed with amazing music. 6:00 May also be my favorite off of Awake. Erotomania is also amazing.


    Scenes from a memory, Six Degrees, Train Of Thought but you don't the rest of DT? Get the fuck out of here.

    Alex Blake

    Your fingers are just soft, they harden over time. It's like that for guitar dw mate they feel like not I g after a while 😂


    @Julian Hansen My ranked favorite DT albums: (1) Images and Words, (2) Scenes from a Memory, (3) Awake, (4) Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence, and (5) Train of Thought. After that, I lost interest as most of their newer material seems like over-done note fests rather than great focused songs and themes. Granted, I haven't given it much of a chance recently. I've been into Symphony-X, Threshold, and Pagan'S Mind lately (wish PM would put out a new album sometime!!).

  47. dirty harry1881

    20 years ago... Still sounds like produced yesterday! Amazing record...

    dirty harry1881

    @Tomas Horn  Oh shit, I meant 20. Wasn't too focused on my writing cause I still had the music on. Thanks for the correction. 


    +dirty harry1881 very valid reason to misspell. This music is godly :)

    Raimy Singh

    Tomas Horn

  48. Vesa Girsen

    2014 and still works like a train ! Thanks DT !

  49. alejandro juarez

    this is great

  50. heebiejeepie

    3:14 to 3:50 . . . . . white hot prog metal ; synthesizer and bass tracking each other at high speed. Always stops me in my tracks, just to stand on that peak for a few moments . . . 

    "Six o'clock on a Christmas morning..."
    "And for what?"
    "Well, isn't it for the honor of God, 
    Aunt Kate?"
    "I know all about the honor of God,
    Mary Jane." 

    Six o'clock the siren kicks him from a dream
    Tries to shake it off but it just won't stop
    Can't find the strength but he's got promises to keep
    And wood to chop before he sleeps

    I may never get over
    but never's better than now
    I've got bases to cover

    He's in the parking lot and he's just sitting in his car
    It's nine o'clock but he can't get out
    He lights a cigarette
    and turns the music down
    but just can't seem to shake that sound

    Once I thought I'd get over
    but it's too late for me now
    I've got bases to cover

    Melody walks through the door
    and memory flies out the window
    and nobody knows what they want
    'til they finally let it all go

    The pain inside
    coming outside

    So many ways to drown a man
    So many ways to drag him down
    Some are fast and some take years and years
    Can't hear what he's saying when he's talking in his sleep
    He finally found the sound but he's in too deep

    I could never get over
    Is it too late for me now?
    Feel like blowing my cover

    Melody walks through the door
    and memory flies out the window
    and nobody knows what they want
    'til they finally let it all go

    But don't cut your losses too soon
    'cause you'll only be cutting your throat
    And answer a call while you still hear at all
    'cause nobody will if you won't

    "Six o'clock on a Christmas morning..."
    "I know all about the honor of God, 
    "I know all about the honor of God, 
    Mary Jane." 


    Sexy cock on a christmas mall wing

  51. yargaglaw

    capolavoro nel prog, vi amo

  52. Sairaj R. Kamath

    wait... the name of the song is "6:00"... but the song is only 5 and a half minutes long...



    Panteras five minutes alone is six minutes Wtf

    Ghost Boy

    Symphony X did a track called "Seven", which _was_ 7 minutes long, but... Well, it was track 8.

    _A.S.I _

    It may be all of the odd time signatures

    Michele Grassi

    i know it's from another album ,but they must have been drown some wrong lines in the sand...

    Armpit Studios

    Have you even listened to it, numbskull?

  53. John Maconochie

    6 o clock on a Christmas morning! 6 o clock on a Christmas morning!!!!

  54. bunghole689

    Best way to start an album

  55. Arthur Red

    Yes yes yes!!!!

  56. DTgirl83

    Great fuckin' song, masterpiece of an album \m/

  57. Lou Martin

    Awesome song! Awesome album!

  58. TheHornet79

    Thanks for uploading the HD version