SuicideboyS - One Last Look At The Damage Lyrics

[Juicy J:]
Play me some of that suicide pimpin', man

[Black Window:]
It's the most wanted
Most hated
Most haunted
Boys that paid the cost
Slowly dying but I'm flossing
Looking good, ain't he?
Boy bounced back from the dead
My business still shady
I still tip toe on the ledge
That shit ain't ever changing
I take my chance riding dirty while speeding
Lane swanging
I fucking made it to 30 without my neck breaking
My gun that's holding a 30 that got his legs shaking
Meanwhile his girl in the room with my picture masterbating
Slowly crawling out the dirt
When it comes to death I like to flirt
My hills have eyes and a smirk
My cause got blues and he got that syrup, boy

[Duck Boy:]
If I keep it up, all these 30s are gonna kill me before I'm thirty
Another day wasted up my nose and it's still early
Don't you worry
I'm always in a hurry so I copped a foreign coupe
Slidin' around town until I gotta pull up to the court at noon
Snort another blue
Now I'm feeling sorta blue
Nothing new
One of the chosen few
The rest of y'all give him some room
It's best if y'all didn't assume that he is destined for imminent doom
Unless he is ready to get in the tomb
Ruby such a bum but he make it look good
Trunk in the front
Yeah, that's what's under the hood
Talking' all this shit, man, I wish ya'll really would
Another million plays, man, I wish ya'll really could

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SuicideboyS One Last Look At The Damage Comments
  1. Sombrer OO

    ive never waked up more happier than today

  2. Bor Rajbensu

    This shit bangs

  3. yung kreig

    This the best evolution of suicideboys i swear

  4. Ravioli's in my pockitoli

    They misspelled masturbate lol

  5. Experiment

    Finna pound my girl out this Valentine’s Day to some New SuicideBoy$

  6. j e f f

    Kizaru lol

  7. Mojito Bez L'da

    Kizaru - sim salabim??? Check this

  8. Silent Monologue Productions

    Let’s just see how many likes this can get. Celebrating the new album. $B4LIFE

  9. TheLandaFreedom !


  10. George Lopez

    Amazing work, but It cannot be compared to eternal grey.

  11. death mess

    such a different vibe listening to this album all the way through with the lyric videos

  12. Marc Amaya

    #M4L #G594L

  13. Леша Шевченко

    hi KIZARU


    G*59 date,

    I'll take pills for this valentine



  16. Collin Mclennan


  17. Elihu Lopez

    Whos here before millions? Like 👍

  18. ャ イシ

    El mejor regalo de San Valentín que me han dado es este álbum ❤️

  19. Skyler Wyman

    666 ruby da fire

  20. Lengendary Leo

    Y’all out there flirting with females for Valentines Day. I’m listening to $crim and Ruby while flirting with death.

  21. Logan P


  22. Paul Blecker

    So chill🙏

  23. kevindoesnotexist

    Ruby wasnt playing when he said this would be better than they old shit 🔥🔥🔥

  24. Lil Wvp

    God damn this shit such a vibe didn’t notice I was goin 100 mph till the highway patrol got me 💀

  25. tas

    My fav song

  26. Magster Villagomez Zavala

    Y’all do know another channel released some of there songs from this album 6 hours ago 🤔

  27. Dominic Polarolo

    Thank you sooooo much 😀

  28. GenocideGeoff

    Fuck yea

  29. Jonathan Rodriguez

    Hi i love yall no homo tho lol and dont die in less your in new orleans JK just dont die we love yalls

  30. Skrily Fn

    Daaamn this beat bro 🔥🔥🔥

  31. Matt Goldstein

    0:28 😩😩😩😩

  32. Silent Silently

    Ruby da f**ing demon

  33. wallflower.

    Holy fuck the production...AND $CRIM'S PITCH SHIFT OMFG

  34. riley triple6

    "I fucking made it to 30 without my neck breaking" if you know you know

  35. Teresa Savio

    I HATE Scrims "Germ" voice, but the rest is dope.

  36. opposition Records

    Please check out my music. I just need some support. 🖤🖤🖤

  37. Erny 666

    “Another day wasted up my nose and it’s still early”

  38. girl fieri


  39. MłodyBorek


  40. Kaotic Games


  41. Dry Big Mac Sauce

    This my favourite on the “malbum” 🔥

  42. Skoeleosis

    greyfivenine yatted on my body bitch

  43. Tekla


  44. Alex


  45. Vesper

    Under a hour

  46. Thiago

    damn it is bad

  47. YailCastle090

    Are those new personas?

  48. nicklaca47

    Im so fucking happy that just came out.. happy Valentin 🤧💔

  49. Joseph II

    whoever disliked didn’t want that suicide pimpin played

  50. D3STROYER_002


  51. Havick

    Перепели кизару

  52. coolreedgames05

    I personally dislike the way ruby sounded on most of these songs. Wanted to like it

  53. xxAssssin

    aww fuck yeah spread it

  54. Braden Hoy

    this my SHIT MANE G59**

  55. Jayden’s fat penis

    Who be here before 1m?

  56. perc30s


  57. Andy Godinez


  58. mattssamson


  59. slick


  60. Yung Krit



    'My hills have eyes and a smirk'


  62. Sebthespooky

    Fuck it nobody to hang or smoke with but I got this fire ass album to listen too🔥

  63. Jaime Rodriguez Jr

    Whos been here since 2015? With me??!

  64. olivia corner


  65. xKingG

    Shi fire asf yo 😈

  66. lil goth boi


  67. Kyle Martin

    I'm gonna be a dick for saying this but scrim dont sound the same sober... I'm proud of you but.. cherry is demolishing these songs one by one.. 🐐🍒🤕

  68. Jesus Covarrubias


  69. buxzy

    here before the hypebeasts

  70. SUIXIDE殺た

    At this part 0:40 I jumped out of my chair and started dancing hard as FXCK!!!

  71. R H

    So I could download this right now

  72. endme please


  73. hyperFAM TV

    Lit a match under my tires🔥

  74. Yordi Contreras

    When you take one more Advil than required

    Brad Machell

    Yordi Contreras 🤣🤣🤣

  75. Carlos Diaz

    2020:$traight fucken heat boy$

  76. idk

    0:28 when $crim got aggressive i creamed my jeans


    For real tho.

  77. Henry Mitchell

    It’s crazy hearing them evolve dude, this shit definitely reminds me of something from like 2016 ish at least the bear but still has such a new good sound. Def one of my favs so far.


    they said they won't be the same as before

  78. Marcus Takeiteasy

    Brasil carai

  79. Big Tiitties

    Glad to hear the old ifykyktv

  80. Sadie

    Oh my lord dead ass best Valentine’s Day gift ✊🏼

  81. Ana Banana

    Bruhhhhhhhh this is a fucking yes

  82. Erny 666

    This song got me teary eyed , fucc!!!

  83. Jaime C.

    The beginning reminded me of Carrollton 🤣


    same sample

    Liberty Buckner

    Well yeah..

    Jack Luca

    No shit?

  84. GilH 1425


  85. samuel Linaress


  86. lyndsie b

    “play me some of that suicide pimpin” gave me the fuckin chills

  87. Rodrickas Morris

    Suicideboys never EVER disappoints and that's facts ‼

  88. Saggy Balls

    Real ones waited till 12 for this album to drop

    OATH 888

    Reals ones know u coulda listen to this yesterday

  89. Jeremy True

    Ruby n scrim = 🔥🔥🔥

  90. Ap Espo


  91. Logan

    🔥let’s fucking goo

  92. zooooooooopi

    Бит спизжен у kizaru - сим салабим


    Даунич, это сэмпл


    Никто ничего не крал