Stevie Stone - Conquer Lyrics

Ohh, ohh, ohh, ohh

I'ma fill 'em with the venom, instantly diminish 'em
Killing 'em then I pillage and running all through his village
Damage any challenger or rapper that's coming at me
He gotta be bananas for fucking with the gorilla
Ultimately I'ma murder all of them violently
Got a murderer inside of me, I can murder 'em silently
Like a twitter following, catch me creepin' through his house
So I can murder his family, pull a murder and robbery
Catching the opposition behind the building without a pot to piss in
They had me put in-in the competition
It's the way my body feel when I did it
Man you gotta listen, they had me sittin' reminiscin', trippin'
When the bullets flying, better duck under cover
Knock the soul out a motherfucker
Buckin' at 'em with the Glock thunder
Make the millimeter play the percussion
It's busting triple time
Fucking around dying no matter what color bitches better stay

I tried to be nice to you
I guess this is what it comes to
Please don't make me conquer you
Please don't make me come for you
I guess this is what it comes to

This talk that you, none of your niggas that hard
I sit bar can get you crept on and flexed on
Your neck charm, I'ma let arms to clip on
The fixed beat john I'ma let taunt
Lukewarm a big norm
But nigga it formed, piss-poor
A bit more, you in a shitstorm
Heavy artillery get scorned
Everybody in limit'll get torn
You can get the bidness
You don't really wanna pop with the niggas
The popular niggas, popping up who will pop at you niggas
Monopoly money, my maneuvers that mob with the figures
Decapitate livers, ain't nobody survive in a minute
Cause a whole lot of habit
Creeping through the motherfucking door
In the corner was a hole in the attic
Got a chrome while I'm at it
It could blow a couple holes through your dome
In your home, just remember Stevie Stone, Spaide R.I.P.P.E.R

I tried to be nice to you
I guess this is what it comes to
Please don't make me conquer you
Please don't make me come for you
I guess this is what it comes to

I guess this is what it comes to
I guess this is what it comes to
I guess this is what it comes to
I guess this is what it comes to
I guess this is what it comes to
I guess this is what it comes to
I guess this is what it comes to

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Stevie Stone Conquer Comments
  1. Trippydemon420

    Can u tour to Minnesota

  2. EyeThePoet Official

    I fuck with this song hmu

  3. Gabriel Bréjon

    DOPE ! SICK !

  4. Omen P

    Fire emojis! Love the hook

  5. Cannatonic

    OH MY GOD YAAAASSSSS. Strange Music you never disappoint me. yall fire as fuck!! :)

  6. Sinac

    Damn this is dope! I wish Strange would just release whole albums again instead of only a few songs here and there but whatever Ill take new music whenever...

  7. Aubrey Ahrens

    This is why I love the midwest, 🔥🔥

  8. Scott Goulet

  9. Jason

    Oooooooooooh fuckkkkk I been waiting on something like this! DO NOT PLAY THIS MASTERPIECE ON LOW END SOUND EQUIPMENT!

  10. Aaron Byrnes

    Spaide and Stevie need an album together

  11. Chris Perrone

    Man this flow is up and down and side to side but it flows so well and it’s so smooth 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  12. M G

    Salute From the Mile High City!! 🔥🔥Much love from Denevr!! #CO #LyricsMatter

  13. Artem Lyach

    This is the best i listened to from at last time including «Music To Be Murdered By». Thanks for this track

  14. Glen Cain

    What a great bday present

  15. Marcellus Wallace

    This is the stevie stone I miss(ed). Stevie has a unique sound and I believe in it 100%. I honestly believe those autotune records he does are not good. Just my personal constructive criticism. Stevie, if you're reading this, your voice by itself is AMAZING!!

    stevie stone

    thank you!!!!!!

    Marcellus Wallace

    @stevie stone no worries brother. By the way, Much love from Congo, Africa. 🇨🇬🇨🇬❤❤.. we love you over here too. Peace fam✌🏿

  16. russell hall

    Stevie stone😈😈😈

  17. Matt Webster

    oh yess..... Strange has conquered all odds. im sory world. STRANGE IS THE WAY....STRANGE IS MY LIFE FROM DAY ONE 22years ago. I CANT STOP BEING A

  18. Jennifer fishman a facetube channel

    i forgot pupps at that local needs homes

  19. Blitz Ace

    Stay Stoned 🙏🏼
    Stevie the man

  20. Jennifer fishman a facetube channel

    I need somebody to call the Multnomah County police station and report that they heard a woman screaming and gunshots fired at the 7th Safeway on 122nd and Southeast Powell Boulevard in Portland

  21. Trevor Korba

    Straight 🔥🔥

  22. Cosmic Moss

    Hell ya I was just listening to Malta bend

  23. Jeff Stone

    Yuh good music man
    Much love from Texas!

  24. Zach Brenner

    Straight up banger🔥🔥🔥 they both killed it

  25. King Beeris

    Stevie stone kill shit

  26. David Engle

    Wow this is good thanks

  27. Richard Levarn

    Strange is leaving no room in the rap game

  28. Dashayne Soonias

    Dope brudder. Wish it was longer, but still golden

  29. The Otherwise

    this shit is the best song i've heard this year.
    too hard

    David Davis

    Debatable, eminem dropped a new album... it is the reason that australia is still on fire

    The Otherwise

    @David Davis Ye I grew up with Eminem n he inspired me a lot, but I don't think he's as amazing as everyone says. Obviously he's one of the best and extremely talented, but I don't like how a lot of people dickride him. It's debatable, but people also have preferred styles so.

    David Davis

    @The Otherwise I can confidently say I dont dick ride him because I hate his old music... a lot of his old songs i just cant listen too, but he really only did get better as he got older... as far as favorites , him, tech and krizz r my top 3

  30. Lorenzo Billy Begay

    ⏰ Just a mattur of tyme until dat Stevie Stone ft. Vinnie Paz & Blaze Ya Dead Homie 😮💊💰

  31. Bobby Billy

    O beat como pesadão, That's the style I admire very much 🔥🔥

  32. david smith

    4 dislikes so far? 4 ppl so far got Conquered

  33. Jon Casse

    This is one of the sickest tracks from Stevie!!!!!!!

  34. SifernosRatLord

    Stevie and Ripper on an album together, shit would kill the weak and empower the Strange! Sh!t goes up!

  35. al judkins

    I fuck with everything Strange this song is 🔥🔥🔥

  36. Shaun Gill

    . 🔥
    . 🔥

  37. Nick C

    Get it Stevie!!!

  38. Chuckles the goat clown

    I love the hook!

    Spaide Ripper

    Chuckles the goat clown thanks!!!

  39. Nick Nasheim

    I really feel this track. "Please don't make me conquer you".

    Spaide Ripper

    Nick Nasheim thanks!!

  40. Haider Raza

    Sounds similar to dax killshot

  41. King Venom


  42. Stevo Pelli


  43. AhMeD AwA_BaD

    The power 💪💪

  44. King Darnell


  45. CyzzoMaedThat

    Check Out my Beats !!

  46. Myles Scott

    Great song

  47. down 4 whateva

    Grow up killing killing that's bullshit and talentless what are you saying to our youth??? FOH SMH

  48. Mike Lakatos

    Now this is Strrraaannggeee

  49. E Moss

    I'd like to hear a song with you and Scru, battle of the deep voices. 🔥

    E Moss

    @Blitz Ace I don't know about that collab. I'd listen if they did it though.

    Robotic Gaming

    then you should also add Busta, he got the deepest voice imo

    Megan Klobchar

    @Blitz Ace upchurch is the worst thing to happen to the internet.. the words he rhymes dont even rhyme

    Blitz Ace

    @Megan KlobcharYou've clearly never heard his albums.
    Also he makes music, doesn't just do rap. Fuggin rockstar rapping better than today's feminine mumbles. #kaga

    Blitz Ace

    @E Moss 🙏🏼 Bless you for keeping that unity 🇨🇦🇺🇸

  50. Amanze D Mere aka Nej


  51. Arturo Williams


  52. Aja Lewis


  53. Dabayabado87

    Stevie stone been flames

  54. Makayla Armbright


  55. Thefuzzy One

    Snack and bat 4 life

  56. Mary M Rivera

    💗🤗🌈🎶😗😊 tap into higher frequency bro bro shake off the boo boo

  57. jRiZzz MuZik World


  58. Black Skii Mask Ent. Gambit

    I’m bout to see Tech N9ne King ISO and Jellyroll at the Knitting Factory in Spokane in April... Imma. Spit a verse to Tech. Hopefully he fucks wit it. Much love Stevie Stone. Dope track.

  59. Bass Town Ncs

    amazingly epic

  60. Pinnacle Skills

    Flamesssss 🔥

  61. Cosminator

    This song goes hard.

  62. Tonja Nicholson

    23 views , Stevie Stone still fire in 2020

  63. Crabcakes125


  64. tothedirtwhenidie


  65. Monkie Sage

    Perfect timing 🔥

  66. Syns

    Fire *^S^*

  67. Mike Saggio

    Stevie and spaide need a album already

  68. Gared Laue

    Strange music....techinicinasssss

    Az K

    Gared Laue relax there buddy

  69. Mc LukasInsane [OFFICIAL]


  70. luka


  71. Swag Daddy69

    This goes hard 🔥🔥🔥🎤💯 strange!

    Swag Daddy69

    Spaide Ripper No Problem 🤟🏽🔥🎤🙌🏽

    Swag Daddy69

    Spaide Ripper you got anymore music planned with Stevie Stone or the others artists of strange music? Cause be dope if you did a collab with king iso.

    Spaide Ripper

    Swag Daddy69 more music coming

  72. MikeYmoney

    F L A M E S 🔥

  73. Kevin Mckenzie

    5tone to the Bone

  74. krax tv03


  75. EYESOFA Demon

    this songs hella dope

    Spaide Ripper

    EYESOFA Demon thanks

    Az K

    EYESOFA Demon Hella lit naw mean I finna be groovin to da beat son Russ me nigga

  76. ThatOther Guy

    No views and 5 likes.. STRAAAAAAAAAANNNNGGEEE

  77. The Daily Dab

    First comment 🙌🏻 shit is fire 🔥

    Spaide Ripper

    The Daily Dab thanks!

    The Daily Dab

    Spaide Ripper say less bro Rochester New York fucks with strange music 🙌🏻 shit is a banger

  78. Stoned TechN9cian