Youngboy Never Broke Again - Suited Panamera Lyrics

[YoungBoy Never Broke Again:]
It's Vade on the keys
Ride around, 'round, ooh-woah
Oh, slime
Every jawn, nigga, oh
Shit, I just woke up about two hours ago
Let's go

Suited Panamera when I roll
Should I rock and roll, the life I chose
Don't know nothin' but go hard behind my bros, yeah
No longer push pain out, I'm gon' go harder with it in

Singin' that, fuck that love shit, bitch, been long gone, baby
I got trust issues, plus these drugs won't let me hold on, baby
I be wantin' to leave it all, but did too much to fuckin' make it
The ones I love, I cut 'em off, 'cause it's too much and I can't take it
I don't do no talkin' on it, either side
Them Xans what got this look stuck up in my eyes
It numb my pain, never left, it only rise
At the end, not only that your soul left, your name dies
Hate what you believe, you do that shit 'cause I won't leave
I spend the money to make emotions ease, bitch, now let me breathe
Known to draw down, we never freeze
Searchin' for love, it sure is deceiving
I still have no one on side of me
But when you see me, I be flexed up, nigga

Suited Panamera when I roll
Should I rock and roll, the life I chose
Don't know nothin' but go hard behind my bros, yeah
No longer push pain out, I'm gon' go harder with it in

[Quando Rondo:]
My bros, yeah
I swear lil' Leaky, I miss you, nigga, yeah
Uh-uh, uh-uh, uh, yeah, yeah
Shootouts with the other side, it got confidential
Many wouldn't even have me 'round if I wasn't beneficial
I'ma always take my brother's side while hangin' out that window
50K, I spend it on some VV's, you can ask the dental
It's okay, I watched lil' Leaky serve up out them rentals
Suburbans on the highway, no, we don't do the Sprinters
And I stay street life grindin' 'cause I ain't really have a pot to piss in
A little street life shawty chasin' blue cheese 'cause he Crippin'
I feel like G life forever and always, yeah, I'm Crippin'
I'm in a street life, that's what all of my niggas been Crippin'
I'm all in love and lust, I showed you, I guess I got interference
She paint a picture perfect, two double cups help me get the image

[YoungBoy Never Broke Again:]
Suited Panamera when I roll
Should I rock and roll, the life I chose
Don't know nothin' but go hard behind my bros, yeah
No longer push pain out, I'm gon' go harder with it in

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Youngboy Never Broke Again Suited Panamera Comments
  1. domitilio allee

    Quando didn't went hard like he went on *Hold me* and *This for*

  2. Laquita Tolden

    I love this song now if they don’t get him after this they just don’t understand in it’s not meant

  3. Tayler Nicks

    Here’s my comment for your Analytics brudda 👌👍

  4. kendall sky

    Omg this song!!!!!!!!♨️🖤♨️❤

  5. Nxc ule

    Should’ve been longer put Future on here he gonna take off with it 💯

  6. Hhbbh Hhbbh

    who tf let quando put that trash ass verse on this song

  7. K So Different

    Here before a Milli

  8. Jason Gallardo

    Youngboy really be talkin that shit💯🐍

  9. nbaangelina

    Alright but who really here before a mill 🗣💚

  10. 3Three 6Ix Mafia

    dis hard asf fam🔥🔥🔥💯


    How do you even come up with this.
    Fucking goat

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  13. Quan Keion


  14. Quan Keion


  15. Jumpman Turbo

    Y’all sleeping on this song🤦🏾‍♂️

  16. julian carter

    Them in a song together 🔥🔥🔥

  17. tysim eastman

    shouldve made this a solo tbh quando disappointing

  18. Thanos Son Of A’lars

    You ever had hella friends keep tryna put you on a artist they think is hella good, but you just aren’t amused. NBAYoungboy is that artist to me.

  19. Jeremiah Bedah505

    youngboy and Quando back at it again but we need another album collab!! 😭💯

  20. YFN Jay

    OOH , Slime , Slime , slime 🐍💙💚 #4KT

  21. Brandon Chavez

    Why doesn’t this song have more views it’s 🔥


    When I’m rollin

  23. SlipperySlime

    This finna be slept on 🔥

  24. Juanita Lawrence

    Suited parenema

  25. addyologist

  26. Kendrick Holland

    Let's see how many people BRUSH THEIR TEETH!!! LIKE IF U DO.

  27. Kendrick Holland

    Let's goo

  28. Sweet Phantomz

    Quando Rondo way better than young boy

  29. Roderick Lawes

    Why this fire song so short bro 🎶🔥🔥🔥💯

  30. DJ PCM305

    Pastor Troy ft. Jeff Stones - "FLIP" Now on ALL Streaming services!!! Be sure to add it to your playlist!!

  31. skyguy gaming scherback ENT

    Bruh I'm be honest I slept asf on this nigga he goes hard asf

  32. Iam Pride

    who else dick hard listening to this?

  33. Meed Beatz

    NBA Youngboy is the hardest artist right now

  34. hello there

    is dis on soundcloud ??

  35. Shot By Seven

    Youngboy the goat period

  36. Mr Pharoah

    *Who eva can get the song without quondo is a Mamba* *plzzzz he fucc it up just loop YB verse 3 times and it's good*

  37. Polo Skinnard Williams

    Youngboy bring out the best of Quando Rondo every time they make a song together they both go hard asf NBA4L

  38. Mariam Faal

    “ No longer push pain out I’m gon go harder with it in” -🐐🐐 2020

  39. Alex Carl

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  40. Tyreque Patton


  41. Juztmyne Love

    I love the beat and just how the song sounds ...we need more songs like these 💚 all these damn songs just make me think bruh foreals🙄🙏🏼

  42. FsG damage

    Should've been by himself , yb part hard asf

  43. YSB Jhits

    Here B4 1Milly

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    wher nba 3three

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    Lonely Child Pt 2💔🤟🏾🧪

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    All damm day

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    Nba youngboy:its to much to fuckin make
    My brooooooss yeaaaahhhh

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    The whole album 🔥🔥

  49. Lil Ko


  50. Zai1k

    NBA Youngboy inspired all my music

  51. king vator

    This my song

  52. Amorie Harvin


  53. JayKells

    I just released my first song, and randomly people say i sounds like NBA Young boy, now i see that's a good thing ! Bought a mic and an old computer, then started making rap on my own at my bedroom
    I know there's like over a hundred people asking you guys to listen to their music, but now it's my turn, if u guys check it it would make happy asf, just trying to persue my dream on this long road

  54. FloridaMadeJay

    lonely child part 2 🔥

  55. Shem Rose

    NBA youngboy the greatest to ever do it I feel his this kid💚

  56. Tyrique Avery

    Honestly One of The top 7 On Dis Album 🐐🖤

  57. Tyrique Avery

    Goat Yb

  58. DG Lyrical



    if you like this you will become successful within the next year 💚 !

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    2 Goats On The Track 🐐

  61. Blaize

    i eat ass


    not indian ass tho yall nasty

  62. 34 Zeno

    The best song in that album

  63. YWB Vlogs

    Yoo! New tape goes crazy bro! Been a fan for a minute now.💧Aye, btw I am a rapper from the Omaha area trying to get some recognition, I’m only 13 and I work really hard at this so if y’all wouldn’t mind checking out some of my songs you can find them by looking up “YWB Nick” on any streaming platform!🔥Thanks for reading have a great day!💯🔥

  64. NPN Big 6

    Whoever disliked don't know real music when they hear it

  65. CEO Slime

    Oooooh shit quando go too hard on this one 🔥

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    Give me some clout ♾

  67. Josie Neel

    Liked before

  68. Nichole October

    Bro, y'all need to put some respect on youngboy name. My n****a is the best young rapper rn no cap👌💯 only the real will know.

  69. Rich Copeland

    Both my young niggas together on this one 🔥🔥🔥♿️♿️

  70. Amir Barriteau

    This made me cry before the beat came on 😢😣

  71. Geo Reynolds

    This go hard

  72. Marcus Brown

    Still bumpin in Feb. 21,2040

  73. Shawn Lee

    Quando an this auto tune shit he became trash too me 😭I listen to his old shit now his ass whining

  74. Lanyia



    This guy the most consistent in rap quality and quantity don’t @me

  76. James Johnson


  77. ProvidedCombos

    NBA Rondo💚💙

  78. Maurice Griggs

    Quando or whoever the fuck u is fuck the song up🤦🏾‍♂️

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  86. Israel Sanchez

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    Bro my ears were bleeding when quando pulled up on the beat







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