Thundercat - Dragonball Durag Lyrics

I feel kinda fly standing next to you
Baby girl, how do I look in my durag?
Would you tell me the truth?
Stay with me and love me through the night
I'ma keep on all my chains, when I'm making love to you
Hold me close and let me squeeze you tight
Through the night
But baby girl, how do I look in my durag?
Would you tell me the truth?

Do you like my new whip?
Watch me go zoom, zoom
Baby girl, how do I look in my durag?
Would you tie the drapes?
Stay with me and love me through the night

I just wanna know how you feel
Tell me, am I doing it right?
I may be covered in cat hair, but I still smell good
Baby let me know, how do I look in my durag?
Don't bother me, let me rock you all night long
I'm tryna impress you girl
Let me know, how do I look in my durag?
I'm tryna get intimate
Let me love you like you never been before, baby
Ahh, ahh, ahh, ahh, ahh
Ooh, ooh

You don't have to like my video games or my comic books
Baby girl, how do I look in my durag?
Did I tie it right?
Did you wear that dress just for me?
'Cause I'm tryna smash
Baby girl, I'ma smash in my durag
'Cause it's only right

Do you like the way my ice drips in the light?
Baby girl, do you like me in my durag?
Let me know
Would you let me know?
Let me know, girl
Let's make love
Until we fall asleep
I like the way you feel
Next to me
Baby you look so good in this moonlight
Stay with me and love me through the night, baby
Let's make love
Until we fall asleep

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Thundercat Dragonball Durag Comments
  1. insipid and belligerent

    I hear some Kamasi in here

  2. Vincent

    Alright, so the concensus is that he looks pretty rad in his durag, then?


  3. jack willis

    This needs a music video

  4. Double Doom

    steve lacy

  5. flee g

    Amazing song

  6. flee g

    5 dislikes from Cell, Frieza, Kid boo, Dr.Gero and Janemba

  7. Starchild Hybrid

    this makes me wanna find a fine fella covered in cat hair w a durag on and make sweet love to him... all night long

  8. Anthony Jacobs

    tfw the durag ain't $9001

  9. MotoRoninSenpai

    Жаль что так редко появляются подобные композиции) 👍

  10. Alex Zagami

    Yes ...

  11. ERBOCH

    This is why Thundercat is king

  12. K Black

    Got my Durag on why I bumped this shit

  13. Farrah C

    THIS. IS. SO BEAUTIFUL. 💜🥰💜 17.2.2020

  14. bananadread

    This is good stuff right here, smooth. I love Dragon Ball, I'm at ep 37.

  15. Cda Steez

    Little Pain????

  16. Eric Plummer

    Thunder Cat when he's about to finish: "AND THIS...IS TO GO EVEN FURTHER BEYOND! HYAAA! 🤣💀

  17. Ashley Merritt

    Thundercat and dragonball.. Fuckin slamming

  18. Windows 98

    I feel like i gotta collect the 7 dragon du rags to wish on the mighty wave check

  19. Sean Pinkey

    What the Funk is happening THUNDARKAT!??

  20. monowavy

    watch me go zoom zoom

  21. Ngm Mngw

    I swear I thought this is another one Hit wonder until I saw who the interpreter was. Fuck this is Thundercat

  22. Spitterz_Academy®

    Thunder cat never let me down

  23. Sebastian Brito

    that durag is $9,000 plus taxes

  24. Fergy Ok

    Thundercat missed the chance to make the price over 9000

  25. Ocher89

    Where. Can. I. Get. This. Durag???

  26. Daniel Cuadros


  27. Lejlz

    10/10 turned on right now


    These waves beat my ass

  29. Conor Griffin

    Looking super fresh in my durag

  30. Jon Seba

    This song is like a warm chocolate muffin

  31. Manoir


  32. chend

    shouldn't it be priced $9,001

  33. Z C

    im sorry i love thundercat but this sounds like 3 other songs he's already wrote or collabed with, most notably the climb

  34. Barry McCockiner

    i love dragonball :O

  35. Kacem Mohamed

    Flyinglotus is a wizard

  36. Zoney ViBeZ


  37. Alt Ramen

    I love you

  38. bigben1986 Velazquez

    hmmmmm not feeling this one.

  39. Jhari Jamison

    dragon ball durags - SOLD OUT

  40. Larry Kelly


  41. Robert Glover

    “Watch me go zoom zoom”

  42. Ingrid Bynes

    Besides Phonte, Thundercat is the only one that can successfully make me vibe and laugh at the same time.😊

    It’s something special. Nice jam!🌹

  43. uhn1089

    this was sooo good I cannot wait for the album

  44. House Plant

    fuckin love it. Groovy n spoooky

  45. Mad Sadiq

  46. Cometcrash4700

    Gotta be collabed with Flying Lotus, the keys sound like his sound.

    Tom Channelle

    Flylo's producing the whole album haha, good ear

  47. The Landmine Lieutenant

    Never thought I would put a song about making love while wearing a dragonball durag on my sex playlist.......There more you know lmao

  48. DatboiMg

    This is so damn smooth lol

  49. Ms Hill

    Im gonna be at his concert in April! I need to make a Dragonball Z halter top and mini skirt!

  50. Ms Hill

    I LOVE it! Im over here jamming!

  51. Ciel Good

    This man is just simply amazing.

  52. Jacqueline Wernett

    This sounds like Heaven..L'chaim from Bethlehem

  53. Leonardo Henrique


  54. C P

    Kitty 🐈 cat. What can be said...
    Hits all the marks. And I say that every time for every song. But I extra mean it this time, because I'm going to smile about it for a few days straight.
    I'd also like to commend this cat for his polished vocal prowess. 💗✨🐈🍣✨😻

  55. No Man's Land_tv


  56. rekt

    i love this so much.

  57. Jai Tout

    April is 2 long 😢😪

  58. A. Lynette

    This album about to be 🔥

  59. Santiago Rivera L.


  60. Gatsu

    Put our hand up and send him our energy that's spirit bomb! 🙋🏾‍♂️👐🏾💪🏽

  61. Nene Khoshtaria

    smooth and warm vibes 🤩♥️ love

  62. Aarón Deluxe


  63. Taken

    Where can I get one????

  64. Jesse O

    That one dislike is from Frieza

  65. fate

    hit different

  66. KITXNX

    Thundercat can make any lyric sound good

  67. John Kinsman

    Zack Fox on the cover art

  68. Mentally Distracted

    It’s like flying lotus is the father and Thundercat is the son, and the father is throwing the ball around with his son so he can then become an nba star

  69. Niwashi King

    Goku durag, funk to clap chi chi's cheeks to. Respect 🙏

  70. AlbinWest

    is jacob mann involved in this? i recognize the chord progression from some video of his

  71. Sam Smacker

    Dropped that🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Bangin this in the car with my DURAG on goin thru the drive thru at SONIC

  72. MutinyVT

    I want one now!

  73. TheWutangclan1995

    A part of me is hoping that Thundercat is gonna sell this as merch.


    I need it!!!


    I Would cop

    My names not Sergio

    hopefully it isnt 9,000 dollars like it says on the video

    Colby S

    TheWutangclan1995 Im pretty sure he’d be sued

  74. Eyris

    Do I hear some Kamasi right at the end transition there 🤔

  75. BLK

    I can't wait to hear the album

  76. GigoMort

    So far, one dumb nigga doesnt like his durag

  77. Rhino 88

    You look great in your DUUUUURAG

  78. Max Green

    You look so damn good in that durag, Thundercat

  79. D.J. DryBowser

    i loved drunk so much for its sense of humour and overall sound. i can tell iiwii is gonna be just as good from the singles alone.

  80. Keith Hubbard

    Reasonably Priced Durag I see.

  81. Madvillainy91

    God, the anticipation. It's killing me!

  82. João Vitor Reis

    Don't ever leave me Stephen... ='(

  83. I am Kupa

    You crazy son of a bitch

  84. Wesnile boyd

    Yeah man !!! Right on time!!!

  85. emotional dreadlocks

    Ayyyyyyyyeeeeeeeee 😊😊😊😊

  86. AkA x YoMoMMa

    Cat John Legend would have been Brazy with this


    Cut that (B)razy bullshit out because you catch a spirit bomb

    AkA x YoMoMMa

    copyright2021 what ? Lmaoo 🤣


    great great this is real soul great Thundercat!!!!

  88. Starberry 94

    “I’m covered in cat hair but I still smell good”


    I literally read this as he said it..

    Starberry 94

    @kristofferwash1 Amazing :D

  89. Starberry 94

    Lmao thundercat on a whole other level it is unbelievable

  90. Anthony Estrada

    Just realized they are all named Steve

  91. GigaHD

    The people who disliked this masterpiece have No fucking Durag whatsoever

  92. . SMÏLODON

    Be careful with your heart

  93. Karla Espinosa Palacio


  94. K3D91

    an anthem

  95. jzane Washington

    If yo girl isnt asking you if you tied your dragon ball durag right, is she even your girl?

  96. MŌA

    who made it here within the first hour? hooollllaaaa

  97. branmar

    Automatic like

  98. Juan Villamar

    Fucking dank 🔥🔥🔥